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Glimpse by HOLEY like a SAINT
Chapter 17 : Chapter 16 - Blush
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Chapter 16 - Blush


"Swear to god, it's like in the movies."

Van Pelt chuckled, Rigsby grinned enthusiastically beside her, Lisbon just shook her head and Cho just stabbed his plate mercilessly with his fork (this was magic food...who could guarantee he wouldn't be cursed just from eating it?), looking sullen. The great hall was close to empty, the hour being ungodly for any students, so the four CBI agents and the consultant sat in relative peace as they ate an early breakfast. Jane had entertained them thus far with stories of his time in the magical castle, though to be honest, he hadn't even gotten to the weird stuff. What pleased him most was that they actually believed him; it seemed like a weight off of his shoulders, even though he probably couldn't explain why.

It was difficult, with his infectiously good mood, for anyone to seem down, even as much as Cho and Lisbon wanted to try. That was why, when Cho looked up, he had to actually hide the smile that threatened to emerge on his face; even if this stuff was creepy, there was no denying the 'cool' factor.

"Tell me the ceiling did not just move," he mumbled, blinking.

"Oh, that?" Jane glanced up before taking a bite of his bagel and leaning back, crossing his legs. "Mimics the weather outside. Mehhh, nothing fancy," he added as an afterthought, earning a slight glare from the small Asian detective.

The ceiling itself was lightening as the windows began to catch the rays of sunlight glinting through them. Van Pelt looked around, her fire red hair catching in the light. She then leaned forward, munching on a piece of fruit.

"So this potions stuff, what kind of things can you make?"

Jane laughed.

"Anything in your wildest dreams, Grace, and probably more. Though knowing your thoughts..."

Grace went pink as she began to laugh.

Cho went pale.

Lisbon raised her eyebrows at the reaction, and then smacked Patrick lightly on the upper arm. Though he looked indignant at the motion he looked towards her wryly amused, popping the rest of his bagel into his mouth. She actually stifled a laugh - Jane thought he just might have an arrhythmia.

"Stop it," she said pointedly, "You're scaring Cho."

"Sorry," came the reply muffled by food as he turned towards Cho. He outstretched his arms in the universal gesture for 'come here, let me give you a hug', as he swallowed the rest of what was in his mouth. "Cho...?"

"No way, man," Cho put his fork down and leaned back, pointing at Jane viciously. "Not coming anywhere near you."

"Why not?"

"You can read my mind."

Rigsby choked on his drink at that comment, beginning to cough as the acidic orange juice made its way down to his lungs. His fault; he should have known better, after all. This motion got the attention of the few other living souls in the room, who all turned at the exact same minute to see the commotion that was being raised. Van Pelt concernedly hit him on the back a few times as he convulsed, until he gestured at her that he would be fine. Tears streamed out of his eyes - though whether it was in reaction to the fiery pain or in mirth at the comment, nobody knew. He eventually straightened up, reaching for a napkin

Only Jane managed to stay totally serious and stoic, the showman that he was, and he put a hand to his chest offendedly. "I could read your mind before."

"So?" he crossed his arms and stared pointedly at the mentalist, "Doesn't make it any less creepy."

Van Pelt and Rigsby cascaded into a laughter that once again, caused nearby people to look up. The hall was filling with more people as time went on and the morning became more normal. Jane had noticed Hermione sitting at the Gryffindor table, head in a book once more, and she had been there for the last half hour, like she usually was. He also noticed her spying on them every so often, eyeline shifted above the top of her book subtly, though any time he would obviously look at her, she'd be back to reading.

"The Superstitious One has a point, you know," Rigsby said hoarsely, gesturing at Jane with a fork speared with sausage. "Your mind... mojo... stuff... you can use that, right? When all this is done?"

"Should, yeah..." Jane frowned in thought.

"So you can help us. It'll be like 'hey, Jane did this guy do it' and you'll be like 'umm nope. He's shady, but nope. Next!' and stuff," Rigsby continued on before realizing that the sausage he was holding was in fact really good and the idea that it wasn't in his mouth was disappointing him, so he took a quick bite.

