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Naive by ohmymerlin
Chapter 8 : Chapter the Eighth
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There’s a knock at the door and I roll in my bed, groaning. I moan loudly, “Glitter, can you answer it?”

“I’m about to jump in the shower, Lillian! Get your lazy arse out of bed and answer it!” he yells back. I groan again, smacking my hand on the bedside table looking for my glasses. I finally find them, jam them on my face and shuffle out of my room. I’m wearing flannelette pyjama bottoms with one of my old Weasley jumpers over one of James’ old shirts so I’m not completely indecent. My hair is a mess though and my breath smells and I probably smell as well but I can’t bring myself to care. It’s nine in the morning. I have no manners in the morning.

I open the door and stare blearily at the figure in front of me and when my eyes finally focus I realise it’s Liam. “Liam, hi,” I mumble.

“Hey, Lily. Am I early?” he asks, looking at me in either horror or amusement. I’m hoping it’s the latter.

“Er… early for what?” I ask in confusion.

He raises an eyebrow and the side of his mouth quirks upwards. My stomach flutters at that tiny movement. “Our date? I was going to take you out to heaps of places? I left you a message?”

“I don’t have a phone,” I say, “and I never got any message.”

“No, your home phone. Glitter answered it a couple of days ago and told me he’d tell you,” he explains. I seethe and raise a finger at Liam, telling him to wait one minute. I close the door in his face and walk up to the bathroom door. I knock ferociously and Glitter yells at me that he’s in the shower.

“Did you forget to give me a message?” I shout. I hear him curse and I let out a loud noise of frustration. “Thanks for that! We’re getting a notepad!”

“No, we don’t need one!” he cries out. I ignore him and open the door again where Liam is still waiting with an amused expression. I invite him inside and tell him I’m just going to get ready. He laughs and waves it off, pulling out his phone to read the latest news of rugby.

I walk back into my room and pull out a nice pair of tights. They’re thick and warm and I can actually move in them, unlike jeans. I put on a warm top because it’s still February so it is still rather cold and nippy.

I knock on the door of the bathroom and Glitter emerges, only wearing a towel. I sigh and say, “Glitter, that’s it. We’re getting a notepad, whether you like it or not!”

He protests, “We don’t need one! I can remember!”

“Clearly you can’t,” I say, gesturing to Liam, “it won’t be hard to write ‘Liam called: you’re going on a date on Tuesday’ because he came over and I looked like a monster when I answered the door!”

He snorts and says, “You do look terrible in the mornings.” I smack him on the arm and he says, “But that’s only one time. I’ll remember next time, I swear!”

I shake my head. “No, it’s been a few times!” I say, “Remember when my parents called and then there was that time when I got a job offer but because you didn’t leave a note I didn’t get it!”

“That place actually got closed down because the owner was selling dodgy medicines,” Glitter says, “so you should really be thanking me for that.” I glare at him and he looks down. “Okay, I see your point. I just hate writing down things, why don’t we get an answering machine?”

I resist the urge to strangle him. “I have asked you that so many times! I don’t know how to use those bloody things,” I hiss so Liam doesn’t hear me, “and you know that so you have to get it, not me! But I’m buying a notepad today and we’ll use that for the time being, okay?”

“Fine,” he grumbles. “Have fun on your date.” I roll my eyes and walk past him into the bathroom. I brush my teeth and put on a bit of makeup so I don’t look so horrific anymore.

I find Liam still on his phone reading about a rugby scandal – apparently one team has been cheating for the past two years – and grab an apple to have for breakfast. I ask, “Should we get going?”

“What? Oh, yeah, sorry I was just reading about this. I can’t believe it,” he says but I tell him that it’s fine. I bite into my apple and call out a bye to Glitter before following Liam out the door.

“So where are we going?” I ask after swallowing. I loop my arm with his and smile at him. He winks.

“It’s a surprise. I’ve basically got the whole day planned,” he says, grinning mischievously.

I take another bite. “Sounds intriguing, Mr Bates.” He smiles and calls a taxi and we climb in, chatting about whether or not we like Doctor Who. I obviously do but he doesn’t. I admit that this makes me a bit hesitant of him but I push it aside as we arrive at our first destination.

