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Lunar Phases I: Waning Moon by sinful_sanctuary
Chapter 30 : After Waning Moon Comes Darkness
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Chapter 30
After Waning Moon Comes Darkness

"How was the date?" Anna was on Myra the second they entered the dorm. The blonde sat down next to Myra on her bed.

"It was good," Myra replied. She didn't want to share too much, but she was sure it was evident in her eyes how well it had gone. "We did some shopping, then we walked around town and then we sat in the Hog's Head and forgot all about time."

"Did you kiss?" Myra didn't even have to answer that one, the blush that suddenly adorned her face was answer enough. "How was it?"

"It was good," she repeated.

"Are you together now?" Hestia wanted to know. "As in girlfriend and boyfriend?"

She thought for a moment. "I don't know. I don't think so." It had not been discussed, they had not made plans for a second date or anything at all... But they had kissed and held hands and had a really nice time. "I have no idea. With Davenport it just happened, but I'm guessing it isn't usually that easy?" Myra turned to Anna, who had had her share of wizards.

"Well, it's not good to just assume you're together. Some people don't want to be exclusive." Anna stood up and stretched and yawned. "But I was so sure it was a done deal between you and Remus, to be honest," she finished simply and headed into the bathroom without waiting to hear if anyone had anything else to say.

"How was your day in town?" Myra asked Hestia, not wanting to think about the questions Anna raised quite yet.

"Cold, quick and efficient," Hestia listed off on her fingers.

"Sounds... fun," Myra said sarcastically.

"It was freezing out in the streets," her best friend began explaining. "Because of that we wanted to finish quickly. Then we went to the Three Broomsticks as usual, were Goldstein," she put annoyed emphasis on Henry's last name, "joined us with one of his Hufflepuff friends."

Myra chuckled. "Henry's not so bad. When are you going to see that?"

"As long as he continues to behave like he's the gods' gift to witches, I refuse to see him as anything worthwhile," Hestia said firmly and stubbornly.

"Fine, be that way." Myra shook her head in amusement and lay down on her bed, gazing up at the canopy.

Anna came out of the bathroom and the girls stayed up and chatted for a while. Ashley came back from her adventure with Lowell, and Myra had to relay her date with Remus again, before they all went to bed. Darkness filled the dorm and the sounds of sleeping became a choir as three of the girls fell asleep. Myra was awake. She rolled over, her back to the room. With a small smile and her eyes firmly on the wall, she replayed the kisses she and Remus had shared, over and over, her insides squirming in delight. Finally her eyes began drooping and she fell asleep, into a dream of what could have transpired if they hadn't stopped kissing. What else could they have done against that hard, solid mountain wall?


When the castle woke up on Sunday, the entire world outside was white. Out of nowhere, snow had decided to come and it had fallen fast and heavily during the night. A lot of the younger students wasted no time in getting out there to play. Most of the older students were there too, but Hestia and Anna wanted the four girls to stay in and get started on the homework before the holidays. Not to mention the big Potions essay they had to deliver in a few days.

All day, Myra hardly saw Remus. He hadn't been near at breakfast, she didn't see him the common room, and all the Marauders were missing at lunch and dinner. She wasn't sure what she had expected after the date, but somehow she felt disappointed that he was so out of reach.

"What's wrong?" Hestia quietly asked when they got ready for bed on Sunday evening. "You've been frowning more and more every hour."

Myra stared into the air for a moment before replying. "It's nothing." Then she grabbed a towel and disappeared for a shower. Under the scorching water, Anna's statement from the previous evening came to mind.

But I was so sure it was a done deal between you and Remus, to be honest.

Up until Tuesday, Myra really had no idea that Remus fancied her. Her friends had claimed that he did. Maybe that was true.

Just the idea that he had fancied her for a while, made her insides tingle pleasantly.

So what exactly had she expected after the date? That he would go up on the Astronomy Tower and proclaim his undying love for all to hear? That he would whisk her away into an empty room and have his wicked way with her?

She had no idea. But it certainly wasn't to pretend she didn't exist. To go out with his friends to play in the snow, she had seen them out there, when she was stuck inside and he could have stayed to keep her company, like he sometimes did.

Did he regret the date? Did he realise he didn't fancy her after all? Had he kissed her just to make her happy? Or was it kissing her that turned him off? Was she that bad of a kisser?

Myra turned the water off and began drying off, desperately going through the entire previous day. Had his smiles reached his eyes? Hadn't his movements seemed stiff and forced?

