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Sudden Blessings by harrypottaaaa
Chapter 7 : Making a mess
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 (A/N) Sorry it's a teeny bit of a filler but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!  Please review!)


 The rest of the night was spent giggling and laughing; all the nervousness Hermione had felt earlier was gone but she knew it’d come back later.  For now, she was content to just hold her small curved stomach and discuss names.  After Luna had suggested Allifer and Punipus for names, Hermione quickly changed the subject, saying they could discuss names later into the pregnancy.  Ginny said she quite liked the names Silas and Paisley which were better but still Hermione couldn’t picture calling her children that.

Her children.  The phrase continued floating around in her head.  She had two little babies.  Counting back in her head, she realized that tomorrow they would be about two months.  She decided to go see Madam Pomfrey as soon as possible.  Bidding the other girls goodnight, she pulled herself off the floor and slid under the covers of her bed. 

Suddenly, a thought hit her and she felt the smile immediately fall from her face.  Draco.  Her new friend.  The father of her babies.  How would she tell him?  How would he react?  She felt tears sting her eyes and attributed the quick change to hormones.  What if he deserted them?  She couldn’t raise one infant on her own, let alone two!  Letting out a sob, she watched several situations play through her head, all ending without him.  That night, Hermione Granger cried herself to sleep.

When she awoke the next morning, all sadness had gone and Hermione was giddy to go see Madam Pomfrey.  A new thought hit her; think of all the things she’d learn now!  Oh my, she was going to need to read up on this whole ‘motherhood’ thing.  She vowed to head to the library after classes.  Throwing on clothes as quickly as she could, Hermione raced to the nurse’s ward, eager to hear about her babies.  She slid to a stop and called out for the matron who scurried towards her hurriedly.

“Hermione?  Is everything okay?  What is it dear?” Madam Pomfrey asked, clearly alarmed by Hermione’s franticness.  “Oh everything’s great Madam, but uh… I’m pregnant,”  Hermione answered.  She hadn’t realized how awkward it would be to say that and she felt her cheeks turn red.  She was going to need to get much better at telling people.  Madam Pomfrey’s face befell a wide range of emotions before she regained her composure and ushered her patient to a bed. 

Drawing a curtain around Hermione, she whispered a spell so no one outside could hear them if they wandered in.  She began by informing Hermione of basic pregnancy facts before continuing, “…now with witches, we can perform a scan at any time during the pregnancy.  If you’d like, you can see your babies today…” Hermione tuned out everything that came after that, she was so excited at the prospect of seeing her scan.

“Yeah, let’s do that.  Like, now.”  Hermione interceded as Madam Pomfrey suppressed a giggle.   She waved her wand over Hermione’s abdomen and pulled a blue strand upwards and placed it in a vial.  She then repeated the process, pulling a pink strand out.  She then stretched the strands against a screen and a picture appeared, moving of course.  Two little bean shaped things wriggled about amidst gooey stuff. 

Wordlessly, Hermione pointed to the tiny beans and looked at the matron for confirmation.  Madam Pomfrey nodded, smiling, confirming they were two healthy babies.  Hermione felt tears well up again and wiping them away, cursed these pregnancy hormones again.  “Could you print me a few copies of this please?”  she choked out and the matron tapped the screen and went to fetch them.  After giving Hermione some prenatal potions and last minute advice, she wished Hermione luck and promised to keep her two little secrets.

Clutching the photos to her chest, Hermione hurried back to her dorm to put them gently away.  Stealing a few last glances, she finally parted with the precious pictures and got ready for class.  She was clearly going to be preoccupied all day.  Even though all she could see was little dark shapes, they were so wiggly and happy and perfect and Hermione felt her heart swell.  While she got dressed, she kept glancing where she had hid the pictures.  She wondered if she was being ridiculous for feeling her heart flutter.  You couldn’t even tell what the pictures were!  Just moving blobs!  But… she loved those blobs.

