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Broken Foundations by Perdaha_Obssesed
Chapter 3 : returning fire
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Darcos POV

I was running, running away from HIM. I was in the darkest place on the planet. It was nigh and neither stars or moon where shining I couldn’t see where I was going, but I was still running. Running away from the man that had made my life a living hell. From the reason that my life had turned out the way it was. I was running but I wasn’t moving. I was still, stuck in place. My heart beat sent blood pulsating in my veins, my head was pounding. He came closer with every step taking long purposeful strides. I was unable to keep running and it was as if he delighted in seeing me fight, fight a loosing battle. He brought out a wand and at the same time a beeping noise began shaking the trees in the dark forest. The volume increased with every second that passed, making me more and more nervous. I knew it my death was approaching... I prepared for the flash of green and the final words that would take the breath out of me but then, the moon appeared shining brightly on the scene below, place brilliant light pouring onto the appalling scene below. The light of the moon engulfed me and I woke up with a start, the beeping still resonating in my ears.

Now that I realized it, the beeping hand’t stopped. It was coming out of one of the many machines in my office. I looked at the source of the annoying noise and with a start realized where it was coming from.

I ran, as fast as my feet would allow me. I needed to get there in time. The machine she had made beep was not just any machine. It was the one that made sure your heart was beating at a good pace. If it started beeping, it usually meant danger, grave danger to the sick person. Damn it. This woman was going to kill herself.

I got to her room and open the door to see Hermione sprawled on the floor,
“No, Hermione don’t do this to yourself.” I went to her, gently picked up her limp body and lay it on the bed. I called a nurse and told her to be ready to contact Potter if it was needed. For now I wanted to wait and see if Hermione would wake and react to the potions and medicines we were giving her.

Through the drip we induced her with a potion designed to wake an unconscious person. After about half an hour of tension, she started to move, slightly at first but as the seconds passed she started thrashing. She was shaking. Suddenly she screamed, she screamed THE scream. The scream he would have recognized wherever he was in whatever situation. Hermione started screaming shouting and yelling in her dreams

“No, Please, nooo, ahhhhh!!! No please, I haven’t done anything ahhh! Noooo!!”

At this point she was sobbing uncontrollably and I knew exactly what she was dreaming of. She was dreaming about her. Bellatrix. The beeping machine started again, its pace increasing, more and more. I had to do something.

I ran to her side, shaking her to make her wake, she had to stop thrashing or her heart would go in over drive. She was going to have a freaking heart attack! But the more I shook her the more she screamed. My own heart was now speeding thumping in my chest. I needed her to wake, I whispered in her ear

‘Please Hermione, please you have to wake, please wake up for me.”
Slowly her screams and thrashing became less intense until she was just shivering. Suddenly she woke up with a gasp and sat up. Tears streaming down her face, her right arm clutching her scar. Her head hung low and she sobbed silently. Gently I took her hand away from her scar. I held her hand awkwardly.After a few minutes I gently laid her shaking body on the bed and dragged a chair next to it. I sat there, staring at Hermione sob and shake. I could do nothing. Her sobs receded and I decided that I would go, I stood up and straightened my robes, I was already starting to walk, when a trembling hand grabbed my arm.

“Please, don’t call anyone, even if they told you to. I want to do this myself” I looked up and finally was brave enough to look into her once bright chocolate eyes, what I saw there scared me, I saw pain, I saw hurt, I saw betrayal and sadness, but most of all I didn’t see Hermione, I saw a broken girl, a woman whose heart had been so shattered that putting the pieces back together hurt more than leaving it broken. I saw a reflection of what I once saw in my eyes. I tore my gaze from her eyes and looked at her now still hand. I looked back up at her face and nodded grimly.

“If it’s what you want I will not contact either Ginny or Harry, you will be allowed out in a few days, after this though you must visit a healer al least four times a week. If you want I can make sure it’s not me, I know how much pain I have put you through in your past and I understand if you want me not to be the one to help you in this situation. I am sorry Hermione, I am sorry for all that I did, for all I didn’t do or say.”
At this point Hermione had started shaking again.

