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Hung up by rey
Chapter 4 : The wild one
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Disclaimer: HP in not mine, duh.

The wild one

Albus Potter is confused. He wasn’t aware that he has a whole load of rubbish in his flat. Now that he’s packing it’s becoming painfully obvious. Too late. What does he do with it? Especially with Nyssa’s stuff he isn’t sure how to categorise.

Thankfully, or not, the answer comes that exact minute.




He knows the voice, making his turn even harder. But he looks away from his trunk to the beautiful girl standing in his (Not theirs. Not anymore.) living room anyway. She has an awkward expression attached to her pretty features. She’s also tugging at her dotted dress, her poor nerves apparent.


„Hi.“ Al remembers to greet back.


„Wow, it’s like you’re a Seer.“ Her voice is shaky and low. „You’re packing my things right on time.“


She then laughs nervously.


„Oh, no. These are my things.“ Al corrects her, hoping he doesn’t sound too harsh.


Maybe it’s unusual, but he doesn’t feel any kind of resentment toward his ex. And so, he doesn’t want to appear as if he does. It’s possible that the reason he has forgiven her so effortlessly is that he could’ve have been the one cheating, as well. He was close to it, what with their relationship crumbling in front of his eyes. It just so happened that Nyssa found someone else first.


„Yeah, I know. I was joking. It would be awkward for me to wear male boxers. Even though it wouldn’t be the first time.“ Nyssa nods to his underwear and Al quickly shoves it deeper into the trunk. At the same time, he tries to forget that one morning when she stole his boxers and playfully paraded in them in front of him.


Albus hesitates to make a motion of any sort but finally stands up and walks to her. Nyssa bites her lips.


„I did organise most of your things into appropriate piles on your side of the bed.“ Al offers. „I thought it might help you.“


„Where are you going?“ Nyssa finally utters, the question clearly on the tip of her tongue this whole time.


„I’m moving. To Scotland.“ Al then returns to his trunk again, losing sight of Nyssa’s face.


„I’m sorry.“


He turns around to see her on a verge of crying.


„You already apologised Nyssa. I’m not mad at you.“


„But you should be. Why aren’t you?“


„Wait, are you offended because I’m not mad? Is that what’s bothering you?“


„No. Well, ok, maybe. A little bit. I thought... I don’t know... That you’d care more.“ She admits sincerely. „Five years, Al. Doesn’t it mean anything to you?“


He looks at her, startled. Is it possible that all she wanted was to make him jealous? Does she still love him? But no, she made it clear. She didn’t plan to run into him in Hogsmeade. She was clearly caught.


„Of course it does. It always will. Why...“


„I’m just scared that you’ll forget. That you won’t want me in your life anymore, since it means nothing to you if I’m there or not. And I... I know it may be hard, but... I do care about you. A lot. And I want us to be friends, if that’s possible at all.“


He stands up again and goes to caress her face, the fragile tears vanishing underneath his fingers. She smiles, hopeful. Al does too.


„I’ll never forget you, Nyssa. And I want to be friends. I do. But, for now, just... I need some space. And time. If you understand.“


She nods, albeit a bit sadly.


„Don’t worry. We’ll be having game nights again in no time. You’ll see.“


It rings true, even though both of them are aware of how hard a goal of that nature will be to achieve.


Nevertheless, Nyssa laughs and hugs him. Al embraces her also. It feels nice. Comforting. Maybe this is the best way to break off, really. With neither side feeling anger or resentment.


They spend the afternoon packing together and chatting about the future. Laughing over some crazy photos they find along the way. Talking about this and that. And Al is grateful. He had the best first love in the world. And he can’t help but hope that someday he’ll have back the friend she once was. No matter how unhappy Molly would be in that case.


They part in the evening after a shared meal and several cups of tea. She kisses him on the cheek and wishes him luck. And to meet a lovely Scottish girl. He wishes that she finds someone as well, since Dax didn’t turn out to be right for her, after all. She promises to work on her cook book and he promises to finish his novel, as well. All in all, Al adores Nyssa. She’s a cool girl. And he’s happy she thinks the same about him. Not the girl part of that statement, of course... He hopes.






