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Don't Say The by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 4 : What To Expect When You're Expecting
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I woke up in a sweat and threw the covers off my bed. My head was spinning as I sat up and I sprinted into the bathroom. I just barely made it as all of the contents in my stomach made their way back up. I didn't understand, what had I eaten that was causing me to get sick? I never get sick. I must've eaten some bad candy when I spent the day with James, he was always forgetting to throw out things gone bad, and for some reason it never affected him. When I finished getting sick and was able to stand without feeling completely re-nauseated, I dragged my way over to the sink. After washing my face and brushing my teeth I looked at myself in the mirror.

I don't normally look the best when I wake up, but this was worse than usual. I look like bloody hell. My hair's everywhere, but that was nothing new. My face was pale, and it even looked like it was clammy, which is so gross. I splashed some more warm water on my face and slapped my cheeks, hoping to get some color in them.

Because so many people are looking at you right now, Rose. My thoughts had a point. No one was really looking at me right now, my dorm mates wouldn't notice a difference. Once I realized I was actually talking to myself in my head, I sighed. Stepping away from the sink and mirror, I looked over at the clock on the wall in the dorm. Two o'clock. I guess I really didn't have to worry about my roomates seeing me in my current state.

I climbed back into my bed but I just couldn't get comfortable. Rolling out of bed once more, I threw on a pair of sweats and a baggy sweatshirt. I sleep in nothing more than my knickers and a bra. I feel no need for all of those clothes to cover me when I sleep. It's not like they're doing anything, I have my blankets for warmth. Plus, we've already established that nobody is looking at me.

I tip toed out of the dorm, and down the stairs to the common room. The Gryffindor common room was quiet. Well, I mean, of course it's quiet, it's 2 am for Merlin's sake. I walked over to the wall and snatched a random book off of the shelf. I plopped down on the couch, and after pointing at the dark fireplace and wordlessly starting a fire, I began to read. It took me no longer than a minute to realize I was reading Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Funny enough, it was actually my Uncle Harry's copy. Someone in my family must have left it in the common room, and it found it's way to a shelf.

I nearly laughed as I read the comments my father, uncle, and even on occassion my mother had left in the book. I remembered that I was the only person in the whole house awake, however, so I made sure I kept quiet. Of course I finished the book in a matter of about an hour. It wasn't very long and I've read it before. I stuffed the book in my pocket, not intending to put it away. It was a family book after all. I walked around the common room, dragging my feet and kicking at things that weren't there.

I still felt ill, and my head was still a little fuzzy, but I just couldn't sit or lay down. I decided to leave the common room, and go for a walk. After all, I am a prefect, and the paintings won't say anything. I'm one of the only people who talks to them, even they get lonely sometimes. I pushed the common room door open slowly and peered my head out, making sure no ghosts or teachers were about. The last thing I needed was Peeves screeching that I was awake in the halls.

I made my way through the school, wandering aimlessly. I didn't know where exactly I was, but I knew if I took a second to think, I could find my way back without a moments hesitation. I was trying to stay against the wall, crouching beneath the level of particularly talkative portraits. While the paintings were great when you needed a chat, or to pick up on a bit of gossip, they were also known to let a secret or two slip when students pass in the middle of the day. I really didn't need them letting a professor or nosy fourth year know that perfect prefect Rose Weasley had been wandering about out of bed in the late of night.

I saw a light coming down the hallway and swore under my breath. Someone else was up this late at night, and I knew for sure I'd get in trouble if it was anyone but a younger student or a fellow prefect. I slid against the wall and hoped that they wouldn't see me, I was on the far side of the corridor and opposite from them. They wouldn't see me unless they shined their light over towards me. I knew I had no such luck when the light did indeed shine over me. I sighed a breath of relief when I saw a familiar face.

"Rose?" Well, maybe it wasn't exactly the best face I could be looking into, but it certainly wasn't one that would get me in trouble.

