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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 5 : Chapter Four
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 She had us practising seven times a week. Seven bloody times a week. THAT’S ONCE A DAY FOR THREE HOURS. Do you understand what that does to a person? She’s driving me insane. You want to know the worst part? The teachers are just going along with it! The only good thing is the homework has stopped. But still seven times a week. I can’t even feel my legs. Forget Voldemort Cora Greengrass is on a whole new level. I can’t believe my team used to complain about having quidditch practice three times a week, I was a bloody saint in comparison.


“Potter pick up the pace” Greengrass shouted cockily as she ran past me. I’ll show her. I picked up my pace not that I could go any faster. I pushed myself further and further we had two laps left and like hell I was going to let a girl beat me. The rest of the team weren’t too far behind us but it was down to Cora and me. Everything was a competition even the cool down sessions. Well Cora’s idea of a cool down session. I over took just barely as I continued running. I finished less than a metre in front of her. I smirked as I collapsed on the floor.

“Congrats” she said smiling as she handed me a bottle of water, I took it off her as I sat up. I tipped half of it over myself before deciding to drink the rest.


“Ok that’s a brilliant training session guys. Enjoy your trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow you’ve earned a day off” I heard the team ‘whoop’. I didn’t understand why, tomorrow was going to be painful I doubt I’ll even make it down to Hogsmeade.


We were three weeks into our training, trust me I don’t know how I’ve survived either. She had us take ice baths the other do you know how cold they are? I jumped straight out I don’t think I will ever get over that heart attack.


We all got up and walked over to the changing rooms leaving Greengrass alone on the pitch to tidy up. We’d learnt not to bother to ask to help, she liked being out there alone I had no idea what she did that took an extra hour. Really one spell and the balls would be put away, one spell. I didn’t linger much on it though, I went straight into the changing rooms and took a well needed shower. I heard Freddie singing from the next stall over. There was no doubt he was singing into a shampoo bottle of some sort. I got out of the shower and covered my lower half with a towel. “Don’t you think this is a bit over the top of this training?” I asked Freddie.


“Well believe it or not, but they’re a lot easier than your sessions” Freddie said with a shrug.


“You’re kidding right?” I asked completely shocked. No way was my training sessions harder than this.


“You probably don’t realise, because you always made us do the sessions as you hovered above us on your broom – but trust me they were tortious”.  I felt kind of ashamed, realising this. “Sorry” I said completely meaning it.


“No worries” Freddie shrugged giving me his trade mark grin “it meant the ladies loved me more, because I had better muscles. But  I can see you’re toning up more now, so I might have more competition” I looked down at my torso and he was right, my muscles were a lot more defined, they ached but they looked good.

“Hey!” I said offended slightly “The ladies love me, either without an eight pack or not”

“As long as you have your last name, I doubt anybody would want to refuse you” he said jokingly. You see unlike me Freddie abused his name thoroughly, whereas I wanted to escape the shadow of my Mum and Dad, Freddie embraced it. It does have some perks, like the fact he rarely carries money around with him anymore, despite the fact he’s loaded. But whatever floats your boat ay?


Scorpius and Al were laughing by their lockers. They’d changed the whole changing rooms, to get ready for the other schools coming next week. Each changing room had been enlarged, and then split up to make room for all the teams. Hence why we’re now sharing with the Slytherins, I should probably start calling them my team.


“Have you heard the news?” Roxanne chimed coming from the girl’s end of the locker room.


We all turned to look at her, expectantly waiting for her ground breaking news. “Midnight Lore is Captain of the Beauxbaton’s quidditch team!” I heard a wolf whistle from Freddie.

“You’re joking right?” Al said.


“Nope, she just put it on her fan page. Saying how excited she was to finally announce it”




“Who’s Midnight Lore?” Andie asked worriedly her face scanned all of ours.


“Probably one of the hottest girls you will ever meet” Freddie stated “and to make it even better she’s a twin. Both with smoking hot bodies” he closed his eyes and pursed his lips like he was imagining them here now.

“She’s probably one of the best chasers to ever step foot in Beauxbatons” Roxanne added, ignoring her brother’s point. “Her and her sister have a modelling company in France, they’re veelas obviously. But she’s a pretty decent chaser; apparently she’s already been scouted for the Harpies next year”


“She’s not that good” I said reassuringly Andie who had paled considerably “put it this way there’s no way she would have made it on to this team in her first year” Andie smiled proudly at me, I could still see she was shocked about making the team. Hell I was, when I saw her at practise, all of the more experienced players in the school and Greengrass picks a first year, I couldn’t believe it but then as soon as I saw Andie play, there was no doubt to why Greengrass had picked her. Andie was lethal, she didn’t have an ounce of fear in her body, the dives she did just to get the quaffle were incredible, she was fast and hell half the time me and Malfoy couldn’t keep up with her. She was our secret weapon. I wasn’t surprised at all when I found out Andie’s dad used to be the star chaser at the Arrows, she’d definitely learnt it all from someone.

