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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 24 : Cloud Nine
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 Cloud Nine



“I still can’t believe you actually thought we were having a race to our parents,” Albus grumbles, apparently still sore about losing. He rubs his neck where there is a red circle park from where Leslie pulled his tie too tightly around it and apparently I injured his back when I karate jumped on top of him.




Once again, I believe the correct term for what Albus is being right now is a sore loser.




“I still can’t believe you are denying the fact that you were trying to beat me in the race and now you’re sore because you lost.”




I’m a stubborn person.




Albus opens his mouth to say something back in retaliation but there is a clear of someone’s throat.




“As much as I love watching you two bicker like an old married couple I don’t have time for this,” Leslie runs her piano fingers through her straight black hair as she frowns. “My mom is going to literally have a heart attack if I don’t magically appear next to her within the next minute.”




“Yeah, yeah, sorry boubt’ that Les.” I mumbled, taking a step away from Albus to give Leslie a hug. “Write me, okay?”




She nods her head and pats my shoulder, “Good luck,” She whispers and I’m assuming she’s talking about my stay with the Weasleys.




“I should probably go too,” Amelia yawns as she pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose. She had taken out her contacts and was now wearing her thin framed glasses. “Write me soon.” She says before giving me a hug that I response stiffly.




I’m still pissed at her.




“Yeah, okay.”




I’m not going to write her.








“Fred, I’m standing right next to you, you don’t have to scream.”




We all psychically flinch at Fred’s goodbye to Leslie. Apparently he still hasn’t grasped the concept of using inside voices.




“Oh,” He shrugs his shoulders instead.




I would have thought since he just admitted to me that he liked Leslie he would do more than yell some stupid comment as her as a goodbye. At least give her a hug like Merlin…




Speaking of people leaving, Amelia and Leslie had now gotten their trunks and were making their way towards their parents. I spared a glance towards Louis who was casually watching Amelia leave.




“Why didn’t you hug Amelia goodbye?” I asked casually; even know it probably wasn’t my right to pry, especially since I was mad at the two.




“Why would I?” Was his simple reply, quirking an eyebrow at me.




I shrugged my shoulders instead and instead turned my head to offer Dominique a simple smile, “And then there were two,”




“Actually, Brielle, there are much more than two of us. The fact that you are leaving us out of your little conversation is very hurtful especially since I befriended you first.” James frowned, crossing his arms stubbornly over his chest like a child.




I snorted, “Befriended? You tried to kill me.”




“I did not,” He scoffed, “My family did.”




“You were the one that told us you wanted her dead and with your cloak,” Roxanne said with a frown, trailing off when she started to notice the death glare James was giving her. Apparently he didn’t like being ratted out for the truth.




“Whatever, Roxy.” He mumbled.




Albus rolled his eyes at his brother and cousin before casually adding in, “Just to clear things up if anyone befriended Brielle first that would be me.”




“Nu uh! Brielle and I were potions partners last year for a project!” Fred added in while shaking his head violently.




“Fred all you did was cheat off me and tell me how I was the only fifth year stupid enough to take a sixth year level class.” I frowned, realizing how pathetic the statement really sounded.




“Yeah, well even though I cheated I still only got an Acceptable!”




I scoffed, “That’s better than the Poor you were probably gonna receive without my help.”




Fred gasped and I smirked. 




Fred’s lips slipped downward in a frown as he crossed his arms over his broad chest like a child, “Take that back right now, Missy.”




“Never,” I growl as I cross my arms over my body in a similar way. Fred and I lock eyes in the game is on.








“I am surrounded by idiots!” Rose cries, breaking both Fred and I’s concentration. “I can’t believe I am now forced to spend a holiday with you lot.”




I am offended.







Just kidding I don’t care what Rose Weasley thinks about me. I’m awesome, her opinion regardless. Haters back off and all of that lark.




Dominique rolled her eyes from next to me, running her fingers through some silky locks. “If you think Rose is bad just wait until you meet my older sister,” She mumbled with a sigh, staring over at her cousin with a bored expression.




There was a scoff and a heavily accented voice, “Dominique! Do not talk zee’ bad about your sister! She is zee’ nice women.”