"Shh, Malfoy, you'll get us both in trouble." I made sure I was speaking in hushed tones and I walked over to him to lower his wand, any higher and he'd wake the paintings. That was never a good idea.

"What are you doing up at this time of night? In..." I could tell he was about to make a comment about my appearance, but the face I made at him told him he should stop where he was.

I mean, sure my hair was falling out of it's braid, and I knew I'm sure I was a sight with my oversized sweatshirt and ratty old sweatpants. Not to mention that my feet were bare, and my toes painted a sparkling hot pink. To top it all off, I knew I was still pale, because I couldn't feel the flush thst normally heats my cheeks whenever I talk to Malfoy.

"I didn't feel good, I felt like a walk, what are you doing up, and so far away from your common room, I might add?" I had my hands on my hips, but then took a second to pause. I wasn't exactly positive what part of the school I was in, and just as I realized where I was Scorpius interrupted my thoughts.

"Um, Rose, the Slytherin common room is around the corner, it's you who has wandered too far." He looked at me almost worriedly. I knew he could tell I wasn't my normal self.

"Well, I'll just... Go." I started to walk backwards, slowly. I was about to turn around to run away when, of course, I tripped.

I would have fallen if he hadn't caught me. What is it with me falling around Malfoy? It was getting rather inconvenient. He had initially caught me by grabbing my arms, but now his had circled me, and he was holding me close. I looked up at his face and let out a breath, his lips were just inches from mine, and his eyes were studying my face. My hands were on his arms, and I could feel the muscles in his arms. I ran my hands up and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling myself closer to him.

"Rose..." He said my name as barely a whisper. It was right against my lips, and I could feel the breath from him as he exhaled. His heart was thudding against mine, and I had lost myself in his eyes. I unwrapped my arms from his neck, to cup his face, and closed the distance between us. I kissed him this time.

There was a moments hesitation on his part, but that moment passed quickly and he proceeded to walk me up against a wall. His arms tightened around me, and his lips crushed against mine as we slammed into the wall behind me. Neither of us closed our eyes, instead we were staring into each others eyes as we had a proper snog. As we pulled away our breathing was uneven and heavy. He let go of me, but didn't move from me, I could feel his chest brush against mine. I could feel his heart racing, and hear his pulse beating. I was stuck between a wall and a hunk, and at least for the next ten seconds I was going to enjoy it. He was playing with the loose strands of hair that had fallen from my braid.

I looked for some emotion on his face, something to show that I was more than a late night snog, or a good time. There had to be something. He was making the same face he had when I had left him for James in the hallway. The one face of Scorpius Malfoy that I didn't know how to read. I started to move suddenly regretting my decision to kiss him. He didn't have feelings for me, why would he? I was just a good time for Scorpius Malfoy. Couldn't fraternize with the enemy in a somewhat serious way, now could we?

"I really have to go." I said in something barely more than a whisper. Clearing my throat I made as if to walk away, I felt tears brimming in my eyes, and I really didn't need him to see that he had made me cry once more. Scorpius was faster than I was, and grabbed my arm to pull me back to him. So there I was, standing chest to chest, with the gorgeous blonde haired, gray eyed man I love.

"Rose, why do you keep running away?" He asked, he brushed some hair out of my face and looked at me expectantly, waiting for an answer. His thumb was running along the side of my cheek, and I just wished that my dreams would become a reality for a moment.

"Because I want things that will never be a possibility. I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth. I really should just cut my losses and walk away before I actually get hurt, shouldn't I?"

I was shocked at what I said, what exactly did I mean? Why did my stupid mouth have to say things before my brain could say no? Looking a gift horse in the mouth? Was I saying I was happy he was using me for a good shag? Letting him know he could hurt me?! Really Rose, pull yourself together.

He took my hand and started walking, pulling me along with him. I didn't ask, just walked along side him. I was going to argue, turn around and go towards the Gryffindor common room, until I realised that that was where we were headed. We stopped in a halfway that had no paintings or any decorations. It was one that no one really used and I was confused as to why he had led me here, wasn't he just walking me back to my dorm before breaking my heart and walking away?