Oh Merlin oh Merlin oh Merlin! she thought depressingly. Remus didn't fancy her after all! Now he probably didn't want to be her friend anymore either!

No! Stop it! she shouted in her mind. She could not go mental right now. Deciding she was clean and dry enough, she stepped into her pyjamas and went to bed with an ache in her heart.

On Monday Remus and the Marauders were still absent. She was hopeful for the free period. The first one she spent in the library for once, finishing the dreadful Everlasting Elixirs essay. But when bell rang, she rushed back to Gryffindor Tower. Remus would be on his way there, like usual. But he wasn't. So she sat down to wait.

The minutes ticked by. Remus never showed. Sighing sadly, she gave up on waiting and instead started on the Charms homework.

When the bell rang to end the last lesson of the day, Remus still hadn't shown up. She waited a little while longer, in case he was hiding in the dorms, like she had done once. The portrait hole suddenly opened, and her heart missed a beat in excitement, but it was only a group of fourth years. Myra banished her bag to the dorm and glared at the group while she stomped past them to get dinner.

She continued her march of anger down several flights of stairs, getting curious glances from a few portraits, but when she had to wait for a moving staircase, her anger went away and was replaced by sadness. Her shoulders slumped and she lost her appetite. But her legs moved in direction of the Great Hall anyway, and soon she found herself sitting down with her friends.

"What's gotten you in such a bad mood?" Anna asked after Myra had given several one syllable answers to the conversation. Automatically, Myra looked in direction of the Marauders, who were sitting with Lily and MacDonald. Maybe Remus fancied MacDonald instead? She certainly fancied him.

"Something happen between you two in your free period?" Hestia asked.

"I wish," Myra muttered. "He didn't even show up."

"That's a first, isn't it?" Ashley asked.


"I'm sorry, Myra," Hestia said quietly, putting a comforting hand on her friend's back. "It just wasn't meant to be, I guess."

The other two made agreeing sounds. "I suppose," Myra mumbled, pushing her plate away from her. "I'm going up to the Tower," she then excused herself and walked quietly off.

The group of fourth years she had glared at earlier was still in the common room, now playing Exploding Snaps. Myra turned briskly in their direction, wanting to ask if they didn't have homework instead, but decided against it and went up to the dorm to retrieve her bag again. Then she settled as close as she could to the hearth and started on the last piece of homework for the day.

Nothing changed the next day. Myra hadn't said a word to Remus, or even his friends, and none of them had spoken to her. She barely even saw them, except during meals. She actually wanted to ask James about his date with Lily. It seemed to have gone well, since she had been sitting with him the Great Hall a few times since. Without yelling. And without magic on James' part.

Remus and Myra had patrol that evening. To be completely honest, she was sure he would find a way to get out of it. But as she sat in the common room chatting with the girls, the voice she had missed so much the last few days spoke very close to her ear. "Ready for patrol?"

Anna and Ashley grinned widely as Myra nearly lost her breath. They sat opposite her and must have seen him approaching.

"Uh, sure," she managed to choke out, feeling her face burn, her heart race and her stomach twist in a pleasant way. "See you later," she said to her friends and followed Remus out.

"So, how have you been?" she asked hesitantly as they reached the sixth floor, wanting to get this over with before patrol actually started.

"Good. You?"

"Good." It was like they didn't know each other at all. "Excited about getting a couple of weeks at home?" She had no intentions of letting the conversation stall.

"I am."

They were now on the fifth floor. "Have you had time to get your shopping done?"

"I have. We went last night."

Near the top of the stairs leading down to the fourth floor, Myra stopped. Remus didn't notice her stopping until he had taken several steps down. Then he stopped and looked questioningly back at her. "Have I done something wrong, Remus?" she asked, needing an explanation from him. She looked straight at him, confusion in her eyes. Even before their date, even before they became such good friends, he hadn't ever ignored her like that. Hell, even when he was terrified after she found out his secret, they had communicated more than they had since Saturday night.

"What?" he asked incredulously, taking a few steps back up. "Have you done something wrong? Why do you think you've done something wrong?"

She looked down. "I know it was just one date. I know that doesn't mean anything big. But I just..." Remus had stepped all the way back up, and was on her level. "It seems like you're ignoring me. If you regret the date, just tell me." Her voice faded at the end, going nearly inaudible. She'd had the courage to bring this up, but she didn't dare look at him. To see the indifference in his eyes as he told her he regretted the date, she couldn't handle that.