Lisbon looked up and let out a soft groan. "God. You think we have paperwork now? Imagine if Minelli finds out that you can actually, physically read minds. Talk about liability."

"Meh," Jane waved a dismissive hand, "Nobody'll even know. And think of it as if I won't have to resort to stupid stunts to get my real answers."

"Oh please, you know you will," Lisbon just smirked, rolling her eyes and taking another piece of fruit.

Jane didn't exactly deny it with the mischievous grin he adopted, even though he tried his damndest to look innocent. It didn't work - not with the CBI agents who knew a fair number of his tricks. He just leaned back, looking at the three agents across the table and Lisbon beside him. No matter what crazy stuff happened - magic or murder, lives' labours won and lost, this was his one constant, wasn't it? Breakfast with the only people he even remotely cared for. The order to his chaos.

Bringing chaos to order.

The thought brought another thought to his head, and it was a miraculous thought indeed. He jumped up abruptly, causing the others' eyes to shine with alarm. He grabbed his blazer from the spot next to him and shrugged it on, adjusting the collar as he did so. He jammed one hand into one of the pockets and found a small scrap of paper, which he produced. He snapped his eyes towards Rigsby.


"Ummm..." Rigsby fumbled, patting his pockets before shrugging apologetically. Cho let out a sigh before producing one within seconds. Jane let out a grateful smile.

"See, I knew you'd do that," he accepted the writing instrument with a smug look, and Cho just shook his head the tiniest fractions of amounts in return. The pen scratched quickly on the paper, and when he tossed the blue pen back to the small detective, the note had already disappeared.

"Sorry - no, don't get up. I have to go talk with the Headmaster. Not about Red John," he added hastily for the benefit of Lisbon, who was already starting to rise. He moved his hand towards her to stop her. "I forgot I have to show him some... uh, it's hard to explain..."

"Cool magic stuff?" Rigsby supplied helpfully, grinning.

Jane snapped and pointed a few times in the big man's direction.

"And... you know, it is really cool. It's like, think David Copperfield, but you know real. Like someone's on fire and being burned, but they're not being burned," Jane rambled on. "Cause of... magic stuff."

Rigsby's jaw went slightly slack at the comment, "...Woah... dude, can I come?!"

"Uhhh... no," Jane looked miffed that the agent would even ask. Rigsby's face fell. "It's magical stuff, Rigsby. You're not. Sorry. You guys wanna meet here for lunch?"

Without waiting to give them a chance to reply, Jane started walking backwards down the marble floor of the great hall, towards the massive door that was now emitting a constant stream of tired, forlorn and quietly complaining students.

"If you guys get bored, there's a guy named Severus Snape - awesome tour guide - knows everything about this place - he can show you around!" he called loudly, cupping his hand around his mouth. Their eyes hadn't left him all the while.

He flashed a thumbs up at the quartet before he turned on his heel and exited the great hall, heading to his muggle studies classroom.

Lisbon tucked a strand of raven hair behind her ear, "And I thought I'd never miss the same old crap at the office," she muttered.

"Definitely," Cho agreed quickly, finally deciding to return to his food, weighing the growling of his stomach with the potential for a hex.

As they sat and ate in relative silence, the roar from the students coming alive began to increase, apexing at the moment the cloister bell marked the eight o'clock hour, they somehow managed to finish their meal, even though the food still sitting in the middle of the table hadn't decreased by any measure.

It took another ten minutes for Rigsby to throw his napkin down on his plate and stand up, exclaiming, "Screw this, I'm gonna go see some magic!" before beginning to head off in the direction they had seen Jane flee.

It took another half hour for Lisbon to see a certain neatly scrawled note that was in her pocket without her knowledge: "Need to tell you the whole story. Wasn't honestly truthful before." As she looked at what was obviously a room number underneath the words, she scrunched it up in her hand and scowled, marching to find Jane and leaving van Pelt and Cho alone at the long table.

The auburn agent weighed her options: maybe she would try to find this Snape guy, just to learn a bit more about this place.

