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Mindset by SwiftPotterhead
Chapter 6 : Party
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Disclaimer: I know it's hard to believe because of my excellent writing skillz, but I am actually not J. K Rowling and thus I do not own the Harry Potter universe or anything else you may recognise etc etc. 'I Feel Like Dancin'' by All Time Low is also not my property but it is a really good song and I was listening to it while writing this chapter. The fact that I was listening to it is irrelevant but whatever, enjoy the chapter and I'll see you in a bit!



When I walked through the door to James' party with Coco and Laska in tow, the first thing I noticed was the people. They were everywhere. No one looked younger than fifth year, which is good I guess because I'm sure nothing Fred Weasley is serving at that bar on the far left side of the room is non-alcoholic.

The majority of the room is taken up by the dance floor but on the right and along most of the walls are various booths and chairs for people to sit and rest after dancing or to enjoy their drinks. However, it doesn't appear that people are using these areas for their intended purpose if you catch my drift.

But just incase you don't: snogging. They are all full-frontal, get- a- room- please- like- seriously- leave- gross- I'm- trying- to- eat- here snogging. In front of everyone. Where is their modesty? Then again, I showed up with a slutty french maid (as though a normal french maid is just not quite slutty enough for my dear friend Laska) so I probably shouldn't judge.

“Hey Alaska! We never did get to finish that conversation on the pros and cons of colour coding last Saturday” greeted Rose. She is dressed up as a fairy, complete with a wand (a fake, plastic one- not her real wand) and a pair of purple wings. She looks absolutely adorable.

“Please, is there anything to discuss? Colour coding is both efficient and easy without making studying feel like a hassle!” replied Alaska. Oh yeah, Alaska is a total nerd. Don't look so surprised, we are Ravenclaws after all.

“That's so true!” agreed Rose, she laughed lightly with Alaska as I turn to share a look with Caroline. However, when I look over I see that her eyes are otherwise occupied. I switch my gaze to follow hers in order to see what she is looking at. I am met with the sight of James walking towards us. And Merlin's soggy underpants does he look good. I assume he is supposed to be a Greek God, hence the toga, but I highly doubt they wore what looked like the sheets from his bed wrapped around his chest. I can't complain though, because he looks... damn. Just damn.

“Hey, you made it!” James called as he approached my friends and I. He turned to Rose and addressed her, “Rosie, don't tell me you've been boring my guests with your babble on how beating is the hardest quidditch position”

“Hey, beating is extremely difficult” protested Rose. Her tone suggests that this is not the first time James and her had had this argument

“Yeah, you have to not only attack and stop the other team but defend your own team at the same time! You have to be constantly on alert” frowned Alaska.

“Yeah!” agreed Rose, nodding defiantly with Alaska.

“Chasers are still more important.” James simply stated as he took a sip out of his cup.

“Bullshit” argued Rose and Alaska in unison. 

“We are the ones who score all the points guys” I added, shrugging and grabbing James' cup off of him and taking a large gulp. Firewhiskey. I was not ready for that. I shake my head as I burns its way down my throat.

“Without us, you would be taken out in the first five seconds of the game!” contended Rose.

“Oh look, I see some people I know. I'm going to go before someone breaks out a beater's bat. I'll catch up with you lot later.” said Caroline as she patted Alaska and I on the head and walked away. I see Albus' green eyes on the other side of the room and smile. It would seem that Caroline isn't just trying to avoid getting caught in the middle of an argument.

“Okay, beaters are very important.” surrendered James, “Now would you let me get these lovely ladies some drinks.” He gestured for Alaska and I to follow him while Rose waved goodbye and went to join Scorpius in one of the booths. However, half-way to the bar, we were blocked by an unwelcome and ridiculously slutty devil. And I'm not just talking about her costume.


“Hey Jamesy, wow, you look so good!” Imogen exclaimed as she tossed a clump of her split-ended, dirty blonde hair over her shoulder. She then moved her arm away from her hair and down to grasp James' upper arm before turning to Alaska and myself.

