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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 26 : Wedding Planning
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The next two months passed rapidly for Hermione as between working for Elizabeth part time and taking lessons from Narcissa on how to be the Lady Malfoy as she would be when she married Draco, she had barely any time to really plan anything major for her wedding. And on top of that Pansy was getting bigger by the day and closer to her due date so she had been doing a couple of the days in the week at The Three Broomsticks to help out. It was on one of those days when she got a patronus from Pansy.

          “Mione, please come here,” Pansy called. Hermione looked up alarmed and then moved over to one of the other waitresses quickly.

          “I need to go and check on Pansy, I’ll get one of the elves to bring in the other waitress but can you tend the bar while I go see what’s up? Winka?” Hermione spoke quickly. The girl nodded as Winka appeared next to Hermione.

          “Miss Hermione?”

          “Can you get Lorna and ask her to come in please?” Hermione asked softly. Winka nodded and Hermione ran off upstairs to meet Pansy. She found her standing by her bed panting as she leant over in obvious pain. “Shit,” Hermione cursed as she realised what was happening and remembered that Blaise wasn’t there.

          “Oh sweet Merlin, thank god you’re here, I think the baby is coming,” Pansy groaned. Hermione rolled her eyes and touched her friends shoulder softly, feeding a little bit of pain relief magic into her system then she waited.

          “No shit,” Was all Hermione murmured. Pansy chuckled under her breath as her breathing slowed. “Better?”

          “Marginally… St Mungo’s?” Pansy winced. Hermione nodded and stood in the grate and beckoned Pansy over, they would have to go together but they were both small, it would be fine. Hermione gripped her friend hard and then through the floo powder yelling St Mungo’s into the green flames.


When they arrived at St Mungo’s Hermione moved helped her friend into a levitated chair and pushed it towards the main desk, thankful that Lavender was not on the desk for a change.

          “I have Mrs Pansy Zabini here she’s in labour, I’m the only one she’s got at the minute,” The welcome witch looked up and then nodded, pressing a little button to call an emergency midwife. The witch appeared instantly and she took control of Pansy’s chair and marched off down the corridor leaving Hermione to hurry along after her. Thankfully they arrived in the room just in time as when Pansy lay down on the bed she felt the pain medication wear off and she felt the contractions full force. Hermione stood back to allow the midwife to check Pansy over and prepare her then she was called over.

          “Mrs Zabini, you’re quite far along, I don’t think your baby will be able to wait very long so Miss Granger if you are to send for the father now, the baby will be here before he arrives most likely,” The Midwife said softly.


Pansy cried out in pain as another contraction ripped through her and Hermione nodded before using her wand to send a quick patronus to Blaise and then multiple patronuses to Narcissa, Draco, Ginny and Harry. She was then called to Pansy’s side to help her through the birth of her baby.


******Time Gap******


Blaise, Draco, Ginny, Harry and Narcissa turned up fifteen minutes later and rushed into the room that was now quiet. Blaise froze in the middle of the room as his eyes found the face of his son who had his green eyes open as he stared at Hermione who was holding him as Pansy slept. Hermione stood up smoothly, being careful not to jostle the quiet baby in her arms, and made her way over to Blaise who stood their dumbfounded.

          “Blaise mate, do you want to take a seat before you fall?” Draco asked. Blaise cut his eyes to Draco then nodded, taking the seat Hermione just vacated and then putting his arms in a cradle so Hermione could put his son in his arms. The baby’s eyes opened wide as he stared at his father who could only stare back into the vivid green eyes that belonged to his wife.

          “Shit… I’m a dad,” Blaise whispered. Draco chuckled while Narcissa shook her head reproachfully as her hands rested softly on her own stomach; her own daughter was due any day now.

          “Don’t swear around the baby,” Pansy mumbled softly. Blaise looked up sharply and met the soft eyes of his wife as she smiled sleepily, completely unaware as everyone filed out of the room.

          “Do you want me to hold him still or do you want him back?” Blaise asked gently. Pansy looked down at her son who had started to fidget and held her arms out, taking her baby boy and cradling him in her arms where he fit comfortably. “You are an amazing woman and I love you so much,” Blaise murmured as he moved a strand of hair off Pansy’s face. Pansy smiled softly.