“Thank you Malfoy, but I don’t need anyone to help me.” Hermione let go of my hand and lay down on the bed

“I’ll Bring you a calming draught.” I murmured to her. I went to the door then but before closing it I looked back at Hermione, no part of her old self remained. This girl had truly been broken.

Ginny’s POV

My heart swelled with love each time I looked to my right, lying next to me was a sleeping ever so peaceful Harry. His breathing was even and relaxed, his heart beat strong and secure. I loved it, I loved him, and love helped me sleep. I feel asleep thinking of our engagement and the ring. The beautiful ring. All I could feel was love.

I fell asleep.
Suddenly I didn’t feel love any more, I felt dread, I felt dread as I looked onto the front doors of a house, somehow I knew who was in that house, I knew their intention and I suddenly remembered Hermione, lying on a bed in the Hospital, probably close to death.

I was shaken awake by a cold feeling that had spread through my body. I had to get to the hospital NOW! I shook Harry awake, filled him in. He looked at me, eyed wide. How ever surprised he was we had learned to trust our instincts. They were usually right. We jumped out of bed and were ready in less than 5 minutes, our friends sanity was at stake and we were not going to falter. Together we apparated our of our house directly to the Hospital and straight on top of... Malfoy.

“So much for a grand entrance.” He muttered. He had a phial of something in his hand which looked suspiciously like calming draught. “for Hermione” he explained, “She woke up and nearly gave me a heart attack” We all got up, my senses wild, He was here, probably already in her room. SHIT. As I ran to Hermione's room I yelled,

“Harry tell Malfoy...”

I heard the faint voice of Draco say “Tell Malfoy what Potter?” then I rounded a corner and all voices where lost ass I focused on one thing. Get there before HIM.

Hermiones POV

I didn’t want help, I didn’t need help, and I wasn’t going to get it. I was going to do this myself. I needed to get through this myself. I had to get the courage to face my everyday without needing a pain escape valve. I needed to learn of a way to shut out the past. I was going to do this. Alone.

As soon as Malfoy exited the room, I broke down into tears again. What was I doing. The rational part of my brain told me I needed help, told me I was stupid, but there was a voice inside my head telling me that I had to face this, it was the only way. Tears of self-pity, of sadness, of betrayal and of hurt mixed in my eyes and ran down my cheeks. The events of the previous morning where still hazy in my mind. This was all happening to one stupid mistake, MY stupid mistake. I should have died in the war. In the face of reality, it would have evened out everything. The battle would have been won, Ron would be happy with his new American bimbo, Harry had Ginny, Ginny had Harry, the Weasley’s had each other and I had no one. I was trapped in a prisonI had created. A prison of bloodless, pain, and shards. Shard of glass that were being impaled in my heart, my already broken heart. I hand’t thought of it until now, but if I had died in the war, everything would have been better, My parents would have survived... I knew it, I was just an excess part. I just wasn’t needed, so what was the point of being here. I was just a random object I the way, I held no value....

I thought, “When I get out of here, I will keep up the façade, I won’t take off the mask. I will keep my concealment charm on. Maybe this time I was able to convince myself as well...

All these thoughts were running, free through my mind, I heard the door open and believing it was Malfoy Kept on looking through the window, the blue patch of sky, of freedom in this cell-like hospital room. The door shut closed again, quietly and at the next words I jumped out of my skin.

“Hey, ‘Mione.” From the shock I collapsed and blacked-out, I had recognised that voice. It belonged to the culprit of my depression, breaker of my heart, Ronald Weasley.

Hello my lovely readers, I usually don't leave messages after a chapter but this one is just to say a few important things... I feel like giving up on this story, so if you want me continue please review. Also, I'm sorry to keep the suspense but the next chapter won't be up until probably mid February next year, Maybe earlier if I can... Sorry...=(

how ever, thanks for all those who have reviewed until now.


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