“Nina, Alaska! It's so good to see you, you guys look so.... yeah!” she smiled, her icy tone masked by the pep in her voice. Her arm was still on James'. I couldn't take my eyes off her grimy, poorly manicured fingers laying on my- uh, I mean on James. Just James. Not my James. That's not saying that he's not my friend James, because he is. My friend I mean. He's just not my friend James. Not in that way. So there's absolutely no reason for me to be bothered by that skank touching his arm. Right. Yes. Moving on.

“So super great to see you Imogen!” Alaska mimicked Imogen's tone and flipped her own hair (which is free of split ends, by the way) over her shoulder with her beautifully manicured hand. I'm just saying.

“You look so super great Learey!” the sarcasm in my voice was very evident as I shifted my gaze to look her in the eye. It's like I always say, why insult someone when you can say something nice in a very sarcastic tone instead? My eyes moved down to quickly scan her costume; her dull red dress barely reached the bottom of her arse and showed off a little too much of her cleavage. Her heels were insanely high and looked intensely painful, but they lifted her to a little over the average height of a girl her age. *Cough* way too short for James *cough*.

“Anyways,” she snarled at me before turning back to James, “Do you wanna come get a drink with me Jamesy?” she purred as she leaned closer into him. James looks ridiculously uncomfortable. This is more awkward than the time I walked in on my mum crying over some muggle kids movie called Chicken Small or something. I'm talking full snot and everything. We made eye contact for like 15 seconds before I just backed away it was awful.

“I was actually just about to get a drink with Nina and Alaska, maybe another time” replied James as he peeled Imogen off of his side. Imogen leered at James and placed her hand back on his arm.

“You know what, I've had way too much to drink anyway. I should probably get back to my dorm, take this dress off and go to bed. You wanna come with?” Imogen propositioned as she slid her hand onto James' back. Oh. My. Merlin. Did that seriously just happen? Someone needs to fetch some holy water, flick it on her and tell her to leave. Or better yet, I'll just hit her. Yeah, I think I may do that. But before I get the chance Alaska grabs my arm and sharply yanks me back, she gives me a look and through our spirit animal telepathy (don't ask) I know she's telling me that although me punching her in her perky little boob would be awesome and hilarious, I probably shouldn't do it.

“Yeah, you should probably go” agreed James. I felt my heart plummet and my jaw drop with it. James is leaving with her? Imogen turned and smiled at me victoriously. Her smile quickly fell however when James stepped away from her and grabbed my hand, “have a nice Halloween, Learey. I'll see you when I see you.” I grinned as James used his free hand to wave goodbye to a pissed off Imogen Learey. Alaska blew her a kiss goodbye between her laughs. James laughed as he pulled on my wrist and took me to the bar.


I took a seat on one of the available stools and felt Alaska slide into the one on my right as James stood to my left. He motioned for his cousin, Freddy, to get us 3 shots of what I presume to be Firewhiskey.

“Firewhiskey all right with you two?” asked James as he passed out the shots.

Alaska nodded as she swiftly (no pun intended) downed her glass and gestured for Freddy to bring her another.

“I'm going to need a shit load of alcohol to burn the image of Imogen Learey groping you out of my mind” was her simple answer to our unasked question.

James and I shrugged in mutual agreement with her and downed our own respective drinks. Shortly thereafter, two new drinks were placed in front of me. I clinked my glasses with Alaska and James' before quickly downing them consecutively. Not needing to be asked, Freddy disposed more drinks in front of us, raising his eyebrows at James and smirking before getting himself a drink and downing it. Freddy moved to the other side of the bar to serve a pretty blonde I had never seen before. I shook my head and decided not to question Freddy's weird behaviour, I had heard enough stories from Louis and the rest of the Wotters that I had made the acquaintance of in the last few weeks to know that Freddy was, well... weird to say the least.

