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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 16 : Chapter Fifteen
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Stunning chapter image by milominderbinder @ TDA!

Today is Tuesday and since Saturday  I have been staying at The Burrow because Nana was complaining that she doesn't see me enough these day and dad wanted to see me. I'm not the only one staying here as the Delacour-Weasley's are as well. Dom's auntie Gabrielle (who was over hear visiting her sister) was taken ill and is in hospital, from what I've heard nana say it doesn't look too good which is why Dom, Louis, Vic, Teddy (For moral support), auntie Fleur, uncle Bill and Fleur's parents are all staying here, especially since the hospital is closer.

Dom and Louis were taken out of Hogwarts and I'm glad their staying, especially Dom as she's been making me laugh. As dad wanted to see me he came Saturday night and we spent the time playing board games and talking. He was asking me how I was and how his granddaughter was doing, did I have any names etc..

Anyway he got a phone call off the devil after saying he was over his parents she hung up and flooed over here and caused a scene as she does, although she left pretty quick once Nana came into the room.

So anyway after Saturday I haven't seen Dad again but he did ring me this morning from work to see how I was. Right now myself and Dom are out the garden, lying on our backs amongst the long grass looking up at the stars.

The night sky was clear and there was a cool breeze surrounding us. We've been lying here for a good few hours now, and I must admit it's rather comfy. The reason we're out here is that the house is a little crowded in the living room what with Dom's other grandparents here as well.

Dom didn't seem all too worried about her auntie so I was making her tell me all the latest Hogwarts gossip that she had forgot to mention in her letters. "This baby's my little star" I said patting my bump.

"Just like her Auntie Dom then!"

I laughed, "Wait that's it, of course. It's perfect."

Dom's head turned to face me, "Um Mol what are you on about?" She asked, with a look of confusion on her face. I opened my mouth to explain but she cut across me, "Please tell me you're not honestly thinking of calling her star?" She said sounding disgusted, "That's just mad. Yeah ok some muggle celebrities name their kids after fruit and numbers, but star, that's just plain weird."

Whilst she was rambling on about someone who called their child pear or orange, I sat up and pulled out my wand and aimed it at the house (don't worry I'm not gonna blow it up or anything).

"Accio The big book of baby names." I said clearly as I aimed my wand at mine and Dom's bedroom window. It came floating out of my bedroom window and came zooming over to me and landed right on top of Dom's face causing me to giggle.

"Oww! It landed on my face Mol, that's not funny." She whined as she moved the book and felt her nose to see if it was broken.

"Oh shut up." I giggled.

I flicked through until I found the section I was looking for where I had remembered seeing this name. I searched through until I found what I was looking for. A perfect Name, whether it be her first name or her middle name. "There" I told Dom pointing to the name.


Gender - Girl

Meaning - Star

Origin - Welsh

Pronunciation - Seh-ren

She raised her eyebrows at me, "Seriously?"

I smiled, "Yep, she is my little star and I think it needs to be a part of her name." I explained.

"Any other names you like," She asked, "How about Dominique?"

I scoffed, "No way am I naming her after a family member, there are too many of us named after them already. And anyway, I've already decided on four names that I like, Seren will either be her first name or her middle name."

"So what are they then?

"Melody, Maisie, Alexis and Hope."

"Pretty, but still Dominique is even nicer." She hinted. I shook my head and she sighed, "I suppose you're right, in some way or another we all have a name that belongs to someone we're related to."

I just nodded. My little star, Seren Weasley, that has a nice ring to it. Hmm Seren Stevenson, maybe not. She is not having her father's name, he doesn't seem to care so why should she have his name. She will be a Weasley through and through.

I thought about it, Melody Seren Weasley, Maisie Seren Weasley, Alexis Seren Weasley, Hope Seren Weasley. Maybe not, Seren Hope Weasley sounds better. Now that I have a definite name I'm really confused as to whether I want it as her middle name or not. I guess I'll just have to wait and see until she's born.

Looking at my watch, I noticed it was eleven pm I turned to Dom who was still rambling on about something, "Dom it's eleven, shouldn't we be going to bed?"

"Nahh I'm not tired and plus I have a little midnight date." Dom told me.