The day was fun. First we went to a cute little café for breakfast and then we shopped for a bit and I bought a glittery notepad for the apartment. I think it’s aimed at eight year old girls so it’s absolutely perfect. Liam bought some musical thingo and some new clothes. I had to admit that he had good taste in clothes. He tried on a long-sleeved shirt and rolled it to his elbows and I nearly started to drool. Guys’ forearms do things to me.

We then watched a movie that wasn’t that good – it was about a teenage girl who couldn’t choose between two guys and it was completely cliché and two-dimensional – but then we went to a pub where one of Liam’s friends was performing. She was really good and she had some serious talent.

Now Liam and I are back at his place and it’s kind of small and a bit dingy but it’s liveable. I guess I’m just used to the big flat Glitter and I have.

We’re on the couch talking and we’re a bit tipsy because at the pub we had a few beers and we hadn’t had dinner yet so Liam throws some chicken nuggets and chips in the oven to try and sober us up.

We have our five-star meal and then Liam puts on some music. It’s normal pop that I should probably know but I don’t so I don’t comment on it. I feel significantly more sober but I’m still having a good time.

I pop another chip in my mouth and chew quickly. “So how long have you wanted to be a musician?” I ask.

Liam shrugs. “Since I can remember. Whenever I visited my dad we’d play instruments and whenever I was home with Mum we always had music on,” he says, “so it’s always been a part of my life.”

“Are your parents divorced?” I ask, grabbing another chicken nugget. I feel a bit odd that I’ve eaten a lot more than Liam but I ignore it as I shove the nugget in my mouth.

“Never married,” he says, “I was kind of a surprise for the both of them, but they get along pretty well.”

I shrug. “Well then that’s good isn’t it? Do you have any siblings?”

He nods. “Yeah, but they’re all heaps older than me. I have two brothers from Mum, Luke and Lewis—”

“It seems like your mum likes the letter ‘L’,” I say with a grin.

He laughs. “Yeah, her name is Lenore, I guess she liked having a theme. Funny that your name starts with an L as well,” he says and I laugh again. He winks and continues, “Yeah, and then I have three sisters and one brother from Dad. Alison, Jocelyn, Sheila and Dylan. Luke and Lewis are thirty-three and thirty-one but Alison – she’s the oldest – is forty-eight and she has a son that’s two years older than me, so my nephew is older than me,” he says, grinning. I laugh at the thought of one of my cousin’s being older than the uncles. It seems so odd.

“Anyway, Jocelyn is forty-four, Sheila is forty and Dylan is thirty-five. It’s crazy but luckily I had Jayden – Alison’s son – to play with when I was little. What’s your family like?” he asks.

I say honestly, “Crazy.” Liam laughs and I say, “No, really. I have two brothers, Al – who you know, of course – and James. Then I have five uncles and four of those have kids and the eldest has eight kids, with my god-brother, so we just keep expanding. We’re also really close so they’re basically siblings to me. My poor Nana makes us jumpers every Christmas so she basically has to start making them at about March.”

Liam says, “Woah! We both have really big families, huh?”

I nod. “Except my family insists of having a regular meet-up every second day, I swear. Although, on my dad’s side it’s much quieter. He’s an only child and when he was growing up he lived with his cousin and they were never close growing up but now they’re pretty close and I live with Glitter, his son now. So I can never escape my family.”

Liam laughs. “Wait, so how many exactly are there?”

I raise my eyebrows. “Prepare yourself.” He waggles his own and I snort unattractively. “Okay, so first is Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur with Victoire, Dominique and Louis. Victoire is married to Teddy – my god brother – and they have eight kids together: Maddy, Bridgette, Remus, Adrienne, Gabriella, Dora, Jasper and Tristen.

“Uncle Charlie is the next eldest but he has no kids and lives in Romania and works with—” I falter thinking how to Mugglefy dragon taming but I recover quickly; “—animals. Then it’s Uncle Percy who’s married to Auntie Audrey with twin girls, Molly and Lucy. Then Uncle George is married to Auntie Angelina with Fred and Roxanne as kids. We had an Uncle Fred but he died before I was born. I think it was 1998 and he was Uncle George’s twin.” Liam offers his condolences and I smile at him tightly. I tick off the next one with my hands. “Then there’s Uncle Ron who is Dad’s best friend and he married Dad’s other best friend, Aunt Hermione – they were kind of a tight trio in school – and they have Rose and Hugo, who I’m the closest to. Then there’s Mum and Dad.”