Finally ready, Hermione left the dorm and walked into her first class of the day, Potions.  She shared this class with Draco.  The father of your babies, she thought.  Shaking her head, she went in and sat in the very first row at her usual cauldron.  Most people worked together but until she’d become friends with Draco, she usually had to work alone.  Not that she’d minded of course, she was quite good at Potions and enjoyed the time to think.  But now she enjoyed her time with Draco even more.

She saw the light haired boy stumble in, looking sleepy. She supposed she was the only person in here not tired, due to her excitement.  Draco plopped his books on the floor and leaned against their potion station.  Hermione’s smile reached its maximum, watching the silly boy try to stay awake.

“Good morning” she drawled, batting her eyelashes at him, wondering if their kids would get his hair.  She hoped they did.

“Erggg, good morning Hermione,” Draco replied, rubbing his eyes before peering at her, “why are you so happy?”

“Oh nothing,” she said and quickly changed the subject.  She really wasn’t ready to tell him yet, her experience with Madam Pomfrey told her so.  Besides, she wanted to make sure they were closer before she told him. 

“Alright class, today we’re going to be brewing a particularly difficult potion and I wouldn’t be surprised if none of you got it today.  But I’d still like you to try.”  Their teacher, Professor Humbergous, explained.  Hermione exchanged a wink with Draco, who had perked up at hearing a challenge.

“I’d like to try something new today, Hermione.  A little competition, yeah?  Let’s both try and brew it and see who can get it right first.”  Draco grinned.  Hermione, just as eager, quickly accepted the challenge and doubled their ingredients and appeared another cauldron.  They both strained to hear and remember every detail the professor was saying about the brewing of the potion and both shot their hands out to start as soon as they were given permission.

Setting a concentrated look on her face, Hermione began mashing up bark, glancing over at Draco.  She immediately burst out laughing.  He looked up, puzzled.  Trying to catch her breath, Hermione explained, “Your… concentrating face… it’s so… hahahahahaha,”.  Draco narrowed his eyes and went back to his work, this time trying not to stick his tongue out in thought.

Hermione regained her composure and quickly added slugs to her potion.  Ugh, the smell about made her sick but she was so not about to lose.  She reached over for the mermaid tears and Draco shot his hand out, ruining the mixture she had setting next to her cauldron.  So he wanted to play dirty, yeah?  She smiled sinisterly, she could soooo play dirty.

An hour later, Draco and Hermione were the only ones left in the classroom.  Hermione’s hair and clothes were covered in goo, potion ingredients, and random objects while Draco looked like something had exploded on him.  Hermione tried to give Professor Humbergous an innocent face and explained, “Well sir, we were simply trying to compete to do the spell.  We just got a bit… carried away.”  She giggled, reaching out and pulling a frog leg out of Draco’s hair.  He flashed her a huge smile and she blushed.

“Yes, well you two certainly managed to make a mess of my classroom… and yourselves, it seems,” the teacher went on, “I’ll expect the both of you back here for detention after the rest of classes are over.  You’ll be cleaning up the mess you’ve made.  Now please, go take a shower.”  He finished with a disgusted look.  Laughing, Hermione and Draco ran out of the classroom.  When they got out, Draco scooped Hermione in his arms.

“That… was so… FUN,” he said in between breaths.  Hermione nodded and fired, “It was!  And I definitely won.  But the professor was right, you need a shower!”  She squirmed out of his arms and started running down the corridor.  “Hey!  Oh no you don’t!  Come back here!”  Draco called out playfully.  Hermione turned around, sticking her tongue out childishly.  Draco took off towards her and she tried to bolt away again but he caught up too quickly and entrapped her in his arms.  Looking up at him, she sighed and buried herself into him.  “I’ll meet you in the library later during free period, for now, I’m gonna go change,” Hermione murmured. 

Draco nodded, assessing the damage he’d done to her robes.  Not the kind of damage he’d have liked to do though.  Agreeing, he walked down to the dungeons and hopped in the shower.  The whole time, all he could think of was how he was starting to really love Hermione Granger.

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Sudden Blessings: Making a mess


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