This girl has a date and she didn't think to mention it before, I stared at her, "What?" She complained after a few minutes.

"You have a date and you never told me?" I stated and she nodded, "What's his name? Is he magical? How do you know him? Where's he from? How old is he?" I asked as I bombarded her with questions.

"His name is Liam, yes is he as he goes to Hogwarts which is where I met him. He lives in London and he's seventeen." She answered as she started.

"He goes to Hogwarts?" I asked confused. I didn't know anyone named Liam at Hogwarts in our year. "Is he younger then?"

Dom shook her head which made her red hair go wild, "He arrived not long after you left, he's transfer from Durmstrang. He didn't like it there, but his father made him stay but something happen and he persuaded his mum to let him transfer to Hogwarts."

"Oh." Was all I could say.

Of course I haven't been at Hogwarts for just over a month, I mean she couldn't she have told me this in a letter? She gives me gossip and random things about what happening but not once did she mention a new boy.

"I did tell you." She said sitting up and brushing stray grass off of her dress, "I mentioned him in one of my letters."

"Really?" I asked.

Dom just nodded again. I really need to re-read my letters, I thought.

"I really better get going. I'm gonna be late otherwise."

I looked at her as she stood up gracefully, "I thought you weren't meeting him until twelve?"

"I lied we're meeting at half eleven, but midnight date sounded a lot better." She explained.

"Can I meet him?" I said biting my lip. She looked unsure as though she was debating her options so  I batted my eye lashes and put on my most innocent voice, "Please, pretty please."

Dom sighed, "Come on then." She called over her shoulder as she was walking towards the house.

I slowly got up, which is getting harder to do these days and went in the house. I dumped my baby name book on the kitchen counter and grabbed a bottle of pumpkin juice that was on the side. I could hear someone moving around and noticed a figure in the fridge. I'm sure they won't mind me having the juice. I left quietly and as I was just out the door I heard uncle Ron yell, "Who the bloody hell has nicked my pumpkin juice?"

Didn't auntie Hermione teach him to be quiet when others are asleep, anyway what was he doing here, I thought he was at work. I walked a bit quicker as I could still hear uncle Ron whining in the kitchen. Dom was waiting for me the other side of the garden gate, "Come on preggers." She called.

Well excuse me Dom, if you haven't noticed I am just weeks away from giving birth to a person. You my friend have nothing to worry your skinny little ass about, where as I am scared shitless about the fact I have to push a person out of me.

I followed her until she stopped outside the town square. It is basically a little green in the middle of the town. Kids often play in there since it's fenced in and there is a little park.

I sat on the swing, opened the pumpkin juice, and took a swig. Dom was pacing rather nevously in front of me and then I saw a figure emerged from the other side of the square. As I looked I could see a tall dark haired boy. He entered the park and went straight over to Dom and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hi." Dom breathed. I coughed loudly and Dom pulled away. "Um Liam, this is my cousin Molly, yes another one (she added seeing the surprised look on his face). You won't have met her yet. She was kicked out of Hogwarts just before you arrived because she's up the duff."

He laughed.

Why thank you Dom. She could have said it subtly couldn't she but nooo.

He held out his hand towards me, "I'm Liam Haines, son of Rosita Haines and Blaise Zabini."

Zabini, where have I heard that name before? Think brain think.

"Nice to meet you Liam, as Dom said I'm her cousin and what she said was true." I told him pointing to my ever so large bump.

"I've never known anyone with so many cousins." He laughed sitting on the floor in front of the empty swing next to me, Dom went over and sat on his lap.

"Yep that's us, the huge Delacour-Granger-Johnson-Pilot-Potter-Weasley family." I said smiling as I recalled all of my auntie's and mother's maiden names and uncle Harry's surname.

Dom and Liam started talking about something or other; I wasn't really paying attention since I was happily swinging away. I dragged my feet on the ground and came to a stop as I saw stomach rippled under my t-shirt which was fairly tight,  "Whoa," I said as I put my hands on my bump.

"What's up Moll?" Dom asked looking worried, "Not going into labour are you?"

"I'm fine, it's just she kicked. My little star kicked and rather hard I might add."

