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What if ... by Fawkes_hp
Chapter 4 : Amelia and Harry and England
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A/N ; Hey guys , How are you? Ihope you're good and that you like my story ...So I was thinking of writing a fic with muggles at Hogwarts , let me know what you think!Please R&R

Disclaimer :I do not own Harry Potter !!!  



Amy's POV  


"Honey , Harry is alive." my mum said.
"WHAT ??"
 My brother ?? But how ? Voldemort killed  him when I was one year old... He died 14 years ago ... And now my wish finally came true ! I have my big brother back !Every year at my birthday I  would wish for him somehow come back to us , and now he is alive !!




"Well we were at WWW ..."






"I have my big brother back!! " I realized.


"Yes , sweetheart."


"When can I meet him?CAn we go to England for the summer?Oh , can we move back??Please , please ???" I begged.


"We'll have a family meeting after the dinner to decide."mum said.


"Great !!! So tell me more about him!"


"First he could be your dad's twin only with your mum's eyes , judging from his red head girlfriend he has your dad's tast in women , and her name is Ginny.And he is the Savior of the wizarding World.He was raised by your aunt Petunia and his best subject is DADA and he wanted to be an Auror , He is a seeker for Gryffindor Quidditch team and the youngess=t player in a cent y , he has lost only a game and he is the captain of the team , that's all ."Sirius said.  


"Okay , you have until dinner to think wether you want to stay in the U,S, or move back to England."




(After the dinner)




"Welcome to the family meeting.Let's start.Who wants to stay here ?" mum asked .


No one raised a hand .


"And who wants to move back to England??" dad asked with a huge smile.


We all raised our hands with the exception of Uncle Sirius who raised both hands.


"Wonderfull , you have three days to pack your things." mum said with a grin.


"72 hours to go !!"




Harry's POV


It's been 2 days since Dumbledore told me about my family but it still feels unreal.But now I have actual proof , a letter from my little sister .




Dear Harry , 




You surely don't remember me . I am Amy your little sister. Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus just told us about you . And let me tell you that I'm very happy that you are alive!! I can't wait to meet you !! You know I always wanted my big brother , but I couldn't have him . You were my birthday wish every year . But enough with this , I hope that you are good and I hope to see you soon !!




 Love ,


Amelia L. Potter




My sister wants to meet me !!!!!!!


 Fimally I have a family .Well not yet but soon. The only thing I always wanted and never could have...




I should write back , right? Or should I send a patronus ? I should ask Ginny ...


Irushed down to her room and knocked the door.




"Come in."


"Hey , Gin , I need your opinion ..."
"Sure , love ."
"My sister sent me a letter and I din't know if Ishould send a letter or a patronus ..."





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What if ...: Amelia and Harry and England


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