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Forgetful Rosie by majamariamaja
Chapter 5 : Trail of information.
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Gorgeous CI by Elysian @ TDA.

Chapter Five: Trail of information.

It takes a lot of begging, explaining and several slices of pie to calm Dom down after she heard the rumor about me and Malfoy.

"So it's not true?" she asks after getting her breathing back to normal.

I dump a fourth piece of pie on her plate while I think about her question. Well... It started as a joke, but apparently people have witnessed it with their own eyes; seen me go down on one knee and ask Malfoy to marry me(I suddenly remembered this). So what am I to say?

"Well... We were drunk," I say, truthfully.

"So you're really engaged to that weirdo?" she gasps.

"What? He's not a weirdo," I say back, smoothly avoiding her question.

"He's too! He wears that silly green hat every St Patty's Day, works out in that ridiculous pink outfit and completely ignores all women. Actually, I think he's secretely gay."

"Being gay doesn't make a person weird," I tell her. "Besides, I'm a walking proof of his straightness."

"But we digress," Dom cuts in, "are you really engaged to Malfoy or are you not?"

I bite my lip.

"People seem to think so," is all I say and try to look as innocent as possible.

"Well, considering the fact that they saw you proposing to him-"

"I shouldn't have told you that..."

"- it's not too strange that people think you're tying the knot."

I sigh heavily.

"Dom, I honestly don't know what's going on," I say. "It started out as a silly joke, kind of. We didn't really think to go through with it. Or maybe we did...but only just then and there. But, now that it's spread all over the school...I-I don't know how to handle it. I have no idea of what to do."

Dom looks at me for a moment while chewing on her lower lip. She does that when she's thinking hard.

"Have you two talked since?"

I blush.

"Okay, so you have," Dom says and rolls her eyes. It makes me blush even more. "Did anything happen?" My face is all red and flaming now. "Something happened."

I clear my throat. "Sort of."

"Well, are you going to tell me yourself this time, or do I have to hear it from some random Hufflepuff?"

"Hufflepuffs really are the worst gossips..." I remark, mostly to myself. "But, well... We sort of... Kissed."

"And there was no alcohol in the picture?"


"So you like him."

"I don't know..."

"It wasn't a question, Rose," Dom snorts. "I know you like him. I can see it in that tomato you call a face."

I scowl at her.

"So...are you two a thing now?" she asks.

"I don't know," I say again and push food around my plate. "One kiss doesn't autumatically make us a couple."

"It does when you're supposedly engaged to be married," Dom jabs.

I roll my eyes at her.

"Just don't put me in one of those horrible Maid of Honor dresses. Victoire's chosen this horrible frilly, pink bridesmaid thing for us to wear. So if you do the same, I'll kill you."

"I didn't know she's chosen dresses yet?"

"Yeah, she sent me pictures a couple days ago," Dom informs me. "You'll vomit when you see them. We're gonna go down that aisle looking like two partly digested cupcakes."

This makes me laugh.

"Oh, my god." I half grin, half grimace at the thought. "At least we have a few months to get used to it."

"Yeah, and if I had my way,January 16th would disappear from the calendar altogether. Just go from the 15th to the 17th. That would be perfection."

I nod and smile to myself. I actually look forward to the wedding, despite Dom's complaints. Watching Teddy, my very best guy friend in the world, getting married, and witnessing his happiness will be...magical. I don't know of anyone who deserves having a family more than him. And now he'll be starting his own by marrying Victoire.

"You know what you should do?" Dom suddenly exclaims.


"You should ask Vic to be a bridesmaid in your wedding, and then put her in something absolutely horrible!" Dom grins evilly and rubs her hands together, looking like a crazy person craving revenge.

"If I ever get married, I'll keep that in mind," I laugh.

"Uhm, hello! Apparently you are getting married - have you already forgotten your fiance?"

"I seriously doubt I'll really marry Scorpius Malfoy," I chuckle. "It was just a silly thought only two very drunk people can come up with."

"But there's something I just can't understand..." Dom's forehead creases. "If Malfoy knew it wasn't real all along, and he actually remembered this happening, why hasn't he cleared up the confusion?"

My eyes go wandering on their own, and I catch Malfoy's now green eyes looking at me. I hurry to shift my gaze.

"He promised me he wouldn't..." I whisper.

Dom just sits there. For several seconds.

"Well, fuck you," she suddenly says to me, and I'm taken aback.

"Pardon me?"

"Fuck you."

"For what?"

