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When A Siren Calls by lightthecandle
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 - Introductions
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My whole life I wanted to be normal but my Mother lived off in a fantasy world and so this was how I was created. Let’s just say she had a certain attraction to magical humans, mermaids, witches, wizards, werewolves and the likes, all because of her fairy tales. She wanted to fall in love with someone who was different and she did, much to my annoyance. She was a muggle that just so happened to be saved by a merman one day, at 21 years old, when she was on holiday up north, they fell in love, just like out of a fairy tale. Don’t ask me how because I really don’t want to know, but my Mum got pregnant with me. So I’m half-human, half-mermaid. At first I thought it was pretty cool because I could grow a mermaid tail as soon as I touched water and when I was dry, I’d have feet. It really was the best of both worlds, until ‘The Incident’ happened.

 It was right after my 10th birthday, my Dad didn’t show up again and I’d gone for a swim as I usually did. I swam until the full moon appeared, that’s when everything went wrong. From them on, I hated what I was and I went nowhere near water which I passed off as a fear of it. My Mum really did try to stop it from happening again whenever there was a full moon and I appreciated it but it was hard to control when I knew nothing about it. Another shock came on my 11th birthday when a letter from Hogwarts arrived and I learnt that I was a witch as well as half-human, half-mermaid. We both had ignored the signs because we were too busy focussing on my condition but nonetheless she was happy that I was off to a boarding school. Despite my worries, she told me it would be best to make friends and be as normal as possible, we arranged with Professor Dumbledore what I would do on full moon nights and she sent me packing on the train.


 I’d been pretty much isolated as a kid and I tried really hard to make friends on the Hogwarts Express but gave up after no-one stayed in the compartment with the ‘weird girl’. I wouldn’t say my appearance was weird. My hair was jet black with a tinge of navy blue (because of my mermaid genes) and hung just past my shoulders in loose waves, my eyes were a royal blue but grew lighter to a white-y blue as the full moon drew nearer. I had a defined chin with a straight nose and pale white skin. It really made my eyes stand out loads, if my side fringe wasn’t in the way. I was also quite petite and probably the smallest out of all the first years on the train. A couple of people peered their heads in but none stayed to talk to me which I was a bit upset about because it didn’t help with the feeling of loneliness. This continued for the next six years, I was ignored in the corridors, ignored in the classrooms, ignored in the Gryffindor common room and ignored pretty much everywhere else. I got used to it and actually preferred to be alone because I got more work done and I wasn’t caught up in all the drama.


 That wasn’t to say that there weren’t vicious rumours about me every now and then but I never confirmed or denied them so they quickly died down. Nearly all the spare time I had was spent thinking about why the Sorting Hat had placed me in Gryffindor, I wasn’t brave and I certainly wasn’t courageous. For example, last year James Potter, one of the most popular guys in school, decided to play a prank on me by trying to chuck me into the Black Lake. When I saw where we were going, I kicked and screamed and cried for him to let me down. He did eventually after Lily, his crush, had told him to. I cried in front of everyone and ran off inside to cry some more, that’s when I heard Lily telling him off and his reply was,

“Well, how was I to know she was afraid of water?” Lily tried to talk to me but it was awkward and I just went to bed. Now, I was stood in front of the full length mirror in my average sized bedroom trying to make myself look normal.


 My eyes were nearly a pearly blue because the full moon was tomorrow, and I often caught myself humming weird lullabies. Sighing, I made my way downstairs with my trunk and owl cage to the hallway where I knew my Mum was waiting,


“Well, don’t you look all grown up sweetheart.” She cooed.


“Mum, you’ve seen me all summer.” I rolled my eyes.


“Yes but that doesn’t mean I’ve seen you change. You have this glow about you.” she said caressing my cheek with her hand.


“That’s because the full moon is tomorrow.” I replied monotonously, that was another fear I had. The full moon. I was terrified of it because it forced me to be something that I hated.


“I know that but it’s been the last few weeks, you’ve become even more beautiful dear.” She smiled widely.


