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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 23 : Winner Winner
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 Winner Winner


“Can you believe we’re leaving for the holidays tomorrow?” Leslie asked as her back was turned away from me as she ruffled through her closet, throwing close behind her shoulder that she was planning to pack in her truck.




“I can’t believe I’m still going home with Dominique for the holidays,” I admitted from my spot laying on my bed, staring up at the ceiling.




It was just Leslie and I in our room. Jenna was off doing god knows what, Dominique was getting her nails done by Sally Finklestien whom was Hogwarts’s residential one women nail salon, and Amelia was off being a sneak like usual.




“To be frank, neither can I.”




I pulled myself up in my bed so I could get a better look at Leslie. Today was relatively boring so far. I had Transfiguration early this morning and at breakfast I got a letter back from my mum. I know – shocker.




I was amazed too that she finally figured out how to put ink to parchment and write me.




She wasn’t even fazed by the fact that I was going home with some girl that I had bitched to her about for the last six years. It turns out she was going to some unknown island with her sister and her disgustingly annoying boyfriend. Aunt Padama apparently is bringing her boyfriend’s friend to set mum up with.




Let me just say ugh. I want to puke at the mental image of my mum frolicking on a deserted island in a coconut bra with some bearded man holding her hands while smoking some illegal joint. That just isn’t okay.




My mum isn’t some reggae loving hippie with dreads. She’s a boss ass bitch.




“How are things going with you and Freddy?” I decided to ask as I pulled my legs underneath my body and watched as she began to fold her clothes up neatly. I had already successfully packed most of my closet by shoving anything that I remotely thought I’d need in my trunk and having the girls sit on it so I could zipper it close.




I was very efficient.




Leslie’s cheeks blushed a soft pink color as she shrugged her shoulders casually, “There is nothing going on between the two of us. It’s obvious that Fred doesn’t reciprocate my little puppy love crush I’d had on him.”




Leslie’s voice was practically dripping with bitterness and I was tempted to tell her to grow some lady balls and see the main picture because Fred was a moron. Fred didn’t know what he wanted, he has to be told what he wants.




I instead decided to settle with just rolling my eyes and saying, “Stop complaining and make a move.”




“Make a move – “ Leslie sputtered slightly over her words, gaping at me in shock like I just told her to eat her cat for breakfast. “Are you kidding me? Everyone knows that it’s the guy that has to make the first move.”




“You’re so bleeding traditional. It’s the twenty-first century; we don’t need to wait around for guys to finally realize their complete and utter tools and to make a move.”




“That’s rich coming from you,” Leslie snorted, shoving a pair of furry boots into the depth of her trunk. “I don’t see you making a move on Albus now, do I?”




Oh snap. She just brought up the Albus card. Shit is about to go down.




“Harsh. Who pissed in your cheerios this morning?” I asked snippily as I twirled some hair in between my two fingers. “Al and I don’t have a thing so there is no need for me to make a move on him or vice versa.”




“Oh, yes, you and Albus for sure don’t have a thing.” She began to say sarcastically while rolling her eyes at me. “You guys just seem to think snogging in deserted classrooms and skipping class to canoddle together is perfectly normal for two mates.”




My cheeks burned crimson red. I had mistakenly told Leslie all about my encounters with Albus recently and she, in the end, had blurted them out to Dominique. Amelia was still in the dark about the whole situation but Leslie took every opportunity she had to use my very unorthodox relationship with Albus over my head like the pesky little friend she was.




“Don’t be bitter just because you’re jealous of Albus and I’s friendship.” I stuck my tongue out at her.




Leslie responded by giving me the finger and going back to packing her clothes up. After she ignored me for the next five minutes I decided that she was in a grouchy mood and it wasn’t the time nor place to mess with her.




I yawned and looked at my watch which read seven o’clock. “You know what time it is?”




Leslie looked up from her trunk and looked like she was about to say something bitter before something dawned on her and she smiled softly. “Nap time?”




“Nap time indeed,” I responded cheerfully before kicking off my shoes and crawling into the comfy goodness that is my bed.




There was a collection of noise and when I looked up I realized that Leslie had abandoned her trunk and instead was kicking off her boots and falling onto her bed.




“Night, Bri.”




“Night, Les.”




All is good in the Ravenclaw sixth year girl’s dorm room. All is bloody good.








All is not good in the Ravenclaw sixth year girl’s dorm room. All is not bloody good.