"For taking the only decent boy that was left," she explains sourly.

"I thought you found him weird? And gay?"

She waves her hand as if she's waving away my words. "You know I didn't mean that shit. He's gorgeous, not a player, straight and keeps his word - do you have any idea how rare that is? You know what? You should marry him. And quickly, before he realises how much of a freak you are."

"I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend - you're so considerate and nice," I deadpanned.

Dom ignores my comment, she stares down at her plate with a pensive frown.

"What are you thinking about now?" I ask her, and she slowly looks up.

"There's one thing you haven't thought of..."

"Yeah? And what's that?"

"If Al knows..."


"It means James probably knows..."


"And Lily..."


"Which means her best friend, Lucy, our cousin knows. And she tells everything to her older sister, Molly..."

"Where are you going with this?"

"That it's only a matter of time..."

"Until what?"

"Until she tells her father, whom she tells everything to..."

"Uncle Percy? I guess so- Oh, shit!"


"He's going to tell everyone!"


"Mum and dad!"

"Amongst others."

"Grannie and granddad!"

"This is happening."

"It can't be!"

Dom and I are looking at each other, and I grow more and more desperate. I spin around and search for Malfoy. I have to find him. I have to get him to go back on his word; he has to tell people that we're absolutely in no way engaged!

I scan the vast great hall, but there's no tall, blonde boy anywhere.

"I can't find him!" I wheeze to myself, and get to my feet.

"Who are you looking for?" Dom asks. "Your fiance?"

"Shut up!" I yell at her. "He's not my fiance!"

"Well, if he isn't already, he will be soon," Dom tells me with a mouth full of pie. "You can't very well tell your parents their daughter got engaged while being completely and utterly shitfaced. And not to mention our grandparents - they'll freak. They're from a different time, being engaged means something to them."

"Excuse me, but I think it's better for them to freak, rather than die from the shock of their granddaughter marrying a Malfoy," I hiss. Then I groan as I realise he's not in the room.

"But they haven't sent you a howler yet," Dom observes. "So maybe it's still time to rectify this mistake of yours before it reaches their ears."

"True!" I gasp. "I have to stop it before it spreads. I'll start with Al. Maybe he hasn't told James yet..."

"Well, if he hasn't told his older brother, then someone else definitely has," Dom says, bursting my bubble of hope.

"I still have to try," I declare, and now scan the room for my stupid cousin. He's sitting at the Slytherin table, gloomily glaring at some charts(probably Quidditch stuff - he's dead set on crushing the Gryffindor team this year).

I run across the room and stop right in front of Al. He doesn't even look up.

"Al," I say and poke his shoulder, "I have to talk to you."

He ignores me.

"Don't ignore me!" I yell. "This is bloody important!"

Al's hands turn into fists, the knuckles whitening.

"What?" he growls, but still doesn't look at me.

"We can't talk here," I hiss and my eyes dart back and forth to assure myself that nobody takes notice of me.

"Well, I'm not going anywhere with you," he seethes.

"Oh, get over yourself!" I groan. "You said some nasty shit, and I said some nasty shit. We're both at fault here, so let's just forget it and move on."

Al makes a 'hrmph'-sound, which is all I can expect from him. The bloke is too proud for his own good. But I take what I can get.

"Fine," he snaps and gets up. We speed-walk out into the entrance hall and find a safe place behind a large tapestry.

"And to what do I owe this great pleasure?" Al asks sarcastically.

"Drop the tone," I tell him and send him an impatient glare.

"Then get to the point."

"Have you told your brother?"

"My brother?"

"You're not that thick, are you? James."

"Have I told James what?"

I shift uneasily.

"About that stupid thing that happened at your birthday party..."

"Which of the many stupid things are you referring to? When you rubbed up against anything with a pulse, or accused me of only being liked because of my father, or that you proposed to my best friend?"

I frown as I look up at my tall cousin. "That last one."

"I didn't need to tell him. He was there."

"Are you shitting me?!"


"And where is he?" I demand.

"Probably on the Quidditch pitch," Al snorts. "The stupid lad thinks that drilling his team to exhaustion can get him to beat us in the game. Daft prick. But what can you expect? He was dropped on his head as a baby. Mum told me."

"I'm not surprised," I mutter, but then I remember what I have to do. "I have to go."

Al looks at me suspiciously. "Okay?"

"Bye!" I call over my shoulder as I run away. I keep running at top speed until I'm just outside the castle, then I slow down to a jog. By the time I reach the Quidditch pitch, I'm dragging my feet and panting.

