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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 36 : Chapter Thirty-Six
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Stunning Chapter Image by milominderbinder @ TDA!

A/N Sensitive topic ahead as well as substance use/abuse.

Despite that we were on a trip and the small fact that we were supposed to be looking after the  dolls which were our 'babies' myself, Al, Dom and Scorpius found ourselves sat in front of the TV in mine and Al's flat watching the latest horror movie, eating popcorn and other sorts of junk food.

Allie was fast asleep in her cot in the little nursery and the baby monitor was on the coffee table, along with the one that Dom had brought as Delilah was asleep in her own nursery in the flat across the hall.

As I didn't think it was fair on Dom and Scorp to me and Al all loved up on the sofa, I had taken it over with a little help from Dom and we had turfed the boys onto the floor, although they were quite happy to sit down there as they had beanbags.

The two girls in the film were in this big old creepy house and as they pushed the door of the kitchen it made a long old 'creak'. They picked up food and water supplied and put them in their backpacks as well as gathering the most sharpest knives and anything else they could use as a weapon. They entered the main room of the house and the one screamed at the sight of a chopped off foot in the middle of it.

"By midnight, none of you shall survive. By midnight, you will all be at one with me," A deranged voice said echoing around the house. From within the closet in the corner of the room came scratching sounds on the door, the handle turned and the two girls gripped each other in fear. Just as the door started to edge open there was a loud cry and we all jumped.

Dom squealed as she some of her coke spilled down the front of her t-shirt, Al paused the DVD and I picked up each of the baby monitors as the cry was coming loud and clear from the one. "I think Delilah's awake," I said stating the obvious.

Dom sighed as she placed her glass on the table as Scorpius made no attempt to go see to their 'child'. "Looks like I'll go then, I need to change my top anyway. Carry on without me," Dom muttered as I handed her the baby monitor back.
Once I heard our flat door close I whacked Scorpius around the back of the head with my hand. "Ow! What was that for?" he asked as he turned around to look at me, rubbing his head.

I glared at him. "You could at least act like you care about this trip, it goes towards our grades, Scorp. You haven't helped Dom at all with Delilah."

He said nothing for a moment as he rubbed his head some more as thought I had seriously hurt him. "I don't really care about this, Flick, no offence and if I had it my way my fake baby would be with Rose not her sodding cousin."

"It doesn't bloody matter who it's with," I exasperated. "Would you have acted like this with me? Probably not. But I've noticed lately you've got some sort of grudge against Dom and whatever it is you better get over it fast because we got back to school tomorrow and we've got to write a report about this trip together!"

He gulped and I clearly saw the flash of guilty appear on his face for a minute before he turned back to the film as Al pressed play.


I was starting to wonder about Dom as nearly and hour later she still wasn't back. Whether it was to Delilah not sleeping or whether Dom had fallen asleep herself I didn't know. Eventually curiosity got the better of me.

"I'm going to see, Dom." I told them as I removed Al's head from off my feet and stood up. Neither of them paid any real attention as I grabbed the baby monitor and put it in my pocket, I checked on Allie who was still fast asleep and left the flat.

I knocked softly on Dom's door but there was no reply, I turned the handle and found it was unlocked so I walked in. I checked the kitchen, living room and the bedroom yet there was not sign of Dom, the bathroom door was open as I past and I hesitated outside the nursery. I could hear sobbing from within and I pushed the door open cautiously.

"Dom?" I questioned at the sight of her leaning back against the chest of drawers, her knees drawn up to her chest, her head resting on them.

She hadn't changed her top and I knew something was up the second I saw her. Dom looked up at me, some of her blonde hair had come out of its neat ponytail and her mascara and eye liner was all smudged, with black streaks down her cheeks. Dom's normally bright happy blue eyes were red and puffy from crying as the tears trickled down her face.

"What?" I started to say as I headed over to her and knelt down by her side.

"Ignore me, I'm being stupid," Dom half sobbed before taking a large mouthful of the clear liquid from the bottle that was in her hand.

I tried to pry the bottle which I knew was vodka out of her hand before she could take another mouthful. What ever this was about it couldn't have been good because half the bottle was gone already and there were two cans of larger on the floor next to her.

"Tell me what's wrong, Dommie?" I asked her in a low voice as I became aware of Delilah moving around in the cot.

"Stupid reckless slut," Dom slurred as I helped her to her feet.