I take a deep breath. “Then there’s all these spouses but the only regular one is Scorpius, Rose’s boyfriend. Dom usually brings a different guy to each function and Roxy will occasionally have her on-off boyfriend and James and Al usually bring a girl and it just ends up being even bigger. It’s ridiculous.”

Liam laughs. “That sounds intimidating.”

I nod. “It is, I swear to god. One time Vic brought her boyfriend – who wasn’t Teddy – and we all played mean tricks on him because we thought it would be funny and he ended up running away and bawling his eyes out. Apparently he didn’t talk to Vic for the rest of their school lives. She wasn’t too mad though because she thought they were funny and he was just being a drama queen.”

Liam snorts and I say, “Whenever someone brings a new partner over, there’s always big drama because we’re legit crazy.”

He says, “Al doesn’t seem that crazy.”

“Are you kidding?” I say loudly. “He’s one of the worsts! Him and James are like a dynamic duo although they were in different Houses at school so they always played tricks on each other and I was always caught in the middle!”

“Houses?” Liam asks in confusion.

My mouth dries up. It’s hard dating a Muggle. I stare at him for a few minutes before saying, “Oh, at our school we were Sorted into different ‘Houses’ to sleep in and have a common room. We went to a boarding school, by the way,” I say in response to his blank look. He stops frowning and I grin. “James and I were in the red house but he was in the green one. Red is so much better.”

He asks, “But shouldn’t family go in the same ones?”

I shake my head. “Nah, they make you take a little test and see which people you’d be the most compatible with on the first day. You don’t need to study, it’s just a personality test.”

“Oh,” is all he says. The music stops and the air is suddenly thick with tension. I feel uncomfortable and he comes over to sit next to me. “Lily,” he says after a long time. I look at him and he cups my face in his hands and pulls me in for a snog. I stiffen but then relax as his hands come to rest at my waist. I put my hands on his shoulders and he chuckles and brings me in closer so I wrap my arms around his neck after a few uncomfortable moments of my hands trying to figure out where to go.


Liam’s mouth starts to open and I just try to follow his lead. It’s awkward but hopefully I’m not too horrible. We break apart eventually and he asks lowly, “Do you want to move this to a more comfortable area?”

I nod. Snogging at the dinner table is rather uncomfortable. He holds my hand and leads me to his bedroom. He then sits down with me on the bed and leans in towards me again. I feel more comfortable now.

Eventually I end up lying down with him hovering above me. It’s nice. He then pulls off his own t-shirt and I think that’s really odd but I run my hands over his lean body. He’s not very muscly but I don’t mind that much. He leans down and kisses me again and his hands start to wander at the hem of my shirt.

We’re still snogging and then I feel his calloused hands rise up my stomach. Involuntarily my stomach sucks itself in and then I feel his hands at my bra. My eyes spring open and I push him away forcefully. “What the hell are you doing?” I ask hysterically.

He blinks at me. His hair is tousled and his lips are rather pink. Did I do that? “Erm… feeling you?” he says dumbly.

I crinkle my nose and brush down my hair and straighten my glasses. “Look, Liam, I really like you and all,” I say, “but I’ve never actually…”

“Actually what?” he asks in confusion.

I feel my face going red. God, this is mortifying. “I’ve never been with a guy before and never had sex,” I mumble.

His eyebrows rise up into his floppy fringe. “Really? This was going to be your first time?”

I nod but then quickly shake my head when I digest what he asked. “Wait, were you expecting to have sex?” I ask in horror.

He looks at me as if I’ve asked what colour the sky is. “Well, yeah. Why’d you think I brought you into my room?”

My mouth gapes. “I don’t know,” I eventually say. I thought we were just going to have a snog, not do anything else! I bite my lip and say, “Anyway, I’m going to leave. I’ll… see you around. Yeah.” I get off his bed and ignore his protests. I feel extremely uncomfortable and he is still shirtless. I wish he would put on a shirt.

“Lily, I’m sorry, don’t leave,” he says as I pick up my cardigan and purse. I casually feel for my wand and sigh in relief that it’s still in there. I don’t want to catch a taxi, I just want to Apparate home. Let’s hope Glitter doesn’t have any friends over.

“No, it’s okay,” I say, my voice uncharacteristically high. “I’ll see you later. Bye.” I give him a look and make the mistake of looking down at his jeans. I now see he really did think we were going to have sex. Oh god. I hurry out the door and nearly run down the stairs because I can’t wait for the lift. I find myself out in the streets and I find a back alley to Disapparate in.

