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Don't Say The by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 5 : When Family Turns Into Frenzy
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Thanks to the amazing sammich@TDA for the awesome Chapter Image!

 A/N: Just so you all know, this chapter switches point of view several times, but I mark each one. Just in case you miss the mark, I'm putting line breaks between each section. Didn't want any confusion!

Jacqueline's POV

I held my friend tight as she sobbed in my arms in the bathroom of The Three Broomsticks. This was actually happening. She's actually pregnant. By Scorpius Malfoy. I mean, personally I think it's a great stepping stone towards pushing them together.. Hopefully. I just wasn't exactly imagining this as the way they would finally be together. Taking a look around the bathroom I decided relocating was definintely a must. Standing up I began to shove all of the tests into the bag from the store and wrapped them tightly before shoving them inside of Rose's bag. Putting her bag on my shoulder, I knelt down next to her and put my arms on her shoulders.

"Rose, sweetie, we need to get out of here." She was slowly sobbing less and less and, for the first time since the hysterics began, she looked up at me. There was certainly no hiding that she had been crying.

Rose nodded her head and took my hands as I pulled her up. I took out my own wand to undo all of the spells she had cast on the room. Taking a second glance at Rose, I decided it would be a better idea to keep her head down, yeah, certainly a necessity. We rushed through the main room of the Inn and out onto the street. Seeing as we couldn't take the same passage back into the school, we were forced to walk the normal way back to Hogwarts.

As much as I wanted to talk about my day, and everything that had happened, I knew Rose wouldn't pretend to listen like usual. I knew for once, she needed silence. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love talking, especially about myself, who doesn't? But half the time I talk, it's so Rose won't be so wrapped up in her thoughts, because, well, if she were, I think she would probably be a little bit insane. More so than she already is, of course.

We were going through the snow, trying to make our way to Hogwarts without falling, when a voice called out, and I knew that no matter how much we pretended we didn't hear, this voice wouldn't leave us alone.

"Jaq! Rose! Wait up!" James Sirius Potter came running up behind us, and I turned around to give him a withering look. Maybe if he thought I didn't want to deal with him, he'd leave us alone. No such luck.

"What are you ladies doing sneaking out of the castle. I mean, Jackie, we all know you have a flair for the bad, but Rosie, my darling little cousin, you never miss a chance to study." He waltzed up to me, and tried to put an arm around my shoulder, but I shrugged it off. Now was most certainly not the best time for James' games.

"Don't call me that, James. It's Jacqueline. You know, like Jack-lean. We don't have time for this, we have to get back to the school." I knew there was no use in telling him how to pronounce my name, he would never say it right, but as long as I kept the focus on me, maybe he wouldn't notice Rose. That was all I cared about.

He just shrugged and fell into step beside us. Rose had stopped sniffling when she heard James speak, and was currently rubbing her hands at her face, trying to remove all signs that she had been crying. I bit my lip, I knew I had to keep James distracted, but really, what are the chances of him not speaking to her for the entire way to the castle? Looks like I would get to talk after all. This was proving to be a very interesting day.

Rose's POV

Of all of the people to bring with me to Hogsmeade, I'm glad it was Jacqueline. She had always been there for me, no matter what the situation. To think that I almost didn't bring her, that I almost came alone, well. I just couldn't process that. I knew I couldn't go through this alone. No, not at all. When she picked me up off of the floor of the bathroom I knew I had to pull myself together, but I just couldn't stop crying. It's like everything in me that normally leads me to be rational and highly logical had left my body. The worst part was that the rational side of me was still inside, and it was screaming, like it was locked behind a door, just trying to take hold.