"Maybe, you aren't looking a gift horse in the mouth, but seeing the possibilities in front of you." His face was somber, yet those eyes of his were glimmering in a way I had never seen them before. What was he after? Surely Malfoy didn't care for me.

I couldn't get a coherent sentence out. All I could seem to say was babbles and gibberish. This of course made him smile, I'm sure I was an entertaining sight right now. I shook my head. What did he mean? I didn't understand it. I needed to process it, I needed to think. I was still shaking my head, though I clearly didn't realize it because soon I was beginning to feel that familiar fuzziness in my head and I groaned. I knew what was to follow.

I felt the bile rising in my throat, and spun around, making a run for the bathrooms, I fell into a stall and threw up, with almost as much force as I had earlier. I felt a hand brush against my forehead and pull hair out of my face. Another was rubbing my back. The cool touch felt good, and I sat back against the stall while my head roared, I closed my eyes and just took a few steadying breathes. I felt a hand grab my hand, and another wrap around my back and pull me up. I just kept my eyes closed and leaned against the solid chest that held me.

Just as I was thinking I would enjoy the fact that he was holding me outside of bed, my brain had to get all logical. What was this? What was happening? How had my waking up to throw up turn into a late night walk, turned rendevous with Malfoy? Why was he holding my hair when I got sick, and picking me up off of the floor of the girls' bathroom? I opened my eyes and looked at him, I knew my questions were mirrored in my face, but he said nothing. He just wordlessly walked me towards my dorm.

I think he was still expecting me to have an answer to what he said. I let him lead me along the hallway, and I still said nothing, I had nothing to say. What would I say? What did he even mean? I tried to stop thinking about it. I just wanted to crawl back into my bed. I wanted to sleep forever. Why was I suddenly so tired? It was so weird. We came to the portrait of the fat lady and I turned to Scorpius.

I could tell that he was trying to work his face into that emotionless mask he so often put up, but I knew that it was just a front. I touched a hand to his cheek, and tried to smile at him. I'm sure it looked like more of a grimmace, but it's the effort that counts, right?

"I.. I don't have an answer for you, because I don't know what you mean. I don't even know what I mean. I don't even understand this." I gestured between the two of us. "I just, I need to think.. And sleep." I didn't give him a kiss. I knew my breath smelled, and tasted, awful. Instead I looked at him one last time before turning to the fat lady to wake her up.

She grumbled as I woke her up, and after repeating the password at least eleven times she swung open and let me in, complaining about how rude kids were getting over the years. As I quietly walked through the room I glanced over at the wall. The clock read out 5:00. Brilliant, I had three hours before I had to be up again for the day. Seems like late night walks with Malfoy were a bad idea all around. I tiptoed up the stairs to the sixth year girls' dorms, and as quietly as possible opened the door. I slid into bed, and held my breath as I heard Jacqueline stirring in the bed next to mine.

After a few moments, I let out my breath and rolled onto my side, replaying the events of the last hour in my head. What had happened? The question just repeated in my head over and over, as I slid into the welcome grasp of sleep, and dreamed of Scorpius Malfoy and my happily ever after.

I woke up to Jacqueline poking me, I grumbled and rolled over, pulling the sheets over my head. Why can't I just sleep, it's not as if I go around waking her up all the bloody time. That's not true, because I do. I actually have to wake her up every day. So I suppose you know there's a problem when she's waking me up for a change.

"Rosie, get up sweetheart." She walked around the bed and climbed in next to me, running her finger along my nose.

I crinkled my nose and sighed, opening my eyes. At least she was being nice about it.

"What time is it?" I asked while I adjusted to the light in the room. I ran a hand along my face where I remembered Scorpius' touch the night before.

"Just past noon, you looked green this morning and didn't wake up to any alarms or poking we did, so Blair and I left you to sleep and told the professors that you were under the weather. " She was looking at me worriedly.