Just before his apparation to his new flat that he chose two days ago (Hardly. It took him some time. There aren’t that many pleasant apartments in Hogsmeade. But it has the best shops in the world to compensate for this flaw.), someone interrupts him.




Al stares at his wild cousin, her hair bushier than ever and her face flushed.


„Oh, thank Merlin. I thought I wouldn’t catch you before you leave.“


She tries to regain her breath, but it takes more time than she probably anticipated herself.




„I’m coming with you.“ She beams and only then does Al notice the two trunks beside her feet.


„Come again?“


Rose sighs, obviously tired of explaining the same action to various people before.


„I need to get away from Elijah right now. It won’t take too long, I promise. I just need to gain my strength back before starting the process.“ The last word comes out in a low tone, revealing just how hurt she is.


„I get that. But why do you wanna live with me?“


„Well, you’re my cousin. I expect to receive an emotional support from my own blood. Shouldn’t I?“


„Rose, you and I... It hasn’t been a really smooth friendship lately. Or have you forgotten?“


Rose shrugs. „No. Well, I recall us getting along swell pre and during Hogwarts. I don’t know what happened then...“


„You married Elijah and became...“


„A bitch?“


„No!“ Al shrieks but then considers this. „Well, ok, maybe a little.“


Rose trows herself on the couch. „Look, I wasn’t really aware of it. But now I can tell that Elijah changed me for the worse. And thank Merlin I finally saw it. So... what I’m trying to say is, I shouldn’t have treated you the way I have. But at least we maintained some sort of relationship. Hugo and I don’t speak at all. Lily still lives with your parents. And after those two, you’re my favourite, so...“


She shrugs and looks away. Al follows her gaze and his eyes land on his Astronomy and Magic book. The first book he got that was related to his current career. And it was given to him by none other than Rose. It was for his seventeenth birthday, too. Rose didn’t know Elijah then. The two cousins had a few more months before he entered her life. If Al had known this beforehand, he'd have savoured their time together more. Then again, had he known how Elijah would turn out to be, he would never even let him become so important to Rose. It’s sad to think about it now.


It’s clear Rose is not willing to talk about it yet, though. So Albus decides to be a sport, after all.


„Come on, we should be going.“


Rose shoots up, a grin on her face. „I can’t wait to live across from the Three Broomsticks.“


„You Weasley girls and your love for beer.“ He shakes his head but smiles as well.


Maybe this will be good for their broken friendship. It’s not like it’ll hurt. If anything, Albus knows how to live with a girl. True, the person in question is not his girlfriend this time around. But how much different can it be?


Just as they’re about to leave, another loud pop fills the room.


„Lucy?“ Al raises his eyebrow.


Now this is getting more peculiar by seconds, he thinks as he observes his now second favourite cousin.


„Hey, guys. I’m going with you.“


And without doubt, Lucy has also brought her trunk.


„You girls couldn’t have told me about this before I got the apartment? I would’ve chosen a bigger one, by far.“


„Well, I don’t know about Rose, but this was kind of a spontaneous decision. Well, I did become intrigued the moment you told me you’re moving. But this morning, I was like-eh, I’m going with Al. It can’t hurt, right?“


„Lucy? What is behind this?“ Albus enjoys to return the favour of digging past the obvious.


She rolls her eyes. „Fine. I... I want to be closer to Molly, as well. I... I miss her.“


Al nods. „Molly has a way of going under your skin and making you need her, doesn’t she?“


Lucy agrees with a smile.


„Ok, girls, can we go now? I’m starting to get hungry.“ Rose grumbles.


Albus Potter realises that maybe this won’t go as smoothly as he imagined.






The flat is rather small for the three of them. Rose, being brilliant with all kinds of spells, decides to use her abilities to extend the place. Of course, under her conditions. In the meantime, Lucy and Al unpack together. Namely, they will be sleeping in one and Rose in the other room. Just one of her conditions. Albus doesn’t mind, though. It has become apparent that Lucy can be a great friend.


„I hope it doesn’t bother you that I brought my muggle collection along.“ Lucy says as she piles the shelf with said collection.