Thankfully no one is home but Glitter jumps so high and spills his tea all over himself. To save him from burning I quickly flick my wand at him and say, “Sorry about that. Here’s the notepad, I’m going to sleep. Goodnight!” I throw the notepad at him and run into my room without waiting for him to respond. I change into my pyjamas but then I change my mind and scurry into the shower.

I should not be flustered this much. It’s just sex. Everyone does it. Glitter does it like three times a week.

Actually, I don’t want to think about that. I can hear Glitter calling my name out but I pretend I can’t hear him. I scrub my hair as if to try and get rid of the thoughts of Liam running his hands through them. The same hands that felt me up.

Ugh. I don’t want to think like that.

Eventually I emerge from the shower and I feel much calmer. It’s probably just the thought of me growing up which is scaring me. Glitter says, “Lily, what’s wrong? You’re acting like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Ghosts are real,” I say absentmindedly. Glitter lets out a noise of frustration and tells me to sit down to talk to him. I know that voice. It’s his ‘Mumma Glitter’ voice. Although maybe he’ll help.

So I sit down and talk to him about everything. After I finish talking he says, “Lily, it’s only because you weren’t ready. Although you never said you didn’t want it—”

I cut him off, “I never said I wanted it either. He just assumed.”

Glitter thinks about it. “That’s true. He should have asked.” I agree. Is it really that hard to ask ‘Are you okay?’ or ‘Tell me when to stop’?

“Did you really have no idea, though?” Glitter asks curiously. I nod. He smiles and says, “It’s because you’re still an innocent little angel, Lil.” I blush and wish I wasn’t so naïve with all of this. Glitter just nudges me and pulls me in for a hug.

Mumma Glitter is pretty wise.

The next day Liam called to make sure I was okay. I noticed he never apologised but I reassured him that I was and now a week later we were going on another date.

Although I’ve been at work all day so I’m quite exhausted but maybe this is a good excuse to avoid snogging and to go home early.

I meet him at a rather fancy restaurant and I am so thankful I decided to pack a nice pair of jeans and a fancy top, rather than my everyday clothes. He sits down and I sit down opposite him. Before putting down my handbag I look and make sure that my work clothes are still in there. Thank god for undetectable extension charms.

I smile at him and say, “How have things been going?”

“Good,” he says far too quickly. I take a closer look at him and realise he looks very edgy. I ask him if he’s okay and he says, “Yeah, I’m fine. How are things with you?”

He’s changing the subject but I decide to leave it. If he wants to talk about it, he will. I instead tell him how it’s been absolutely hectic at work lately and he listens but I can tell he doesn’t have full attention on me.

A waiter comes to us and asks, “Can I get you any drinks for tonight?”

Liam says, “Yes please, can we get a bottle of Perrier-Jouët?” I raise an eyebrow because I know that’s rather expensive. Liam is looking at the waiter intensely and I look away uncomfortably. The waiter nods and says, “Certainly. I’ll be right back.”

I decide not to ask what is going on with him but I keep getting frustrated at him. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, he should try and act normal for Christ’s sake.

“So how was work?” he asks. I raise an eyebrow.

“I talked about that earlier,” I say shortly.

“Oh right,” he says, smacking himself in the forehead. “Sorry, my mind’s elsewhere.”

“I noticed,” I say, putting down my menu. “Will you tell me what’s wrong?” I ask gently, reaching over to hold his hand.

He says, “It’s just, you’re a great girl, Lily—” Oh god, he’s going to break up with me, isn’t he? He probably was bothered by my minor freak-out back at his place the other day. Oh no. “—and it just baffles me why you like me,” he finishes, taking me completely by surprise.

“Oh,” I say, relaxing and then I laugh, “no, don’t think like that! I really like you, Liam. You’re a great guy.” I smile at him and he looks much more reassured.

I pick my menu up and start browsing through the mains again but in a much better mood. The waiter comes with two glasses of already poured champagne and a bottle in a bucket of ice. I thank him, not looking away from a delicious pasta and pick up the champagne. “What do you want to get?” I ask Liam. I take a sip from the glass and as soon as the champagne is in my mouth I can feel something not normal in it. I start coughing because I nearly swallow the thing and then it won’t lodge itself out of my throat.

