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The Walk of Shame by TheNextGen
Chapter 1 : Beginnings
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognise is property of the wonderful mind of JK Rowling. Oh if only I could be her. Sighs.


I sighed as an annoyingly high-pitched giggle filled the air from the back of my transfiguration classroom. I’d been stupid enough to believe that the giggling and immaturity would have stopped by sixth year. But alas, it continued. I glanced back to see what all the fuss was about and sighed again. Rose Weasley and one of her friends—a Slytherin who’s name I didn’t care enough to learn—were not-so-subtly flirting with Albus Potter.

Well, let me clarify: the Slytherin was flirting and Rose wasn’t stopping them. If she were flirting I would be worried, her and Albus being cousins and all.

Rose Weasley is basically your perfect girl. You know… a bubbly prefect with perfect auburn hair that hangs in perfect waves and perfectly complements her wide eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. She’s perfectly and incredibly intelligent too. And honestly, I kind of hate her for it. She’s just too bloody perfect.

Albus was the ‘forgotten’ potter. Of course he was still incredibly popular, but he didn’t stand out as much as his sexily gorgeous (oh shit, lets pretend I didnt just think that) but incredibly arrogant older brother whom I kind of hate or his annoying and loud little sister whom I definitely hate.

“Mr Potter! Please move away from Ms Allen immediately,” my professor’s call came from the front of the room, bringing me back to reality. A painfully boring reality.

The class dragged. Transfiguration was the only period I had without my best friend Violet. And when I say ‘best friend’ I really mean ‘girl-I-met-and-bonded-with-in-second-year-because-we-both-had-no-other-friends’. Honestly, we’re completely different and probably wouldn’t be friends if we’d had other options when we were young.

Back when we met I was completely clueless as to why the general populace of Hogwarts disliked me, but nowadays I’ve broken it down to two reasons: the first being my older sister who graduated the year before I began. Apparently, she was kind of creepy and the students of Hogwarts were thrilled to see her go. Then I turned up and no one wanted to talk to me just in case I was just as crazy as her. Maybe I am.

And the second is that I'm generally pretty mean. It's not like I try to be anti-social, it just kind of happens. I once heard a first year Hufflepuff call me “pure evil”. But that can’t be true because a) I’m not Voldemort and b) I’m a Gryffindor not a Slytherin (that has to count for something right?!).

Yeah, it’s probably because I’m mean.

My mother’s a witch but my dad’s a muggle and so I attended a muggle primary school until I received my Hogwarts letter at age 11, and even back then I had trouble making friends.  My sister says it was because I tried to force the other kids to eat sand but I’m unconvinced. I mean, who doesn’t like eating sand? It tastes great. Or it did when I was little anyway. I don’t much remember my father; he left when I was only a toddler and only sends a letter on my birthday. But that’s another story, one I don’t care enough to retell.

Violet didn’t have friends for an entirely different reason. Although she was still awfully pretty when you looked past the thick-framed glasses and slight weight problem, kids teased her for her appearance. She also had an extremely blunt personality—especially considering she was only 12. In the summer between second and third year she did the totally clichéd makeover/transformation thing from every atrocious (but secretly addictive) chick flick ever. She slimmed down, grew out the unflattering layers-and-fringe hairstyle she’d had since she was six (with the help of a few charms), invested in contacts, and discovered makeup.

These days she’s absolutely stunning.

Her hair’s dead straight and a luscious dark-chocolate brown. She has always been blessed with that exotic looking olive-toned skin that never blemishes and her eyes are darker than the night sky, framed by long and a thick eyelashes that don’t need mascara (she wears it anyway). Her parents were on Voldemort’s side in the last wizarding war and don’t really care what she does. Consequently, she only wears black and leather when she’s not required to wear robes, has a nose piercing, and recently got a tattoo. She’s terrifying if I’m being truthful.

Of course lots of things have changed since we were twelve. For example, we’ve also befriended two of the other girls in our dormitory—Layla and Grace.

Layla’s a gossip queen and never shuts up. She’s the most sociable member of our group and has this weird habit of working bad puns into everyday conversation. Violet and her bicker a lot, mostly because they’re both loud and have strong opinions on everything. I find it exhausting.

Grace is quieter. She’s kind of shy and suffers with some sort of social anxiety but she’s the best person to go to for advice. Her hair’s soft, blonde, and curly, complementing her round face and timid personality seamlessly. When Violet and Layla fight she’s generally the middle ground that placates the conversation whilst I sit there and laugh at their antics. Oh but she’s completely different when she drinks (more on this later).

