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Starfall by Slide
Chapter 5 : Fly-By-Night
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'It's a pretty town,' said Albus, his gaze sweeping up and down the wide, cobbled streets of Badenheim, across the white painted timber houses with their black wooden beams, at coloured shutters and the window-baskets resplendent with bright flowers.

'It is,' said Scorpius, ambling beside him as they crossed a low stone bridge across a narrow but fast-running river which had come tumbling down from the wooded slope that stretched up to the northern horizon, filling the sky with the towering trees of the Black Forest. 'The view's pretty good.'

'And the weather.'

'All in all, it's a nice place.'

'It is.'

Scorpius stopped as they reached Badenheim's empty main square, nothing gazing down on them but the tall houses he would call 'quaint' if he wanted to be a snob, no company near by the birds that fluttered to the benches, the village quiet at this time of day. He sighed. 'Pity it's completely bloody empty.'

Albus' brow furrowed. 'It's not a very good festival, no.'

'It's not a festival at all,' Scorpius pointed out. 'This isn't some sort of late spring market, this isn't some sort of late spring anything. Selena was having us on.'

The frown deepened. 'She might have been mistaken.'

'Selena? Mistaken? About shopping? Doubt a compass points north, first.'

Albus shrugged and opened his hands. 'Why would Selena trick us into coming to the middle of nowhere? What possible reason would she have? It's not even a joke, it's just...'

'A waste of time,' grumbled Scorpius.

'It's not. This place is nice, Scorp. The campsite is nice -'

'Except this town is completely Muggle, so we're having to hide.'

'- the town is nice, the people are nice -'

'We don't speak German! They might not be greeting us. They might be promising to murder us in our sleep, and we would never know.'

'I'm just saying it's a harmless diversion,' Albus pressed. 'There's a portkey from Berlin to Venice tomorrow evening. We spend a night here. We enjoy the area. And then we apparate back to the capital and we'll be on a gondola before you know it.'

Scorpius kicked at the cobbles. '...why do you always have to look on the bright side?'

'I'm monstrous like that,' said Albus, clapping him on the shoulder. 'Come on, let's pick up some local grub, because there's no point coming out here if we're not going to at least try the food, get back to the tent, and we can enjoy the evening. Maybe take a hike in the woods tomorrow morning.'

'The woods are pretty astonishing,' Scorpius conceded, and followed in his best friend's wake as they wound their way back the road they'd come, towards the northern exit from the town.

Despite Badenheim being positively sleepy, it was also, as Albus had assured him, welcoming. They found a small butcher’s and between the two of them managed to wrangle their way through foreign languages and foreign, Muggle currency, though the latter took a lot of arguing about cents and knuts and lots of fingers being held up, and the former took a lot of Scorpius babbling on and pointing. He reckoned people barely understood him when he did that in English and he got by just fine, so it was a more universal way to communicate. And, for their efforts, they were rewarded with what Scorpius was almost certain were sausages.

A ten minute walk around Badenheim had granted them much of what the village had to show for itself, so they took the road out of town and broke off onto the small footpath into the woodland. The sun was bright and warm and enough to pierce the verdant leaves of the tall, bowing trees, casting the path in speckled gold as they picked their way back to the campsite, and the breeze wafted the flowers on the verge, tugged the last blossoms into the air to buffet at their faces, brought to their senses all the scent of coming summer in the Black Forest.

They had found a clearing near the river that led to Badenheim, and it was there they'd set up the tent. The wonders of magic meant they only needed two square metres of space to pitch, which had been almost entirely done by Albus and Matt as Scorpius offered, as he put it, "guidance and oversight". Rose had been discovering that a bottomless bag had certain disadvantages, like finding anything in it, and so Al and Scorpius had left the other three to try unpacking and finding their bearings while they investigated the town.

Steam was wafting through the flap in the tent and they ducked in to find Rose and Selena sat at the little round, wooden table in the main room with a pot of tea. Rose smiled at them both as they came in. 'Good timing.'

'I sensed there would be tea, and I was summoned. It's my magic power. Well, that, and having magic,' said Scorpius, extending an open hand towards the teapot greedily.

Rose swatted the hand. 'You can use your words, and your manners, and fetch your own mug. How's Badenheim?'

'Um.' Albus pulled up a chair. 'Quiet.'