I peered over my shoulder to where most of the adults were standing to see who was speaking. She was tall and looked like a model with flowing blonde hair and wide blue eyes. I no doubt could register that she was Dominique and Louis’s mum.




“Please,” Louis scoffed, magically appearing by my side. “Don’t flatter Victoire that much.”




Mrs. Weasley looked over at her two children disapprovingly before shaking her head and turning her head upward to face an obnoxiously tall ginger haired man, “Bill, talk some sense into zee’ children!”




Her voice was shrill and high, instantly reminding me of the countless of times Dominique would scream after we had pissed her off when we weren’t friends.




Bill, who I’m assuming was their father, looked nothing like them. He was tall – in fact very tall. I can see now where Dominique and Louis get their height. He had flowing ginger colored hair that came to his shoulders and a square jaw. The only thing I really saw in his face were the countless scars running through his face and down the base of his neck.




Their mother was beautiful however their father was quite the contrary.




“They are children, Fleur, let them be.” He instead settles on saying with a heavy breath and a shrug of the shoulder.




I think I may like this guy. You, my sir, have now gotten the Brielle seal of approval. Feel honored.




Out of the corner of my eye I see Roxanne tugging on her mother’s sleeve and asking in a whiny voice, “Ma’, can we leave yet? Teenage Witch is on at 6!”




Glad to know that Roxanne favors a stupid reality show about witches going to muggle high school instead of chilling with the coolest people she’d ever get the pleasure to me.




Mrs. Weasley (Fred & Roxanne’s mum – way too many people with the same last name) frowned at her daughters request but nodded her head yes still. “Of course darling, say goodbye to everyone now.”




It began a game of pass around the cousin as Roxanne and Fred went around in a circle giving hugs – or in Fred’s case ‘bro hugs’ – and whispering about how they’d get to see each other soon.




Fred paused in front of Scorpius, sizing him up before saying quite bluntly, “What’s your favorite color?”








I’m so very confused now.




“Erm,” Scorpius looked taken aback, scratching the back of his neck uncomfortable. “Blue?”




Fred quirked an eyebrow before nodding his head slowly, “Hm, interesting,” He turned his head to stare at Rose. “I approve. I approve of him and his overly gelled back hair and his color choice. You two may now frolic into a horrid relationship together with the seal of Fred approval.”




Am I the only one really confused now or is it just me?




“Fred!” Rose sputtered, her cheeks turning a color close to her hair. “I do not like him!”




“Oh, yeahhhh, and I didn’t shag Mary Prince in the back compartment two hours ago.” Fred said sarcastically with a pompous smirk on his lips. “Don’t ya worry cuz’ your secret is safe with me,” and then he winked.




Everyone was silent, not knowing if they should react to the fact that Rose may have a secret crush on Scorpius – despite him calling her a bitch tease – or the fact that Fred is shagging girls in random compartment like it’s everyone’s business.




I decided I should be the first one to speak, “I think I vomited a bit in my mouth.”




“Aw, I love you too, Bri!” Fred said with a wide grin before throwing his arms around my shoulders and giving me a tight hug. “Try not to miss me and my gorgeous face too much and remember –“ He pulled away and kept me at arms length. “Don’t you go snogging random French boys while you’re away. We don’t want you breaking our Albus’s heart and – “








“Aw, what now?” Fred asked as he turned his head over his shoulder to peer at Albus who was staring him down while Fred still had a lazy grip on my shoulders.




“Frederick it is time to go,” Mrs. Weasley finally snapped, rolling her eyes. “I have heard enough about your conquests with loose ladies and the fact that you enjoy embarrassing your cousins now lets go before your sister misses her show.”




Oh damn Mrs. Weasley cracking the whip.




Fred huffed but listened to his mother, planting a sloppy kiss on my cheek before skipping off towards his parents who were staring at him with odd expressions on their face.




As they turned I think I heard Fred’s father mumble, “Where did we go wrong to deserve this?”




You had Fred.




HAHA just kidding. We love Fred. Sometimes.




Rose Weasley crossed her thin arms across her chest with a release of breath before saying, “Well what we waiting for? It’s not like we won’t see everyone soon – can we leave now?”