Jacqueline knew as well as anyone that I didn't get sick. Actually, speaking of anyone, if I had really missed half a day's worth of classes, where was my family, demanding that I be taken to the hospital wing? I never miss class. I stopped my thoughts there. I had missed half a days worth of class. I cursed Merlin and was about to jump out of bed when my tender stomach told me not to. I sat up slowly, and slapped my hands on the sheets around me. Jacqueline was still laying next to me, looking at me, waiting for a response.

"Yeah, I got sick a bit last night." I was trying not to look at her. She knew me too well, if I looked at her, she would know that wasn't all. Besides, I wasn't entirely sure I could keep myself from bluting my encounter with Malfoy last night, but I wasn't quite ready to come to terms with what had transpired. Nor was I ready to hear anyones opinions on it. I needed to form my own before accepting others'.

I slowly trudged my way over to the bathroom and began to do my hygeine, setting my face and hair to rights. Running a brush through my hair, I wrapped it into a bun on the top of my head and tightly secured it with pins. A dash of makeup on my face to cover up the bags and I studied my handiwork. I still looked pale, in fact, the make up didn't really cover anything. I normally was the picture of Weasley coloring, but today, well, I could pass for a Malfoy.

Jacqueline had been talking while I had been cleaning up, but I wasn't really paying attention. I mean, I love her, I really do, I just don't process what she says sometimes, because, well, half the time she isn't saying anything I have an interest in .Besides, she talked more to fill the quiet than to have a conversation. If it was a conversation we were having she would have followed me and demanded my full attention. Like just now she was talking about some seventh year bloke who she was hoping to shag before the Christmas holiday. I nodded my head, and said some oh's, ah's and mhm's where appropriate. I made my way back across the room to my trunk that sat at the foot of my bed.

I had put an undetectable extention charm on it, so I proceeded to shove my arm into it's entireity, looking for the shoes I wanted to wear with my uniform today. Finding them, I started stripping down where I was, not really caring that Jacqueline was in the room. She didn't care either, as she just kept right on talking, even stopping to compliment my choice of undergarments.

I switched the basic black bra I had had on all night for a black lacy one, and buttoned up my shirt over it. I was fully aware that the shirt was nearly see through, and if one were paying enough attention, you would be able to see bits of the bra. I pulled my skirt on, and carefully tucked my shirt into it, making sure there were no wrinkles, and that it was pulled tightly over my body. I slid into my shoes and spun in the mirror for good measure.

I ignored the turning of my stomach as I spun. Rose Weasley didn't get sick. Rose Weasley didn't miss classes. Rose Weasley most certainly did not lay in bed dreaming of blonde haired, gray eyed boys instead of studying. Rose Weasley was going to walk her fabulous arse out of this dorm room and join the rest of her friends and family at lunch.

I must've said that outloud, because Jacqueline was snickering at me and giving me a questioning look all in one. Damn my thoughts. I mean, it's not as if she didn't know I'm in love with Malfoy, but I didn't have to go and blab to her that he was on my mind. I looked at her as if to say I didn't want to talk about it and she just shrugged and jumped out of the bed to come over to me.

"Ready love?" She didn't wait for an answer from me, but took my arm and let me down out of the dorm, through the common room, and straight down the great hall.

As we walked in I took in the looks from well.. Everyone. I mean, literally everyone in the school thought it was weird that I had missed class because I was ill, and even I knew that I looked the part. Fantastic. Al and Scorpius were sitting at the Gryffindor with the rest of my family, and they were all turned to look at me as I walked in. Clearly they had sent Jacqueline to see if I was alive, because she was looking smug that she had managed to bring me downstairs, and I could see the faces she was making as if trying to tell people not to ask. Bless that girl.

I slid into the seat next to Scorpius, while Jacqueline took her place next to me. Lily and James sat across from me, and Al was on the other side of Malfoy. My brother was closer to our end of the table than usual, and I could see him eyeing me, my lack of presence worried even my detatched little brother. Everyone was staring at me as I sat down, and even though the food on the table looked great, the smell was nauseating me, and I just couldn't bring myself to fill my plate, as Jacqueline was doing herself.

