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Harry Potter and a Second Chance by Panacea
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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‘Get out,’ I whisper to the four legged fluffy thing that has writhed up next to me.

The white fluffy fur glows in the darkness highlighting my chosen hiding place. The cat seems content on staying put she slithers in between my crouched legs and gives my hand a gentle nip.

‘Yes I am paying you attention,’ I whisper and stroke behind her ears she closes her eyes enjoying the patting.

The night air is crisp, not as icy as the London weather the scent of sea salt from the bay lingers in the air. Everything is so different here in Australia, the area is greater, the people move slower and more relaxed. Perhaps because I am new here I feel like I am on vacation.
Hermione is on her way here soon to act as my Muggle girlfriend as Ginny would prefer not to be my real girlfriend anymore. The shine and glow of being a hero finally seems to have worn off in her eyes and I am no longer sought after.
But this place, this sparse land has secrets and hidden dark magic, Hermione discovered it after she came to Australia to collect her parents and set their memories back. Looking at this place you would never think evil could touch it. But there is dark magic here, more sinister and more manipulative than before.
The cat settles herself down beside me and a soft rumbling purr relaxes even me.

‘Hey! Hey! What are you doing?’

The woman’s voice cut through the night air like razor sharp glass, I had been so tangled in my own thoughts that I didn’t even have time to pull my wand out. Which is hindsight was good seeing as a Muggle was yelling at me.

‘Do you always sit in people’s gardens with their cats or am I just lucky?’ The woman, tried to cover up her worry by joking but I could see my presence had spooked her and no wonder I was crouching in her garden, but the cat had found me, a white fluffy adult cat with a rumbling purr. The cat had noticed my presence earlier on and decided to camp out with me.

‘Sorry,’ I said standing up slowly as not to alarm her, ‘my girlfriend threw my keys in here I was just looking for them when your cat came to me.’

‘Alaska came to you?’ She asked leaning down to stroke his fluffy head.

‘Yes, I just got distracted, sorry again I didn’t mean to frighten you.’

‘I wasn’t frightened, Alaska doesn’t go to many people that’s all,’ she looked down at her pet fondly and I saw the first hint of a smile, ‘Did you find your keys?’

‘Uh…no not quite, there is a spare set hidden somewhere but I can’t remember where I put them,’ I admit bashfully, I need to get out of here I think to myself, I am not supposed to make contact with Muggles.

‘Do you have the flashlight app on your phone?’

‘Uh, no,’ I respond, do I know how to work these Muggle phones, not on your life.

‘Here use mine.’

She slides her fingers across the glass of her phone and in no time a piercing light cuts through the darkness. I see her striped sweatshirt in the light.

‘Thank you,’ I accio keys, ‘there they are.’ I try to switch on my charming smile and jingle the keys.
‘You just moved in next door?’

‘Yes, I’ve been meaning to introduce myself but moving has been very hectic,’ I smile and try to finish the conversation, ‘this isn’t the way I planned on meeting my neighbours, crouching in their gardens.’

‘Hey if you seem alright but next time you’re crouching in my garden could you pull out some weeds?’ She jokes again, this time a genuine smile crosses her face.

‘I’ll try, well I’d better get inside, nice to meet you…,’ I nod my head smiling as hard as I can.

‘Elana, and you are?’

I pause, normally I would have an alias but here it doesn’t matter, here nobody knows me.


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