'Yeah,' said Scorpius, going to the kitchenette and rummaging through the cupboards at random in a hunt for mugs. 'Good news: we found sausages. Bad news: I don't think there's a festival.'

Selena pursed her lips, and Scorpius made sure to have his eyes on her to watch her reaction. He saw only confusion and disappointment. 'Oh, really? I got the dates wrong?'

'How'd you hear about a festival out in the middle of nowhere, anyway?' asked Rose, finally giving up and going to the kitchenette to pointedly open the one cupboard Scorpius hadn't looked in, where the mugs sat. 'The middle of nowhere in Germany?'

Selena flipped her hair over her shoulder. 'It was in Witch Weekly,' she said without missing a beat. 'All about the scarves.'

'Witch Weekly talked about the spring festival of a Muggle village in Germany?' Rose quirked an eyebrow.

'They spent a quarter talking about international Muggle fashions and cultures. I think that month was all about the more rustic end. It looked cute.' Selena smiled and picked up her mug.

Every time I think she's not insipid... Scorpius sighed, grabbed two mugs, and sat himself down. To avoid more domestic troubles it was Albus who went for the teapot, instead of allowing Scorpius to assume that Rose was going to serve them. 'Not that asking this question should be an indication that I care, or anything, but where's Doyle?'

Rose sat down and took a sip of tea. 'He went for a walk,' she said, voice neutral. 'Said he wanted to get a feel for the nearby area. Seeing as you two had gone down to the town.'

Scorpius exchanged looks with Albus, who to his disappointment just wore a guilty expression. No. Just because we're on holiday with the guy doesn't mean we have to be best buddies. It was bad enough that he was going to have to share Rose's attention with the only other person on the trip who thought a book was exciting; sharing Albus would be crossing a line.

'There wasn't much down there,' said Albus reassuringly. 'I bet the woods are way more interesting.'

'It was all quiet?' said Selena, raising an eyebrow. 'Nothing going on down there?'

'Certainly no festival,' muttered Scorpius.

'I meant apart from the festival. Everything seemed normal?'

'What's normal? We've never been there before,' said Albus. 'But no, it's just a sleepy little village. I say we take in the woods tomorrow morning, then apparate back to Berlin in the afternoon and get the early evening portkey to Venice.' He looked around the table.

Rose nodded. 'That sounds nice. Though it is very pretty here. I'm glad we've stopped off, we can have a nice night of camping and enjoy the area before we go.' She turned her smile on Selena, obviously trying to offer reassurance that she did not share Scorpius' opinion that this had been a gigantic waste of time, but Selena was stirring her tea, forehead wrinkled.

'I just thought there'd be more out here,' she admitted.

'There is!' came a voice from the doorway, and they turned to see Matt Doyle ducking through the tent flap. He was already in heavy, hob-nailed boots, a long waxed coat, and with his dark hair rumpled looked as if he'd just strode in from the moors on a windy, brooding day.

Scorpius hated him even more.

'I hiked up the hillside,' said Matt, and pulled a thermos out of his pocket as he sat down to pour himself what smelled like strong, fresh coffee. 'It's a hell of a view from up there, you can see the whole valley, and Badenheim's really pretty from up there. But...' He paused for a swig of coffee. 'There are castle ruins to the west. Perhaps a mile away. It must be Badenheim Castle.'

'That would make sense,' Scorpius drawled. 'Seeing as we're in Badenheim and it's a Castle. I'd call it Badenheim Castle.'

Matt gave him a sideways glance. 'Apparently it wasn't just the Muggle seat of power in the region, but pre-Statute the local wizards were very influential and would have had envoys and advisers at the castle. It fell into disuse by wizards after the Statute, and by Muggles after the Napoleonic Wars, seeing as the formation of the Confederation of the Rhine and Baden becoming a Duchy instead of a Margraviate made for a lot of changes -'

'Do you just keep this sort of knowledge to hand for particularly riveting moments at parties?' Scorpius wondered, eyebrows raised, and sipped his tea.

Matt flushed. 'I sat down at the top and did some reading, actually. The castle's supposed to be deserted. I thought we might take a look - tomorrow, it's going to get dark before too long.'

Rose gave Scorpius a look. 'I think that sounds great. And interesting.'

Further betrayal came from an unexpected source. 'It is! What sort of stuff do you think's in there?' said Selena, leaning forwards to look intently at Matt.