Oh my god. I’m going to die. I splutter, “Liam!” I finally look away from the menu and see him kneeling on the ground with a panicked expression. Why is he on the ground?!

I’m starting to get light-headed. I flap my arms and try to cough the thing up but then I hear, “SHE’S CHOKING, MAN!” Liam still doesn’t get up – I think he’s in shock – and someone comes at me from behind and starts giving me the Heimlich manoeuvre.

After a few seconds, the thing comes spitting out from my mouth (I’m always so classy) and lands on the table. I thank the guy profusely and he brushes it off, telling me not to worry. He walks away back to his own table and I notice his date is looking at him in admiration.

Hey, maybe I just made history for those two people!

My throat is so sore. I look on the table (Liam is still on the ground) and see an engagement ring. “Great,” I say, throwing my arms up, “they got the wrong table. I nearly died for nothing.” I turn to the waiter with the wet ring in my hand and say, “You have the wrong table.” My voice is extremely husky but I don’t care.

“No he doesn’t,” Liam says, still on the floor. I look at him and he holds my hand. “Lily, I’m sorry that you nearly choked—”

“I didn’t nearly choke,” I say, “I did choke. I nearly died.” I look at him crossly. “Why are you on the floor?”

He says, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you be my wife?”

The whole restaurant is staring at us now. I choke again – this time on air – and look at him incredulously. “You aren’t serious, are you?” I hiss.

“I’ve never been more serious in my life,” he says without a trace of humour. I’ve grown up with the Weasley family and we always play pranks and I’ve seen James and Al lie their way through pretty serious things so I know how easy it is to lie.

But Liam’s eyes are completely serious. I throw the ring at him. “No!” I shout. “This is our third date for crying out loud! What is wrong with you?!” He sputters and I say, “I don’t love you – I hardly even know you! YOU NEVER EVEN ASKED ME TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” I hear people laughing but I’m in no laughing mood. “We haven’t even slept together!” I say a bit more quietly.

“We could have the other week,” he says unhelpfully.

“THAT WAS OUR SECOND DATE,” I roar, no longer caring if I’m causing a scene. “Never come near me again! You’re a psycho!” I pick my bag up, pick the bottle of champagne up and storm outside, ready to kill.

I’m absolutely mortified. The first time I get remotely near to having a boyfriend he ends up being a psycho. Figures.

I want to Apparate home and drink the stolen champagne. I then hear, “Lily Potter?” I turn around and see a familiar face walking towards me but I can’t place a name to the face.

“Er… hi?” I say nervously.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” he asks, giving me a lopsided grin.

I make an apologetic face. “Sorry, no.”

He laughs. “Don’t worry about it. It’s Elliot Wood, I was in Roxy’s grade.”

“Elliot!” I say, finally recognising him. He was the year above me and he was in Gryffindor and we never really talked but I knew him, of course. “How have you been?” I ask, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

He shrugs. “Not much. That was quite a display in there,” he says, gesturing to the restaurant. I scowl. “You should have hexed him,” he says wisely.

“And break the Statute? No thanks,” I scoff. “Even though I’m part of a pretty influential family, I doubt that I’d get much leniency.” Elliot laughs and asks if I’m doing anything. I hold the champagne up. “I was going to go on a date with this guy.”

He laughs again. “Come on, let’s go somewhere else. We’ll drink the free—?” he questions, gesturing to the bottle in my hand. I nod and he grins. I notice he has a very nice smile. “We’ll drink the free champagne and catch up.”

I shrug. “Sure, why not? Can we go somewhere where we can eat though? I’m starving.” He nods and holds out his arm for me to take. I hold on and on the count of three he Apparates us to the Leaky.

“This is where I work,” I say, “so we can’t get too drunk. I have an image to uphold.”

Elliot nods. “Of course. Do you want a burger?” I nod and he says, “Go find a table and I’ll order the food.”

“Alright,” I say and he flashes me a grin before walking towards the counter. I find a small table and sit down. I wave at one of the waiters, Henry, and ask if he can bring two glasses for me. He happily agrees and as soon as he passes them to me, I pour the champagne out. It’s good champagne, I have to admit.

I’m nearly done with my glass by the time Elliot returns. “Started without me, I see?” he says, taking the bottle off me so he can pour his own glass and refill mine. I usually don’t like champagne but this stuff is good. It’s expensive, so that’s probably why.

