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Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks by Fonzzx
Chapter 13 : Halloween II
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Chapter 28: Halloween II





The first few weeks of term had flown by. After Rose had told everyone about me and Scorp, the castle was buzzing with the gossip for a couple of days, but then it died down. No one really cared that much.


“No,” I said, stopping Scorp from adding the wrong ingredients to the potion for the tenth time.


“Fucking hell Al! Am I doing anything right?” he sounded exasperated.


“You're supposed to follow the instructions,” Rose said from the other side of the table.


“Following instructions is overrated,” Scorp muttered under his breath.


“If I leave you to do what you want, you'll end up blowing up the dungeon,” I said.


Slughorn drifted over. “I taught your aunt, you know, and she set fire to the room once because she liked doing what she wanted.”


I laughed. “Which aunt?”


“Fiona Black.”


I did the maths in my head. Fiona, Sirius, Grandad James, Grandma Lily, and Remus had all left Hogwarts in 1978. It was now 2023.


Slughorn was old, was my conclusion.


“Are we going to Hugo's party tonight?” Scorp asked at the end of the lesson.


“Obviously,” Roxy said. “Although I don't fancy dealing with him after he's eaten an entire horse and drank himself stupid and smoked Merlin only knows what.”


“He's a big boy, I'm sure he'll cope,” Scorp smirked.


Once again I was taken away by how gorgeous he was. His blond hair flopped gracefully over his face, and his grey eyes were warm and inviting. Since I'd beaten him to the position of seeker on the Quidditch team a few years ago he'd bulked up enough to become a decent chaser.


“Al, stop drooling over me, we all know I'm perfect,” he said, making us all laugh.


After dinner, we made our way back to the common room to get ready for the party. Neither of us particularly felt like dressing up, so we just wore normal clothes.


Roxy (whose hair was now bright blue) said she was going as Teddy. Rose dressed as a muggle version of a witch. She looked uncomfortable in her costume, it was a bit revealing. I bet Roxy made her wear it.




By the end of the party, we were all drunk in the Gryffindor common room, and everyone who wasn't a Weasley or a Potter or Scorp had left and gone to bed. So there were seven of us.


“Secrets,” Hugo slurred, waving a bottle of clear liquid around. “Whoops, that's the vodka.” He pulled out another bottle, a bigger bottle. “Verita... verita... oh I can't bloody say it.”


“Veritaserum,” Angel said, stepping out of the fireplace, followed by Cassie, Teddy, Victoire, Dom, James, Freddie, Molly, Louis and Alice Longbottom.


“Gimme that,” James snatched the bottle off Hugo and took a sip. “Ask me anything.”


“Have you ever been in love?” Louis asked him.




I could have told everyone that.


After a few rounds, the questions were starting to get serious.


“Cass, do you ever get sad that you and Angel can't have kids because you're undead?”


She snorted. “No. Kids are messy.”


“Scorp, why did you and Al keep your relationship a secret from the rest of the family?”


“I wasn't ready for people to know. I don't know what I am, gay, bi, or what.”


James choked on his beer at that point. I forgot that he didn't know about me and Scorp.


“You two?” he asked us.


I nodded.


“I suppose I should've known,” he grumbled. “You've been giving each other looks all summer.”


I grinned and slipped my hand into Scorp's. He squeezed mine in response.


“Rose, who do you fancy?” Freddie asked, trying to make it more lighthearted again.


Her face burned. “Scorp. I'm in love with Scorp.”


“What?” I demanded.


“Does it piss you off that Al got there first?” Louis asked quietly.


“Roxy got there first too,” she said. “And yes, it does.”


“What?” Freddie shouted. “Does everyone shag each other nowadays?”


“No,” Rose said loudly. “I'm still a virgin!”


Freddie stood up. “Everyone take a sip. No secrets. Spill everything.”


We all sighed. Freddie was such a nosy git.


“How long?” I asked Rose.


“Since fifth year.”


“Did you know?” I asked Scorp.


“I knew she liked me. I didn't think it was anything more than that.” He stroked my hand, trying to calm me down. I took a deep breath and realised that Scorp wouldn't dare cheat on me. If he did, he'd face the wrath of Lily and James.


“Roxy, how many guys have you slept with?” Freddie demanded, doing the whole overprotective brother bit.


“Merlin, I don't know,” she said, being completely honest.


“Lily, I swear to Merlin you'd better still be a virgin or I will punch every guy who comes anywhere near you,” James growled.


“I am, I'm not a tart like you two,” she said, looking at me and James pointedly.


On that note, I decided to leave before everyone ended up fighting. I looked at Scorp and we slipped away, heading back to the Ravenclaw common room. James gave me the map before I started Hogwarts and I always had it on me, so we could avoid teachers.


“Merlin, your family are fucked,” Scorp said as we climbed into bed.


“Hey,” I protested. “The Potters are normal. It's those bloody Weasleys.”


Scorpius stripped down to his boxers. “It's your turn to be the big spoon.”


I rolled my eyes. “It's always my turn.”


He smirked before rolling over. I snuggled in.


“Night Scorp. I love you.”


“Night Al. I love you too.”