Someone’s a bit crabby.




“Bye Brielle it was nice meeting you,”




I nearly jumped out of my knickers when gap tooth Weasley appeared next to me. While twenty minutes ago I found Hugo Weasley endearing I now find the fact that he enjoys to spit in his cousin’s ears revolting and I’m tempted to take two steps away from him.




“Er – It was nice meeting you too, Hugo.” I say awkwardly before – wait, here it comes – petting him on the head.




I believe I am the most awkward human being ever.




James thought it was appropriate to roar out with laughter at this point. “Merlin, Bri, he’s not going to bite you.”




I felt my cheeks flushed and I felt the need to defend my actions because I swear I’m not that crazy. “He spits in people’s ears!”




“Hey!” Hugo looked mildly offended, scoffing. “That is a fun thing to do.”




“Fun? You think spitting in people’s ears is fun?” Rose decides to but in, nearly shrieking. “What did I do to deserve such a family full of morons? EUGH.” And with that dramatic squeal she turns on her heels and stalks off with her bushy haired mother following in her path to try to calm her down.




I think I’ve had enough Weasley/Potter action for one day.




“Don’t mind your sister, Hugo,” Ron Weasley says as he pats his son on the shoulder with a comforting smile, “Spitting in people’s ears is really fun. I do it all the time, isn’t that right Gin?” He turned his head to stare at a petite woman with auburn hair.




She scrunches her nose up, making her face look younger, before nodding. “Please don’t encouraging your idiotic habits on to your son, Ron.”




He huffed, “Please, I’m sure he learned them from your sons first.” He rolled his eyes and made some gesture towards James and Albus.




Both boys looked unfazed nor were they even offended. I would have to make a mental note to warn them that if they try to spit in my ear I’d kick them so hard they’d be crying.




Gap tooth Weasley had decided he had enough of this conversation and instead stalked off, just leaving his father alone. He looked around helplessly before pouting and saying goodbye to some of the adults and huffing and puffing as he ran after his son and the rest of the family.




Aw, so cute.




“Our family is so weird,” Lily comments as she twirls a piece of silky hair.




I agree.




I nod my head and turn my chin a fraction of an inch to face the petite girl more, “Yeah, your family is weird.”




Lily shrugs before also adding, “Yeah, but your weird too, so…” she trails off.




I don’t know if I should be offended or not but considering I call myself weird all the time I don’t think I have a right to.




I stare down the fourteen year old before shrugging my shoulders as well. “Touché kid,”




It was only Dominique’s family and the Potters now since everyone had floated off. Molly and Lucy’s family had just up and left without saying a single goodbye since their weird and don’t speak. Well isn’t that lovely.




Dominique’s mother opens to her mouth to say something – probably something very proper and accented – but she is interrupted by my embarrassing quidditch team.




“You are my fire,”




What the hell.




Apparently Hunter, Malcolm, and Oliver thought it would be a fun idea to sing me a song before they left. They also thought it would be even more hilarious  if they made up their own version of the hit muggle song ‘I want it that way’ by The Backstreet Boys.




“The one desire,” Malcolm begin to circle me, waving his hands up and down and pointing at me with his pointer finger.




“Believe us when we say,” Oliver popped up from behind him, resting his head on Malcolm’s shoulder in a creepy way.




“THAT WE WANT YOU BRIELLE!” All three yelled at the top of their lungs, Hunter springing up from nowhere as they began to jump up and down crazily.




We all were waiting expectantly for the three to start singing again but apparently they had only gotten as far as four lines and now they were just jumping up in down in silence, looking insane.




“I am so sorry,” I began to say with a mortified expression, turning to the parents. “Y’know, they’re not really right in their head if you know what I mean.”




“That is offensive!” Malcolm stopped jumping to say to me except he must still be on drugs before he had his hand on his hip while the other hand was in the air and he was speaking in a sassy, girly voice.




“Yeah, take it back,” Hunter joined in, in a similar voice.








You would think it was Oliver joining in but instead it was James of all people. Everyone turned to look at him in which he responded by sticking two fingers in the air in a peace sign and saying, “Douches my girlies!”