I knew we had to go back to the school through the normal Hogsmeade entrance, so I was trying to stop crying, trying to put myself together again. Find the strength in me to, well, just be. I clutched onto Jacqueline. What would my mother say? Oh my fathers head would explode. My cousins wouldn't take it well. Scorpius Malfoy would be a dead man, and before he even gets to see his kid. His kid. My kid. Our kid, we're having a kid. There's so many things wrong with that. I groaned when I heard a familiar voice behind me. James could not be walking up to us right now. I am so not ready to unleash that bombshell. I can't even process it for myself! How on bloody earth am I supposed to tell him I'm pregnant?!

Jacqueline, bless her, was trying her hardest to distract him, and I knew that it was time for me to get it together. I pulled the sleeve of my robes up over my hand and began rubbing my face furiously with it. I knew my makeup was probably all over my face, and while I was sure a simple spell would put it to rights, I didn't need James to pay attention to me. Not right now. I took a couple of really deep breaths and hoped that I looked good enough to pass as just sick.

"James, do you really have nothing better to do than harass Jaqueline?" I cleared my throat, hoping my voice sounded confident, that there was no tremor as the sobs that were stuck in my throat threatened to come out again.

"Rosie! You speak!" He ran over behind Jaqueline and next to me, putting an arm around me so he could pinch and poke my arm annoyingly.

"I'm not mute." I muttered to him. He was slow enough to not catch on when he was over by Jacqueline, but standing right next to me? Even a babboon would know something was wrong.

My comment caused him to look at me for the first time since he approached us, and I knew he saw on my face what I was worrying about in my head. I had very evidently just cried, and well, he said it earlier, I never skipped class. Something was really wrong.

"Rose.." His voice was quieter, and after giving me a glance of worry, he gave Jacqueline a look. I was trying to avoid his gaze, I am an awful liar as it is, I didn't need his scrutinizing look to make it worse.

"It's nothing James, really." I attempted to lie. I mean, it's not like I'm not telling him, I will, I just would prefer not to do it now. Shouldn't I tell Scorpius first? Isn't that how it goes? Though technically I already ruined that because Jacqueline knew first, but that's semantics.

"I don't believe that. Why aren't you at school? In the library? Reading a book? Making me do homework!" His voice was getting higher and higher, and I knew he was going to explode if he didn't find out what was going on. I just really didn't want to tell him, or anyone, for that matter.

I looked up at Jacqueline, I didn't know what to say, I don't even think I could have said anything if I tried. That was the worst part, was I just couldn't even speak when the topic came up. How WAS I going to tell Scorpius and my parents?

"James, can you go in Rosies bag for a moment, I'm looking for something in paper bag." She asked him in her sweetest voice.

I gave her a look of bewilderment, what was she doing? A paper bag? That's where the test results were! She was going to tell him without telling him?! Oh man, oh man, this was SO not going to go well. This was SO not happening. James wordlessly left my side and began to riffle through my bag, pulling out the bag, he snatched it from Jacquelines outstretched hand and opened it for himself, taking a vial he held it up in question. Of course, the parchment was sticking out of it and seeing that, he ripped it out, throwing the empty vial on the ground.

"Rose, what is this?" His voice was quiet, he was angry, and he didn't even know what the parchment said yet. Merlin help me.

"Just read it, James." I actually managed to get the words out, to tell my cousin to read the sentence that I had recieved only minutes ago in a public bathroom.

His face went from worry to confusion to anger to an emotion that I couldn't quite place, but I'd assume it was a healthy mix of all three. I could actually feel my face crumble as I started to cry again, and I just sank down onto the ground where we were walking. I couldn't walk anymore. I couldn't go to the school to act like everything was fine. I'm.. I'm.. I'm pregnant.

James' POV

My Rosie. Perfect Prefect Rose Weasley. Pregnant? Impossible. This is a mistake. I mean, I'm never at a loss for words, but I'm actually at a loss for words. It's all that Malfoy twats fault. I'm gonna kill him, that bloody git will be dead before half six if I have my way. Through my angry thoughts I heard my cousins cries and looked over at her.