Oh God oh God oh God.


I'd just admitted in front of everyone that I was in love with Scorp. And he was in love with my favourite cousin. And my favourite cousin was in love with him.


“Scorp wouldn't be good for you Rose,” James reassured me. “He's too... naughty.”


Great. I was known for being a goody two shoes. Wonderful.


I mean, I was happy for Al and Scorp. They were actually perfect together. But part of me wanted Scorp for myself. There was just something so alluring about him.


Maybe it was his whole part vampire destiny thing. Or maybe it was just because he's got both looks and personality. James was right in a way. He was naughty. But it just made me crazier about him.


Crap. We were practically family. And now he knew I was in love with him.


I put my head on my knees and screamed.


“Rose, we can see your knickers,” Teddy pointed out.


“I don't care.”


“They're pink and have 'Friday' written on your arse.”


I straightened my legs out and pulled down my dress, revealing my bra.


“For fuck's sake!” I shouted. “Roxy, why did you make me wear this?”


“It looks good!” Roxy protested, her brown eyes wide.


“She looks like a tramp,” Dom pointed out.


“Ugh! I'm going to bed!” I announced, and left. I was Head Girl, so I could get away with wandering around the castle at night.


Roxy followed me.


“Help me Roxy,” I begged her in my drunken state. “I'm sick of this good girl crap. Make me one of you.”


She laughed. “You are one of us Rose. You just happen to be more normal.”


“I hate being normal.”


When we got back to the dormitory, Roxy took me into the bathroom. She brushed my dark hair and picked up the bottle she'd used on her hair earlier.


“I don't want blue hair,” I said nervously.


“This is bleach you idiot. You can't just put a colour on top of dark hair, it doesn't work like that. I'm going to do your ends.”


I sighed and let her get on with it. She'd become to used to doing her own hair that mine was no problem. After she'd bleached it, she put some Sleakeazy's Hair Potion on it, to smooth it down. I had Mum's bushy hair.


“Go to bed,” Roxy told me. “Tomorrow, I'll do your make up and we'll go clothes shopping in Hogsmeade.”


“Ok,” I said, and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow.




My head was throbbing painfully when I woke up. Roxy threw some hangover potion at me and I felt immediately better. She also threw some clothes at me to put on. Something I'd never wear. A low cut top and a tiny skirt. She pinned me down and put make up on me. I didn't want it like hers, which was, in all honesty, way too over the top. But when she'd finished, it looked very subtle. She'd managed to hide my freckles, and my blue eyes were highlighted by turquoise eyeliner. My lips had just a hint of pink on them.


“Morning,” Al said when we got to breakfast. “Are you – Merlin Rose, is that really you?”


Both his and Scorp's eyes were the size of Quaffles, goggling at my appearance.


“Of course it's me,” I said briskly. “Roxy got to me with years of mad hair.”


“But you never wear make up,” Al said. “You've never needed to.”


I smiled at him. There was a reason he was my favourite cousin.


Louis, who was living in Hogsmeade now, met us outside the clothes shop.


“Oh Rosie, I love your hair!” He was so bloody lovely.


Roxy and Louis loaded me with clothes once we were inside. It's a good job the Weasley family were no longer poor. I found a gorgeous pair of earrings that I loved, that would go with everything. They dangled lightly and were enchanted with subtle golden lights.


We tried several different styles. Goth (which looked ridiculous), preppy, and in the end I chose clothes myself, and Louis helped me pick ones that flattered my figure and colouring whilst complimenting my personality.


Ha. My personality was completely bland. I went for plain hoodies, t shirts, jeans and stuff like that. Louis kept shaking his head and pushing low cut tops at me, and fitted jeans. I had to admit, when I was done, I looked pretty good.


We went for a drink in the Three Broomsticks afterwards, where Al and Scorp were kissing in a corner.


“Oi,” Roxy shouted, distracting them.


“Bloody hell, Rose,” Scorp said quietly, taking in my new appearance.


“I think I'll take that as a compliment,” I grinned.


Scorp, Roxy and Louis left to get drinks.


“Look Rose, about last night...” Al began.


“Please don't remind me. Ever.” I begged.


“The thing is, I'm pretty sure that Scorp is the one. I'm going to be with him. I'm going to be a part of his life. His full life.”


I got what Al was hinting at. “You'd do that?”




“Give up your entire family, just for him?”


Al smiled. “I don't see it like that Rose. Everyone dies eventually. I'll be sad when my family dies, but I'll have Scorp and his family too. I love him Rose. It's a pretty straightforward choice when you think about it.”


I really didn't stand a chance.


“I'll just have to deal with it then,” I said.


“Please,” Al said. “I mean, he loves you to bits, just not the way you love him.”


I sighed. “I know. And I'm trying to deal with it. Seeing him every day just isn't helping. Maybe it'll be easier after we finish school.”


Al smiled again. “You'll always be my best friend Rose.”


“I'm so glad you're not angry with me,” I confessed. “I'm sorry I'm in love with your boyfriend.”


Al sighed. “You can't help having feelings. I suppose you have good taste, picking Scorp.”


I laughed for the first time in a few days. Al always made me feel better about things.  

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