“Have you seen my tan coat?” Amelia screamed with a sense of anxiety in her voice as she turned her mattress over as if the coat she wore yesterday would have magically made its way to under her bed.




“Where are my lucky knickers?” Jenna moaned as she began to throw an obscene amount of colorful knickers all over our dorm.




Only Jenna would have lucky knickers. What a slag.




What? Don’t look at me like that. You would be judging her too if you were me.




It was the morning that we were leaving for the holidays and it was an absolute mess. Apparently everyone favored the idea of last minute packing and you could hear things cluttering to the ground and people accusing other’s of stealing their stuff from every floor of the dormitory.




I’m under the impression I am one of the very few people that packed the night before.




I know, I just as shocked as you. Seems to be that I possess at least some bit of common sense.




“Guys, we have two hours before we have to be at the train. Can you guys pack any slower?” I whined from my spot waiting by the door frame, tapping my foot impatiently. Breakfast was about to be served in about 1 minute and 32 seconds and knowing our school body all of the French toast will be gone in about 10 minutes tops.




That meant that I had to hurry my arse downstairs so I can get all the syrup covered goodness I want but my roommates are oblivious to the situation at hand and instead don’t care about eating breakfast but instead are too interested in finding their lucky knickers.




I mean, for the love of Merlin, who has lucky knickers?!




“Shut up!”




“No one cares about breakfast!”








You know what, I give up. I am being verbally abused by my very own roommates and I refuse to stand by and take this shit. I fished for my wand inside my pocket and flicked it at my trunk so it levitated. Turning on my heel I walked out the door and left my roommates to venture for themselves.




I was surprisingly pretty happy this morning and even had a little spring in my steps. I know you’re all probably wondering who is this creature you are talking to and what happened to good ole’ sarcastic Brielle. Well no worries because she’s still here!




She’s just on vacay for a little bit.




I skipped down the last set of stairs and waved my trunk to the side of the common room where a mountain of other trunks were waiting. Our House Heads were supposed to make sure all our trunks made it safely on the train ride and would be waiting for us as soon as we came off it.




“Morning Brielle,” Malcolm yawned as he caught sight of me. His messy hair was curled in weird places and he – surprisingly – had a pair of glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose.




“Mornin’ Malc, forget your contacts?” I asked with a small smile as I flung the portrait door open and walked out, waiting for him on the other side.




He laughed softly, “Funny but no. My eyes are bothering me so it wasn’t worth trying to shove those bloody shits in my eye.”




I turned my gaze on him and skeptically narrowed my eyes. His eyes were red and slightly swollen. I may be Malcolm’s friend but I’m also his quidditch captain and while I’d like to try to turn a blind eye to the fact that he may or may not smoke some – erm – less then legal things now and then I can’t have my fellow chaser getting caught with drugs.




“You’re not doing anything sketchy lately, have you?” I asked carefully as we rounded the corner.




Malcolm rolled his eyes, “Ah, well if it isn’t Mommy Brielle breaking through.” He said sarcastically with a smug smile on his lips. “You have nothing to worry about, Bri, promise you that.”




Somehow I don’t know if I can trust someone that flew into the whomping willow in the third year and broke almost every bone in his body because he wanted to win a bet.




“Er, yeah, I totally trust you.”




Psh, I don’t trust him one damn bit. I’m going to have to find Hunter and Oliver later and check there eyes. All I need would be a drug scandal on the Ravenclaw quidditch team. STAY CLEAN, KIDS. I mean for goodness sake, drugs are not the way to go.




I do not sponsor the stupidity my quidditch teammates do behind closed doors.




Malcolm and I began to get into a bumping war of sorts. It started because I rounded the corner to fast and bumped into him on the third floor. Malcolm took this as a challenge and began to bump me back and landing me smack into the wall.




While he was off having shits and giggles about the fact that I just rammed into some rude portrait I took my charge and slammed him back with my full force. Obviously Malcolm was unaffected by my much lighter body mass but I didn’t care.




On about the fifth hip bump Malcolm put a little more sass into it then needed and his little hip touch sent me spiraling downwards and eating shit – or more specifically, eating tile. I know, my life is a big cluster fuck of how clumsy I truly am.




It’s embarrassing but whatever.




“Miss. Patil are you okay?”




I fumbled on the floor to pull myself up, flashing Headmistress McGonagall one of my award winning smiles. I’m pretty sure I looked more like a serial killer because of my crazy eyes and hair that was sticking to my face but you get the whole picture.