He, for his part, looked quietly pleased. 'I only had a quick read and I don't have much on German history. And Badenheim isn't exactly important. But it doesn't seem to have been pawed over by historians, Muggle or Wizard, which is odd. Old holdings like that usually had all sorts - books, records, maybe some magical remains - and someone would have shown interest.'

'So we could be talking old magic relics? Lost books?' said Selena, eyebrows raising.

'I admit, I'm just expecting some cool old castle ruins. I think Badenheim Castle would have been originally built by the Teutonic Knights, so it's probably a good seven hundred years old -'

'You know, we should have a campfire tonight,' said Scorpius abruptly, getting to his feet. 'I'm going to go find some wood.'

'I'll give you a hand,' said Albus, though Scorpius didn't wait before ducking out of the tent and storming across the clearing they were camped in to make for the tree-line. They were in the undergrowth, out of earshot from the tent, before Albus spoke again, and in his sulk Scorpius had almost forgotten he was with him. 'You don't need to be so tense.'

'"Ooh, look at me, I read books and am an enormous nerd with my pretentious swooshy coat!"' Scorpius sneered, waving his hands in the air. '"And I go for long walks in the woods and then read about them and then come swooshing back to talk about castle ruins"...'

Albus' brow furrowed. 'You seem a bit fixated by his coat.'

'I want it,' Scorpius grumbled. 'But what happened to the good old days, Al? What happened to the days where girls' eyes glazed over if a boy decided talking about class was exciting?'

'Rose's eyes never glazed over in those situations,' Albus pointed out, and decided to make himself useful by actually hunting for firewood. 'And if Selena was bored by academic talk, then I doubt her and Jones would have happened.'

'Like that was a real relationship,' Scorpius scoffed. 'Listen to her, she spent the last few months reading about quaint scarves.' He waved a dismissive hand. 'Thought I could count on her to find Doyle a bore, though.'

Albus hefted up a sizable log which would make a decent core of a fire and turned to him. 'Rose isn't going to dump you and run off with Matt because he's more academically-minded than you.'

Scorpius stared at him. 'What?'

'That's what this is about. You're intimidated by Matt and Rose both thinking an afternoon with a book is an afternoon well-spent -'

'Thanks for making me sound wholly illiterate -'

'They broke up for a reason, you know.'

'Apparently they were too similar,' Scorpius sneered. 'What's that all about?'

Albus turned his eyes skyward. 'I'm going to beat you with this log in a minute,' he sighed. 'Would you dump Rose for a girl who liked Quidditch?'

'No, or I'd be going out with Cheryl Hawkins and she might like Quidditch but she's also mental -'

'Then give Rose a bit more credit.'

'I'm not not-crediting her -'

'You are, you're basically saying she's going to toss you to one side the moment she's talking with a bloke she shares an interest with -'

'I'm saying she - I -' Scorpius sputtered for a moment, then jabbed an accusing finger at the tent. 'What the hell do I contribute to a conversation when the two of them are wittering on together about the Confederation of the Rhine? I don't even know what that is!'

'Okay.' Albus pursed his lips. 'I'm going to tell you two things. The first is that you make Rose happy, you make her relaxed, and you are not an idiot and you two can talk plenty about serious things. The second is that I know you won't believe me, so for the love of Merlin, talk to her -'

'And, what, say I'm an insecure jackass who doesn't like her talking to her ex even though I said it was perfectly okay for him to come on holiday with us -'

'I'd make it sound less like you want her to stop talking to Matt and more like, "I'm upset, let's talk".'

Scorpius' nose wrinkled. 'Oh. This is one of those times where I need to do the girly thing of talk about my feelings even if there's no practical solution.'

'Yes. Fortunately, this isn't a girly talk, because I've given you a practical solution.' Albus gave him a warm, reassuring grin. 'She's mad about you, mate. Matt's just a friend. You don't need to worry, you don't need to panic, and you really, really need to help me carry this damn log.'

* *

The situation was very strange. Matt had been set off talking about what he'd been reading, which Rose didn't find at all peculiar and was actually interested in. It had been so long, with the quarantine and the aftermath, since she had read academically for pleasure that she'd forgotten the satisfaction that came with it. And Matt had a genuine fascination with history, especially the intersection of Muggle and wizarding society, and was a good speaker when he got onto something he was passionate about.