Why are my friends so weird?








After my quidditch team – or at least part of it – oh, so embarrassed me in front of a section of the Weaslet/Potter family they were escorted away by their respected families. James decided to stop acting like a sassy female and instead was now sulking about how he had to say goodbye to me.




I feel special.




“I like how the two of them care more about the fact that they have to say goodbye to Brielle instead of us,” Dominique commented dryly to her brother as he gestured to the two pouting boys crowding me.




Louis shrugged but smiled alongside his sister, “Ah, my dearest Dommy, we just aren’t that important compared to Brielle over here.”




“That’s right now shut your trap and let me say goodbye to them.” I stuck my tongue out at them and they both smiled back. I was still mad at Louis for what was going on with Amelia. I know he had no place to tell me what was going on and I’d probably be mad at him if he had told me since then he’d be betraying Amelia’s trust but I didn’t care.




“Goodbye my darling, dearest Brielle Patil,” James said dramatically, throwing his arms around my narrow shoulders and squeezing. “Getting to know you this year has been a pleasure and Fred and I enjoy annoying you in potions greatly. Try not to forget my beautiful face and whenever you think of me remember me has a dedicated, good looking, and very charming quidditch captain named James Potter and – “




“James, you’ll be seeing your friend in a week. You’re not dying.” Mr. Potter cut in rudely, staring at his son with a quizzical expression on his aging face.




James looked mildly ticked off and let out a huff of air, “Well, since my father so rudely interrupted,” He gave his father the stink eye before turning back towards me and smiling brightly. “Love you lots, Bri, stay golden!” He kissed me on the cheek before giving me a lasting squeeze. He turned on his heel and preceded to attack Louis as his way of saying goodbye.




I will never understand boys.




“I don’t think my goodbye is going to be nearly as dramatic as James was,” Albus commented sarcastically, rolling his eyes at his older brother.




“Good, I can only handle so much drama a day.”




He smiled at me before taking his hand out of his slack pockets and pulling me into a hug, “You’ll write me, yeah?”




“’Course I will,” I smiled, hugging him back.




“And I’ll be the first person you say hi to when you come over, right?”








“And you will – “




“Can you guys hurry this up?” Lily Potter poked Albus in the stomach, making him jump away from me. “I don’t have time to watch my brother fawn over you while he asks your stupid questions now say goodbye and lets leave.”




I didn’t know this girl was so sassy. Damn.




“Wow, thanks Lily,” Albus responded with a frown before shrugging and giving me another hug – this one much quicker – and kissing me chastely on the cheek. “I’ll see you in a little bit, Bri, love you.”




I smiled back brightly, “Mh, love you too.”




James head popped up in my vision, “Do you love me, Brielle?” He frowned.




I laughed, “Yeah, James, I do.”








James has some serious problems.




“Fine, I love you.”




“Now that wasn’t that meaningful,” He pouted however turned his gaze back to his parents, sauntering away.




It was weird but I never pictured myself saying ‘I love you’ to James and Albus Potter of all people. Granted, it is a friendly I love you and I had exchanged them with most of my friends but it didn’t matter. It was still a different experience.




“Bye Lily,” I added with a casual wave.




Lily looked startled as if I would ignore her before smiling and waving brightly, “Bye Brielle, see you at the Holidays!”




The parents exchanged some look before they waved goodbye and left me with only Dominique’s family.




“Finally, I thought they would all never leave.” Bill Weasley broke the silence by groaning and pushing some red hair out of his face. “They may be family but their annoying as hell.”




I don’t know why but I thought this was funny so I giggled and Bill Weasley smiled at my laugh.




“Bill, do not talk bout’ your family like zat,” His wife frowned before turning her piercing gaze on me, however she smiled. “It is so nice to meet Dominique’s friend!” She opened her arms up widely before enclosing me in a tight hug. “We were starting to get worried she was z’all lone!”




Mum,” Dominique was glaring at her mother’s back.




“Oh, hush, now.” She frowned after pulling away from me and putting me arm’s length away. “I am Fleur and if you need anything during your stay you shall z’tell me, s’okay?”