She stumbled as I guided her to her bedroom and managed to get her to sit on the bed but even then she fell sideways. I took a hold of her legs as I swung them up onto the bed and got the other pillows to prop behind her back to keep her sat up.

Making sure that she wasn't going to go anywhere I left Dom on the bed and headed to the nursery, Delilah was fast asleep oblivious to what had happened. I picked the cans up and took them out into the kitchen and put them in the bin before getting two big glasses of water. I headed back into the bedroom and was glad to see Dom in the same place I had left her and I placed the one glass on the side.

"Here, drink this instead," I said offering her the glass of water in exchange for the vodka bottle. Reluctantly Dom took the exchange and took a sip of the water as I hid the bottle down the side of the bedside cabinet. She pulled a face but took another sip. "Dommie, can you tell me what's wrong?"

"I've messed up so bad, so many secrets and lies,"  she mumbled and then took another sip of the water.

Careful to avoid the glass I gave her a hug. "It's okay sweetie, you can tell me."

"S-scor c-came to me asking advice about gi-girls," Dom started to explain to me and then gulped down half a glass of water, her face paled and then she said, "I feel sick."

Thrusting the glass into my hands Dom rolled off the bed and crawled out the room on her hands and knees, I put the glass on the side and followed her to the bathroom where I found her with her head over the toilet. I pulled back her hair as she was sick as I wondered what the hell all this was about and what did Scorpius have to do with it, because lets face it I don't know anyone else with that name or who gets called Scor.

"Water," Dom croaked as she sat back against the bath. I went back and got both glasses and she gulped them both down, as I refilled them up in the sink she started talking. "H-he was nervous about doing it with R-Rosie for the first time and me being the slut that I am, I offered that he could practice with me because of my experience when I was drunk," Dom sobbed. "He said n-no at first but then the closer it got to the date he and Rose set,  he eventually said y-yes."

My jaw dropped because I couldn't believe I was hearing this, Dom and Scorp? It seemed like utter madness. "So it was a one time thing?" I questioned as I gave her a glass of water and pushed her hair out of her eyes.

Dom shook her head and then hung it in shame, the word "No," came out as a mere whisper. "It was more than once, at least eight or nine times throughout the March."

"And it was just the March?"

She nodded. "He came to me at Christmas for advice but he never said yes to my offer until the March because he was s-so nervous. It was his first time, certainly not mine because y'know those three guys and Frankie."

I nodded as I nudged the glass of water, wanting her to drink more of it. Before Dom could say anything else she threw up again and I held her hair back and then handed her some tissue to wipe her mouth.

"At first it was just a one off but then we somehow kept meeting up late at night, the one time Hattie went past and nearly caught us but I hid my face so all she could see was blonde hair," Dom told me as I flushed the toilet and shut the lit before sitting on it and sorting Dom's hair out.

"Go on, Dommie, I'm listening sweetie." I reassured her as I combed through her hair with my fingers and started to do a French plait.

She hiccuped before continuing, "It was around the sixth time that I realised. That's when I knew, Flick, that's when I knew I loved him. He was different from the other boys, we didn't just have sex, we made love. I know he was and still is dating my cousin, I know he's in love with her but I can't help these feelings. They got more prominent the more we did it and especially after I became pregnant," Dom mumbled the last bit but I was certainly able to hear the word 'pregnant'.

I felt my eyes widen and I let out a low whistle. "Oh my god," I breathed as Dom guzzled down the water.

I had no words for what she had told me, it wasn't because of what she done it was because my best had been pregnant and I hadn't a clue, but then again I'm a hypocrite for saying that since I didn't tell Dom either. I felt her sigh and she lent forward to rest her head on her knees just as I tied off the plait with a bobble. I refilled the glass and slid off the toilet lid and sat down beside her, putting my arm around her shoulders.

Dom sniffed and I passed her some toilet paper."I regret it y'know. Going through with it, I always have."

"Regret what?" I asked carefully, wondering whether she was on about the whole sleeping with her cousin's boyfriend or getting pregnant by him.

"The abortion," she said ever so quietly. "I regret it so much. That was my baby, mine and his and I got rid of it like it was something nasty on my shoe. A year ago today I was six weeks pregnant, and then a year next Sunday I put an end to that. My own stupid mistake, I regret it so much, Flick. You have no idea how much I regret doing it," Dom said as she started to cry again.

I hugged her even tighter. "It's not your fault, Dommie, people don't choose to get pregnant at sixteen."