          “I love you too… Now what should we call this little mini you,” Pansy asked.

          “He looks like you,” Blaise countered.

          “He has my eyes, but your hair, your nose, your mouth and your face,” Pansy insisted. Blaise searched his sons face and eventually conceded.

          “Okay… Zackari Alexander Zabini?” Blaise asked. Pansy pondered for a few seconds then nodded.

          “With one difference,” She then added.

          “What?” Blaise asked.

          “Zackari Alexander Draco Zabini,” Pansy spoke. Blaise met his wife’s eyes and grinned.



Outside Hermione, Draco, Narcissa, Ginny and Harry were sat outside quietly talking.

          “Will Blaise and Pansy move back into Zabini Manor and accept the status of Lord and Lady of the house of Zabini?” Harry asked. Draco looked over at Harry in shock.

          “How do you know about the houses?” Draco asked, not in a scathing way, just in a way that told Harry he knew that he wouldn’t have known because of his upbringing.

          “When I married Ginny, the goblins contacted me and asked me to come into Gringotts to talk about taking up the position of the head of houses Black and Potter,” Harry answered. “I had no clue what they were talking about so they explained that as last of the Potter line, I am technically Lord Potter, if I choose to accept it and I would have a space on the Wizengamot because of that.” Narcissa suddenly looked up and frowned.

          “How can a Potter be the head of the house of Black?” Narcissa interrupted.

          “Sirius was the last male of the Black line and he was my godfather, in his will he left everything he owned, all titles, all properties, all stocks, everything, in my name. I’m guessing that when you two marry,” Harry indicated Draco and Hermione, “You’ll be the Lord and Lady of the house of Malfoy.”

          “Sirius was innocent wasn’t he?” Narcissa asked softly.

          “Yes. Pettigrew faked his death,” Harry cursed.


          “Guys,” Blaise called from the door. Everyone looked up at Blaise who was waving frantically for them to come closer. “Come meet Zackari.” At the sound of his name everyone moved towards the door but a stern nurse who was inside stopped them all from rushing in.

          “Only three at a time.” Hermione and Draco nodded and stepped back, allowing the others to go forwards. When the door shut Draco turned to Hermione.

          “Hopefully one day, that will be us,” Draco murmured. Hermione looked through the little window and nodded with a smile.

          “I really hope so,” She then whispered.

          “So how are you? I feel like I hardly see you, what with me working with George part time and you working at The Three Broomsticks and working for Elizabeth while taking lessons from my mother,” Draco murmured as he tucked a  black curl behind Hermione’s ear while staring into her chocolate brown eyes.


Hermione found herself lost in the silver of Draco’s eyes as she shrugged.

          “I’m okay, I’ve missed you,” Hermione whispered.

          “I’ve missed you too… how about tonight we go back to my house on the Malfoy Island and just spend a weekend away. Just me and you, no work and no pureblood lessons,” Draco murmured. Hermione met his eyes and nodded before stretching up on tip toe and pressing her lips to his.

          “Draco, Hermione you guys can go see the baby now. We’ll help Cissa get home,” Harry and Ginny smiled as they left the room and close behind them was Narcissa.

          “Thanks guys,” Draco grinned then he hurried into the room with Hermione behind him to find the baby fast asleep in Pansy’s arms. “Well done Pansy,” Draco grinned. Pansy looked up at the man who was practically her brother and grinned widely.

          “Thanks Draco… Do you want to know what his name is?” Pansy asked. Draco nodded eagerly.

          “Zackari Alexander Draco Zabini,” Blaise grinned from his seat. Draco’s face broke into a massive grin and Hermione smiled at his happiness.

          “Do you want to hold him Mi?” Pansy asked softly.

          “Of course,” Hermione grinned as she walked forwards to take the baby from Pansy, cradling him gently as the baby stirred and looked up at her. “Hello Zackari. I know you’ve met me already, but we weren’t introduced. I’m your Aunt Hermione, and this is your uncle Draco,” Hermione said softly as Draco appeared over her shoulder.


Eventually Draco and Hermione left the small family to themselves and they headed back to the Manor to pack. Draco walked into Hermione’s room just as she was trying to decide between the dresses on her bed. She looked up at him with a helpless look in her eyes and Draco began to help, withdrawing a black pair of jeans and a white lace jumper and placing light brown boots next to them, then he pulled out a dark purple cocktail dress and a Little Black Dress and matched them with black shoes and a black handbag.