                                                                                                                         * * *

But Jane really wasn't going to see Dumbledore.

He was at his desk in his classroom, just waiting for the remaining students to trickle in as always. They were on time this morning, something that was a small miracle...given what he had planned. He looked around the classroom before back at the ceiling, lounging back in his chair.

Silence reigned for a moment, and the class started to fidget uncomfortably in it. Many mornings started off oddly, but never in total silence... except for the morning that he had gone off the deep end and scared everybody witless.

In all honesty, he was just working out semantics in his head - different from what he usually did. There were a lot of variables that had to come in to play, but he was confident that they would. After all, he had laid the scene as perfectly as a classic novel; the type that Cho enjoyed to read. Now he was just waiting: that's when the real amusement would begin.


Patrick smacked his hand twice on his desk in quick succession, causing a few of the students in the front row to jump at the sudden noise. He glanced at them, not bothering to hide an amused smirk on his face - and neither did many others. Leaning back in his chair, he then clasped his hands together, laid them on his lap and tipped his chair backwards on two legs, looking upwards at the ceiling.

"...and Order. Government! The people who govern stuff. Not a very difficult job, or at least, it shouldn't be."

The typical rustling of parchment came as some of the more dutiful students started taking notes. If there could only be a single part of teaching that he loved - it was the blind obedience that they paid him. Suppressing an arrogant smile, he just coughed once before continuing on.

"Though, to be honest, people make the government more complicated than it has to be. And it doesn't help that all politicians are idiots. There's a muggle saying - politicians need to be calm, rational and sane in order to do their jobs, but the only people who want to run an entire country are insane by definition. So, what do you do?"

The class stopped writing and looked up from their papers and furrowed their brows. Nobody ventured a guess. Without looking down, Patrick groaned and rolled his eyes after a moment of waiting for the response that would never come.

"Come on, it's not like I asked you to list every Prime Minister of... I dunno, somewhere as boring as Canada or something." And as soon as he said it, he filed the thought away for a homework assignment. "If you had the choice between complete anarchy and an insane leader, what would you do?"

When nobody responded for the second time, he looked down from the ceiling with mock disapproval on his face.

And then, as if right on some magical cue, the door burst open and the tall frame of Wayne Rigsby came barreling in, obviously looking amazed that the door opened so very easily. He stormed down the main aisle, eyes firmly focused on Jane. And while he didn't look irritated per se, he looked miffed that Jane would just...leave him back there. And he also had the hint of an exuberant gleam in his eye, obviously excited for what should be coming.

He raised his arms as he rolled his cuffs up to his elbow, and smiled.

"Alright, Jane, magic time! Seriously, you can't just show me a ... little ......"

He trailed off as he realized his exact predicament, head swiveling to look at the horrified and amused faces of the children on either side of him. Confusion crossed his face and he gaped, turning on the spot. Putting a hand in his hair, the agent scratched his head, and then moved it down to rub the side of his neck absentmindedly. The pause didn't last long, as whispering began amongst all the rumour mills that were the students.

"Uhhh..." Rigsby smiled uncertainly as he looked around, "...Hi?..."

Straightening up, he shut his mouth and looked at Jane for some help...

Jane was grinning.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.

"We're talking about law and order, Rigsby," Jane called out, still unable to stop the smile from stretching across his face. He raised his arms up into the air on either side of him. "You care to add something? The least you could do, considering you just totally interrupted my class."


One student, a black haired Gryffindor in the front row raised his hand, eyes firmly planted on the interloper. He didn't see if the professor was going to answer him, so he spoke out loud in the now silent room without prompting, voice nervous and quiet.

"Who's he and what he is doing here?"

"Ah!" Jane brought his chair back down to the ground where it squeaked against the ground. He pointed at the student before sweeping his hand towards his stunned colleague. "Class, this is Wayne Rigsby. Sure, he's tall and looks normal enough... but this, my students, is a real live muggle."