"James!" I yell at him, using the last of my air supply.

I can see him standing on the ground at the middle of the pitch with his broom over his shoulder as he screams out commands at his team mates.

"Rose?" he says as he turns his head to me. "What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

I muster up the last of my strength and trot over to him. He meets me half way.

"Take five!" he calls to the rest of his team, and I can hear the relief in their moans.

"I - need - to - speak - to - you!" I press out between gasps.

"Are you gonna fall over?" James asks and looks at me with a sceptical expression.

"I'm - fine," I say, and lean over to put my hands on my knees. It takes a few seconds before I've collected myself, and I can feel how tense James is getting.

"I don't have all day, Rose," he tells me impatiently. "We only have the pitch till seven."

"Okay, I'll be quick." I straighten up and look James in the eyes. "Does your sister know?"

"My sister?"

"Christ! Don't you Potter-kids know your own siblings?! LILY!"

"And what about her?"

"Does she know?" I repeat.

"Know what?"

"I know you were dropped on your head as a kid, but seriously - it can't be that bad?"

"Yeah, insulting me will get you the answers you need," James says dryly.

I glare at him and then take a deep breath. "Does she know about the rumor about me and...Malfoy?"

"But it's not a rumor," James says and squints his eyes at me. "I saw it with my own eyes, and when I asked Malfoy about it, he didn't say anything to the contrary. What are people supposed to think?"

"Seriously?!" I yell, and groan loudly. "So she knows?"

"Yeah, everyone does," James tells me and cast a look over his shoulder to check on his team mates. "But I seriously have to get back to this now, Red."

"Don't call me that," I growl.

"Oh, I'm sorry - Mrs Malfoy, then," he jabs, and I glare at him.

"Wait!" I call after him as he turns around to leave. "So Lily knows - what about Lucy and Molly?"

"Yeah, they all know. I've already said that, haven't I? Maybe I'm not the only one who was dropped on his head."


James is just about to jog back to join his team when he adds one last thing: "Oh, by the way, your brother knows too."

"My brother?"

"Seriously, Red - get your own head checked before you insult mine."

And then he runs off, and gives out commands while approaching his mates. My eyes are immediately drawn to the curly haired boy sitting on the bench, and my heart falls into my stomach.

It's not until this moment that I fully understand the magnitude of that drunken decision I made. And my ability to breathe decreases rapidly.

The cold air surrounding me makes me shiver, and I start on my journey back into the castle, all the while hating myself and dreading what would inevitably come.

I don't realise that I'm lying on my bed, staring up at the canopy, until Amanda comes barging into the dormitory.

"Why are you in bed already?" she asks me loudly, and I wince at the sound of her voice. I want to be alone right now, so that I can drown in my self-loathing without witnesses.

"Hellooo?" She pokes me and I groan. "Seriously, I don't know what's the matter with you. I thought engagement was supposed to be a happy time-"

"I'm not engaged!" I scream and sit up.

"Well, everyone else seems to think you are," Amanda replies with an amused expression. "Even Malfoy himself."

"We were drunk and that was it."

"Not according to-"

"I don't bloody care what other people are saying!" I screech.

"Seriously, calm down," Amanda tells me and frowns. "Don't get your hormones in a twist - Oooh, you're pregnant, aren't you? That would explain so -"

"Definitely not!"

"It would make sense."

"In what world would that make sense, Amanda?!"

"In the world where you and Malfoy shagged without protection and-"

"We used protection, so there you go!" And as soon as the words are out of my mouth, I want to take them back. "I mean-"

"So you have shagged," Amanda repeats. "And Maxie McKibben saw the two of you making out in the hallway... Do you really think I'm that daft? You can't very well try to keep your engagement a secret when you're flaunting it everywhere."

I grab my pillow and hide my face behind it.

"Besides, people saw the proposal with their own eyes," Amanda adds. "Is it true that you were the one who-?"

"I don't want to talk about it," I say into the pillow. It muffles my words.


"I said I don't want to talk about it!"

"Fine, whatever." And then I hear her marching into the bathroom.

I hate my life.

I really really hate my life.

But not more than I hate alcohol.


A short chapter, but I hope you still like it :)

This story is just pouring out of me, even though I have no idea where it's gonna go. But I do have some very interesting ideas(that are going to blow your mind - in a good and a bad way)!

Thank you so much for still reading! Tell me if you like it or not, please :)

All my love,

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