"But it is my fault, I shouldn't have offered in the first place. He was my cousin's boyfriends for Merlin's sake. Our baby would be just over three months old if I hadn't of done that, did you know that, Flick, three months old. I would be a mother right now but I'm not, and do you know the worst thing about all of this?"

Dom didn't even give me a chance to answer and carried on regardless. "He didn't even have a sodding clue because I never told him I was pregnant or what I did. I didn't tell him because I was scared, when I found out he was all happy with Rose, but yet he still came crawling back into my bed because he wasn't getting any from her and I allowed it."

"Back then I didn't see how I could have looked after a child but now I think I'd have done a good job, no one would have had to have know who the father was, I could have lied about him or that I didn't know who it was. I could have done anything except what I did. The guilt is always there, Flick, nagging me at the back of my mind."

I wiped away my own tears which I hadn't realised were falling until I felt one plop of the end of my nose and then I wiped Dom's away as well whilst she paused.

"Yeah I may look okay on the outside but I'm not, I may act fine but I'm not. I'm far from it. I'm best friends with them and I see them practically everyday. How was I meant to go on like nothing ever happened? How was I supposed to pretend I didn't care? How was I supposed to have not given a crap considering I loved him, in fact I still love him despite everything."

I had never realised how much my best friend has actually needed me in sixth year, and even though I wasn't there I should have replied to those letters and I should have told her, I should have told Al, in fact I should have just told everyone.

"Come on, Dom, lets get you to bed, yeah."

I got up and then helped Dom to her feet since she was still wobbly, as we were about to go into the bedroom Dom stopped and stared into the nursery. 

"Seeing her," Dom said pointing at the sleeping Delilah in the cot. "Just brought back so many memories, it made me think of my baby and would he or she have looked like. It's just really freaky."

Before Dom could say anything else I got her into the bedroom and she collapsed onto the bed, I looked in the drawers for her pyjamas and found a blue pair. When I told her to get undressed she half helped but I still had to pull her jeans off of her since they were tight. Once she was ready for bed I pulled back the covers and then went and got another two glasses of water and placed them on the bedside table.

I eventually got Dom into the bed and lying on her side and pulled the covers up over her. "It feels good to let my secret out," Dom murmured as she snuggled down.

I smoothed the few whispy bits of blonde hair out of her face. "Hush now, Dommie, you need to sleep it off, we're up early tomorrow."

"Thanks, Fliss. Love you."

I smiled at my best friend and stood up, I stood in the doorway for a moment. "You're not the only one with a secret, Dommie," I whispered as I turned the light off. "I'm a mum."

I closed the door halfway and checked on Delilah before I left after turning all the lights off except the bathroom one. Back in my and Al's flat he and Scor were playing some muggle video game as the DVD has long finished. I checked on Allie before getting ready for bed and making sure my stuff was packed ready for the morning.

I went back into the living room and coughed to make my presence known, they both turned to look at me, "I'm staying over with Dom tonight she's not feeling to well, so Scorp you'll have to stay here. I'm taking Allie as well."

Al stood up and came over but I had already gone to the nursery and carefully picked Allie out of the cot and grabbed her blankets. "What?" Al questioned.

"Dom's not feeling well so I'm staying over there," I said again before standing on my tip toes and kissing him straight on the mouth. Al was surprised by that but he adjusted and for a minute I was happy, we broke apart and I muttered, "Love you."

"Love you too, Fliss," Al replied placing a kiss on my forehead and then Allie's.

I left the flat and went back into Dom's, I put Allie in the cot with Delilah but at the opposite end and tucked her in. "Sweet dreams little ones."

Dom was snoring softly when I entered and I got into the empty bed after making sure she was still in the same position. I pulled the blankets up over me as I settle down, my thoughts trying to work out this whole situation, both mine and Dom's. I still couldn't believe that Dom had gone through all of this, alone probably as well by the sounds of it. At least I had all the support from dad, nana and Ria as well as my other family members.

Poor Dommie, was all I could think of before my eye lids grew heavy and I started yawning. It didn't take long to fall asleep at all.

A/N So Dom's secret is out and Scorpius' blonde is revealed!! Thoughts??

I have a seven chapter story called 'Regrets' in the works all about Dom and her sixth year which includes her thoughts and feelings on her revelation, so look out!

Up Next - Best friends talk and going back to Hogwarts.

Edited - 23.07.2014

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