“In my defence,” I say, “I’ve had a pretty rough night so I think I deserve this. I worked all day, I nearly died and then had a psycho propose to me.”

Elliot nods. “That’s true. Cheers.” We clink our glasses together and I take mine like a very large shot. “Woah, easy there,” he says, putting his glass down after a sip.

I grin. “Don’t worry about me. I won’t get too drunk.” Elliot laughs and then Henry comes out with our burgers. “Thanks, Henry!” I say.

“No worries, Lily. Are you working tomorrow?” he asks curiously.

“Nup,” I say happily. I’ve been working my butt off lately. I need the money and all, but a girl gets tired.

“Aw, lucky. I’m working for the rest of the week,” he says with a frown. I pat his hand sympathetically and he says, “Anyway, enjoy and I’ll probably see you around.” I wave at him and then bite into my cheeseburger.

“Oh my god, this tastes so good. I was so hungry,” I moan. My mouth is full but I don’t care. Elliot digs into his own and we’re silent as we eat. Although in my case, it’s more like shove in as much as you can and struggle to swallow.

Eventually I finish and I let out a loud and unattractive burp. “Oh, pardon me,” I say, not embarrassed at all.

Maybe the champagne has gotten to me already. Thankfully Elliot just laughs and I pour another glass and down it easily. After Elliot finishes we talk about jobs and he tells me he’s working with the International Association of Quidditch and I tell him about the bakery.

We keep talking and I realise the bottle is half empty and Elliot is still nursing his first glass. I definitely feel tipsy now. I ignore the tiny voice in my head that tells me to stop drinking and pour myself another glass, changing the topic to Christmas.

After a while we start talking about Liam and I start getting worked up. I keep ranting about what a psycho he must be. Midway through one of my sentences and when the champagne bottle only has enough for one more glass, Elliot starts to laugh. “Lily, you’re practically yelling.”

“No I’m not!” I protest, finishing off the champagne. It’s good champagne, I have to admit.

He grins and says, “Yes you are. How much is left in the bottle?” He reaches out for the bottle but I pull it in towards me.

“None of your business,” I say with a small grin. He gives me a look and I reluctantly pass it to him and watch his eyes widen.

“It’s empty!” he breathes. “You had a whole bottle by yourself?” He looks absolutely horrified. I give him an impish grin and shrug.

“Oops?” I giggle and he sighs. “Let’s get you back home,” he says, coming over to my side. I tell him I’m fine but he insists so I throw an arm around him and he hauls me up and I immediately fall forward but thankfully Elliot catches me before I hurt myself.

“Maybe I am a little drunk,” I say with another giggle. Elliot snorts and brings me closer so I won’t fall over. I feel a bit tired though.

“You’re way too drunk to Apparate, even side-along,” he says, “we’re catching a taxi.” I yawn.

I say, “Elliot, I’m very tired. Can I sleep now?” My eyes start closing of their own accord.

“Try and stay awake until we get to the taxi, I don’t know where you live,” he encourages me. He slaps my cheek lightly and I open my eyes again but I’m exhausted. I want to sleep.

“I want to sleep,” I moan. I put both of my arms around him and he ends up practically carrying me. I don’t mind though, I just want to sleep.

“Lily, just tell me where you live so I can get you home safe. Then you can sleep, I promise,” he says, leading me out of the pub. I mumble my address and then he says, “Okay then, now you can sleep.” I close my eyes and then I’m being woken up by Elliot again.

“What?” I mumble grumpily. “I’m so tired and you said I could sleep.”

He grins. “You need to walk. I’ll help you but you need to wake up a bit and get some water into you.”

“Can you just carry me?” I whine. He sighs and then picks me up. My head spins but I wrap my hands around his neck. “You’re very strong,” I mumble.

He grunts in response and I close my eyes again. I’m so tired.

I wake up again and Glitter is in front of me with a big grin. “You’re an idiot, Lily. Have some water.”

“I want to sleeeeeeep,” I moan. Glitter snorts but forces me to drink one glass. He then leaves a bottle of water and a bucket and towels before turning the light off and letting me sleep again.


Thanks for reading everyone!

disclaimer: Doctor Who is BBC's creation, not mine.

Also, Elliot's name came from missclaire17 over at the forums about a year ago before I put all this on hiatus. So thank you, Claire for Elliot's name! :D

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