None of this was odd. It was even nice, in a nostalgic sort of way. What made it odd to Rose, though, was that Selena was listening to Matt just as intently as she was.

He was now talking about how it was apocryphal that the "two-fingered salute" had risen at the Battle of Agincourt - Matt was a good speaker, but prone to diversion if invited down a tangent - but the thought of it still had Selena laughing. And as she laughed, she tossed her hair over her shoulder.

Rose narrowed her eyes. She's hair-flirting.

Selena caught her glance as she lowered her hand and seemed to realise she'd been noticed, her smile softening. 'Well. If the boys are out there building the fire, I'm going to freshen up before dinner,' she said, getting to her feet. When she headed to the girls' bunkroom, she let her fingers brush against Matt's shoulder, then trail across his back until she was past him, disappearing into the room.

Rose let the door shut and waited to the count of three before she looked at Matt and leaned over, voice dropping. 'You should be careful,' she said, expression creasing. 'You know she's a terrible flirt.'

Matt’s gaze tensed. 'I can fend for myself, thanks, Rose.'

'I just mean - don't read too much into it. She's a flirt and I still think she's horribly upset about Methuselah -'

'So, even if it's just harmless flirting, I shouldn't at all flirt back, or respond?' But he raised his eyebrows and now she sensed the irritation hanging about him. 'Should I, perhaps, go live in a monastery?'


Matt sat up. 'You ask me to come on holiday with you and your new boyfriend. I agree to that. I'm cool with that. Even if he's being an arse.'

'He's just -'

'Being an arse; whatever. I can handle Malfoy. But could you be a little less transparent?'

Rose goggled. 'Transparent?'

'Warning me off the moment I'm talking to another girl?'

'Bloody hell, Matt.' Rose's forehead creased. 'I was just giving you a friendly heads up.'

'She's not my type, it's nothing more than some fun attention and I can, in fact, take care of myself.' Matt got to his feet and straightened his coat. 'I find it telling your friendly advice is telling me to stay away from another girl.' He ran a hand through the hair that dangled into his eyes, and she was intently reminded of finding his refusal to get a decent haircut annoying. 'I'm going for a walk before dinner. And maybe we can calm down. Because I don't fancy this holiday being a trial.'

'You're right,' said Rose, voice flat. 'I completely need to calm down, because I'm obviously losing my rag right now.'

He looked like he was going to say something else, then didn't, just sighed and turned to duck out of the tent. Rose glared frustrated daggers at his back and reached to pour herself another cup of tea.

'And I wonder, sometimes,' she muttered to herself, 'why we broke up, you sanctimonious little...' But his words were troubling, still, rumbling around her head. Had she just been wanting to give him a warning to not get too involved with Selena, even though she would bet that it was nothing more than harmless flirting? Or had there been a pang at watching him enthusing about the things he loved at someone other than her?

It's possible, she mused, that inviting him wasn't the best idea in the world. If nothing else she was reminded of the accusation Selena had thrown at her months ago, that she had dumped Matt and then treated him like she expected him to be around as her friend when she wanted him, and then disappear into thin air when he was inconveniencing.

Then the door to the girls' bunkroom swung open and Selena herself marched out, now with more layers to brave the evening air. 'You should know,' she said in a cool, airy voice, 'that those walls block out very little sound.'

Rose winced guiltily. 'There's nothing I can say to that, is there.'

'Not really.' Selena tossed a chiffon scarf over her shoulder. 'I'm not actually interested, and anyway, I'm not going near your little... unresolved...ness.' She waved a hand in the direction of the canvas flaps out. 'But don't you deny me my fun, Weasley.'

'I'm not denying you your fun,' Rose sighed. 'I just worry. About you both. After Methuselah -'

'I should rip out all my hair and forsake all men forever?' She tossed her head and gave a wry laugh that Rose didn't find at all convincing. 'I know what I'm doing, and also you need to totally look to your affairs of the heart before you go romping in mine. Because our boy Doyle might be an uppity little gent who's seeing what he wants to see, but he's not completely blind.'

Then she sauntered outside, too, leaving Rose sat with a cooling teapot, an empty mug, a while to wait until dinner, and unpleasant prospects to consider about the weeks which lay before them.

Dinner started as an awkward affair which mercifully relaxed as time went on, mostly thanks to Albus keeping up the cheerful chatter. Scorpius seemed to have calmed down and by the time Matt returned from his walk, not long before Albus was dishing up, he, too, seemed rather less tense.