“Yep, I’m just perfectly dandy, Professor.”




Act normal, Brielle, act normal. Knowing my luck my very own headmistress would accuse me of being on drugs instead of my fellow quidditch mate standing next to me that actually is on drugs.




“Ah, I see,” McGonagall nodded her head slowly, her lips set in a firm line. She stood there while I pulled myself off the ground while Malcolm stood there shaking with laughter. It wasn’t until I was dusting myself off that she finally spoke up again, “Do you mind if I have a word with you? Alone,” She sent a pointed look towards Malcolm who seemed to have caught the drift and head nodded me and began to walk off.




Ah shit. She’s going to kick me out for harboring druggie quidditch mates and not reporting them. Or she’s going to kill me for sneaking out of class with a fake note from her. Or she’s going to just –




“I’d like to talk to you about your quidditch team,” She said once we were standing in a little alcove.




Ah, shit, there goes half of my bloody quidditch team. GOD DAMNIT GUYS WHY CAN’T YOU JUST STAY CLEAN FOR THE LOVE OF MERCY. 




I nodded my head numbly as I tried to rack up ideas on how to get myself out of this situation, “What about my team, Professor?”




“As you know, Amelia Hart is one of your fellow chasers on your team,” She began to say.




Yes, I know that. But what does Amelia have anything to do with this? She’s not a druggie – I can assure you that. She’s clean as a bean. Square as a…well square as a square.




“I’ve known she’s been struggling in some of her classes since the term started and her grades have dropped a large amount,”




I can’t get in trouble.




“It has come to my attention that she is even failing Potions class,” She rambled on.




Trouble just can’t give me a break.




She sighed, “I mean, even with the help of Mr. Weasley she still hasn’t been improving much.”




Mr. Weasley? Ah, bloody great, now Louis is getting me in trouble now too. Or Fred. I don’t know which Weasley she’s talking about.




She grazed her bottom lip with her yellowing teeth before letting out another sigh, slumping her shoulders, “It pains me to say this but Miss. Hart’s grades are just too low. She’ll have to be removed from the quidditch team until her grades are improved. I’m sorry.”




“Wait what – “ I gasped, looking up at my headmistress/professor for the first time since I zoned out.




Rewind to what I’ve just heard and been oblivious to what she’s been saying for the past five minutes.




Amelia is struggling in her classes, Amelia is failing some of her classes, Amelia is getting tutored by Louis, Amelia is still failing, Amelia is getting kicked off the quidditch team, and Amelia didn’t fucking mutter a single word to me.




What. The. Hell.




“I’m sure this is very devastating for you and your team,” She sighed, patting me on the shoulder. “I would have told you sooner but her teachers have just came to me recently to tell me the bad news. I’m hoping you can find a replacement player and pull through for your upcoming games after break.”




“Uh, yes, thank you.” I muttered, running fingers through my messy dark hair. “Professor, I hope you don’t mind me asking but exactly how long has Amelia been dealing with the threat of being kicked off the team because of her grades?”




McGonagall threaded her eyebrows together in confusion as she answered me, “Why, I thought you would know since you gals are such close friends but around a little over a month or so.”




I nodded numbly, “Thank you Professor. I’ll let Amelia know soon.”




Well just fuck my life.








“You look like a right mess, Bri.”




Thank you Fred for making me feel better.




I looked up from my shoes that I have been staring at for the past half an hour to glare at Fred. I was waiting at the keyhole that we were all supposed to meet so we could be warped onto the train. I had gotten there early and all I could think about was Amelia.




I still couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t come to me with something like this. Besides the fact that I’m her quidditch captain I’m also one of her close friends and the fact that she would do something like this to me really hurt.




Was I not someone she could trust?




But then again, Brielle, you didn’t tell her about Albus now did you?




I blinked rapidly as I tried to tune out my inner thought back sassing my brain. Screw you, inner thoughts. Go back to where you belong.




“Erm, yeah, I fell down on my way here.” I mumbled which wasn’t a complete lie. I did fall while with Malcolm.




“Really? Are you okay?” Albus appeared at my side, pressing a warm hand to my forehead as if I was running a high fever instead of just having a mental breakdown.




“I’m fine,” I assured him, giving him a weak smile that he looked at carefully before dropping his hand and accepting it.