I nodded and she smiled, “I’m Brielle by the way, I added.”




“Oh,  sweetie, I already I knew that.” She waved her hand as if it was obvious before pointing towards her husband. “Zis’ is Bill -  don’t chu’ worry your pretty little face, he may look scary but he is very nice man and I love em’ very much.”




I looked up at Bill who was staring at his wife with an amused expression before shaking his head and offering me a smile, “Pleasure to meet you Brielle,”




“Likewise,” I said quickly.




“And I’m Louis! Nice to meet you too!”




Shut up, Louis!” Dominique growled before smacking her brother on the back of the head. Let the sibling fight commence.




“Dominique! Louis! Stop fighting right now!” Fleur flew into mother mode and began to try to push her children away while Bill just watched with a funny expression on his way.




Perhaps the Delacour-Weasley family is normal after all.




After watching Dominique and Louis try to kill each other for five minutes, Bill felt it was a good time to get home. He murmured something about picking up Chinese food up on the way home since he was too lazy to cook which only made Fleur go on a rant about how takeout food was offensive to traditional culture of cooking meals.




Or some shit like that.




I don’t really know – I stopped paying attention after I realized that despite winning and being the first to the family I still had to sit in the middle of Louis and Dominique in their muggle car. I also really stopped paying attention when I realized instead of driving on the road like normal car it freaking flew into the sky.




I can honestly say for once that I actually shit my pants.




I mean I know their house is in France but I thought taking a port key or evaporating would be two much better options then having a heart attack every time Bill got distracted by his children bickering and flew into a cloud therefore he couldn’t see making him jerk us around in the car like it’s nobody’s business that we’re FLYING IN THE AIR.




I’m sorry but this is just not okay.




“LOOK OUT, CLOUD!” Louis yelled in his father’s ear, creating the reverse effect he was searching for because instead of avoiding the cloud Bill jerked in his seat and sent up straight into the cloud.




I hate Louis right now.




“Are you a moron? That didn’t help at all,” Dominique snapped, baring her teeth as she clung onto my arm as if I would safe her from falling to her death if we suddenly lost control of the car.




Puh-lease. I wouldn’t be able to save myself let alone Dominique and all her luggage.




“Are you kidding me? You’re the one trying to change the radio channel despite the fact that we’re most likely going to fucking die!”




“Language, Louis!” Fleur shrieked as the car jerked to the left sharply.




“Well I’m sorry that I don’t want to listen to The Weird Sister’s stupid song remixed into some jazzy dance mix. That is not music – that is bullshit!”




“That stupid jazzy dance mix bullshit is better than the pop shit you listen to where they talk about falling in love while dancing in rain. I mean for Merlin’s sake! That isn’t even bloody realistic!” Louis seemed unfazed by his seething mother and instead was berating his sister with an exasperated expression on his face.








A silence hung over the car. Fleur was a gape with a shocked expression on her face however she still managed to kill Louis with her eyes. Dominique’s lips were drawn in a straight light as she twisted her fingers together with a scowl permanent on her face. Louis sulked, turning his head dramatically to stare out the window.




Slowly, Bill let out a breath of air and sighed, turning the steering wheel smoothly away from an upcoming cloud. “Thank Merlin for you, Brielle, I was considering just letting go of the wheel to get them to shut up.”




“Dad, that wouldn’t get us to shut up – that would kill us.” Louis facepanned, speaking softer then before. Dominique nodded her head in agreement with her brother.




“Dead, quiet – It’s all the same thing, right?”




No, Bill Weasley, it is not the same thing. 





A/N: Hey guys! First off I'd like to start of by saying thank you for getting so many quick reviews on the last chapter! I came home on Wednesday after having a difficult test and I saw that we had six reviews aleady after the chapter had only been up for a day! That's amazing - you guys literally rock! 



So what did you guys thing? Favorite quote? Favorite moment? Favorite Wotter member? Any predictions on what will happen? This whole winter break will be a few long chapters so be prepared! I'm in a bit rush so I can't make a huge whole a/n but I love you all and hope you guys enjoy! As always, please review and let me know what you think! 








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The Invisible Thief : Cloud Nine


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