“You have to say that, you’re my Mum.” I replied picking up my trunk and owl cage. She offered some help but I could manage fine, I was always incredibly strong nearer the full moon and that was the only thing that I like about this condition. We arrived at the train station at 10:30am, always early because I preferred that, and we walked towards the barrier. Before we reached it though, my Mum pulled me to the side and looked at me seriously.


“This is your last year Kataryna, I think it would be in your best interest if you made some friends this year.” She said.


“I’ve been fine without friends these past six years, so I’ll be fine for one more year. Plus, I don’t want to hurt them with my condition so I’ll be alright by myself.” I countered.


“Just please try for me, I’d love to have some friends over for Christmas or New Year’s.” she sighed.


“Mum, they all think I’m a freak anyway so it’ll be hard for me to make friends.” I replied, tears forming in the back of my eyes. She said her goodbyes and I walked through the barrier and onto the nearly deserted platform. There was only one other seventh year, Lily Evans, stood by the train doors. It wasn’t hard to see why so many boys fancied her, she was absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was a rich, auburn colour, hung to her waist in neat waves. After the hair, another thing you’ll notice is her striking eyes, they’re an amazing emerald green and she has a shock of freckles just below them. She had pale skin, like me, but it just made her look like she was made out of porcelain, which is totally unfair. My pale skin just made me look ill all the time. She spotted me and started making her way over, me being me, turned away and climbed onto the train not thinking about how rude that looked. However, my trunk got stuck on one of the steps and guess who appeared to help? Yep, Lily Evans.


“Do you want some help?” she asked.


“Uh… that would be great… thanks.” I muttered, only now realising how rude I looked before and it would be the courteous thing to do.


“No problem.” She smiled at me. She grabbed the other end of my trunk and hoisted it up onto the train for me.


“Thanks again… uh… I need to go find a compartment.” I stuttered, blushing.


“I’ll carry your owl cage for you.” she offered, picking it up and following behind me. I was so confused, she’d never offered me any help or spoken so much as a sentence to me before so why now?


“Your owl is really cute, what it’s called?” she asked, trying to make conversation.


“She’s called Aaliyah.” I mumbled. I really didn’t want to talk to her so there was a reason I never spoke first or mumbled when she asked me a question. I settled down in my compartment but so did she and we fell into an uncomfortable silence, well I thought it was uncomfortable she was probably enjoying it. The platform was starting to fill up as it got nearer to 11:00am and I noticed a few familiar faces. One of Lily’s friends, Alice Hubert who was in Ravenclaw, was heading onto the train and made her way to our compartment when Lily stuck her head out the door and caught her attention. So my usually quiet and empty compartment was now full with two giggling girls talking about boys and their holidays, I just stared out the window again.


 Just then four boys appeared on the platform whilst every girl looked at them and practically drooled. Yes, it was the infamous Marauders strutting towards the train. James Potter, the boy who nearly chucked me into the Black Lake, was heading the group. He had raven coloured hair with warm hazel eyes, and was at least 6ft tall now. He’d grown a lot taller and got even better-looking than when I last saw him. Not to mention he was totally in-love with Lily Evans. Next to him was Remus Lupin, I knew him a little bit. He was the nice one out of the group with golden blonde hair and honey coloured eyes, he was quite lanky and just a bit shorter than James. Trailing behind Remus was Peter Pettigrew, the shortest and plumpest of the four boys.


 He’d lost a little bit of weight over the holidays but he only came up to Remus’ shoulder, he had dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes. He was also quite shy around girls and the majority of Hogwarts wondered why he was even part of the Marauders but each to their own. The last boy in the Marauders was the mysteriously hot Sirius Black. His black hair hung just past his ears in cute curls, just behind those were piercing grey eyes that if you looked straight into them, you’d think he knew all of your secrets. He was well-built but that was mainly because he was a beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Another reason why I keep my head down when I’m near The Marauders, they cause trouble and I’d rather not be involved in that kind of trouble. They were the last people on the train and it lurched off, as soon as the train round the corner Alice announced she was going to find Frank Longbottom, her boyfriend. This meant me and Lily were left alone in the compartment.