She never cries, like, not even when I accidentally ran over her pet cat because I was trying to drive my father's muggle car without any lessons. Yet here she was, sitting on the snowy ground crying. What do you do now, James? That annoying little voice in my head kept nagging me, but I just couldn't. Rose doesn't cry. This is weird. Rose is pregnant AND she's crying? I think I need a pinch.

I looked at Jacqueline, who was currently trying to coax Rose off the ground and giving me a look. Right, I'm still holding that parchment. I should probably put that away, and maybe say something. But what do I say? Sorry you're pregnant Rosie? Excuse me, but I'm going to go kill that waste of space who did this to you? Except then she'll be all logical and tell me sex is a two way street, and it's her own fault. Merlin I hate when she does that.

Here I am, having a whole dialogue with Rose in my head, but I can't even say one thing to her in person. I'll just make jokes. She never laughs at my jokes, but I know she thinks that they're funny.

"Hey, Rosie, look on the bright side, I can teach your kid how to fly on a broom upside down!" I was kneeling next to her, and looking at her enthusiastically. It actually was a brilliant idea, though I'm still working out the kinks on that one, so maybe I should perfect it before teaching it to kids.. Maybe.

"Seriously, James? That's all you have to say? Just help me get her up, we need to get her into the school, without a huge scene." Jacqueline was lecturing me. I knew I should listen, I mean, I was doing as she said, but all I could focus on was her. I've probably been in love with Jacqueline since she waltzed onto the train and started talking to Rose.

I mean, who can blame me, she's bloody gorgeous. Besides, she's probably the only friend of the family who doesn't care about our name and how famous we are. To top it all off, all of our parents love her. She cleared her throat at me and I blinked for a moment. Remembering myself and what we were supposed to be doing, I got an idea.

"Hey, why don't we just use my cloak?" I always carry it with me, I mean, who knows when you're going to need to duck out of a dodgy situation? Plus, how else would I get in and out of Hogsmeade regularly?

"You have it with you? James you're bloody brilliant!" Jacqueline was awfully excited about this. She came running over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before stepping back to grab Rose's shoulder.
I was stunned, she just kissed me. I mean, yeah, on the cheek, but it's a start, right? I shook my head to clear it and pulled out my wallet to grab the cloak that I had folded up and put into it. See, I had cast an undetectable exstention charm on my wallet so I could always put my cloak in there, and maybe the occasional bottle of firewhiskey. My family really was quite talented with that particular spell.

We put the cloak over Rose, and had her walk to Jacqueline's right. The two of us held a conversation the entire way. We were breaking the rules so often, I knew neither of us would really get in that much trouble, besides, I intended to take the blame for this one. We were walking in silence, until a thought popped into my head.

"Jacq, where are we going to take her?" I didn't stop walking, but I did give her a look and when she didn't answer for a moment, I gave her a face as if she should've known. What was she going to do if I hadn't come along?

"What do you mean, James, to the castle." Jacqueline answered me as if it was the stupidest question ever. I mean, I guess it could've been but, she clearly wasn't thinking like I was.

"No, I mean you can't bring her into the common room, too many people. You could bring her to the dorm but you live with those two gossips so they'd probably just frustrate you to the point of telling them. We can't hide her out in the Slytherin dorms because then that requires telling Albus, and I don't think she can do that just yet. So. I repeat. Where are we taking her?" I took a deep breath after that one, I never really talk for that long in one breath. I'm never even this logical. Who knew it would take my cousin getting knocked up for my brilliant side to show to the world.

"What about the Room of Requirement? I mean, if it'll open for people to have a good shagging session, surely it'll give us a place to hide me, and I can tell the others there." Rose's voice was raspy and dry, and while we couldn't see her because of the invisibility cloak, both Jacqueline and I looked down at her, then at each other.

"Rosie that's brilliant! I knew you were smart for a reason!" I bounced from foot to foot at the idea, I don't know why I hadn't thought of it. Merlin knows I go to that room plenty.