Dom laughed as stood up and came over to me and place a hand on my bump. Liam was staring at my stomach in wonder. I felt her kick again and my stomach rippled.
Dom let out a little squeal "Wow! It's mad to think she'll be here soon."

I started swinging as Dom sat back on Liam's lap. My little star's kicking seemed to have stopped again but I could definitely feel her moving. "So how did you two meet then?" I asked, taking the fact they kissed, they were sat on each other and holding hands. So were they were actually together?

"Well first day back after you left McGoggles called me to her office. At first I thought something had happened to you but then realised that the others hadn't been called. So anyway I enter her office and Liam was sat in a chair. McGoggles explained that he had just transferred and that he had been sorted into Gryffindor. Since I'm head girl I was to look after and help him, so basically his mentor and guide." She explained.

Liam continued before Dom could speak again, "When she walked into the office, I was amazed at how pretty she was."

I snorted, "That's not exactly hard, she's like an eighth veela."

Dom glared at me and nodded to Liam to carry on.

"She wasn't like any other girl I had known, she doesn't really give a shit about stuff and she speaks her mind. We became closer after she saw that I sucked in Defence Against The Dark arts, so she offered to tutor me"

"And now you're together, yes?" I asked. They both nodded. "Who have you met in our family so far then?"  I asked since I was curious.

"Umm you, Louis, The red headed one who is seeing Scorpius. The one who looks like you, Hugo, Albus, baby Potter and Roxy"

So he had remembered four names bless him, but with when you first meet us all it's no wonder he got confused with all the names.

"Rose is seeing Scorpius, the one who looks like me is my sister Lucy and baby potter is Lily. Well there's also Fred whose Roxy's older brother and James whose Lily and Albus' older brother. Dom's older sister Tori and of course Teddy." I told him.

"How many of you are there in total?" He asked looking amazed.

"Weasley grandchildren, there's twelve of us and Teddy, who's my uncle's godson and my sister's fiancé but he's always been one of the family since he was little." Dom announced

"Wow huge family." He commented.

"Are you really clueless about the Weasley family, I mean our uncle is Harry Potter.

'know the guy who defeated Voldy?" I asked bluntly, "And why have you got your mum's surname?"

Dom's eyes grew wide and she muttered a swearword.

Liam sighed, "I do know of you but not a lot. My Father, Blaise Zabini was associated with death eaters back in his sixth and seventh years at Hogwarts so he doesn't like speaking of it. When he met my mother he didn't want the name any longer as he couldn't live with himself for what had happend and what he had done. So instead they gave me my mum's surname so I wouldn't have to live with the burden."

"Oh." Was all I could say.

He didn't seem to be bothered by me asking the question or the fact his father had a death eater past.

"Any siblings?" I asked trying to lighten the mood.

He nodded "Four, I've got three sisters and one brother. I'm the oldest."

"Nearly as big as our family, are you?" I laughed as did Dom and Liam.

"You could say."

There was a suddenly ringing sound coming from one of us. I knew it wasn't my wiz-phone as it was in my pocket, and I knew it wasn't vibrating. It wasn't Dom's either as she had left her's in our room . That left it to be Liam's, having realised this he gently pushed Dom off his lap, she landed with a 'thump' and he stood up and went over to the other side of the park before answering it.

Dom stood up and sat on the swing next to me, "So, what do you think?"

He is cute and come on Rose is seeing Scorpius, who's dad and granddad were both death eater's and Scorp is a great kid and is nothing like them. Liam and Dom do seem to make a good couple and she doesn't seem to care about his past and he doesn't mind about out huge family.

I could feel her watching me as the thoughts trailed through my mind, "He's cute." I stated.

"Obviously." She replied.

"He seems really nice and kind not to mention you make a good couple." I commented.

She grinned," I knew you would like him Mol, he's amazing." Dom became quiet as Liam came back over.

"That was Scorp. You're brother Louis called Rose, who called Scorp. He says your parents are worried as you're not there (he pointed at Dom) and your grandmother is worried for both of you." He told us.

"How do you know Scorp?"

"I've known him since I was little, our dads are friends." He said shrugging his shoulders.

I nodded, Kinda makes sense if they were both involved with death eater things.

"Come on then girlies, I best get you back before your family goes mad on me."