          “There… Almost done?” Draco asked. Hermione nodded as she waved her wand to pack the items.

          “I was thinking…”

          “Uh oh,” Draco interrupted. Hermione gave him a death glare and he swallowed. “Sorry, you were thinking?”

          “Could we go somewhere else for the weekend, I would quite like to only return to the little cottage after we are married,” Hermione asked sheepishly. Draco studied her face for a second then nodded.

          “I’ll see if I can get us a hotel somewhere and get us a seat for dinner tonight. The Malfoy family has ties in Italy. It’s a name that can’t really be refused in Venice,” Draco winked. Hermione grinned as Draco moved back to his own room to get his mobile.


As he was busy on his phone call, Hermione wrote out quick letters to her friends and Narcissa, telling them they would be going away for the weekend, and to notify her of anything important via patronus. She then climbed the stairs to the owlry and placed the letters in Loki’s letter cage before sending him on his way. When she came back downstairs she saw Draco bound into her room and she followed him.

          “Guess we have a space then,” Hermione chuckled.

          “Well… sort of, providing we get there at a certain time,” Draco snickered. Hermione rolled her eyes and knew the Slytherin was up to something.

          “I don’t want to know… What time have we got to get there?” Hermione asked with a low chuckle.

          “In the next half an hour… So are you packed?” Draco asked.

          “Yes, I sent owls to everyone to send us patronus’ if something important happens,” Hermione smiled as she picked up her coat and her wand from her bed.

          “You think of everything don’t you,” Draco grinned. Hermione just smiled back and then levitated her weekend suitcase in the hallway. Draco walked off to fetch his own and then took Hermione’s hand and apparated away with her.


*****Time Gap*****


When Hermione and Draco returned home refreshed and happy they found a shock waiting for them. No sooner had they stepped foot in their manor than an unfamiliar elf appeared.

          “My mistress Narcissa asked Dinky to take you to Captonia Manor as soon as you is arriving back home, are Mr and Miss ready?” the little elf asked. Draco frowned but set down his bag and took the elf’s hand; Hermione took the other then the elf apparated. When they landed in the parlour of Captonia Manor Carlos was sat in a chair reading the daily prophet and he jumped up with a tired but happy smile on his face.

          “Draco, Hermione, welcome back, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We have a great surprise for you,” Carlos grinned. Draco and Hermione frowned at each other but their unspoken question was answered when Narcissa walked into the room cradling a little bundle of pink blankets that was stirring slightly.

          “Carlos, can you fetch me Cassi’s bottle please from the kitchen,” Narcissa asked, completely oblivious to the fact her son and his fiancé were stood there with open-mouthed shock.

          “Mother you were meant to send a patronus,” Draco spoke. Narcissa looked up calmly and smiled.

          “I know son, but it was a perfect pregnancy, I didn’t want to interrupt your weekend away with Hermione. I know how important it is for you to both get some time just to yourselves occasionally, especially now with things getting busy for you,” Narcissa said simply. Draco couldn’t find any reason to deny his mother’s logic so he swallowed his complaints and walked forwards slowly till he could see a baby that was almost the spitting image of her father, except for her eyes and her mouth; they were his mother’s.

          “Can I meet her?” Draco asked. Narcissa smiled up at her son and handed the baby to him gently.

          “Her name is Cassiopeia Karla Captonia,” Narcissa murmured to Draco. Draco couldn’t tear his eyes away from his little sister, his mind was constantly running over the fact that he had a little sister, someone who he would be fiercely protective of, but would tease her till the end of time. He couldn’t stop his heart from swelling with love at that fact.


The following day Hermione sent owls to Narcissa, Molly, Pansy, Ginny, Harry, Luna, Angelica and Fleur asking them if they could meet her at her home and when they arrived she sat everyone down in the dining room taking the head seat and looking at the parchment she had in front of her before taking a deep breath.