I won't go into it, but apparently there was an incident regarding a wild peacock and now Freddy isn't allowed in Cambodia. Don't ask, I honestly wouldn't know where to begin.

James lifted his next shot in the air, and Alaska and I followed suit.

“To new friendships” he announced.

“And to James' fabulous Halloween party!” finished Alaska. I clinked my glass with there's and swallowed my shot. That's when things started to get a bit... blurry.



“I really shouldn't have had that third shot” I slurred as I downed my ninth shot. I was sitting at the bar with Albus and had just come back from talking with a few members of my quidditch team. I launched myself off the bar stool and was caught by Albus before I fell.

“Whoa, watch yourself” he warned as I steadied myself.

“I feel like dancing Albie!” I yelled excitedly. Dancing is so much fun, why haven't I been dancing this whole time? I should go dance right now.

“I'm sure you do, but I think that sitting is a much better idea, doesn't sitting sound like fun?” I frowned at Albus' suggestion.

“I have an idea!” I announced, “I am going to go and dance! And you, Mr Potter, can go sit down. Oh! You know what? You should sit with Coco! She would love that, where is she?” I began spinning around, desperate to find Caroline. Oh no, that was not a good idea.

“Nina?” worry filled Al's voice as he pulled me over to a booth.

“On second thought, sitting sounds pretty good right now.” I conceded. Albus led me to a seat and I quickly collapsed into it. Why is the room spinning so much?

“Nina, I'm going to go get Alaska and Caroline okay? They're going to take you to your dorm” Albus quickly jogged off in search of my friends. My dorm? I can't go back there, the party's just beginning and I'm having fun! If Al comes back with Caroline and Alaska, they're going to make me leave, so I can't let them find me. I giggled at my plan and lifted myself from my seat as I stumbled towards the dance floor. One of my favourite muggle bands was playing, and I'll be damned if I don't dance.


“'Cause I've got the groove, I'll bust a move; just try and stop me!” I sang from the middle of the dance floor, “I feel like dancing tonight, I'm gonna party like it's my civil right! It doesn't matter where, I don't care if people stare; 'cause I feel like dancing tonight!”. I felt a pair of hands grab onto my waist and immediately turned to give the perpetrator a mouthful. Just because I am piss drunk and dancing does not mean that I'm open for business mister. I opened my mouth and was about to let out a speech filled with colourful insults, metaphors and a quick discussion about life choices (it was a really killer speech) when I noticed who the boy standing behind me was.

“James!” I jumped and embraced him, effectively causing him to stagger backwards into the crowd.

“Hey, Nina, what are you doing?” he asked, smiling easily. I just decided I am in love with his smile. I mean, I love his smile. As a friend. Can you love a smile as a friend?

“I'm dancing Jamie! What are you doing here?” I asked, not paying attention as he dragged me back to a similar booth that Albus had dragged me to a few minutes before.

“Well, when you throw a party, you usually attend it.” he laughed.

“It's so crazy that you're here! At this very party that I am also at!” I smacked him in excitement, he flinched (probably more out of shock than actual pain) but I didn't stop “I haven't been to one of these before, never been fully invited, just awkward half-invites. Don't you hate those? Although I bet you never get them- what with being James Potter and all. Not that you use your name to get whatever you want or anything, or that people would only invite you for your name, I'm sure people treat it like it's no big deal and your friends are your friends, like they're there for you if you get me. But then I'm not saying that what your dad did wasn't a big deal or anything; cause it definitely was! He completely saved the world! Not that his actions affect yo-” I cut myself off. As I'm sure you've pieced together, I tend to get a tad chatty when I'm plastered. Spontaneous word diarrhoea is a serious medical condition that I totally made up in fifth year after I got drunk for the first time and founded the disorder.

“Right” James was giving me the same look that I see him giving his herbology homework in the Great hall, right before he has herbology class. A lovely mixture of confusion and worry, with just a touch of 'you're lucky I like you' to top it off.