„Of course not. I actually envy it. I do have a slight fascination with muggle culture myself. Say, mobile phones. Brilliant buggers, right?“


Lucy smirks as she gives him a knowing look. „It’s because of that girl, isn’t it? What was it?“ She tries to remember. „Asis, isn’t it?“


Al finds himself blushing, in spite being firm in his decision to keep his relationship with Asis a platonic one. He doesn’t need to ruin another friendship with feelings. Not this one. Well, if you can name it friendship. The calls are more like therapy sessions, right?


„Well, she is my strongest link to the muggle world these days.“ He agrees.


„Oh, Al. You’re so stupid sometimes.“ Lucy laughs and Al agrees.


He is. But not about this, no. He knows what he’s doing. But he doesn’t want to argue with Lucy about it. It wouldn’t be arguing, anyway. She won’t admit that she’s wrong whatever he says. So, he says nothing.


Hours later their room is packed with colorful stuff and Lucy and Al agree it seems as though they’ve been living here together forever.


When they leave and walk back into the living room, however, they find that Rose isn’t of their luck. She’s sitting on the floor, clutching a photo that they presume is of her (ex)husband and sobbing.


The two share a look that clearly indicates that neither of them is willing to step in and comfort her. But when Rose lets out a particularly loud sob both of them do, anyway. Al takes away the picture and Lucy hugs her.


„I’m sorry, guys. I hate to be a burden. It’s just... I’ve been putting on a happy face for so long that now... all the real emotions came back at once.“ Rose stutters through her break down.


Al casts a look at her box labelled Elijah and Rose with dozens of pictures of the pair.


„Hey. I have an idea how you can get all of that out but in a more... dramatic way. If you’re up for it.“


The two girls look at him puzzled.








Next thing they know, they are at the roof of the small building, shooting fire spells at the pile of photos thrown on the ground. Rose is laughing so sincerely that it reminds Al of a much friendlier version of her. The Hogwarts Rose. The little child Rose. The Rose that played chess with him. The Rose that liked laying on the beach and looking at stars with him, even though she had no clue about Astronomy. The Rose that was his best friend. Even better than Molly at the time.


She falls to the ground on her back and smiles. Al and Lucy follow her lead. For a few moments, they just stay like that, completely silent and still.


„Thanks.“ She then mutters not looking at any of them. „Though, I have to warn you that maybe I’ll be back to sobbing as early as tomorrow morning.“


„At least we made you shut up for tonight.“ Lucy shrugs.


Al suddenly feels inspired and is about to make a big speech. But instead, his phone rings.


„Oh, I bet it’s your girlfriend.“ Lucy mocks.


Al shoots up to his feet and trows her a dark glance. „She’s not-“


„Say hello to Nyssa for me.“ Rose jumps in, clueless.


„Oh, Rose. You have some catching up to do.“


„Lucy, I warn you-“


„Pick up, she’ll think you’re ignoring her!“ Lucy commands and in spite of the situation, Al agrees she’s right.


He walks over to the edge of the roof and picks up the phone.


„Well, here I thought you broke our deal already.“


Al smiles instantly as he hears her voice.


„I promised I wouldn’t, remember?“


„Ah, but what is a stranger’s promise in this world?“


„If it’s the right one, then it’s all you need.“


„And the winner of the title of Mr Cheesy-lines is... Albus Potter, ladies and gentlemen. As if it’s a surprise.“


„You know, your mocking is becoming kind of cute.“


„Well then, I’ll have to find other ways to hit your nerves.“


„You will, if you stay on the line long enough.“


She chuckles. Al smiles.


„So, have you moved yet?“


„As a matter of fact, I’m standing on the roof of my new building right about now.“




„And... it’s interesting. Especially since I’ve swapped my life with a girl for a life with two girls.“


„Albus Potter, I didn’t take you for a Mormon.“


„Oh, bugger. I didn’t mean it like that! They’re my cousins.“


„If you say so.“


„Asis, I’m serious.“


She laughs sweetly.