          “Right, I know Draco has already spoken to his grooms men so now it’s my turn to talk to you guys I guess. Ginny and Pansy, I would like you both to be my maids of honour, Fleur, Angelina and Luna, I would like you guys to be my bridesmaids and Harry well you’ve already said you’ll walk me down the aisle. We’ve decided to get married on the 30th April, it’s a Saturday and the weather should be good, the manor is going back under minor construction to add the ballroom Draco forgot on the middle floor, we’re going to half the actual size of the museum but it will still be just as large. So because we’re doing that we’ll be having the wedding here and having the reception outside. I want to get everyone’s dresses sorted soon. My dress will be the first one I sort out and I want to get the decorations and everything ready. So next week, if you guys meet me so I can find my dress, the following weekend I want to meet with Ginny and Pansy and then the weekend after that we’ll get Fleur’s, Luna’s and Angelina’s dresses. The colours for the wedding are going to be red and silver with the occasional hint of green somewhere. Harry you will wear the same suit as the grooms men but with more of the bridal colours obviously.

          “After we have dresses I want to start sorting out invitations, extra catering services and just little gifts for the guests, it’s kind of a muggle tradition to have some sort of sweet or gift for the guests at the wedding,” Hermione spoke slowly. She had to force herself to slow down and not rush her words because no one could deny she was excited but rushing her explanations wouldn’t help. “So are there any questions?”

          “I know you and Draco do not want to have any media at your wedding but you must name someone to cover it, because otherwise you will have every media company in Europe trying to gain access to your wedding just because of who Draco is,” Narcissa said. Hermione frowned for a second then Luna leant forwards.

          “I know that I can’t really cover your wedding as I’m taking part in it, but I do have a few journalists who work for me and I could always hire one journalist and one photographer for the day and they would write a decent story,” Luna said dreamily. Hermione looked at her friend and then at Narcissa for confirmation.

          “That would work well,” Narcissa said.

          “Good,” Hermione grinned.


A sudden excitement crept up on Hermione that first week and she found that the first week up to getting her dress dragged along very slowly. But eventually Hermione found herself apparating to the shop and waiting outside for her bridal party, minus Harry, to meet her. Once they arrived they all stepped inside and were greeted by Mya, the same woman who sorted Ginny’s dresses.

          “Hello again ladies, what can I do for you?” Mya asked as her eyes wandered over Hermione and mentally measuring her knowing she would be the bride from the wedding announcement near Christmas.

          “I’d like to get fitted for my bridal gown please,” Hermione said nervously. Mya grinned warmly and beckoned the ladies over to the area of the shop where dresses were tried on.

          “What’s your colour scheme, what ideas do you have?” Mya asked as she twirled her wand between her fingers.

          “Well the colour scheme is red, silver with hints of green, but the wedding party will be wearing red and silver. I would like my dress to be just white and to the floor. The rest I leave to you,” Hermione said with a nervous grin.

          “Right… Follow me, Ladies if you would like to wait here, we’ll be with you shortly,” Mya grinned.


The bridal party waited for half an hour for Hermione to emerge from the back of the shop with Mya but when she did they understood why it had taken so long. Mya had found the perfect dress for Hermione, it suited her down to a T and flaunted and emphasised her curves. Her hair had been pulled from its ponytail to fall in its usual tight curls down her back and she had a veil covering her face, she looked like the perfect bride. Everyone simply stared in shock at her until Hermione coughed nervously.

          “Um guys. What do you think?” Hermione asked.

          “Mione you look beautiful, Malfoy will drool at the sight of you,” Ginny gasped. Narcissa chuckled lightly.

          “My son would never drool Ginny, however Hermione you will make him display more shock and happiness than a trained pureblood ever does,” Narcissa smiled. Hermione blushed at her words as they struck home. She was only recently beginning to understand just how tightly restricted purebloods were when it came to their emotions. They believed that expressing emotion gave competitors an upper hand when conversing, but to maintain an emotionless mask they would be less readable and less beatable.


Author’s Note


And that’s the chapter lovely readers… And nope you shall not see her dress just yet that is preserved for a special chapter that is 2 chapters away. Oh yes, the wedding day is chapter 28. I’m actually sad this story is almost at its end… sort of, have I hinted at a possible sequel yet ;).


This is a much better update time than the past chapters. I reallllly hope you enjoy it and pleaseee leave me reviews, they motivate me to write quicker and help me past writers blocks.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter, hope to see you in the next one too :D



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