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Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks by Fonzzx
Chapter 12 : Six Years Later
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Chapter 27: Six Years Later




I'm going to give you a summary of the last six years.


First year: Dad left Mum and Daisy turned him into a part vampire.


Second year: Angel proposed to Cassie, and turned her into a part vampire. Dom finished her last year at Hogwarts as Head Girl.


Third year: At Angel and Cassie's wedding, Teddy proposed to Victoire. Lily got sorted into Hufflepuff, and Lucy and Hugo got sorted into Gryffindor.


Fourth year: Louis came out as gay (no surprises there, everyone had known for ages) at Teddy and Victoire's wedding.


Fifth year: Al came out as bisexual (also no surprises) at Christmas at the Burrow. James, Freddie and Louis finished their last year at Hogwarts. Louis was Head Boy, and Alice Longbottom was Head Girl.


Sixth year: Al and I began secretly seeing each other, and Dad and Daisy got married. Molly finished her last year as Head Girl at Hogwarts.




So now we're at seventh year. September the first. Again.


I'm Head Boy, and Rose is Head Girl. I thought Head Boy would go to Al, but he's spent too much time planning pranks with Roxy.


Things had got... confusing. Rose liked me, although she'd never admit it. I hadn't told my parents about me and Al yet. I wasn't even sure what I was. Before Al and I got together I slept with Roxy, which seriously screwed with the dynamic of the group for a while. She appeared to have gotten over her crush on me now.


I forced myself not to think of her brown, slim body against mine when the images popped into my head, which was more often than I'd care to admit. It was just a one time thing for me (I was as high as a broom in very strong winds).


Our group had become known as the “rebellious Ravenclaws” by the rest of the school. Roxy dyed her hair mad colours because she felt like it, Rose led protests in the Entrance Hall, and Al and I had piercings and tattoos. Al had a ring through the middle of his lip and his left eyebrow pierced, and I had my right eyebrow pierced and small plugs in my ears. I had a pair of dragon wings inked onto my back and Al had a Hungarian Horntail (old family joke) on his chest.


I was waiting on the platform with Dad and Angel for the rest of them to turn up. I'd spent the last week staying with Dad and Daisy. I hadn't seen any of them while I'd been there. Al said in his letters that Roxy had done something insane with her hair. Actually, out of the four of us, Rose is the most normal.


Rose, Hugo, Al and Lily came down the platform, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione following them. Al had traded his normal glasses for thick rimmed ones. They suited him.


“I've been made Quidditch captain,” he said excitedly.


“Were you ever going to tell me in any of your letters?” I asked, raising my pierced eyebrow.


“Nah. I thought I'd keep it as a surprise.” He was practically bouncing up and down. I bet he'd spent the last week discussing tactics with his brother James.


“Hiiiiiiiiiii,” Roxy came rushing up to us.


“Your hair's pink,” I said stupidly. “And short.”


“Yep! I love it!”


“McGonagall's going to kill you,” Rose murmured.


“If Neville doesn't get there first,” Hugo smirked.


The adults loaded our trunks onto the biggest compartment on the train, and Lucy and her parents arrived. The biggest compartment was always ours. Everyone knew it. We hopped on the train, and Rose, Lily, Lucy, Hugo and I headed down to the Prefects compartment. I let Rose do all the talking. I preferred to sit and observe.


Rose told the prefects who the Quidditch captains were (Lily, Hugo, Al and some Slytherin sixth year called Flint), and told them how to set the password for their common rooms. Then that was it, and we headed back to our compartment.


“Food,” Roxy said, chucking it at us.


I eyed it suspiciously. “It's not one of your dad's new products is it?”


“No,” she said, giving Al a look.


“I'll pass,” I said, tossing it back to her.


“Just eat the damn sweets, Scorp.”


“Fine!” I popped one in my mouth. I didn't feel any different.


Everyone else started giggling at me, and I saw my reflection in the window. My skin was blue.


“Cheers Roxy. How long does it take to wear off?”


She laughed. “About ten minutes.”




Al and I were the only people who shared our dorm. Apparently the sorting hat had been scarce on Ravenclaw blokes in our year. Roxy and Rose had about six other girls in their dorm. No wonder Al and I had gone soft. It was all this female company. I was surprised we hadn't grown boobs and started having periods.