The collective gasp was audible down the hall and even caused a few students walking around to stop and turn their heads. Rigsby visibly tensed in reaction to the noise before he looked at Jane accusingly. The words that he mouthed but didn't voice seemed to be 'I don't know what that means'. It took him another second of looking around, but then he gestured towards the grinning prankster tiredly as he realized just how thoroughly he had been duped.

"Not cool, man," he whined slightly. But he didn't move, or storm out. That was what Jane was hoping for - and to be honest, expected.

"Oh come on, Rigsby, you can't disappoint the children can you?"

The consultant stood up and clapped his hands at his sides before walking briskly towards the tall detective. Rigsby looked at him, but felt helpless to move. And all in all, even though he still didn't know what exactly was going on, it didn't seem so bad...but then again, this was Patrick Jane he was dealing with. He warily eyed the blonde consultant and... teacher? How the hell did he miss that?

He ignored the part of his mind was telling him that he had been told this and disregarded it as... typical Jane being Jane? That was possible, but he swore he would have remembered this, because it was crazy - even for the thoroughly crazy consultant who came up with crazy, unintelligible plans.

"What's going on?" Rigsby muttered out of the corner of his mouth quietly enough for the students to miss.

"Work with me here," came the just as quiet response as Jane clapped his friend on the shoulder.

"You said that there'd be..."

"Mehhh," he drawled, "that wasn't entirely a lie..."

The agent frowned but kept his composure. Patrick, on the other hand, had the situation under control. He theatrically clapped his hands together as he began walking the aisles of students who were staring in awe at the fully grown, completely oblivious muggle in front of them.

"Rigsby here is a member of muggle law enforcement from the United States," he called out. Students' eyes widened in response to the words.

Rigsby fidgeted with the sudden increase of intense spotlight on him, and just waved his fingers very subtly as he put his other hand in his hair and grimaced sheepishly.

"When it comes to work, he's fairly good ---"

"Hey! I've saved your..." through the hurt look, he hesitated on the next word as his eyes darted to the students. Luckily, he managed to catch it before it escaped, "...butt how many times now?"

"Okay, fine, he's pretty damn good at his job," Jane admitted, putting his hands up in defense. None of the students were looking at him anyway. Rigsby nodded, indignant look fading. Shrugging, Patrick continued on, putting his hands into his pockets as he sauntered amongst the rows of perfectly placed desks. "He chases bad guys, helps people, protects and serves! But he's a normal, ordinary muggle."

Murmurs and discussions sprung up at the last sentence; hushed disputes about whether or not the professor was insane, if this was for real - and renewed arguments about whether Jane was a muggle himself. Hands immediately began to pop in the air like corks from champagne bottles.

Rigsby looked around, eyes widening; he finally got Jane's plan. And Jane knew that deep down, and as much as he would try to hide it - Rigsby was laughing at himself and already trying to plan revenge. Not like his revenge plans ever worked...they were always easy to figure out: like the time where he attempted to hide Jane's sudoku book in a box of case files (Jane's mortal enemy). Yeah, as if Jane was 'sleeping' when Rigsby took it...

"Um, you, curly," Jane pointed to a curly haired Hufflepuff who looked aghast at being labeled. None the less, he straightened his robe haughtily and directed a question to the strange and foreign muggle.

"How can you catch bad guys if you can't work an Incarcerous charm or a Full Body Bind?"

Rigsby blinked.

The hesitation was longer than maybe it should have been...but then again, given the circumstances, the spiky haired agent was doing extraordinarily well.

"Well, uh, we restrain their hands..."

"That's stupid," a girl piped up this time, three rows back. "Can't they still run?"

Rigsby narrowed his eyes, "...Yes, but at this point there's like, five of us and only one of them and they can't outrun us."

The auburn haired girl looked indignant at the challenge, and she narrowed her eyes in response. "Yes they can."

"...No, they can't."

Jane had to turn his back to face the stone wall in order to prevent his friend from murdering him because of the expression of pure glee on his face.

"Yes they can!"

Wayne Rigsby was now on the verge of a total, strung out and full blown argument with a fourteen year old.