“Can I ask you a question?” she blurted out, disrupting the silence.


“S-sure.” I replied startled by her bluntness.


“How come your eyes change colour?” she questioned, looking straight at me eyes. I used my bangs to cover my eyes and I looked away and out of the window.


“Uh… well… I… uh…” I stuttered, I was never good at lying so I was struggling to come up with an answer. See, this is why I don’t have friends. They ask questions.


“Sorry, don’t answer it if you don’t want to.” She blushed, got up and walked towards the door. “I’ll leave you alone for a bit if you want.” She said sincerely before exiting my compartment. I released a huge breath of air and slumped down my seat.


 Why was she being so weird with me now? Of all years it just happened to be in last one of Hogwarts, I bet it was a dare to see what horrible lies she could get from me and spread. Who am I kidding? Lily Evans would never do that, that sounds like something Jennifer Roberts would do. She was the popular girl of the school but was a complete bitch who could ruin your life in a second if you ever did anything to her. I was unfortunate to have to share a dorm room with her and her best friends, Sasha Eccles and Rachael Moure. I could hear voices outside my compartment but I wasn’t paying much attention until said people swung open the doors.


“Well, if it isn’t the little freak show. Why are you sat all alone? Oh yeah, it’s because you haven’t got any friends.” Jennifer sneered at me with her back up behind her. I ignored her comments because this was pretty much routine for me.


“What? Not going to defend yourself?” she said with mock concern, her hand grabbed my chin and snapped my head to hers.


“You know it’s polite to look at someone when they’re speaking to you.” she spat. I snatched my chin out of her hand violently and stared at the ground.


“You’re just pathetic.” She said before slapping me across the face, meaning that I fell, face first, into the wooden corner of the seat in front of me. I smelt the blood before I felt the warm liquid oozing down my forehead. Jennifer and her little posse laughed as I attempted to stifle the blood behind my hand and sitting back up on the bench. A light cough behind Jennifer announced Lily coming to help me again but she had James trailing behind her.


“Awww look, Ms Goody-Two-Shoes has come to rescue you.” she spat.


“Leave her alone Roberts.” Lily said icily, narrowing her eyes at Jennifer. She huffed and walked away with her posse following her. I got up, mumbled that I was going to the toilet to clean up but Lily and James followed.


“Kataryna! Do you want any help?” Lily called after me.


“No, leave me alone!” I yelled back, embarrassed that James had seen that more than anything. Briefly, I registered she knew my name but I quickly dismissed it as she had been sharing a dorm with me for six years. I locked myself in the bathroom and took in my appearance. My fringe was dry with blood from the cut just below my hairline; I grabbed some damp tissues and quickly cleaned up as much as I could.


 I could fix the rest, once I’d got back to my compartment, with magic. As I stepped out, I was surprised to see both of them still stood there, James was wearing his Head Boy badge and Lily was wearing the Head Girl one.


“Are you okay?” Lily asked concerned. I nodded slightly and pushed past James but he had other plans.


“Mind if we sit with you for a bit?” he asked, I looked into his hazel eyes, which was a big mistake so close to the full moon. The monster that lived within me woke up and I could see his eyes glaze over. I caught myself just before I started humming a lullaby, snatched my arm out of his hand and ran off to my compartment.


 Thankfully, after that encounter, they left me alone and probably figured out that Jennifer was right, that I was a freak. No-one else bothered me again for the rest of the trip, which was a good thing because I could feel the monster becoming stronger within me. I didn’t know what would happen next time something like that occurred. When the train arrived at the station, I shot off with my trunk and cage towards an empty carriage to myself. Hopefully, after that weird train ride everything would return to normal and I can go through this last year quietly and then disappear off the face of the earth. I sat by myself at the feast and headed up to my dorm room by myself. My head hit the pillow but I couldn’t get to sleep because the monster was yearning for the touch of water, the gills and the feel of gliding effortlessly through the waves.


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