„I must say, you’re becoming more interesting by mere seconds. And here I was, thinking you’re a dull writer wanna be.“




„You’re welcome. So... it seems to me you’re kinda changing your life drastically these days.“


„I guess you’re right. But didn’t we agree that’s good?“


„It is. Well, in theory. I guess you’ll tell me how it pans out in practise.“


„Oh, I will. And you?“


„What about me?“


„Just... What’s going on? Are you... I don’t know... Content? Happy?“


He can sense that she’s putting up her defence immediately. „I’m always happy.“


„Nobody is happy all the time.“


„Well, I am.“


„Al, you are so done for!“ Lucy screams from somewhere behind.


„Lucy, shut up!“


„Is that one of your cousins?“


„Yeah, unfortunately.“


„Say hello to them. I... I gotta go. But talk to you again?“


„Of course.“


She hangs up. It’s probably their shortest conversation to date.


Albus Potter learns that day that you have to let people move according to their own pace.


But it’s not like he plans to live by that knowledge. There’s just something about Asis that intrigues him. And maybe he’ll let her be for now. But sometime along the way he’s sure that she’ll open up, on her own or with a little push from the side.








„Well, this is something I never thought I’d witness in my life.“ Molly shakes her head as she enters their flat.


The living room is all flowery and bright, according to Rose’s taste.


„I can’t imagine you living here.“ Molly says to her sister.


„What about me?“ Al questions.


„I’ve seen enough of your note pads to know this isn’t too far off from your fibre.“


„Well, that’s true.“ He shrugs.


„So, Lucy, what gives?“ Molly folds her arms trying to read her sister.


„You won’t believe me if I tell you the truth.“ Lucy says, shaking her head.


„What? You found out about a secret muggle society out here? You want to teach Muggle Studies at Hogwarts? Ian moved to Hogsmeade and you’re having an affair with him?“


„Molly!“ Lucy points to Rose in anger.


„Oh, you mean about Ian?“ Rose smiles. „I know.“


„But how?!“


„I’ve got eyes, blimey, haven’t I?“ Rose huffs and goes to watch some weird divination special on TV.


She kind of has a fascination with it. But she’s hiding the fact from her mother. Hermione would be so disappointed if she knew her daughter finds all the business with foretelling interesting.


Lucy sighs in frustration. „No, Molly. Nothing of that sort. Even though, now that you’ve mentioned it, I could actually teach Muggle Studies. It’s not like my business is blooming, anyway.“


„Just one problem with that.“ Al jumps in. „Professor Scofidio is all well and at his prime. You’d have to kill him to take his place.“


„But I’m already busy with killing Rose later for putting cocoa in my hot chocolate this morning.“


„Again, it was an accident.“ Rose yells from the couch.


„I put a list of things I’m allergic to on the fridge. Read it sometime, will you?“


„Make your own food sometime, will you?“ Rose returns.


„Wow, I think I’m starting to like Rose again.“ Molly smiles.


„Yeah, me too.“ Al agrees to what Lucy rolls her eyes.


„But, back to the real reason you’re living with these two here.“ Molly reminds her sister of the topic that matters.


„Well... I... I’ve missed you.“


„No, seriously. Why?“


„Urgh, why do I even bother?“ Lucy mumbles and goes to sit beside Rose who’s screaming at the TV.


„That’s completely wrong, you twit! She has three children! I knew he was a con man!“


Molly pulls out a pack of cigarettes and offers one to Al.


„I told you, I don’t smoke.“


„Well, with everything changing in your life lately, don’t blame me for trying.“ She smiles at him through the smoke.


„So, what do you think?“ Al nods at the apartment.


„I think the three of you are all batshit crazy. And that this could probably be the best decision of your lives.“ She carries an expression that resembles a smile. „And the fact that I’m partially the reason some of you came down here... It makes me feel quite full of myself, frankly.“


„Molly Weasley, always the modest one.“


She shrugs, now actually smiling.


And it makes Al think that she was feeling a little lonely, as well. Not that he believes Malfoy isn’t a good friend. But he knows Molly. In spite of how hard she denies it, she’s a family girl. She needs them just as much as they need her. But those words will never come out of her mouth. And Al doesn’t have a problem with it. Not everybody knows their way with words.


And... that makes him think of Asis, so he smiles as well.







That night he is rudely awakened by a strange sound. Lucy, however, continues sleeping. Al envies her ability to stay aloof to the noise. He sits up in his bed, rubbing his eyes. Again, he hears the unusual sound and realises someone’s trowing rocks on his window.