"Yeah, that's the reason." She mumbled under her breath before falling silent.

She was silent for the rest of the walk up to the castle, while Jacqueline and I bantered and bickered back and forth. I was rather enjoying it, and a part of me had a feeling she was too. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy talking to me.

We both stopped talking when we approached the school. I knew we were both taking a moment to collect our thoughts. Even if no one saw us sneaking back in, people would probably ask us where Rose was, and I was really just hoping that she wouldn't break down again. Especially if we ran into family members.

Rose's POV

Listening to my cousin and best friend bicker was relaxing. I mean, I knew James was doing it because he was too scared to actually flirt with her and get shot down. Which made no sense, no girl had ever said no to James Potter. Then again, he was Harry Potter's son, so most girls didn't want to pass up an opportunity to say they dated him. Jacqueline also wasn't most girls. She saw right through the famous parents bullshit, I mean, that was probably why she was the only friend I ever invited over on holidays. She didn't go goo-goo over our parents, and she wasn't my friend because of them. Jacqueline was really truly a challenge for James.

As the castle came closer and closer into view, I hoped that we would just be able to get in without people making a real fuss. No one was around so I took a second to gather myself before interrupting the bickering.

"Why don't I go ahead and meet you at the Room of Requirement, that way you don't have to worry about people bumping into me, and if someone is looking for me, you can honestly say you don't know, as you won't know if I'm there yet." I was looking expectantly at them, and was about to make a face that would hopefully convince them of my idea, when I remembered that they couldn't see my face. Or any part of me.

I could see the worry on both Jacqueline's and James' faces and I felt so guilty for putting it there. This was my problem, not theirs. Yet here they were, worrying about my reputation, about my health and mental state, and then risking getting in trouble. For me. This was so not Rose Weasley behavior. What would my parents say if they saw me right now? I want to be head girl, head girl does not sneak out of school to see if she's pregnant. She does not miss a days worth of class because she's sick. She most certainly does not walk around the castle in an invisibility cloak to hide in the room of requirement so nobody will see her. Yet here I was, doing just that.

Jacqueline nodded her approval of the plan and I practically ran ahead of them. I wanted to get through the school as soon as I could. The hallways were practically empty, which was a good sign. I peered behind me, and saw Jacqueline and James weren't far behind. Good, if they hurried they could just look like they were using the restroom or going back to class. I wasn't even sure what time it was. It occured to me that it was probably around lunch, and that most everyone would be in the great hall or the other side of the school enjoying the day. I continued my way up to the seventh floor, swerving around the few people in the hallway. To my luck no one was in the left wing of the seventh floor, and I was able to take the cloak off.

I walked back and forth in front of the tapestry of Barnabas and thought to myself 'I need a place where I can calm down and tell my family of my problem.' The room revealed itself and I ran in. I found a well furnished room, with a large, lush bed in the corner overflowing with pillows and blankets. There were couches and chairs and books along the walls that were a warm chesnut color. A fireplace was against the wall and the fire was crackling in it. If I hadn't been in such an upset state I would've jumped at the opportunity to read these books. Just looking at some of the covers I could tell I had never stumbled upon them before. Clever room.

I dumped the cloak onto the table and trudged over to the bed, removing my shoes, I climbed into the bed and burrowed myself in the comfortable down sheets. I was enveloped by the pillows and I was probably unnoticeable in the bed. It was the comfiest thing I had ever layed upon, and I didn't plan on moving from it for the next few minutes. The room opened up once more, and I didn't sit up or try to see who was coming in. I had no interest. I heard bickering, the same bickering that I had listened to the entire way to the castle, but this time there was an extra voice. One that I knew did an awful job of keeping secrets. Lily Luna Potter.

I pinched my eyes shut tighter and held my breath. Why was she in here? I hadn't even explained the full thing to Jacqueline and James. I mean, I'm almost positive Jacqueline knows who the father is, but James.. Well, he can be a bit daft sometimes. I heard Lily asking James and Jacqueline why they were in such a rush up here, and accusing them of leaving them out of the fun. Then she asked the bombshell.