“Maybe I should take you back to your dorm, Summers. You seem a bit... completely drunk”

“Did you speak to Al?”

“Huh? No, the last time I saw he was dancing with some cheerleader.”

Cheerleader. Now why does that ring a bell?

“Doesn't matter, I'm kinda tired anyways. Let's go.” I sigh. James stands and offers his arm for me to lean on as I stand. As I do, I stumble and fall into him. His reflexes kick in and his free arm reaches out to catch me. I still manage to feel embarrassed despite my inebriated state as I feel heat rising to my cheeks. I smile gratefully up at him and straighten myself before James and I walk out the door, in the direction of Ravenclaw Tower. However, every few metres I was stumbling or tripping on myself which results in James stopping us about half way there.


“What are you- Hey!” James had scooped me up in his arms and was proceeding to carry me the rest of the way. I, of course, was struggling.

“What's your favourite colour?” James asked casually as I continued in my futile attempt to wriggle myself out of his arms. He barely seemed to notice me.

“Excuse me?” I gave up on the wriggling. It was useless and my head is already feeling groggy as it is. I resided myself to leaning into and resting my head against James' chest.

“Your favourite colour. Here we are, snuggling in the halls,” that one earned him a smack, though in my state I don't exactly have a ton of strength to put behind it so I doubt he even felt it, “and I don't know much about you. So c'mon favourite colour.”

I frown but decide to humour him.

“Blue.” He rolled his eyes at my response.

“Typical Ravenclaw choice.”

“Whatever, what about you?”

“Red, of course.”

“Typical Gryffindor choice.” I mimicked, rolling my eyes as he had moments earlier.

“Favourite class?”

“Very Ravenclaw question. It would have to be Transfiguration, you?”

“Care of Magical Creatures.”


“You can't ask two in a row.” he countered as we turned a corner.

“I just did, now answer the question.” I quipped.


His eyebrows creased as he thought his answer over, “I don't really know. I suppose, it's the animals. They have it so much easier and I guess I sort of envy it in a way? There's no expectations or anything for them, they're totally free you know? Like the Hippogriff, just a few flaps of its wings and it's somewhere else, somewhere far away. I reckon that's really something.”

The steady beating of his heart soothed me as I listened to his confession and I found myself curling closer into him.


“Plus, they're totally adorable” I laughed with him and found my eyes falling shut. I'm drifting off when James speaks again a few moments later.

“But they're not as adorable as you, Nina. Not even close.” I would have responded, but I'm too far gone, so I let myself be engulfed by sleep.



A/N- This is my longest chapter yet, yay! I feel like I've been going italics crazy in the last few chapters. Ah well, c'est la vie. Look at me, all cultural and fancy speaking (typing?) other languages. Moving away from my crazy sophistication and onto the much anticipated questions of the chapter a.k.a my shameless begging for reviews:

-It's irrelevant, but what do you think got Freddy banned from Cambodia?

-What do you think Nina's going to do or say when she wakes up?
-How do you feel about James' confessions?

Leave your answers in the review box below!

I'm sorry if this chapter was a bit late, but I was struck with a virus and couldn't write for a few days, sorry about that guys.

Now for the good news, Mindset hit 1000 reads while I was writing this and I just wanted to take a second to thank each and everyone of you for taking a chance on me and reading my story! I know 1000 may not be a big number for some people but for me it's so much more than I ever hoped or expected to achieve and I'm pretty damn proud. So thank you all so, so much for this milestone.


My end of year exams start soon so I will be taking a couple weeks off for them but after that I should be able to write a lot more as I will have no school work to do (not that school work has ever taken priority over writing before: perfect student here ladies and gentlemen*).


I think I may do a James P.O.V in the next chapter, thoughts? I'm probably going to do it regardless cause it's pretty necessary for you know, the plot, but it would be nice to see what you guys think about it.


I'll see you guys next time, bye x x

*Note my extreme sarcasm here regarding the perfect student part, not the homework part. I literally never do that stuff.

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