He goes to the glass, intrigued. He removes the curtains with his wand only to spot Malfoy on the street below his window.


He opens it carefully and frowns at the visitor. „Malfoy?“


„Come on, dress up. We don’t have all night. Well, we do. But the good ones are usually gone by two o’clock. The blots stay around in hopes someone will be drunk enough to take them home.“


„What... Oh, nevermind. I’m coming down in ten.“


„You better be.“


Albus Potter realises that trusting Malfoy with his love life may have been a bad idea after all.








When he comes down, Malfoy greets him with an unusual side hug. Al reckons it’s a men’s thing and since he doesn’t want to seem oblivious, he doesn’t comment on it but goes along with it. Malfoy is wearing his leather jacket again and his hair is shinier than ever.


„This is going to be bloody fantastic!“ He exclaims.


„What is?“


Scorpius stops in his tracks causing Al to do the same. „Potter, my friend, tonight you’re going to meet the girl of your dreams. I’ll make sure of it.“


And fast enough, he pulls him toward a bar that seems to be quite new, called Dragons. From outside, like most of all Hogsmeade buildings, it appears old and rusty. But when they get inside, Al blinks in surprise.


It’s actually brilliant. There’s a small stage in the back with an unfamiliar man singing Weird Sister’s songs, the booths are all over the place, all different in color and shape and the bar is on the left side, big and filled with countless drinks. Plus, the people inside really do look attractive and happy. Which immediately makes Al feel happy. Even before taking a sip of any of those interesting looking drinks.


„Come on, let’s sit at the bar.“


„But isn’t it better to take a booth? It looks more comfortable, anyway.“


„Potter, Potter.“ Scorpius laughs, shaking his head. „I have so many things to teach you. Here’s the first few. One, when you get into a bar to pursue a girl, you don’t sit in the booth. Sitting in a booth makes you appear like a regular, like you know your way around. To girls that screams-tippler. And you don’t want that. You want to seem as though you’ve stumbled here by accident, like you’re a good guy pulled in by your slightly devilish friend. So that way, in their eyes, you’re husband and father material.“


„I’m not sure that’s-“


„Next, you order butterbeer. Classic drink, tame. For the same reasons stated previously. And, you watch the show. That will make you look like a person who cares about art. Girls dig that. I think that’s about it for now. I’ll tell you more when the situation requires it. Now, let’s sit at the bar!“


Al sighs and follows Malfoy’s lead. He doesn’t know why he tries to argue anyway.


When they near the counter he wonders, again, if this was a good idea. The girl working at the bar looks kind of dangerous. Her somewhat pretty green-eyed, dark skinned face is framed with wild curls, she’s wearing a sparkly silver dress, has glitter on her lids and is popping bubble gum. But that’s not why Al finds her scary. It’s her look. She appears ready to kill. And he doesn’t want to die just yet.


„Hey, Danny.“ Malfoy greets her cheerfully, though.


„Hi, Grease.“ She says, after popping her gum once again. „Who’s your little friend?“


„Right to the point, like always, ay? This is Albus Potter.“


„Well, that doesn’t sound familiar at all.“ She smirks. „What are you drinking, Potter?“


„It’s Al.“ He corrects. „ butterbeer, I guess.“


„Wow, you’re such a bore.“ She snorts and turns around to get him the drink.


„You said getting butterbeer was a good idea.“ Al hisses at Malfoy.


„It is. With regular girls. Danny is not like them, though.“


„Oh, my nickname for her. I used to come here when I first got the job. I was lonely. Molly and I weren’t friends then.“ He explains. „Her full name-“


„Is a secret.“ The girl fills in when she passes him the butterbeer.


„Why? Are you some sort of a secret ministry agent?“ Al snickers.


Danny stares at him, all serious. „Maybe.“


Al gulps. Scorpius laughs.


„Enjoy your drink, Potter.“ She says and moves away from the bar only to get up on the stage.




