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Not So Simple by ExplosiveBlunderbuss
Chapter 27 : Wild Side
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Kneel down ye sinners to streetwise religion

Greed has been crowned the new king

Hollywood’s dream teens, yesterday’s trash queens

Save the blessings for the final ring, amen!

~ Wild Side ~ Motley Crue ~

“Regulus told me.” Sirius muttered to me. We were walking up the road towards Hogsmeade, trailing behind the rest of the group. “I went to see him in the Hospital Wing.”

“I’m sorry, Sirius.”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. He’s become a Death Eater; nobody is going to welcome that. I don’t get it, though- he thinks this makes him big and clever, but it just makes him even more of a fool, thinking his warnings carry weight just because Voldemort’s branded him.”

“I didn’t think someone so young would be allowed to join up…” But I was remembering my captor. Really, though I’d never seen his face, I knew somehow that he was probably only a year or so older than myself. Then again, I also knew he wasn’t part of Voldemort’s inner circle- he was just a puppet, not a real follower or friend. Maybe he’d been bullied into it? Yet he showed no remorse.

“It’s a sick world we live in, Erin.” He looked really depressed, and I felt bad.

“I thought today was supposed to be fun?” I asked in a falsely cheery voice. Sirius managed to crack a small smile as he looked round at me, his hands still buried in his pockets.

“It will be. Don’t you worry.”

“I put your brother in the Hospital Wing, of course I’m worried!” I pointed out. He stared at me for a minute, then seized me under his arm, tickling me and ruffling my hair. “Hey!” I yelled.

“There. I’m having fun now, anyway.” He stated.

“Get off!” I managed to push him away, and he roared with laughter, the bark of a laugh that sounded so much like the dog he became when he was in Animagus form.

“All I can ask is that you and Alice don’t, you know, spread it around too much about Regulus. I know you won’t, but still.” He added. I nodded, and we stopped discussing it, though I felt terrible.

As Sirius had been tickling me, I’d seen Remus look around and smile warmly at us. For some reason, that single smile was like a massive weight off my shoulders, and when Perry fell into step beside Peter for a moment, I found the courage to approach him as we headed into Zonko’s.

“How are you?” I asked him.

“I haven’t been too bad.” Remus answered mildly. “How about you? I know things haven’t been so easy for you what with everything since…”

“Things are looking up.” I shrugged, looking on as Remus examined some items.

“I hope you don’t mind about me and Perry.” He said this quickly, not looking at me. It took me a minute to realise what he was talking about.

“What? No!” I actually laughed, “You and her… well, it’s real. Don’t feel guilty, Remus. I want you to be happy, you deserve it after what I did to you.”

“I wasn’t unhappy with you.” He smiled. “But thanks. And while we’re on the subject…”


“I was wondering about you and Sirius. Well, not wondering, because I know better than almost anyone. But,” His gold eyes found mine, “I just wanted to say that if you like him, please put him out of his misery, Erin. I know everyone keeps telling both of you this,” He smiled again, “But you owe it to yourself to give it a chance. You took a big step with him when you barely even knew how you felt, and whether that was right or wrong, you trust him, and you’re right to do so. I’ve seen him with girls, and you’re different. So please, trust your instincts, and even more importantly, trust Sirius.”

I hadn’t been expecting such a big speech from Remus, and he was right, I’d heard this all before ever since everything that’d happened blew up. But… hearing it from Remus, of all people… I found myself actually listening for once. I looked over where Sirius was standing with James, discussing something over a display containing fireworks.

“It’s not him I don’t trust, Remus. It’s myself.” I sighed.

“Do you enjoy his company?” Remus asked.


“Does he make you laugh?”


“Can you talk to him for hours and never run out of things to say?”

“Yes, but…”

“Does he actually open up to you? Does he tell you personal things?” Something about this question was significant, and I knew it. I looked up at Remus, who seemed to know the answer. “He doesn’t tell just anyone stuff, you know. “

“I just…” I stammered.

“I already know how he makes you feel, Erin. He makes you feel like your skin is on fire and like you’ll never get tired of hearing what he has to say. Like I said, you owe this to yourself.” I hadn’t time to think of a response before Perry approached us.

“Remus?” She said. I noticed her eyes flicker onto me. I also noticed her red roots peeking through the blonde on her hair quite a lot now.

“I asked her.” He told Perry. Her eyes widened. “Erin says she doesn’t mind.”

“Thank you.” Perry said seriously. I realised then, through the dregs of my last conversation with Remus,  that they were talking about me being okay with their being together. I just nodded, not even realising this was the first time Perry had spoken to me directly for weeks, and we weren’t even arguing. Make that months…

I wandered over to Lily, who was listening to Peter talk about something, though she clearly wasn’t really listening. Her emerald eyes were on the back of James’ head.

“He hasn’t even spoken to me.” Lily mumbled, ignoring Peter as I approached.

“You could speak to him?”  I suggested blandly.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Maybe he doesn’t either.”

“He always has something to say.” I kind of shrugged, and Lily seemed to snap out of it and realise my heart was not in the conversation at all. She looked round at me expectantly.

“I just spoke to Remus.” I admitted.

“How was that?” Lily inquired.

“Okay. Interesting. He told me I should go for it with… with Sirius and you know… you guys are right.” Her green eyes lit up as I spoke, but I cut her off before she could squeal excitedly. “Don’t say anything though, please. I haven’t thought it through yet, so I don’t know how I’m going to go about it.”

“There doesn’t have to be some big plan. He’s mad about you, it doesn’t have to be ceremonious or clever.” Lily reasoned. I looked back over towards Sirius. He was stood with Peter, who had left us to chat, looking at something.

“I don’t know… maybe we’ll just wait and see.”

A/N: I tried to be as speedy as possible with this update! I hope you liked it. I remember when I originally wrote this I wasn't happy with anything at this period in the fic but reading it back it's not so bad. I hope not anyway! Let me know in a review :)

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Not So Simple: Wild Side


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