The mentalist could see Rigsby's reflection in one of the glass cases holding 'muggle treasures' on the wall, and even through the slight distortion, could tell the confused and irritated look on his face.

That just made the whole thing even better.

Wayne began to stammer out a response that amounted to more than simplistic bickering, but was beaten to the punch. "But!" The girl insisted, leaning forward and giving a miniscule, teenage glare at the CBI agent, "What if they're faster than you?"

"We have something called backup, you know," Rigsby shot back in a manner that could almost be considered childish.

"Aha! So they can get away from you!"

"Hold on, I didn't---"

A third voice now, "They obviously use electricity to stop them."

"Yeah, that's right," Rigsby couldn't help but snort, sinking onto the corner of Jane's desk. Sarcasm poured from his mouth. "We use a big giant electric force field and trap them in stasis so they can't move."

The class gasped. They had heard about the raw power of electricity, but not one of them had heard of its harm to people...

Jane tried to hide the chuckle that threatened to emerge, "It would cut down on the running, hey? Make your and Cho's life easier?"

Rigsby just shook his head, amusement overtaking the irritation for the first time since he had realized how caught he was in Jane's tangled web. The best thing would be to learn to enjoy it, as there was no way he could escape it now, like always.

A dozen more hands shot up into the air, their owners almost lifting themselves out of their seats in anticipation and want of being answered. Jane turned back around and shared a look with Rigsby, who, despite the abrupt confusion, actually, deep down, seemed to be enjoying the attention. The professor just shrugged, and Rigsby rolled his eyes with a smirk on his face.

Rigsby pointed to another student, and the girl he had been arguing with harumphed, crossing her arms sulkily. The boy he had pointed to let out a deep breath, eyes shining.

"If you can't do magic, how do you enforce laws?"

Jane walked to the front of the class, sticking his hands in his pants pockets and watching curiously. Rigsby pursed his lips and glanced towards the ceiling.

"We have skills...we use our heads and logic to work stuff out..." he made a gesture towards Jane as if to say 'don't start', and Jane just returned a bemused and wry grin. "And we have weapons to protect ourselves and the people..."

"Like your gun!" Jane decided that now was the perfect time to pop in.

Might as well be now. Right?

Rigsby looked at him, eyes narrowing while he tried to figure the next move in the game. Jane just grinned at the reaction, and pointed to the leather holster firmly attached to the tall man's hip. Instinctively, the agent moved a hand towards it protectively, and though subtle, Jane didn't miss the action.

"Come on, Rigsby. Show them. Not like they know what it is."

"No way, man," he said with a dark chuckle, "Lisbon'll kill me. And you. You already know how close she was to ripping you to shreds..."

Jane frowned for a moment, contemplating. But it was just a moment; true, Lisbon was still fairly pissed, but she seemed to be getting back to normal, in light of the situation. As Jane ran a hand over the side of his cheek thoughtfully, he glanced towards his students who were paying rapt attention to him.

"Come on, they can light you on fire - Agatha here," he added as an afterthought, thinking of the girl he singled out on the first day, "is pretty good with fire. So..." he lengthened the word out, "you might want to show them you're not totally defenseless."

He paused a moment, eyes flashing, "They might get ideas otherwise."

The agent groaned, torn between his job (and life, to be honest) and the swaying suggestion posed to him. He leaned back on the desk, stretching his legs out, eyes a window to the fight within.

Luckily - to some extent - that's when Lisbon showed up and made his decision that much easier.

"If you listen to that idiot..." she spoke calmly from the doorframe, hands on her hips, green eyes alight with a cold fire. How long she had been standing there, only she knew. But her posture was one of authority and seriousness... so she had obviously heard enough.

Jane looked up, grin spreading despite the intimidating threat now emanating from the small boss lady. Rigsby snapped to attention, scrambling off the desk with such haste that it moved, squeaking on the floor loudly in the sudden silence of the room. Fear spread in his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, but it was shut for him by Lisbon's next words.

The class, on the other hand, all turned to face the doorway, wondering just who exactly would have the power to call their professor an idiot and get away with it.