„Oh, yeah, the bar’s actually hers. As is the band.“ He nods. „Buckle up, they’re pretty good.“


Al observes as the male singer stands to Danny’s side and they both magnify their voices. The band behind takes its place. And then, the music starts. Albus reckons it’s a rock band, but with a very specific sound he’s never heard before. He actually enjoys it. Then the girl speaks.


„This is for those of you who want a second chance. We bloody deserve it.“ Then she screams and starts singing with the male singer.


Al can’t help but compare her voice to the other one that is very much alive in his memory. But there are few if no similarities. Danny has a strong, raw voice while Asis... Hers is as melodic and gentle as that of the most skillful nightingale.


Yet the song hits Albus in a way that no other song has since listening to Yesterday. But this time around, it seems the lyrics are made just for him. Even though by the looks on people’s faces, it’s clear he’s not alone in his hurt.


When Danny finishes the song with a powerful high note, the bar erupts in cheers. Then she comes down and lets the man take over again. She, on the other hand, returns to the bar.


„That was fucking brilliant!“ Al exclaims.


„You have to take this seriously ’cause I’m pretty sure that’s the first time he’s ever said fucking.“ Malfoy laughs.


„Well, I’m honoured.“ Danny smiles.


„No, seriously. You’re amazing!“ Albus states his oppinion again.


Peculiarly, this time, her smile seems even a little shy.








As the night goes on, Malfoy becomes quite drunk. And Al’s not sure how to handle it. Especially since he doesn’t know how Scorpius acts when he’s drunk. But apparently, Danny does.


„We’ll take him to this little motel down the street. Greta’s Heaven.  He always ends up there when he passes out anyway.“


Greta’s Heaven?“ Al contains a laugh. „Doesn’t the owner freak out when she sees him? I remember once going there and her scolding me for making weird noises in the afternoon. Mind you, I was reading some of my writing out loud. And that’s all.“


„Well, she did, at first. Now, she doesn’t even bat an eyelash. She’s pretty used to it.“ Danny shrugs.


„If I knew that before I would’ve moved there and not to my tiny flat on the Dumbledore Street. The rooms are actually really nice at the motel.“


„You’re living here?“ Danny asks in interest.


„As of recently, yes.“


„Well, that’s rare to see. I mean, people usually move here so they can open up a store or a bar. But I get the feeling you’re not that type.“ She scans his face carefully, which makes him a little nervous.


„How so?“ He wonders. „You’re right, though.“


„I don’t know... You just have this city guy look.“


„Well, that’s about to change.“ Al smiles.


They meet the owner and she knowingly gives them a key to a room on the first floor. She doesn’t recognise Al, thankfully. After a lot of effort and finally deciding to Mobilicorpus him, they succeed to put Malfoy in the bed. All the while he’s muttering something along the lines of-why not talk about me, Molly.


Danny sighs. „He is so head over heels for that girl. And she’s such a bitch to him.“


Al laughs.


„What?“ Danny huffs, blowing a persistent curl out of her view.


„That girl is actually my best friend... and my cousin.“


Al’s explanation is followed by a short silence.


„Oh, Merlin.“ She first shows a small sign of regret but it’s soon gone. „Well, that doesn’t take away from my statement, I’m sorry.“


„No, it’s ok. Molly really is a bitch sometimes. But I guess that’s why I like her. It appears I’m drawn to ballsy, snarky people.“


„Well, some have said I’m too ballsy for my own good, too.“ Danny smiles.


And that’s when it hits Al that... this girl is hitting on him.


„I guess that makes you cool.“ He stutters.


What? He’s allowed to be a little rusty. He hasn’t done this in a while. Plus, Danny is attractive. Like curly dark hair, shiny green eyes, dark silky skin, long fit legs attractive. It’s making him nervous. Plus, there’s the look of murder, too, so...




„And pretty and funny and interesting.“


And...“ She bites her lips, clearly teasing him.


„And, Merlin, I want to kiss you.“ Al is surprised by how easily those words leave his mouth.


„So, why don’t you do it?“


„Maybe because Malfoy is laying behind us in his own vomit.“


„Are you sure that’s the real reason? Or are you just scared?“


And in a second of rush and eagerness, he places his lips on hers, feeling her heat, her warm body. She pulls his hair and somehow they end up against the wall. Al’s mind is reeling and he gives up the idea to make any sense of this. Why should he? Why doesn’t he just... let go? But as fast as they get into it, she steps away even quicker, a smirk on her red lips.