When we got to the dorm, there was only one bed.


I laughed. “Hogwarts knows.”


“There are no secrets here,” Al smirked.


I looked him up and down. He'd grown over the summer, he was now taller than me. His black hair was short and spiky in an effortless way. His green eyes always had a smile in them. He had the slim build of a seeker, with just a hint of muscles.


“Merlin, I hate how pretty you are,” I said, and kissed him.


He smiled under my lips. “You're one to talk.”


Without sounding like an arrogant arse, we were the two hottest blokes at Hogwarts, now that James and Freddie had left. I got a kick out of seeing girls drool over Al and knowing that he was mine.






Scorp pulled away and looked in the mirror.


“I have a year left,” was all he said. I knew what he meant. He told me as soon as Angel promised him.




“What if you don't like me when I'm pale and I drink blood?”


He was such a worrier.


“I will.”


“How do you know?” he demanded.


“Because I'll get Angel to change me too.”


Scorp's mouth literally just hung open.


“If you don't shut your mouth I'll shove my dick in there,” I smirked.


He closed it. Disappointing.


“I wasn't looking forward to that conversation, but it looks like we're thinking the same thing.”


“Scorp, we're always thinking the same thing.”


“I won't force it on you if you don't want it,” he said.


“I do want it. I fucking love you, you idiot.”


Oh wait, I hadn't told him that before.


His smile lit up his face. “Really? You do?”


I sighed. I was in too deep already. “Yes. Even though Rose fancies the pants off you and you shagged Roxy and Merlin only knows how many other girls.”


“Your record isn't exactly clean either,” Scorp smirked. “Oh yeah, and I love you too. Twat.”


I grinned and pulled him back towards me.






I climbed the staircase to the boys dormitories. The girls were doing my head in, and I'd forgotten to tell Scorp that we had to sort everyone's timetables out in the morning.


As our relationship was ridiculously close, I just barged straight into his and Al's room.


Oh my God,” the words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.


Al and Scorp were both topless, and kissing. No, not kissing. Eating each other's faces.


“Shit,” Al said, as they pulled away from each other.


“You're gay?” I asked Scorp.


“Maybe, I dunno.”


“How can you not know?”


“Leave it, Rose,” Al said warningly.


Scorp shrugged. “I just don't.”


I narrowed my eyes at them. “How long has this been going on?”


“Six months,” Al answered.


“Why didn't you tell anyone?”


Scorp answered me this time. “I wasn't ready for people to know.”


“And you're ok with that?” I asked Al.


Al shrugged. “I don't really care whether anyone knows or not. It's no one else's business.”


“You could've told me!”


They both gave me an amused look.


“What?” I asked suspiciously.


“You're the biggest gossip in the world,” Al said, laughing.


“I am not!”


“Ah fuck it,” Scorp said. “Tell people. I don't care. I love Al.”






I left them to it.


I'd known that I'd liked Scorpius for a couple of years. Now not one, but two of my cousins had got there before me. I remembered Roxy telling me what it was like having sex with him, and her ridiculous infatuation with him afterwards. I remembered when Louis had a crush on him. He never told him, obviously.


I dropped onto my bed.


“What's wrong?” Roxy asked. “You look like you've seen a thestral.”


“Al,” I said. “And Scorp. Going out.”


“What? Scorp's not gay,” Roxy laughed. “Trust me, I know these things.”


“He doesn't know if he's gay or not. But trust me, Malfoy men mate for sodding life. Look at Draco and Daisy. And Scorp picked Al.”


“How long has it been going on?” Roxy was taking me seriously now.


“Six months.”


“That bitch!” Roxy shouted. “He stole Scorp from me! They got together right after we were together!”


“Scorp didn't like you in that way,” I reminded her. Again.


“So why did he have sex with me then?”


“He's a bloke, and no offence Roxy, but you're easy.”


She glared at me.


I wasn't wrong. In fifth year she slept with all the guys on the Gryffindor Quidditch team (that was before Hugo was on it. Thank Merlin).


I, as a complete contrast to the rest of the group, was still a virgin.


That didn't look set to change any time soon.

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