"Where's Rose? I haven't seen her all day, and I know she never misses a chance for study in the library." I could almost see her facial expressions in my head, but I wasn't daring to sitting up.

There was a silence, and Jacqueline very audibly let out a breath, clearly trying to stall, to think of an excuse. What would she come up with?

"She just wasn't feeling good, so, you know, I got her bag and was going to bring her her stuff.."

"But then why did you guys come in here?"

"We.. You know..." Was Jacqueline really hinting at what I thought she was? To Lily? About James? Oh my.

"Since when? James?" Lily's confusion was clear in her voice, I didn't need to see her face, but I would've paid to see James'.

"Uh.. Yeah, I mean, a while, we just weren't sure." Weren't sure of what? Oh James. Jacqueline did such a good job of setting that up, and you end with that.

I couldn't let them play this game anymore. Lily wasn't stupid, James was probably going to have a heart attack just at the idea of spending more than two minutes alone in this room with Jacqueline. And well, Jacqueline was now saying she was planning to shag my cousin in the Room of Re quirement all so Lily wouldn't spill my secret. Merlin, this really couldn't go on a moment longer.

"You're all bloody ridiculous. Lily, they're in here for me. Sit down the lot of you." I sat up in the bed started playing with the sheets around me. The bed was extremely comfortable, but nothing made this better.

Everyone of course came over to the bed and proceeded to sit on it. Lily grabbed my hand and made a worried study of my face. I knew I looked like bloody hell, but did everyone really have to inspect it? For Merlin's sake it's not like I'm bloody perfect... Except I suppose I kind of am. Or at least I try to be.

"Look, this is my fault, you all don't have to feel the burden. I mean, you don't even have to be involved with me if you don't want to. I know there will be repurcusions. I don't expect any of you to face anything." I was beating around the bush of saying what was really going on, and I'm sure for Lily it was extremely confusing, I mean, she didn't know anything. At least James and Jacqueline knew what I was talking about.

"Rose, what on earth are you talking about? What is this about you expecting us to face things? Bullocks, whatever you did can't be that bad, I mean, You're you." Lily was giving me a hopeful look, and I instantly felt so bad not telling her.

James hopped up and started pacing around the room, at the foot of the bed. I looked down at the sheets. I was going to tell Lily, like probably in the next five minutes, I just.. I just needed a minute to come to terms with it myself. That was all. Jacqueline gave my shoulder a rub and nudged Lily away from the bed, she brought her over to the couch, and while the two said nothing, Jacqueline showed Lily her nails, instantly distracting the girl. For the time being that is.

When I finally spoke up, Lily and Jacqueline were just looking at the floor, and James was kicking the corner of the fireplace.

"I'm p.." I took a moment to clear my throat and take a deep breath, "I'm pregnant."

There. I said it. It was out. Official. There was no turning back. No refunds on this one. Oh Merlin what am I saying? I sound half as bad as James. I could at least make clever self depricating comments about myself. I may be knocked up but I'm still Rose Weasley.

"But.. Who?" James said this, not Lily. She was too busy staring at me. Except she wasn't staring so much as gaping with her mouth wide open. I'm actually pretty sure if she kept her mouth open any longer I would start to see drool forming and spilling over. Nasty.

"Who do you think, James?" Lily finally spoke, thank god, I don't think I could've stomached watching her drool on herself.

"Well, we don't know if that's the only bloke." He said it as if it made so much sense, then frowned and paused. "No offense Rosie, I didn't mean it that way.. Just.. You never know."

"She's not a slag, James!" Lily was clearly offended by his comment. I put my fingers to the bridge of my nose and pinched. I was going to let them duke it out, if they got their frustration over with now, maybe they wouldn't take it out on me.