“Now that we’re all healthy and good can we please leave so we don’t get some gross compartment?”




My eyes snapped up rapidly and I found myself staring into the dark eyes of Amelia. Her messy brown hair was tied back in a ponytail and she was wearing a black sweater she bought in Hogsmeade last time.




“Yeah, I agree, lets go now.” Dominique jumped in, resting her hand on our keyhole with a brilliant smile already plastered on her lips. I’m sure she was happy to have some company coming home with her for the holidays and I was happy to be it.




Everyone began to grumble and put their hand on the key. I followed suit however my sight of eye never left Amelia. I didn’t stop staring even after my insides were squeezed into two. I only broke my stare when I landed like a lazy clump on my arse in the corridor of the train.




“Aren’t you just so graceful,” Jenna sneered as she landed perfectly on her feet, dusting off her two short of a skirt. She didn’t even bother to wait to share a compartment with us because she knew she was unwanted so instead she turned on her heel and stalked off.




“Good riddance, you stupid cow.” I mumbled under my breath as James offered a hand to pull me up.




“Someone’s a little snippy today,” James commented dryly with a raised eyebrow and I brushed it off and instead followed everyone inside an open sliding door.




By the time James and I entered there was only one actual seat on the cushion and it was right next to Amelia.




“Are you okay, Brielle? You keep looking at me weird,” She laughed and tightened her ponytail from behind.




“No nothings alright. You betrayed my trust. You lied to me. You’re off the team.”




I didn’t actually say it but I wanted too. I wanted to say it so badly but I didn’t have the balls to say it, especially not in front of everyone. I may be mad at her but I wasn’t so mad at her that I wanted to embarrass her in front of our friends.




Instead I settled with saying, “Everything’s alright,” and taking a seat in between her and Leslie.




Everything wasn’t alright. Everything was going completely and utterly wrong.








The last two hours have been plain torture. I know this is going to sound dramatic but I just don’t feel like myself. The fact that Amelia isn’t on our team anymore defeats me because it’s my first year as a captain and my dream team is no longer a team.




No, we’re a team minus one.




As much as I am furious at Amelia for lying to me I still can’t help but want to cry for the fact that my best friend is getting kicked off a team that she loves. Even if we weren’t friends it wouldn’t matter. I think I would be upset even if Jenna was getting kicked off too.




I know you may not believe me but I truly would. Despite us not all being the best of friends we’re still a team and it’s not the same when we’re not all together.




I rubbed the sleep from my eyes after taking a short fifteen minute nap. Amelia had left so she could go change into her street clothes and there was much more room on our bench now, despite the fact that Leslie was sprawled out and snoring loudly as she slept.




“Does she always snore like that?” Fred asked me casually from his spot on the floor playing exploding snap with James. Currently James was kicking his arse and he claimed it was payback for the last time I helped Fred cheat while they were playing chess.




These boys taking games way too seriously.




I nodded slowly as I yawned. “Yeah, she’s a big snorer.” I commented simply as I tried to get the knots out of my hair with my fingers, flinching as my fingers got caught in one bad one.




“Now that’s an attractive quality in a girl,” James said shortly with a snort as he grinned happily when he outsmarted Fred once again in the game.




Fred grunted disapprovingly before shooting his cousin a look, “I don’t mind snoring,”




James cracked a smile and shook his head, “Mate, you mind snoring because you don’t mind Leslie.”




Hm. This is worth my attention.




“Watcha mean by that, James?” I asked casually as I sat up on the bench.




Our compartment had shrunk pretty quickly. Instead of being jammed back with people it was now just a select few of us. Like I had mentioned before, Amelia was off changing and Leslie was dreaming her little heart out. Dominique went off to go find some sweater her mum bought her last Christmas to wear when she got off the train since she had promised her she’d wear it.




Apparently it was god awful ugly and it looked like a bunch of freaks just up and vomited all over it. Or at least that’s what Louis told me. Dominique claims it’s an abstract art sweater and that we’re all too simple minded to really see the beauty of it.




I call bullshit.




Speaking of Louis, he ran off with Scorpius and Albus to do…Actually I don’t know what they’re doing. Probably whatever a bunch of sixteen year old guys do on trains. I’m a bit afraid that they’re going to try to throw some prank or plot the death of everyone on this train but oh well.




“I mean that Freddy Boy is smitten over your little friend.”