Liam walked us back across the quiet town and we talked on the way. Since I had been asking him personal questions, he was asking about my baby girl. I told him she was due soon and I joked that so far she was already causing me trouble. He laughed at this as did Dom (since she knew the extent of my problems more than Liam).

Once we got outside the gate, I walked a little quicker and left them to it.

"Bye, nice meeting you Liam." I called quietly.

"Bye Molly and you."

Dom eventually appeared behind me a few minutes later, "Said Goodbye to lover boy now, have you. Took you long enough."

"Don't be jealous Mol. I'm sure you'll find a guy that is not like Kyle and one who loves you and your baby girl."

I smiled and hugged her, "Aww thanks Dommie."

She broke away from the hug, "Never call me Dommie ever again!"

"Come on, let's go face the music."

We walked into The Burrow to see nana Molly who was pacing the floor and uncle Bill and auntie Fleur sat at the table worried expressions on their faces. When they saw us auntie Fleur pulled Dom into a hug muttering things in French whilst nana Molly hugged me.

"Where have you been? You didn't leave a note, you could have been killed." Nana yelled at us.

Slightly overdramatic, "Nana I'm fine, we're fine." I added rubbing my bump.

She looked relieved but she didn't look any less mad, "Thank god, we were worried sick. Where were you?"

Well it's best to tell the truth so I did. Well sort of. "We were outside lying in the grass and then we went to the shop in the village and why was Uncle Ron here?" I asked to see if I could change the subject.

"We thought you had gone missing, when Louis said you weren't in your beds," She sighed before continuing, "Ron stopped by after work for food, he didn't want to wake Hermione since she has to be up early."

Auntie Fleur looked relieved that Dom was fine, "Reeght, bed both of zou. Now!"

We did as we were told and made our way upstairs. As I was in front, Dom was whining from somewhere behind me.

"Mol do you have to take up the entire size of the staircase? And why must you walk so slow?" She moaned.

I stopped halfway up the stairs and I didn't move and stayed perfectly still.

"Mol, come on." She poked me in the back.

I still didn't move, "What do you say to me Dom?"

She sighed, "I'm sorry for making jokes."

I smiled to myself, "Good girl." I carried on walking and when we reached our floor she squeezed past me and ran into the bathroom. I walked into our shared room which was pretty messy and found Louis sat on Dom's bed.

"How come you're in here Lou?" I asked as I grabbed my pyjamas.

"Worried." He mumbled looking at the floor.

"Why?" I asked although I knew it was kind of obvious why.

He sighed, "Because of auntie Gabrielle being ill and then you and Dom went missing and you're having a baby and ..." He trailed off looking up at the door. I turned to look and saw Dom standing there.

Is there something else he wanted to say, something he couldn't say in front of Dom? I wondered.

Dom came in and launched herself onto her bed, nearly knocking Louis flying, poor kid. She then hugged him and told him, everything was fine and that we were ok and that their auntie was also going to be okay. He then left, excusing himself to get a drink. Dom also left but sadly it was only to go back in the bathroom and not actually leave the room for good.

I yawned and looked at my clock, to see it was two am. Oh god how long had been gone? More to the point how did Liam get here if he's supposed to be at Hogwarts?

I looked to Dom who was brushing her red hair as she re-entered the room, "Dom."

"Hmmm?" Was her reply.

"How did Liam get here if he was meant to be at Hogwarts?"

"Al, Scorp, the map and The Hogs Head." She said before getting into bed. "Louis must have text Rose on his wiz-phone saying we were gone. Rose text Scorp who then rang Liam as she knew I was with him, meaning you might have been as well." Dom explained before I could ask how Scorpius had known we were with Liam.

I shrugged as got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, go to the loo, get changed and chuck my hair into a messy bun. When I came back Dom was reading a witch weekly.

"Turn off the light will ya?" She said as she chucked her magazine onto her bedside cabinet. I sighed and proceeded to switch it off. I got into my own bed and settled down.

Things really are different these days.

A/N So Molly's picked a middle name, thoughts? Any idea on which of the four names she picked will be her daughter's name?

Up next - Baby shopping and a meeting.

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How One Night Changed My Life Forever...: Chapter Fifteen


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