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What if ... by Fawkes_hp
Chapter 2 : Visitors and news
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter !!!

Author's POV

A month after the Battle ...

"Harry ... wake up ...." he heard a soft voice calling.
"Mmmm ... "
"Wake up sleepy head ..."
"Why?" he asked.
"Because we need to get going!It's nine o'clock!" Ginny said.
"Okay ..." he got up and kissed her cheek.

Ten minutes later he went to the kitchen .
"Goodmorning" he said and sat next to Ginny.
"Morning mate." Ron said.
"Goodmorning Harry. Ready?" Hermione asked.
"As ready as I can be!I stikk think that's not a great idea , you know ..." he replied.

Today was the day of his first public appearance since the Battle.They were going to the Diagon Alley.

"Oh , goodmorning Harry , deqar." Mrs Weasley said.
"Goodmorning Mrs Weasley."
"Guys ready to go?" Ginny asked.
"Well , it's now or never!"Harry  teased her.

Thirty minutes later they entered the Diagon Alley. Everyone was staring.
"First stop WWW."Ron said.
"Okay , let's go, then."

Sirius' POV

Remy and I were at this awesome joke shop at Diagon Alley.We came back to England to check if the rumors about old Voldy being dead , are true.
 I was lookimg at some fake wands when I heard something IMPOSSIBLE AND ODD  .

"Shut it Fred!" a redhead girl said from the side of a young ... a young version of James , only with green eyes.
"Oh , let us tease your boyfriend ,Gin!!"a man identical to Fred said.
"Yeah really funny guys!!" the boy said sarcasticly.

"What the hell??"I said as i turned to see Remus , who was as shocked as I was.
"We need to see Dumbledore NOW !!" he saied

We reached Albus' office and Remus knocked the door.
"Come in." a calm voice said.

We opened the door and got in.

"Good evening , Headmaster."
"Sirius , Remus ... I never thought I would see you again. Have a seat."
"Albus we heard some rumors about Voldemort being dead." Remus said.
"And earlier we saw a boy at Diagon Alley who could be James!What is going on , Albus?" I asked.


"He is alive ...??All these years ...?"
"We have to go back ! We have to tell them ...!!"
"Yes and I'll talk to Harry."
"Come on Remus , we have to go !My godson is alive and he kicked Voldy's ass !"
"We'll be in touch." Remus said and we left.


Harry's POV

"Okay , that wasn't that bad..." Ginny said as we reached the Burrow.
"Not at all ! Just crazy fans..." I teased her.
"Harry ,dear .Dumbledore wants to talk to you about something very important.He said to go to his office as soon as possible !" Mrs Weasley said .
"Thank you Mrs Weasley . I'll go now."
"Oh come on!! i thought we were going to play Quidditch!!" ROn complained.
"Ron ! This must be important !!"Hermione scold him.
"I'll be back as soon as i can." I gave a kiss at Ginny and took some floo-powder.
"Dumbledore's office , hogwarts School."

Ginny's POV

Oh , Merlin ! What was that for? Can't he just have a quiet summer ? I just hope this is for good. Well from the other hand the last time Dumbledore wanted to see Harry i didn't see him for almost a year !! 








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