There were so many things I wanted to point out in James’s sentence. Like the fact that he called Fred by my nickname. ‘Aint nobody allowed to call my homeboy Freddy Boy. Only I get to call him Freddy Boy. Another thing I’d like to bring up is that Leslie is not ‘little’ but in fact she’s 5’7”.




She’s a bloody Amazon.




Lets not forget the fact that James just used the word smitten in a casual every day sentence. Like, excuse me, but who are you and what did you do with our James?




Oh and I can’t forget the fact that James just basically said Fred likes Leslie.








I whip my head around to stare at Fred and I’m pretty sure I get whiplash from turning my head so quickly. The world is just a blur of colors because my eyes refocus and I see a blatantly embarrassed Fred Weasley with tinted cheeks trying to avoid my gaze as he makes his next move in the game.




“Are you serious?” I asked, nearly gasping in excitement. It’s not everyday that you find out your friends long-time stalker crush likes her back. Really, my friends and I have the worst track record of having our lovers reciprocate even any type of feeling for us.




The closest we’ve been was when our old, but very young and hot, Muggle Studies teacher had to leave after omitting Amelia a restraining order for trying to start a teacher student relationship. In case you guys didn’t know, that’s not okay apparently.




Fred avoided my eyes and instead just shrugged his shoulders as he moved a piece. His tan skin was glowing with a hint of pink and I was tempted to jump up and bear hug him but that would only wake up Leslie in the end.




“Fred is just too much of a pansy to admit that he likes her but he does,” James decided to answer with a coy smile, nodding his head up and down and making his black hair fall into his eyes in an attractive way.




Fred grimaces at James’s comment, “I’m the pansy when you’re the one using words like smitten and buying us matching pajamas? I think you’ve got your heard screwed on wrong, mate.”




I’ve got to agree with Fred on that one even though I was unaware that James was buying matching pj’s for the group. Not to sound rude or anything but I have yet to receive my pair. Size small please.




James wasn’t even fazed nor embarrassed by Fred’s comment. Kudos to you, James.




“Fred,” I began to say, shifting my weight carefully as to not wake up Leslie. “Do you seriously like Leslie? Like mega like her? No lies and crossing your fingers like her?”




You could never be too safe when asking someone if they liked another person. I peered over Fred’s shoulders to double check to make sure he wasn’t crossing his fingers like a no good liar. The coast seems clear to me.




Rodger that.




I’m crazy. I know.




Fred chewed on his lips before saying in an exasperated whisper, “Yes, for Christ sake, yes! I like her, okay?!”








I’ve seem to forgotten that I have a sleeping female next to me that at any time can turn into Godzilla in the form of the hulk after being rudely awaken.




“What’s dandy, Bri?” Amelia asks joyfully with a lingering smile on her lips.




I’m too blinded with happiness to even think of a rude thought of her at the moment. Instead I just grin from cheek to cheek and scream at the top of my lungs, “EVERYTHING IS DANDY. WE’RE HAVING A WEDDING KIDS, WE’RE HAVING A WEDDING!”








Uh oh.




And the beast has awoken.








After brutally being assaulted by Leslie for waking her up – and having no one stick up to help me, might I add – we were now waiting patiently as they were getting ready to open the train doors.




“Will they open the doors already?” Louis whined from next to me, jiggling his leg up and down, practically shaking the floor underneath us.




Oh, did I say patiently? I was wrong.




I was standing in between Dominique and Louis, the odd one out of this little blonde party they seemed to be having. Dominique was off seething about how she didn’t want to see her bitch face sister while Louis was trying to perfect his innocent baby act.




According to Dominique Louis is a real fraud at home and plays up the whole act of being the youngest in the family. What a tool.




It turns out that Dominique’s abstract sweater looked just like how Louis described it which basically meant that it looked like I puked up my breakfast and smeared it on whatever blue sweater Dominique was wearing at the moment.




She was just a true trend setter.




“Remember you lot, we’re sticking together since all our family is by each other, got it?” James seemed to have taken the roll of the group and was counting off heads. Yes, he was literally tapping our heads and giving us call out numbers. Apparently there was an unknown rule that all the Wotters meet up in the eldest’s compartment before the departure and let me tell you there is a lot of them.




Besides the usual (a.e James, Fred, Albus, Rose, Louis, & Dominique) there was James’s and Albus’s littler sister Lily, Rose’s little brother Hugo, Molly and Lucy who are sisters, and Fred’s little sister Roxanne.