It felt like forever, but suddenly Remus was right in front of her. She snapped her head up in surprise and just in time for him to crash his lips down on hers. Myra's eyes were large as Quidditch hoops, she had not expected that. He put his arms behind her back, pulling her flush against his body and that woke Myra from her shock. She closed her eyes and laid her arms around his neck, making sure he couldn't pull away.

Butterflies and flobberworms and phoenixes and what-not were flying around in perfect chaos in Myra's stomach. Remus' body heat engulfed her and made everything too sensitive. But when his tongue tentatively reached out and asked for permission to deepen the kiss, she burned. Without hesitation she let him in and he did taste like deep forest and crackling fire.

She was lost.

All too soon they had to pull back for air. They still held on tight to each other, leaning forehead against forehead.

"That's not ignoring me," Myra murmured breathlessly, smiling with her eyes still closed.

Remus laughed quietly. "I don't regret the date. Far from it." As he spoke, she could feel every word and every sweet breath on her face. "I was... I don't know. Doesn't matter now." He tightened his hold on her for a second, to emphasise his words.

She opened her eyes and leaned her head back, to gauge his reaction to her next question. "What are we?" It needed to be asked, even if it would chase him away. She didn't want to be halfway with him. Right now, it was all or nothing.

"Whatever you want us to be," he said calmly, staring right back at her. Nothing in his gaze or voice wavered.

"Then I want to be your girlfriend." The corner of her mouth quirked up, trying to hold in a smile.

Remus nodded. "Only if you let me be your boyfriend."

Myra nodded too.

Both grinned. Myra felt like she was standing on a flying carpet. Then Remus leaned in for another kiss, and she could care less about where she was or what was going on around her.


Never before had Myra finished a patrol as quick as that evening. When she and Remus finally managed to pull away from each other and hurry down to the Entrance Hall, Mary MacDonald and Michael Baddock was waiting very impatiently. It must have been obvious what had delayed the couple, because MacDonald pushed her chin up and huffed as she pulled Baddock roughly with her towards the dungeons.

Myra and Remus kept their patrol professional and tried not to get distracted by each other. There might be many students that didn't get caught that night. Once they had done their floors up and down once, Remus pulled Myra into the Magical Living classroom on the fifth floor and snogged her senseless on a desk before she knew what was happening.

When they made it back to Gryffindor Tower, it was very late, and everyone was asleep. The two said a long goodnight by the stairs and reluctantly went separate ways. Up in the sixth year girls' dorm, only Hestia was still awake. She was sitting on Myra's bed, reading her Pre-Healing book, pyjamas on.

"You're still awake?" Myra asked disbelievingly, sitting down on the edge of her bed.

Hestia shrugged. "When you didn't come back at the usual time, I figured you and Remus had either killed each other or had babies. I wanted to be the first to know which one." She smiled and made a dog ear in her book before closing it.

"Well, it wasn't either of them. But I guess it was closer to having babies than killing each other." Myra giggled and held her hands together excitingly.

"I'm happy for you, Myra." Hestia leaned forward and the two best friends hugged.

"Thanks, Hestia. I'm happy for me too."

Hestia laughed at Myra's serious tone. "I'm going to go sleep in my own bed now."

The black haired girl wandered away, put the book on the nightstand and crawled under the covers. "Good night, Myra. Sweet dreams." She said the last part playfully.

Myra grinned. "Oh, yes, they will be. Good night."

It took Myra a while to fall asleep that night. She could still feel the burn of Remus' lips against hers, every contour of his body against hers. It was probably emotional exhaustion that made her finally drift off to a dreamless sleep.


The girls went to breakfast next morning, settling down in the middle of the table. Ashley and Hestia jumped right into a conversation about what they had read in preparation for the upcoming Magical Living lesson, while Myra waited anxiously for the Marauders to get there.

And they did, just minutes later. The four of them walked towards them, and Remus sat down next to her as if he had done nothing else every morning for the last six years.

"Morning," he said and gave her a quick kiss.

"Morning," she repeated, beaming.

Under the table, someone kicked her leg and she exclaimed in pain. Ashley looked at her with large, surprised eyes. Myra just continued smiling, and then Ashley smiled too.

The three other Marauders sat down near them, resigned to the fact that Remus wanted to sit with Myra.

Conversation continued, and Myra revelled in the happiness she was experiencing. They had sat together at meals before, but now everything was different. They were together, he sat very close, and his friends were not cursing her into next week.