They were lucky they had Albus with them, Rose reflected once they were all sat around the crackling campfire, sat on blankets on the grass outside the tent, bathed in the rays of the dying sun at the end of the first day of their trip. Not just because he could brighten everyone's mood with just a grin and a kind word, but he was also the only one of them who could cook worth a damn.

'So it's, what, open once we get to Venice?' Matt was saying. 'No set plans?'

'A few options. You want to see Jerusalem, Scorpius wants to go to Casablanca, I want to go to Istanbul,' said Rose, giving Scorpius a piercing look.

'I'm not going to be bullied or bribed out of this,' he said, turning his nose up.

'Just because the film's the only Muggle movie you've ever seen!'

Matt grinned. 'You do know that wasn't actually filmed on-location?'

Scorpius looked crestfallen. 'Well,' he said. 'We could always have Paris.'

'I'm totally on board with Paris,' chirped up Selena.

'True, but the point of going to Venice is because from there we can get any long-distance international Portkey. We can hit Europe on the way back,' Rose pointed out. 'I admit Istanbul isn't as far away as all that. But what about Cape Town?'

'Grab a map,' Scorpius suggested, putting his finished bowl down and flopping onto his back on the blanket next to her. 'Throw a dart. We go there.'

'Odds are good that'll be the middle of the ocean,' Matt said.

'Then, damn it, we'll swim!'

Rose gave him a look. 'I do actually have several possible routes, but I couldn't get these two to commit to one and now we have what you two would like to do to take into account as well,' she said, gaze falling on Matt and Selena.

Selena waved a hand. 'I don't really mind,' she said. 'So long as we're not always in a tent in the middle of nowhere.'

'Super unhelpfully, the only other place I can think of visiting right now is Rio - my dad spent some time out there and talked about the city - and that's about the one place in the world we can't go,' said Matt wryly. 'I'll bow to popular wisdom.'

'I'm so glad you're all so decisive,' said Rose archly. 'Istanbul it is. We can work our way east to India, maybe China, Thailand, Japan, then across to the Americas. Then end on Europe. Might as well do a full circuit.'

'Wow.' Albus' eyes widened. 'That's a whole lot of the world.'

She smiled. 'It's what we're here for, isn't it?'

'I have a question,' said Matt. 'How many languages do we have under our belts between us?'

'Er.' Rose tucked a springy lock of hair behind her ear. 'One and a lot of guide books.'

‘My French is decent, though my Spanish is rusty,' offered Matt. ‘Those language lessons were a long time ago.'

'You'd think they'd have translation spells or something,' grumbled Scorpius.

'Actually, those would be incredibly difficult to make,' Rose said. 'You'd either have to make them essentially a form of Legilimency to actively read the mind of the speaker so you knew what they meant, or you'd need a very complicated and fluid spell which would understand not just precise words, but syntax, grammar, usage -'

'So basically there's going to have to be a lot of talking loudly, slowly, and pointing,' Scorpius said, and smirked at the disapproving look from Rose this won him.

Dinner, from there, came a lot easier. Less tension and sniping from Scorpius and, thus, less of the worried fussing from Albus. Selena drifted into disinterest and was the first to turn in, but it was fully dark by then, the night marching on around them. She could see Scorpius giving Albus pointed looks, and while her instinct was to find that annoying, a part of her couldn't help but agree.

One of the perks of this holiday was supposed to be a spot of privacy away from prying eyes, especially while not under the roof of her parents or her aunt and uncle.

Albus didn't scuttle off immediately. He made sure they'd cleaned up, he made sure the fire was going to burn itself out perfectly safely. He clattered about and made his pending departure obvious, along with a few covert glances at Matt, who seemed to ignore him. And then, just as he, too, slunk to the tent to head to the boys' bunkroom, Matt looked at Rose and said, 'So, why Istanbul?'

On some subconscious level, Rose was aware of Scorpius' eyes widening. She wouldn't be much aware of Scorpius on a conscious level until twenty minutes into her diatribe on the magical library and repository of relics in the city, on the vast importance in the wizarding world the city held - because that was about the point Scorpius sighed, got up, and pointedly proclaimed he was going to bed.

Leaving her, instead of being able to spend the last portion of the evening with some privacy with her boyfriend, sat across the fire with the rather smug form of her ex. Who had probably known damn well that getting her started like that was going to end like this.

