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Immune by elliement
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 “I don’t care what the Daily Prophet says about him! I just don’t trust the man.” says a middle aged woman. Her voice is hushed, but loud enough to get her concern across. Distaste evident in her voice. The women, Petite and short, with auburn brown hair that falls down into her face. Her eyebrows frowned as she looks down at the copy of the Daily Prophet she held in her hand.

“Meredith, Headmaster Davis can’t be all bad. Look, he’s got some great approaches to learning, and I’m sure he’s very much concerned about achieving the best for students.” reasons an equally aged man. The man is much taller than the women, yet their height seems to complement each other. The man has a much darker brown hair, his dark brown eyes pleading for the women not to worry.

It’s late, both the man and the women, Meredith, are dressed in nightgowns, ready to turn in for the night, but the women is adamant. “But why now? Why does he suddenly want the job now? He was offered the position last year!” Suspicion apparent in her bright blue eyes, dulled by the dim lighting and her anguish.

“People rethink jobs all the time Meredith. I always thought I’d wanted to be an auror, fighting crime, saving the day, now look at me, I’m a healer.” argues the man. A sense of fondness set on his face, as he remembers the days where he was determined to be an auror. How he tried so hard in Defence Against the Dark Arts. It wasn’t that he wasn’t any good, by contrast, the man was immensely proud of his achievements, receiving an outstanding for Defence, but how was he to know that when he entered auror training things weren’t how he thought they were. The days of Voldemort were gone, and trouble seemed less drastic than what he thought. Going out on business for a 12 year old doing underage magic was not what he had expected. No matter how many aunts he’d seen get blown up, the job just didn’t feel right.

“Fine, but all I want is the best for Emelia and Jack. They’re our kids, Martin, and I want them to e safe at Hogwarts.” whispers Meredith, worry present in her speech. Her eyes shift to the photograph of the man besides her, two children, a girl and a boy, and herself. Smiles pressed into their faces, eyes beaming. The child, a girl, laughing, glee spread across her face. She looked almost an exact replica of the older women with the same auburn hair, but the brown eyes of her father’s. The boy, younger than the girl, followed suit, laughing with what is assumed to be his sister. Whilst the sister was a copy of the mother, the boy stood tall like his father, dark brown hair and brown eyes to match. The man in the picture chuckled lightly, while the women tried to keep a stern face, but failing miserably. Whilst she wouldn’t admit it aloud, Meredith had a horrible feeling deep down and her concern only grew as she looked from the photograph of Davis to the family picture.

The man, Martin, soothingly tries to reassure her. “Please, Meredith, it’s Hogwarts, what could be safer? Now let’s go to bed, I hope we haven’t woken the kids.” While he may have shared a similar concern Davis’ ambitions and the safety of his children, he could not let his wife’s worry deepen. He had to hope that while his son and daughter were at Hogwarts, they would be okay.

Meredith and her husband Martin ascended the staircase to their bedroom in silence, leaving behind the current issue of the Daily Prophet. As it rested on the edge of the kitchen bench, bold print was spread across the front page reading, “PROFESSOR DAVIS? OR SHOULD WE SAY HEADMASTER DAVIS?” 

This year, Hogwarts had a new headmaster, and he had plans. Oh yes, plans indeed, to ensure Hogwarts carries out a greater sense of control. Upon greater inspection of the photograph of Headmaster Davis what Meredith and Martin, and the rest of the wizarding population failed to see was a hidden smirk resting on Davis’ face with a certain gleam in his eyes. Whilst Meredith might have had suspicion, she was unknowing to the extent of that gleam. Who could have known what lay behind the emotions of that man? How were they to know what plans he had installed? Only if people, who were looking, desperately looking, could they have seen, among the shutters of flash from cameras, Headmaster Davis fiddling with his pocket. A small vial poking out, a liquid substance sloshes within. The substance? Unknown. Its use? Unknown.

Yes, there were big plans for Hogwarts this year, plans no one could have predicted.

A/N - So a little insight into the story and what you can sort of imagine will happen. It'd be nice to get feedback and let me know what you think. :)









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