"I'm fine guys, really." I said this more to convince myself that I was fine than to convince anyone else. But as I didn't buy my own lie, I'm assuming they didn't either. To prove a point, I started putting food on my plate, and even gingerly took a bite of something. I couldn't really taste it, and was honestly trying not to.

Jacqueline had the sense to kick Lily and James under the table, which promptly got a conversation started, and changed the straight stares at me to brief glances every ten seconds. I wasn't really listening to their conversation. In fact, I wasn't listening at all. I was focusing very hard on my nails and the grain of the wood on the table. As long as I was focused on everything but the food, I wouldn't smell it.

Of course that thought brought the food to the center of my attention, and I could actually feel myself getting green. I swallowed a few times hoping to keep the vomit at bay. I looked down and began to riffle through my bag, hoping my family would think that I was just looking for something, and not noticed my change in colour. No such luck, though, as the conversation had drifted off to an end within seconds and I could actually feel everyones eyes on me.

"Rosie, are you alright over there?" James was asking me this very slowly. The worry in his voice told me that I was much greener than I thought I was, and also told me that I needed to get out of this room, and away from food, quickly.

"Peachy, going to the library, see you lot later." I said this in a rush and stood up, trying to do my best to not run out of the great hall.

I sighed in relief as the smell faded, but continued to all but run towards the library. I took a deep breath once I was inside the door of the library. The fresh smell of books, parchment and pen ink. I don't think there is a single greater smell in this world than those three. Except perhaps peppermint toothpaste. That was always a delightful scent to smell. I wandered over to a random shelf, and took a book off of the shelf. I didn't bother to see what I was reading, but rather sat down at a nearby table and started to read.

I was so engrossed in my book that I didn't hear or see anyone come in to sit across from me. In fact, I was so absorbed that I missed them saying my name, clearing their throat, and even touching my hand. It wasn't until they kicked my leg that I jumped in shock. And I looked right up into those gray eyes.

"Rose, are you alright?" Scorpius asked me, I could see the worry on his face, and I was brought back to my memories of last night, and our very strange encounter.

"I already told you, I'm peachy." My voice was low and raspy sounding. I hadn't had anything to eat or drink since the previous day at dinner, and I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to. I also just wanted to cry. For no apparent reason.

I put my book down, and I saw Scorpius move his hands across the table, I watched as they slowly covered mine, and had to bite my lip to stop myself from smiling as his thumb rubbed the back of my hand. Why was he being so gentle? Why was he noticing me? He didn't do this. We don't do this. This isn't our thing. Not talking for weeks at a time and then shagging in a bathroom stall, now, that was our thing. I just was having trouble wrapping my head around what exactly this was.

"Scorp. What is this?" I asked quietly, making sure no nosy fifth years were lurking in the corners. I used my head to nod to our hands, not wanting to pull mine away to gesture between us.

"What do you mean?" He actually looked confused. Was the bloke dense?

"We don't do this. We shag, have a lovely time, and then don't talk, or you're a bloody prat and make my life a living hell before dragging me to the broom closet for a midday tango." I looked at him, trying not to laugh at my own words. Saying it out loud made the whole thing just sound so ridiculous. Dear Merlin, Rose, what on earth have you gotten yourself into?

He shrugged and let go of my hands. He kicked back in his seat, and even propped his feet up on the table, making sure not to get glares from the librarian, who was notorious for kicking people out of her library for so much as breathing too loudly.

"You tell me." His voice was so perfect, how had I not noticed before how beautiful he sounded. Listen to me, like a smitten schoolgirl.. Then again, I suppose I am the very definition of a smitten schoolgirl. I'm no better than those girls who follow him around all the time.

My eyebrows furrowed and I wasn't exactly sure what to say. What should I say? Well, I've loved you ever since I met you in first year? Or how about I tell him about that journal I made in fourth year where I wrote Mrs. Rose Malfoy over and over again. I'm sure he'd take both of those very well. Luckily, this time, when my mouth beat my brain, it said something sensible.