"...You'll be doing nothing but recon only stakeouts for a month. With Cho. Get me?"

Rigsby gaped, mouth moving sort of like a fish out of water. Cho read during stakeouts. It was the most horrifying thought, to be stuck in that boring situation every night for an. entire. month.

He wisely retreated, "I wasn't going to, boss!"

Jane just laughed, not bothering to try and hide it. Her glare turned to him, and he quieted down immediately, though the smile was still playing on his lips.

"And thus, as you can see," he said loudly, eyes wandering around the room. His voice was once more authoritative and professorly. "The hierarchical formation of power remains in the muggle realm as it does here, and dare I say probably a lot scarier. See how Rigsby here just completely folded like a house of cards? Law enforcement works in---" he tactfully left out the 'I guess', "---the same ways in both worlds. Structure, law, order. Isn't that right, Agent Lisbon?"

"Yeah," Lisbon snorted, rolling her eyes. Her voice was as light, airy and sarcastic as it had been when he had first tried to tell her about this new world and his place in it...and as a result, it was more dangerous than her commands. "Whatever you say. Professor."

Rigsby inched towards him, craning his neck slightly. "I'm pretty sure the headmaster can't save you this time," he murmured quietly in the silence. He was right, of course, but Jane just shrugged subtly.

And it was, in fact, the bell ringing that saved him, and Rigsby couldn't look any more relieved.

Lisbon turned on her heel and immediately walked out of the small room, Jane's eyes on her all the while. The grimace on her face was unmistakable. Damage control time. Without so much as a word of goodbye to the retreating students (or Rigsby, for that matter), Jane dashed down the center aisle and into the hallway. Head turning in both directions, he couldn't glimpse her in the swarming crowds of students, his hearing hampered by the drone of thousands of conversations occurring at once.

He glanced straight in front of him. The painting on the opposite side of the hall was looking back at him, the four small, dwarven goblins blinking at him curiously, before all four simultaneously pointed to the east with their free hands.

Although it was slightly absurd to nod thanks to a painting, Jane did it anyways, and took off, against the power of the stream of frantic and rushing students.

It didn't take him long to catch up to the lead agent, who was deftly avoiding the flow, taking the path of least resistance even if she wasn't sure where she was going. He quickly fell in step with her, putting his hands in his pockets once more, but she didn't acknowledge his presence.

He glanced at her, narrowly avoiding a collision with an upper year student who was looking at some study notes, panicking and not watching where they were going.

When the hallways thinned a bit, that's when he decided to talk, leading with a slight sigh.

“Lisbon, I see no reason for you to get so angry.”

“Angry? I’m not angry.”

What came out of his mouth was more of an incredulous, snorted echo than an actual reply. “You’re not.”

“Of course not. You lied to me, ditched us, didn’t contact us for a month, and then, we do find you, only to find you involved in a Red John case with magic. Not to mention now you're using us as lab rats ---"

"---More like show and tell---"

"---Why would I be angry?”

Jane looked at her pointedly. “See, now I’m not sure if you’re trying to be sarcastic and failing miserably, or if you’re actually serious.”

They kept walking through the corridor, Jane interrupting their bickering with a well timed appearance from bedhead and freckleface, who were sitting in a little niche, seemingly oblivious to their approach; completely focused in on whatever they were doing.


Lisbon turned to look at him, eyebrows raised. “Oi? Seriously?”

Jane ignored her and continued towards the duo, who looked up in what Jane thought was a bizarrely irritated manner - was everybody furious with him now, or something? Or did he actually interrupt something important? Given the fact that it was The Head twins, he doubted the latter quite seriously.

“When’s our next lesson, bedhead? I think I need to turn it up a notch.”

“You’re taking lessons from a kid?” Cho commented, walking up with Rigsby and van Pelt to where Lisbon was left standing.

Harry looked torn between asking who the hell the muggles were and retorting some sort of comment, but Jane beat him to it.