I know it may not sound like a lot a lot but when you add in that Leslie and Amelia are still in the compartment along with pretty boy – a.k.a. Scorpius – you’ve got a lot more company then needed.




“I feel like I’m being suffocated by bodies,” I managed to gasp out as I forcefully push Louis away from me after he decided it would be fun to pass the five minutes by breathing heavily down my neck like a true creep.




“Oh, you’ll get used to that. That’s just the usual feeling that comes along with being in the Weasley-Potter clan.” A head of reddish brown hair whips around and informs me with a cheeky smile. He is young with curling hair, freckles across the bridge of his nose, and an almost gap tooth expression.




I know him as Hugo Weasley, Rose’s 4th year brother but he appears so much younger than 14. I swear if I took a quick glance I would tell you he was barely a first year. It wasn’t that he was actually small but more that he came off as young.




Hugo was taller than me, though that isn’t hard to do, and he had a lanky body that I’m sure he would grow into soon. His gap tooth was endearing and his friendly attitude made him seem oblivious to the world going on around him.




“Thanks for the heads up,” I decide to settle with saying, giving gap tooth Weasley a grimace.




Gap tooth Weasley salutes me before turning around and spitting in his cousin Roxanne’s ear, making her shriek with both shock and disgust.




I try my best to take two steps back from ear spitting Hugo Weasley despite how adorable I thought he looked two seconds ago.




There is a whistle that goes off to announce that the doors have opened to allow people out and it sounds like all hell as broken loose. There are loud noises, banging, and people shouting to get out of their way. In any other normal circumstance Leslie, Amelia, and I would comfortably lounge in our compartment talking and wait until it’s just us and some puny first years before making our break to see our parents.




However, James our new found leader has other plans.












As if a fire has been lighten underneath all these red headed freaks they grab all their shit and literally climb over each other to get through the door first. You think I’m joking but Lily Potter just made Fred eat shit as she tripped him so she could squeeze in front of her brothers.




Remind me never to mess with that chick, I’ll tell you that.




Apparently no one told me the first person to the parents win. Well even though James decided to leave me out of this little family game I refuse to be discriminated against.




Challenge accepted, biatch.




“What the – Brielle where are you going?!” Leslie nearly yells with an exasperated expression as I shove through both her and Amelia – who I don’t even want to be near right now, to be frank – so I could squeeze my way through the door.








I must catch up to the rest of the pact.




I think somewhere behind me Dominique is yelling how there is nothing to neither win nor loose. Ha, that must be her plan, to trick me into thinking there is no game but there is a game.




I’m a Ravenclaw. I’m smart and shiznit.




I see Fred has managed to army crawl his way out of the compartment but I refuse to be beaten by someone that just got the snot kicked out of him by a fourteen year old. I proceed to pass him by stepping on his back and cracking it for him.




He makes some groaning sign that I take as a thank you for my free of charge back cracking service. He should feel honored that I even waisted a nano second to step on his back when I could have just jinxed his arse out of my way.




I see a fleck of red and black hair that I quickly identify as gap tooth Weasley and feisty Roxanne. It looks like gap tooth as struck again and attempted to spit in feisty’s ear. Feisty is not having it and has resulted in trying to strangle her cousin up against the wall.




I’m tempted to stop and put an end to Roxanne trying to kill her cousin but where would be the fun in that? Besides, I don’t have time for that – I must win.




I do the math to know there are only three more real family members for me to tackle which would be James, Louis, and Albus.




I refuse to let those sexist men win the fight again. I am woman, hear me roar.




“ROAR,” I charge into Louis’s back and I’m pretty sure he just called me a rather disgusting name in French.




Louis, in his beautiful nature with gravity, has managed to stand upright however I cannot say the same for the poor second year he knocked down. She’s got pigtails and looks near boubt to cry. Louis bends down to go help her out when – BAM.




Pigtail bitch has a tabby cat and she/he appears out of nowhere and begins to claw at Louis’s ultimately perfect face for trying to mess with his owner. Louis is shouting bloody murder while the feeble pigtail second year is just staring up at him with shiny eyes and a proud smile.




Yes, pigtail bitch, you be proud of your psychotic cat. He/She has helped me knock down another competitor in the race to be first. This girl deserves a cookie.




I’m seriously concerned for my sanity as I’ve been narrating this whole process and I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have something seriously wrong with me.




I’m about to go into a full rant on how being weird isn’t that bad when I’m distracted.