I packed up my transfig text book ten minutes early and faked a stomach ache. Most people wouldn’t be able to get away with it, but Professor Morgan adores me. And I’m kind of gifted when it comes to acting sick. Violet’s always said I could be an actress. Except I'd probably punch someone if they tried to take a photo of me or followed me with a microphone. So I guess that wouldn't work out. Shame.

Smiling to myself, I wandered through the empty halls towards the Great Hall thinking about the pros and cons of leaving class early:

PRO- Getting the best seat for you and your friends to eat lunch at. It may sound silly but trust me the Great Hall fills up quickly.
CON- Having the realisation there really can be too many choices when actually faced with the question of where to sit.
PRO- The Great Hall is an excellent place to think when it’s empty. Mostly because it’s quiet but never too quiet with ghosts floating by and house elves shuffling around occasionally.
CON- Realising there’s no food out until the period actually finishes.
PRO- Missing Professor Morgan assigning an essay on animaguses at the end of class.

“It should be my birthday everyday” I announced as my friends sat down. “You’d be very old” Violet retorted without a hint of emotion, glaring at the salad in front of her. She’s been dieting (not that she needs to) for the past few weeks and its finally getting the better of her. “THAT’S NOT A VERY NICE THING TO SAY TO SOMEONE ON THEIR BIRTHDAY” I screeched indignantly, spilling pumpkin juice on her robes ‘by accident’. She rolled her eyes while Layla tried to explain to me that my birthday was actually last month, having missed the beginning of our conversation due to a particularly good looking seventh year sitting next to her.

I grunted as a voice interrupted my devouring of my sixth slice of pizza.


"Um, hey, are you Ava Bloomsberry?" A particularly tiny first year squeaked. I glared at her in response. "ProfessorSlughornWantsToSeeYou!" she continued, stumbling backwards to escape my gaze. And then she ran away.


"You need to stop scaring everyone, Av" Grace decided as I contemplated why Slughorn would want to see me. Alone in an empty classroom with an extremely old potions professor? I’m no fool, there is only two possible outcomes of this scenario: porn or murder.

Blowing kisses to my friends—because, well, I may never see them again—I strutted off towards my potions classroom, listening as they whispered worriedly me (coming to the conclusion that I must be seriously ill if I was blowing kisses). It’s moments like these that I remember that I’m not very nice most of the time.

And I certainly don’t blow kisses.

So, basically I need to stop imaging scenarios in my head that have a negative two per cent chance of happening.

 It’s becoming a problem.

Apparently there was an unforeseen third outcome where Slughorn talks to me about the homework I’ve been avoiding handing in for three weeks and leaves. Is it bad that I’m kind of disappointed?

Not in a creepy I’m-in-love-with-my-professor kind of way. More in a my-life-is-so-average-despite-my-attendance-at-a-school-for-magic kind of way.

The rest of my classes passed quickly and I found myself laying in my dorm…

“We have to go. It’s the first party of the year. Come ooooon.” The begging had been the soundtrack of our dormitory for the past half hour. Truthfully I’d always been planning on going, but how could I pass up this perfect opportunity to torture my friends? I’m a bad person, I know. “I mean, Freddy Weasely is throwing it. In the Room of Requirement! It’ll be the party of the year… no! The decade” I rolled my eyes at Layla’s dramatics—someone throws a party at least once a month; this one won’t be any special.

“Even I’m going, Bloomsberry. It’s kind of compulsory,” Violet piped in, briefly glancing up from the glossy pages of some muggle magazine she was reading whilst she waited for her nails to dry (according to her, it looks better if you don’t use spells, but I’ve never had the patience to find out). “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, Avs. Guys leave her alone!” Grace came to my rescue. “DON’T SAY THAT GRACIE YOU’RE RUINING EVERYTHING!” screeched Layla and I decided it was probably time I put her out of her party-induced misery.

Preferably before she stabbed someone.


Mostly because I’d probably be the one getting stabbed.

And well, I'm kind of in the mood to get extremely drunk.

 “Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine” I stretched out the word with fake annoyance.  Layla flung herself at me, engulfing me in a hug. “You’re the best friend ever, Avie-bear! I swear you won’t regret this,” she said whilst tossing an incredibly short and tight dress at me. “Try this on! You’re going to look great!”

I’m already regretting this.



A/N: Hello my lovelies! This is my first attempt at writing a story for this website so please please please review and let me know if you think I should continue with this story. I know most of this was just character description and stuff which isn’t particularly interesting but I promise I was just introducing characters and next chapter will have a real storyline. Oh and I forgot to ask: do you like Ava and the other girls?? x x

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