„Not bad for a bore, Potter.“


With that, she exits the room and leaves him gaping at the door.


If he ever thought he was confused before, Albus Potter now knows that it wasn’t true. Because this... this is what being completely lost feels like.


He sighs and uses some cleaning spells Ginny taught him so long ago to make the bed more comfortable for Malfoy. Then, he decides it’s for the best if he stays here with him. Just in case. So Al climbs into the other bed and almost faints from exhaustion. When actually he falls asleep deeper than he ever has. And, somehow, a pair of dark green eyes make their way in. But Al finds himself not minding this. Actually, not minding at all.




Albus Potter should have figured that this whole situation was going to seem a bit strange to a dizzy Malfoy. Unfortunately, he hasn’t.


„Potter... What the heck happened last night?!“


He opens one eye, scared to look with both of them at the red face nearing him.


„We didn’t...“ Malfoy stammers. „Did we? Oh, Merlin, please tell me we didn’t!“


„What are you implying here?“ Albus finally opens the other eye as well and sits up in his twisted sheets.


He then looks around. Malfoy is inches away, only in his boxers and his hair seriously messy. He looks more human that way, without the product. But that still doesn’t explain... when did that happen? He was fully clothed when he and Danny tucked him in.




„I mean, why am I nearly naked and you as well, I presume?“


Al then notices that, indeed, he doesn’t wear much either.


„Oh, bugger.“ He stands up quickly, looking around the small room.


„What is it?!“ Malfoy doesn’t help with his hysterical yelling.


Albus finally stops after searching the whole space, resigned. „We’ve been pillaged.“


„Whaaat?!“ Scorpius screams once again. „But... how?!“


„I don’t know. The key’s right...“ Albus looks down at the place where there should be his pockets and sighs. „I knew she was too good to be true.“


„Who?“ Malfoy scans him, confused.


„Your friend Danny. She was the only one with us yesterday. She must’ve taken the key when...“ He trails off.


„When what?“


„Nevermind.“ Al shakes it off. „But what was she thinking? That we wouldn’t realise it was her? That’s just foolish, I say.“


„Danny? But she wouldn’t...“ Malfoy stops for a moment. „Ok, so she probably would. But she’s not bad spirited. Not a chance. She probably did it as a prank. How much money did you have on you, anyway?“


Al shrugs. „Not a lot. It’s just that I had a... a very dear picture in my wallet.“


„Don’t tell me it’s of your ex.“


Albus doesn’t answer.


„Bloody hell, Potter. You never learn, do you? You need to get rid of that stuff.“


He sighs. „I know. If Rose knew she’d think I was the biggest hypocrite out there. And she would be right, too.“


„Rose?“ Scorpius frowns.


„Oh, right. You don’t know. Well you would, if you didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night with no chance to tell you anything.“


„Oh, now you’re complaining?“


„Maybe.“ Al crosses his hands. „Anyway, I moved here with my two cousins, Lucy and Rose.“


Malfoy rolls his eyes. „Bugger, Potter, that’s one too many mistakes for you today.“




„You can’t live with other girls if you’re seeking a female. They’ll think you’re... some weirdo who’s into being in a relationship with multiply people at once.“


„But I just told you, they’re my...“


„I’m really disappointed.“


Al is just about to say something, when a knock interrupts him. He trows a we’re not done here look in Malfoy’s direction. But he’s certain the blonde ignores him. So he goes to open the door. But before he can do so, Danny storms in by herself.


„Well, well, what  a lovely sight we got here.“ She smirks.


Without the silver dress and make up she looks much friendlier, Al reckons. But as he knows now, that impression is highly deceiving.


„Miss Danny, I would appreciate it if you would be so kind to return our clothes and basically all of our stuff.“ Al looks at her sternly.


No matter that the gleam in her eyes makes his heart skip a few beats. No matter that her smile makes him almost forget that she robbed them. Almost.


„How so very formal of you.“ She continues grinning. „But I’m afraid I can’t return your clothes.“


„How so?“ Albus tries to remain calm, not showing a sign of his nerves breaking.