"No, it's you who needs to make the choice. I already told you, Malfoy. I won't be another one of your girls. I'm done with just hooking up. So I'll ask you again, what is this?" I stood up and closed the book I had been reading. Normally I put all of my books away, but I just wanted to retreat.

When I could tell that he had no answer for me, I sighed and slid my bookbag onto my shoulder. "Think about it, I can wait for an answer."

I walked away and out of the library without another word or glance back. The next move was his, and I wasn't going to budge a muscle in this little game, not until he made his position clear.

Dinner was much the same as lunch, I made my escape minutes into arriving, except this time without eating a single bite. I didn't even try to socialize in the common room with the rest of the family as I normally would. Instead I went up into my dorm room, and sat on my bed with the drapes closed. I wasn't interested in company, and I had a good feeling no one was going to bother me.

I decided to go to bed early, curling up under my covers and closing my eyes tightly, willing myself to fall asleep. I hadn't really slept the night before, and I was truly exhausted. I could hear people starting coming in. Some of my other room mates Adelia and Catherine were trying to talk to Blair and Jacqueline about how strange it was that I was so under the weather. They were notorious for being two of the schools biggest gossips, so I'm sure they were trying to get information from the girls. But for once, Jacqueline and Blair were a united front, not saying a word, but instead brushing the girls off until they shut up about the topic.

I must've fallen asleep after that, because I found myself waking up in a sweat much as I had the night before. I glanced at the clock and saw it read 1 a.m. Seems like this was going to be a habit, maybe I was actually sick, and not just down with food poisoning like I thought. I jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. Making it to the toilet just in time to vomit my nearly empty stomach out, I pushed myself up off the floor when I finished and brushed my teeth. Back to bed for a few hours' sleep.


Most of the week passed the same as that first day. With the exception of me sleeping in. I woke up in the middle of the night, got sick, read for an hour, fell back asleep, woke up, nibbled at breakfast, went through classes, skipped lunch, got sick before more classes, nibbled at dinner, and then retreated to bed soon after returning to the common room. My family stopped commenting on how weird my behavior was, but I could see the looks they were giving me, and even caught them whispering amongst themselves when I wasn't close enough to hear. It was nice to see that they were worried, I mean, I myself am worried, but I wish they would stop talking about it. Even if they won't do it to my face.

On friday afternoon, I was having my afternoon bought of sickness and Jacqueline just happened to stumble into the bathroom as I threw up my breakfast. Like a good friend, she ran into the stall to hold my hair and rub my back. I muttered my thanks and stood up to walk over to the sink and give myself a good look in the mirror. I had come to a realisation this morning, and I needed someone there with me when I found out.

I looked at Jacqueline and without saying anything gave her a look that told her that I needed her to follow me. Without question she did. We made our way through the school, and I stopped at the statue of Gunhilda, I looked around several times before pulling out my wand and whispering "Dissendium" which allowed us to slip into the passageway that leads to Honeydukes. My parents used to take this to get into Hogsmeade all the time. Interesting that I would be using the same passage to break the rules. At least if I got caught, they couldn't say anything.

"Rose, where are we going?" Jacqueline finally asked as we approached the end of the passage.

"Hogsmeade. I think I have a problem." My voice was low, and well, empty sounding. There were no words for the emotions I was feeling, and no way for me to express them without screaming or crying. So instead of showing them all, I showed none.

We walked through Hogsmeade and I made her wait outside of a small shop, while I went inside to buy what I needed, a pregnancy test. Both muggle and wizarding version. I slipped them inside my bag after purchasing them, and knew the old shopkeeper wouldn't say a word. I had been a little scary inside the store, what with how short I talked, and how I slapped the money on the counter. I don't think she'd dare mess with me.