The free period they shared later that day was quite interesting for Myra. There weren't much schoolwork that got done, but she learned a lot of interesting things about Remus' responses to her kissing certain parts of his exposed skin or gently touching various parts of his body.

They were sprawled across a couch, Remus on the bottom and Myra lying comfortably between his legs, her head resting on his chest. They had started out the other way, with her on the bottom when Remus had leant her back, snogging the breath out of her. Myra had trailed her hands all over his body, as far as she could reach, learning all about the way his back muscles moved under his school shirt when he moved. She arched her hips into his, and noticed how wonderful it felt when he groaned into her mouth. She ran her hands through his hair, delighted at the way he looked with it all mussed up because of her. He even moaned when she pulled playfully at it. She learned what spots around her own neck were her most sensitive and responsive, because he had no problem whatsoever pointing them out with his lips.

But most importantly, she learned that she was defenceless when it came to him. If it was the pheromones and hormones Hestia had mentioned some time back, or just plain old attraction, it didn't really matter. But as soon as he set his lips on her, she was like mashed potatoes, melting pudding, crumbling crackers, in his arms. And from the sounds he was making and the enthusiasm in which he was snogging, she would bet her entire savings vault that he felt the same way.

At one point, they needed a break, and that's when Myra ended up on top, comfortable in his embrace. They didn't speak, but she listened to his heart beat, and he gently stroked her arm up and down.

All too soon the bell rang and it was time for lunch. Two couple disentangled from themselves and joined the rest of the student body.

That had been their last free period before the holidays. But they still spent as much time together as they could the last few days of the term. His friends didn't make any trouble out of it, in fact they were as civil as they could be. James could probably care less, since he was with Lily, after all those years. Remus explained to Myra that they weren't a couple yet, but she was very favourable towards James, and they took longer with their Head Boy and Girl meetings than they used to.

The end-of-term feast came, and Myra was surrounded by the people she loved the most at Hogwarts, and some other people. Ashley and Anna were opposite her on the Gryffindor table. On her left side was Hestia and on her right was Remus. A short distance away was Henry. She had a clear view to Marie at the Hufflepuff table. Next to Remus were Sirius and Peter, and opposite them was James next to Lily.

She was sad about leaving Remus for a couple of weeks after they had just four days together, but after the holidays they had months to spend together before he would finish Hogwarts.

Myra Kinney was in a very good place and the future looked very bright.

Little did she know that outside her little world at Hogwarts, big things were happening. She had heard rumours, but it had been something she decided not to think much about. Soon enough, she and all her friends would get firsthand experience with it. Remus and his friends a lot sooner than her.

Author Notes

I am so very sorry this has taken sooo long. There's just been too much. My grandfather passed away all too suddenly at the beginning of October, and I just couldn't bother with writing anymore. It's only NaNo now in November that has forced my head back into it and healed part of my heart at the same time. I buried myself in playing Dragon Age: Origins when he passed away, it was such an easy escape. And then, I figured out who I can actually count on when shit really happens. I have clearly been mistaken when it comes to a lot of people in my life, and when it all comes down to it, family is all you really have.

Enough, sadness and ranting. This chapter is not betaed. My beta has had a lot on her plate as well, but I didn't want to let you guys wait any longer, not knowing what was going on. When she sends me the betaed version, I will update. So here it is, the temporary end to Lunar Phases Part 1: Waning Moon!

In case you haven't heard, I'm in the process of rewriting Part 1. There are lots of things I wanted to change, lots of things that needed to be changed. In the new version, you will get more from Myra's friends and their POVs, and more from the Marauders' POVs. More explanation of why Sirius, James and Peter treat Myra the way they do, and you'll just get a bigger reason to love all the characters. I hope. Scenes have changed, some things have been deleted, some things added, some things from another POV... And Part 2 will be easier to write because of it. In any case, I feel that the story is getting so much better, that I feel confident in saying: If you really like this version of Lunar Phases, expect fireworks in the revised version! And a longer story, ending with Myra leaving Hogwarts!

But, while you wait for Lunar Phases to be reposted, I have another story, or whatever you want to call it, to post. If you haven't read Until Next Time, go read it now. Because I will post more. Call it a series of one-shots, call it a mini-series, I don't know. But it will be hot, intense, angsty, dark and sexy. At least that's my vision looks like. All in all, I have five chapters/one-shots of it, including the one already posted and lots and lots in drafts, just waiting to be sown into something wonderful.

Now, until we see each other again (see what I did there ;) ): Please review if you have any thoughts on the chapter!

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