“Well obviously. This kid defeated Voldemort when he was one year old and has a lightning bolt scar to prove it,” Jane said, quickly sticking his hand out to brush away Potter’s unruly hair and revealing the famous scar, before Harry beat it away violently. “Who wouldn’t want to take lessons from him?”

Cho was stunned into silence, and all the CBI agents looked at Harry inquisitively, in a sort of intrigued and revered silence. There, Jane figured coyly, that must be the type of reaction he generally expected.

“Who are these people?” Harry asked, starting to feel uncomfortable under their scrutinizing gazes.

Jane waved his hand dismissively. “Muggles. So? You, me, Dark Arts? ..." he hesitated as he saw what they were staring at so intently before he had bounded up to them, "What is that?”

“…What?” Harry asked, confused at Jane’s sentence. He followed Jane’s pointed finger straight to the chess board.

“Um… Chess?” Ron replied.

“Oh dear lord,” Cho muttered.

“Shouldn’t have showed him that,” Rigsby added with a grin.

Within a second Jane had pushed Harry aside and claimed the boy's spot at the board. Another second hadn’t passed before Patrick said, “You’re done for, bedhead. Ginger here has got you beat in three moves.”

Ron and Harry stared soundlessly at Jane, as did the CBI. It was Ron who recovered first. “Knight to E5.”

Patrick and the CBI agents watched in surprise as Ron’s Black Knight crossed the board and viciously took out Harry’s queen with a multitude of sword strikes to the shoulders before decapitating it, and then claiming the square it had just conquered.

“Well, that’s violent,” van Pelt commented.

That’s wizard chess,” Ron defended gleefully.

“And you haven’t showed this to me earlier because…?” Jane asked.

“Because you don’t have time to be playing chess,” Lisbon answered for Ron.

He looked at her. Her anger was dissipating... she was getting back to her normal self. Maybe she just had to vent, or something. Women. “Of course I do. Muggle studies doesn’t start for another hour at least. And honestly, I was just going to take this time to trap Cho into Trelawny’s classroom so…who votes chess?”

He was answered with silence and stunned faces. As his blue eyes swept the rest of the team, his smile grew more wide and confident. Stretching, he shrugged and leaned back in his chair.

“Chess it is then,” Patrick concluded, turning back to face Ron who waved his wand to reset the board. “So are you as bad at this as you are with asking Hermione out?”

“Cheating,” Lisbon said to Jane (who ignored her), putting her hands into her jean pockets as Ron turned a violent shade of red and started spluttering and stuttering out a response.

“What about me?” a new voice asked.

Everybody except for Jane and the two students turned at the sudden arrival, who stopped suddenly after noticing the strangers were indeed strangers and the keen, analytical gazes that they were giving her.

“Oh Hermione, right on time to witness your boyfriend get beat at the only thing he thinks he’s good at,” Jane answered happily as the frizzy-haired Gryffindor came into view, a blush creeping up her neck in contrast to Ron’s now pale and mortified features.

“Cheating again.”

“Oh come on now, Lisbon. As if I’d need to cheat to win this.”

She rolled her eyes, “Doesn’t change the fact that you’re doing it anyways.”

“So you do think I’ll win?” Jane asked, looking up at her, eyes twinkling. “Wow, Lisbon, I’m touched.”

“Are you two together?” Ron asked dumbly, looking between the black haired dark-eyed Lisbon and his blue-eyed opponent, eyes darting to Jane’s wedding ring.

Harry and Hermione’s eyes flew to Ron, as if trying to communicate not to start on that. And while Teresa was taken aback by the question, Jane didn’t miss a beat. “Alas, while our love is strong and pure, interunit dating is not permitted.”

Lisbon forced a fake smile at him. “Haha, witty. Just shut up and play already.”

“Right away, love,” Jane carried on.

He glanced up and smiling, winked at her cheekily, just because he knew it would infuriate her more. She just rolled her eyes again, and watched the game begin.

Authors' Note:  T'was just a bit more fluff for all you lovely people actually reading this. Hope you liked it!  Serious-plot-stuff-and-things coming soon!


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