“Oh, hey, Brielle!” Scorpius yells with a wide grin. His blood hair is flowing in the wind as he jogs to keep up with my speed walking mixed with small jogging steps. “Why are you in such a rush? Can’t wait to get away from us?”




Of course not, Scorp, I love you and your expensive gelled back hair.




Once again, something severally wrong with me.




“Can’t talk…Too much on mind…Must win.”




I seem to be incoherent and can’t form a real sentence. Lucky for me Scorpius is used to my inability to speak like a human being and he catches my drift, nodding quickly. God bless his soul.




“Ah, yes, I understand. You want shotgun, I gotcha.” He winks at me.




Is shotgun a code word for something? WHAT CRYPTIC LANGUAGE ARE YOU SPEAKING?!




Scorpius is talking way too slow and keeping up with a much too leisure pace so I decide to ditch him and just jog away from him like the totally polite person I am. I dodge someone’s trunk that they so rudely left in the middle of the corridor and I see light shining through.




Beautiful, shining light. But not just light, I also see the pompous grin of James Potter as he steps off the train and opens his arms wide like he is Jesus Christ the savior and he is coming to be blessed by his many followers.




He. Cannot. Win.




My brain decides to put my body in action and after rudely shoving a third year to the side I tackle James from behind. He yelps like a little girl and I’m pretty sure I just broke his nose. I don’t waste anytime. I disregard the gasps of some people watching and instead pat James on the head and say, “Sorry, must win.”




“W-win what?” James coughs but I barely hear him as I nearly step on his head so I can get a running start to the largest group of gingers I can find.




I think by the time this is over I will have given everyone within a five foot radius of me a concussion and I feel absolutely no shame about that.




I see many gingers – much too many gingers for a normal family – and I know I am in the clear. That is, of course, when I see my last competition.




Albus, being the overly confident bloke he is, is walking leisurely to his family with a grin on his lips and his left hand waving.




I. Cannot. Lose.








My brain is full of making its own decisions today and I decide that jumping on Albus’s back and nearly scaring ninety-five percent of his family in the process if the most applicable answer to my problems.




“Merlin, Brielle!”




















I’m starting to get aggravated since I’m only a few steps away from my winning prize – a bunch of questioning family members – and I know that my arms are starting to hurt from holding onto Albus’s neck like a crazy women.




Where is my backup when I need it?




And like Moses parted the red sea, my knight in shining armor has arrived.




“ALBUS LET HER WIN!” Leslie screams like the true maniac she is, appearing out of thin-fucking-air and grabbing Albus by his school tie.




I take this as my chance and slide of his back and smooth walk my way into victory, right in the middle of his circle of family.




“Hey-o Wotter clan, my name is Brielle Patil and guess what?”




“Erm, what?” Some dude with pink hair that I already know I’m going to be best friend with asks.




“I bloody won.” And then I proceed to do my victory dance.




Yes, completely normal. That’s me. Normal old Brielle.







A/N: So, whatever you do, don't kill me! I know this chapter is a big mush of happiness (Bri going home for the Hols, different friends, Wotter clan, ect.) but it also has its vibe killers as well (Amelia, Louis, Amelia being kicked off the team, more Amelia, crazy family in the wake, ect.).



So, honestly, what did you think? I've had this planned for a while mainly because it is just the beginning of the real juicy plot line. This next couple chapters will be full of a lot of stuff so I hope you'll be looking foward to them. What do you think of Amelia and the situation she had gotten herself in? How shall ickle Brielle address it? Any thoughts on anyone else? Albus, James, Fred, Leslie, Dominique, ect? 



I really like writing the rest of the Wotter clan so hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as well. This is the 23rd chapter - which is crazy, by the way - and I can't believe we've gotten this far. I can only say that without you guys I would be nowehre. I'm not sure exactly how long this is going ot be but I'm planning perhaps around 35 chapters or so with one very long epilogue chapter. I've had some people asking if there was going to be a sequel and I've decided that YES there will be one but not completely. It'll be centered arond a new character that will be a James/OC pairing but all of these characters will be in it. I can't tell you what it's about without spoiling the end to this story but if you have any ideas on what it could be feel free to share! 



As always, this is the point where I get on my knees and beg for reviews so please take me out of this misery and embarassment and shoot me a quick hello, yeah? I love to hear what you guys think but if not then I'll see (not literally) you all next time! 















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