As I walked out of the store and we began to walk through the town, I was trying hard to keep my head down, too many members of my family could be here, and I knew there was no way I could make up a lie as to why I of all people am skipping classes. I pulled Jacqueline into The Three Broomsticks and we ducked and pushed past the people inside. I was practically running by the time we got inside the ladies room. Ducking down to peer under the stalls and being satisfied that it was just Jacqueline and I, I locked the door both physically and magically, and proceeded to cast a spell that would make the room sound proof.

"Rose! What on earth is going on! I mean, you've been weird lately, so I took you making me follow you through the school. But dragging me to Hogsmeade to wait outside of some strange store I've never seen before and then drag me in here? When we should be in school? What has gotten into you?!" She was nearly shouting at me. She had every right to. I was being rather strange. I just couldn't answer her, not yet.

I opened my mouth to say something, but I had no words, it's like the ability to speak escaped me. I didn't know what to say. I just placed my bag on the sink and pulled out the tests. I knew she was watching me, so I did it in a way that she would see them. Setting the muggle ones on the counter I grabbed the wizarding ones and locked myself in a stall. The instructions read as follows:

1.Take vial out of the box, and have expecting mother pee into it
2.Shake three times and set on a flat surface to sit.
3.In three to five minutes it will produce a parchment with results.

I did as it said, for both of the tests, and then shaking them, emerged from the stall to set them on the counter and grabbed the muggle pregnancy tests. These were self explanatory. I had seen them in those muggle movies my mum liked to make my dad watch sometimes. The girl pees on the stick, see's those magical two lines, and then it's all roses, unicorns and rainbows from there. Not for me, oh no, no roses for Rose Weasley.

While I was going about this I could hear Jacqueline breathing. Clearly she was finally at a loss for words. I wasn't entirely sure if she was mad at me, I suppose I would be if I were her. I mean, I dragged her out of school without a word and have now locked her in a bathroom to not explain to her why I suddenly feel the need to take pregnancy tests. This doesn't exactly happen every day.

I finally came out of the stall to set the muggle tests on the counter of the sink. I turned and looked at Jacqueline. She couldn't stop looking between the tests, and myself.

"I realised it this morning, when you were talking about how you hate being a woman somtimes. You and Blair were discussing your monthly cycles. I normally join in right, because, well, we're all the same. Except, I haven't had anything in two months. Nothing. I don't know how I didn't notice. It could be anything, really. You know, stress does this. But. I just. I'm not sure. I need to know it's not.." I continued babbling and trailed off only when I heard a noise that sounded distinctly like parchment landing on a solid surface.

I couldn't look. There was a lump in my throat, and I suddenly couldn't breath. My chest was rising and falling, but nothing was coming in and out. My eyes were stinging and I couldn't even rationalize with myself. I didn't have to look at the parchment or the stupid tests to know. I didn't even have to make this trip to know. But Jacqueline made her way over to the sink and picked up the paper. After a few moments of painful silence, aside from my frantic breathing, Jacqueline spoke in a shaky voice.

"Rose, You're P..."

"Don't. Don't finish that sentence. Don't say that word." I cut her off before she could finish. Tears fell down my face, and I collapsed onto the floor. I pressed my face into my hands and sobbed even more when I felt my friends arms come around me.

How could I have gotten myself into this mess?


Thanks so much for reading this chapter guys! Wow it was a long one! So, I wasn't sure how far to go with it, but it felt weird introducing the pregnancy in the middle of a chapter, I really wanted to end one off with it, and I didn't feel like I had enough material to throw another chapter in.

As usual Idon't own anything you recognize, except for my own characters and the plot line. The wonderful wizarding world of HP belongs to the fabulous JKR. 

Please please please Review! Last time I checked I had almost a thousand reads! OH MY GOD! AWESOME! However I only have 14 reviews. I'd love to hear your opinions. Was this chapter awful? What do you think is going to happen next? What is she going to do? Who will she tell? Even spelling mistakes! 

Thanks bunches! Love you lots!

xoxo LL

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Don't Say The : What To Expect When You're Expecting


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