"I'm not saying that! I'm just saying, she's probably been with more than just one person Lily!" It seemed like he was going to make another comment but stopped himself.

I jumped up out of the bed and walked between them.

"It's Malfoy, it's only always been him. Since day one. He was the first, he was the only, and now Scorpius Malfoy is the bloody father of my child!" I screamed this at them, nearly throwing a fit.

Not a second later did we hear someones throat clear from the doorway and we all turned our heads to see Albus, looking rather red-faced standing there. Oh Merlin. He spun on his heels so fast I hadn't even processed that he would've heard all of that when he disappeared.

"Why was he here?!" I asked frantically, waiting for an answer before running after him.

"Well, I saw him in the hall while chasing these two and told him to come up." Lily said, looking down at her hands.

"Bloody brilliant." I muttered under my breath before sprinting out of the room and after Albus. He couldn't have gotten very far. I was always faster than him.

I shoved my way through hordes of students. Most of them just moved out of my way, everyone was afraid of getting in the way of me. I was notorious for taking away points and giving detentions. I saw the back of his head, and followed him down a corridor. I did not like where he was headed. The Slytherin common rooms.

I yelled out his name several times, and I knew he heard me because he wasn't that far from me. He was, however, far enough ahead to make it to the Slytherin door and open it before I made it to him, only by a second though. I slid in through the doors opening with just a fraction of a second to spare before it shut. I took a second to catch my breath and figure out where he was. Of course, it wasn't Albus I was looking for. The bloke was standing right in front of me, looking for the same person I was. Scorpius Malfoy.

Al caught sight of him before I did and was approaching him rather angrily. I put my hand on his shoulder but he shrugged it off. Grabbing Scorpius by the collar of his shirt he practically dragged him up into the sixth year boys' dorm rooms, and I winced when he slammed the door open. Luckily, Albus had the wit to make sure no one else was in the room before he slammed the door shut, cast a muffling spell and pushed his friend against the wall.

"Al, don't do this, I haven't even had..." He just gave me a withering look, cutting me off, and I burried my face in my hands. This was so not going to go well.

"YOU. GOT. MY. COUSIN. PREGNANT?!" Albus bellowed the question, though the way he said it made it seem like more of an accusation.

"I.. Wh.. B.. Wh... Wait. What?" Scorpius, poor thing, was clearly confused and was now looking at me.

I burst into tears again and just sat down on Albus' bed. I didn't have an answer for him, and this was too much stress. I thought Albus being pissy was bad enough, now he was genuinly mad.

"You heard me, you got Rose pregnant, you bloody wanker!" Albus let go of Scorpius for a moment, and Scorpius took that moment to take a deep breath and look at me with confusion, worry, and something else I couldn't quite place.

But before I could even say anything, Albus reacted in a way I've never seen him act before.

Albus Severus Potter punched Scorpius in the face.


So, I hope you liked that chapter! I'm so sorry it took so long for me to get it up. To be honest, I got stuck about halfway through, and ended up erasing the entire chapter because I decided I hated it. I know I say this almost every time, but this was actually the most difficult chapter to write. I'm not that great with POV switches, and I confused myself so many times, I'm pretty sure if I had asked my sister to read it one more time she would've actually punched me in the face.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the story, I love reading your reviews! It makes my day! So I'd really love to hear what you think, what you think is going to happen, grammar critques, questions. Anything and everything, really! 

I felt like this was a really great ending to this chapter, and a really fun way for me to start chapter 6. I hope to have that submitted the second this one is validated, hopefully the writing process will be easier. I've found it much easier to write HPFF when I'm listening to the HP soundtracks! For you writers out there, try it if you're ever stuck. I know for a fact this chapter would not be up if it weren't for the soundtracks. They were my inspiration, so thanks to the composers and directors of those, and JK Rowling for her wonderful world. 

Can't wait to read your reviews. Chapter 6 is in the making! Hope you absolutely love it! 

xoxo LL

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