'Yeah,' said Matt, calmly enough, once Scorpius had disappeared off inside. He got to his feet and dusted himself. 'Think I'll turn in, too. G'night.'

I'm going, Rose decided as she sat on her own in the dark and glowered at trees, to murder him.

* *

Badenheim was just as quiet the next morning as it had been the day before, but this suited Albus just fine. He'd woken up at a reasonable time and had still missed Matt getting up and apparently going for another hike about the local area with Selena. This had left just the three of them around the tent and, mindful of his advice to Scorpius the previous day, and having been awake enough to see the look on his friend's face when he'd slouched to bed, Albus had thought it prudent to slip away for a couple of hours.

So he was a little bitter at Matt and Selena for leaving him behind, but he could appreciate some solitude, could enjoy the village without someone, likely any of his four travel companions, making sarcastic commentary about the place. He could find himself somewhere for a cup of tea or coffee and a heartier breakfast than the toast he'd had up at the tent, and sit and watch the world for a little bit.

The place he found, in the end, looked like a mixture of a bakery and a tea house, though Matt had mentioned something about the term "tea house" having more connotations and connections with East Asia than Albus suspected had ever reached Badenheim. Either way, he suspected he could get a pastry and something to drink, and so ducked inside and prepared himself for a lot of vague gesticulating.

Two things struck him the moment he stepped into the low-roofed, stone building, cosy and warm and welcoming. The first was that the middle-aged man at the counter, the only person in there, greeted him in decent English.

The second was that the smell coming from the fireplace was definitely Floo.

Albus relaxed. 'Oh,' he said, and smiled at the man. 'I thought this place was entirely Muggle.'

The proprietor had been giving him the cautious look of someone not yet certain of their assumption, but he returned the smile warmly, gesturing for him to come in and take a seat. 'It is, sir, it is. But I grew up here, and so, now, I live here again. I spotted you arrive yesterday. You are just passing through?'

'Yes, we'll be gone this afternoon.' Perhaps the morning was not a complete bust if he'd met a local wizard he could actually talk to. 'I was just coming to take a walk around the town.'

'I see. Tea? Let me make this one on me - it is not often I get wizards who come by Badenheim, thankfully.' The proprietor smiled and bustled about behind the counter.

Albus raised an eyebrow. 'Thankfully?' he echoed.

The man grimaced. 'Their business here is not usually so good. I had thought at first you were looking into the men who came a few days ago, but I see now - you are Hogwarts, yes?'

'Who came by?'

'I was not sure who they were. But they kept mostly from the village, not open as you and your friend were yesterday. Which is always worrying. And then they went up to the Castle so, of course, I was worried. It is not a place you should go, you know. I sent a message to the Bundesmagie but nothing is back yet. Perhaps it is nothing.' He shrugged as he moved from behind the counter to put a teapot down on the circular wooden table Albus had picked on the teashop floor.

Albus' brow furrowed. 'What's wrong with the Castle? We're mostly here by mistake, one of my friends spotted the place. We were going to look...'

The proprietor grimaced. 'You could. I would not. It is best people steer clear of there. I do not know what is there, but I do know what was there. It was, how do you say it - Thule-Gesellschaft, in the war.'

Albus looked blank. 'Who were they, the people who poked around?'

'I am not sure. As I said, I sent word. I think they are gone but if you are staying you should steer clear of them, hm? Young people like you, you don't want trouble. Hold on.' The man patted down his pockets before he pulled out a folded photograph. 'I took a picture, sent one with the message to Berlin. If you are leaving soon, no bad thing, but if you see these types, stay clear, yes?'

And he handed Albus a photo of Prometheus Thane stood on the outskirts of Badenheim.


A/N: The sharp-eyed might have noticed that I waffled a bit over Badenheim’s name (though at present it should all be consistent across this site). The village as portrayed in this story is entirely fictitious, though there is a municipality in Germany of that name. This was an unfortunate consequence of me playing around with Germanic etymology; coincidences, here, are coincidences.

‘Bundesmagie’ was my stab at a believable name for a German magical government, however German is a language where my knowledge is distinctly lacking; I have attempted to do my research but please do correct me if it’s some sort of abhorrent mangling of linguistics.

‘Thule-Gesellschaft’ is not a term made up by me. We’ll get to that later.

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