„I gave them away to the shelter down the street. And it would be quite rude to ask back for them now, wouldn’t it?“


„Danny.“ Scorpius yelps. „Why did you do that?“


„It was a good deed. And I had the joy to witness this scene right here. But in return...“ She shakes her sporty bag and a pile of clothes flies out on the floor.


And a familiar wallet. And another one.


„I’m giving you your other things back. Plus, my ex’s clothes. So you don’t have to walk back to your homes in your underwear. Even though, that would’ve been an even more glorious sight. Plus, I get to finally get rid of these things.“ She motions toward the clothes.


„Why didn’t you give the shelter your boyfriend’s clothes then?“


„Ex.“ She corrects. „And because they’re tainted with evil.“


She explains casually.


„How very kind of you to give them to us then.“ Al glares.


„I love the sarcasm on you, Potter. However, you have to hurry up because the owner will be kicking us out soon enough anyway.“


„All right.“ He sighs.


„All right.“ Danny returns happily.


They stare at each other for a silent moment.


„Well, will you leave us alone so we can change?“


„Why would I? You’re already at the lowest stage of undressed.“ She shrugs. „Unless you like to walk around in your trousers naked.“


„She’s right.“ Malfoy agrees, which unnerves Albus even more.


Fine. Stay then.“


She watches them with interest as they try to fit in in her ex boyfriend’s clothes. Malfoy seems to have more luck. Albus, however, is a tad too skinny.


„Now I look like I belong in that shelter of yours.“


„Trust me, you don’t.“ Danny reassures him, her voice crisp.


Al scans her distant face. „Why did you do it?“




„Give them our clothes.“


She looks at him in confusion, as if she doesn’t understand how he missed the reason. „They needed it. You didn’t. You have as many more waiting for you in your enormous closets. They don’t.“


„Did you... by any chance... live there at some point in your life?“ Al tries to get more personal.


When Malfoy glares at him, he knows he went too far.


Danny just stays silent, though.


„You know, you could’ve just asked for the clothes. It would’ve been easier on us both.“ He then tries another route.


„Easier. But not funnier.“ She smirks. „I’ll wait outside.“


As soon as she closes the door, Malfoy shakes his head at him. „Mate, that was way out of line.“


„Merlin, your sense of justice and objectivity is way off, Malfoy.“


„At least I’m not nosy.“


„And I’m not... Urgh, forget it.“


„Well, look at that, I made Al Potter angry. I feel proud of myself.“ Scorpius grins.


„Let us just go already.“


„As you say, Grumpy.“








Outside, Danny is waiting for them with an unreadable face. Albus wishes he’s more skilled at this, like Lucy or Molly. Even Rose understands people better than he does. He sighs, giving up.


The three of them stop as soon as they reach the square. They are passed by hurried people, on their way to buy food and similar goods.


That’s when Malfoy decides to take a look at his watch.


„Oh, dear magical lord, I have to go to the castle and fast!“


He starts running  wildly.


„But it’s Saturday!“ Albus yells behind him.


„I have a detention to attend! Well, not to attend, to supervise!“ He yells back through a laugh and turns to head to Hogwarts briskly.


Al and Danny stare after him for quite some time, neither willing to speak up first. Eventually, she does.


„Look, I know you may think I’m crazy right now.“


„I do.“


„And that sneaking in your room and taking your clothes was bad.“


„Spot on observation.“


„But the thing is... I’m like this, Potter. I’ve always been. Always will be. A bit edgy. And I understand if you can’t handle it. Especially you.“


„Yes... Wait, why especially me?“


„Well, you’re kind of... I mean... Like an old person trapped in a hot body.“


„I’m not like an old person!“


She laughs and taps him on the shoulder. „When you finally realise what was the second part of my sentence... Maybe come around again? I’d like to see how you handle me. If you want to.“


And so she leaves him there, surrounded by unknown people.


Albus Potter realises that Danny is dangerous.


But isn’t that somehow... perfect? Isn’t he in a need of experiencing life in a far more different way than he did up until now?


And it’s not like she’s really a secret Ministry agent.












A/N: Sorry about the spacing, I think it's automatic.







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