Greengrass entered the changing room a second later her was glistening with sweat.


“Nice to see you captain” Freddie said with a fake salute.


Greengrass smiled at him, before grabbing her stuff and heading towards the showers herself.


“Cora!” Al shouted at her.


“Yep?” she responded turning slightly to look at him.


“We still meeting in the three broomsticks tomorrow?”  I looked at Al in utter confusion, my eyebrows knitted together. They’re going to Hogsmeade together? Since when? I looked between them both, a small knot suddenly forming in my stomach.


“Of course, a deal’s a deal” she stated grinning before going into the showers. Al was grinning as he closed his locker door and he and Scorpius left the changing rooms all together.


I turned to look at Freddie, who had just thankfully pulled his boxers on.


“Cya later!” Andie and Roxanne said as they walked out of the changing rooms together.


“Why do I feel like Roxanne is going to turn Andie into a little version of her?” Freddie sighed pulling his t-shirt over his soaking wet auburn hair.


“Eh, as long as she plays like her in quidditch I don’t care”


I dropped my towel, unaware of Greengrass re-entering the room. “Shit” she squeaked. Freddie burst out laughing as I began to cover myself up. I pulled on my boxers and then threw on my joggers, before making the brave decision of facing her.


She had her eyes covered still, I couldn’t help but laugh at how cute she looked wrapped up in her own towel. Actually scrap cute. She looked hot. And excuse me why I go throw myself off the astronomy tower for even thinking that about Greengrass. “It’s ok to look” I smirked, trying to act that her seeing me naked wasn’t as embarrassing as it actually was. She peaked between her finger tips, before removing her hand all together. Freddie was still laughing quietly at the situation. Stupid git.


“Nice arse” was all that she said before turning away and grabbing more stuff from her locker. My mouth dropped open. She out cooled me! Is that even a thing? Freddie laughed even harder now, as I pulled my top on. And slammed my locker door (it was on accident I swear) I left the locker room with a quick goodbye and Freddie hot on my heels. Still laughing over a situation, that wasn’t even that bloody funny. Immature git.



At dinner I managed to catch up with Albus. I couldn’t deny I was curious to why he and Greengrass were going to Hogsmeade tomorrow… And obviously me being the determined bastard I am. I was going to find out why.


Al surprisingly was sitting at the Gryffindor table. Sitting next to Rosie Posie, yeah don’t tell her I called her that, she’d kill me. And trust me with her brain, she could probably kill me and not get caught.


“Alright” I nodded as I sat across from the pair. Suspiciously they both stopped talking simultaneously. “Well that’s not suspicious at all” I said coyly.


Rose smiled at me wickedly “I’ve heard someone got a little more than she bargained for when they walked into the changing rooms earlier” I slit my eyes at them as Al smirked at me.


“Well I don’t know what you’re smirking at Al. Your little girlfriend won’t want you anymore, now she’s seen what your big brother is capable of”


“Really…” Al mused with a smile tugging at his lips “because I’m pretty sure she only saw your arse, and we all know who’s got the best one in the family” I was about to retort when Rose cut me off.


“Will you to stop. I don’t want to imagine either of your rear ends”


“Well that’s a lovely time to butt into, if you’ll pardon the pun” I looked up at Freddie who was grinning from ear to ear.

“You told them” I stated.


“How could I not? It was hilarious. And anyway I’m pretty sure Al had a right to know, his girlfriend has the eye for somebody else”


“Like I’d ever drop to Greengrass’ standards” there was amusement in my voice, I looked at Al who didn’t look impressed.


“If anything James, I’d say Cora was way out of your league” with that Al got up and left.


“Did anybody else notice that he didn’t deny she was his girlfriend?” I asked curiously.


“Well what’s it to you anyway?” Rose asked a knowing expression playing across her face.


“Just being the over protective brother” I stated matter of factly.


“Better that than the other protective cousin” she mumbled.


“What was that?” Freddie asked his face suddenly becoming serious, he resembled a pit bull.

“Nothing” Rose piped in before jumping up from the bench and literally running out of the great hall.


“She’s got a date with Malfoy hasn’t she?” I asked.


“I don’t know but I think we should find out…”





AN: I don't own anything.... unfortunately... everything belong to J.K 

Yeah I know it's a bit of a filler chapter but it's builidng up to when the rest of the schools get there! next chapter is hogsmeade and then you'll meet the rest of them!

so come on tell me what yout think!!! :)))


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