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Don't Say The by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 3 : Surely You Must Be Joking
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I convinced Madame Pomfrey to let me stay overnight. I did it by faking pain that I didn't really have. I remember stories about my dad not handling pain well, so I figured she might believe it runs in the family. She didn't say a word, but simply pulled the curtains around my bed. I sat in bed staring at the ceiling. Lily had taken it... Well, better than I thought she would. Of course, she was furious that I've been in love with Malfoy for all these years and she's just now finding out.

She told James and Al. How did I know? They came to visit me, but they didn't say a word. Instead the pair of them just glared at me. Especially Al. He looked like someone had kicked his puppy. He looked like I had betrayed him in the worst way possible. It's not like sleeping with his best friend is a one way street. I couldn't have done it alone. I really don't understand what they have to be mad at me about. Al can't even pull the family bloodline betrayal thing because he's best friends with the bloke!

As for Malfoy, well, he decided he wasn't going to make an appearance. Whatever, I didn't want to see his stupid face anyways. Even if it was the prettiest face around. Listen to me, like a school girl. I missed the rest of the days classes. I should be studying. I should've been studying instead of hiding out in a corridor. What is wrong with me? I am SO not my mothers daughter right now. Completely unnaceptable.

As long as I keep bashing myself, I won't be tempted to think of him. I won't even give him a name. He's just him. That's all. I pulled out a book from my bookbag. Lily had been so nice as to bring it to me. She was the only family member currently talking to me. Hugo doesn't count, he is embarassed by me, can't be seen talking to his older sister. I mean, I'm sure it doesn't help that I baby him in front of his friends. I just can't help it. He's really awful at making sure he looks presentable.
I opened the book and just stared at it. The words weren't even registering. I re-read the same page at least ten times before sighing and shove the book away. I guess I can kind of understand why Al is mad at me. But why James? It's not like it was his best friend. Is it because I told Lily? That makes no sense, because I just told her. I really probably would've told him.. Eventually. Besides. It was at one of his stupid parties that it all started, anyways.

It started at LAST years first night back party. It seems I like to make a point of not sleeping in my own bed on the first day back at Hogwarts. Anywho. I've always planned my cousins' parties. Everyone knows I'm the best at it, and clearly, I love a good party. So despite James' no one under fifth year rule, I've always been invited. It was the first night of fifth year, I was so proud to be a prefect, but not quite ready to start my role as one. I just wanted one carefree night. That sure was what I got.
James had started on the firewhiskey long before the party started. In fact when I returned to the Room of Requirement after changing, he was well on his way towards being belligerent. That's besides the point. Of course Albus and Malfoy were already there, and while Albus doesn't drink much, Malfoy does and so he came over and offered me firewhiskey. Oh I really disliked that boy, but I took it anyways. It was a party, I supposed for one night I could get along with Albus' friend.
I didn't really see him again until further into the middle of the night. We walked into each other. He actually spilled his punch on me. Which lead to him, in a somewhat drunken stupor, to try to wipe it off of me. Well, being so close we naturally had started to snog. From there... Well, let's just say I took getting along with Albus' friend quite seriously. That was the beginning of the end.. With him.

After that he went back to ignoring me, only talking when we crossed paths during prefect duty. I was fine with this, more than happy to forget my unfortunate mistake. Until I walked into him between classes. The hallways were full of people, and I was getting ready to yell at him, just assuming it was some silly first year who had the misfortune to get in my way. Instead I looked up into his brilliantly bright eyes. I was mesmerized. I murmured something and ran away, I certainly wasn't going to stand there and stare into the eyes of the boy I shagged at James' party. That's pure foolishness.

Until later that night when we walked into eachother again. This time we didn't walk away from each other. The benefit to having parents and an uncle who had a map of the school, and a cousin who liked to take things, was that my cousins and I knew every passage hidden around the school. I used that to my advantage that night with Malfoy. After that night he was a little twat, only talking to me when convenient, and teasing me.

I swore at that moment I wouldn't fall under the spell of his eyes ever again. Until three weeks later, when I did it again. It was sort of a routine. Malfoy and I would slink away and shag after bumping into each other and then he'd tease me to annoyance. Then he'd do something and I'd be so shocked at how sweet it was, that we'd slink off to a passageway and then we're at six. He'd then ignore me until he dragged me off. The chemistry was undeniable. That's why I keep going back. Or so I keep telling myself. It's not really working. I know I'm in denial about the whole thing. But really, who wants to admit that they're in love with a bloke who doesn't feel the same way.

I mean, he certainly didn't treat me like one of his girls. Shagging them and then casting them aside when he was bored. He didn't even have that many, there were more girls fawning over him, trying to get attention than he would ever care to chose, that boy was extremely picky. I suppose that should make me happy, that he would choose me, and continue to keep coming back. But it actually made me feel sick to my stomach. He was just using me. It truly feels really awful.

I'm being too needy. That's what's wrong with me. Malfoy is in this for a good time, and here I am trying to make love and roses come out of his bloody ears. That's quite the picture actually, I'd really love to see that. I snapped out of my thoughts and reflections as I heard footsteps coming towards me. Assuming it was Madame Pomfrey I shoved my books under my pillow and hastily pretended to be asleep.

The only problem is, with my eyes closed like this. All I could think about was him. And the fact that I haven't been calling him, him. I'm really bad at this whole not thinking about people thing. Someone pulled back my curtains, I could hear them doing it. Whoever it was cleared their throat. But not to try to get my attention, no, it was almost as if they were nervous. Must be one of my cousins, I rarely ever get hurt, or show emotions like pain and sadness. It would've been really weird to have me ask to stay overnight instead of going to the rest of the days classes. And to see that I had been crying.

I was distracted from my thoughts on how strange my cousins must have felt when a warm hand moved gently across my head and brushed my hair out of my face. I inhaled sharply. I knew I was going to give away that I was awake if I couldn't control myself, but I knew that touch. Why was he here? He never cares. This is so unlike him. It's late, why is he not sleeping, or studying, or tormenting first years who think they can get around with a late night walk? Why isn't he anywhere but here, touching my face and being so sweet.

He left after a few minutes, tucking my blankets in around me. He closed my curtains again and I waited until I heard the footsteps dissapear completely. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. Scorpius Malfoy had just come up to my bed, and sat next to me, touching my face and playing with my hair. I really must be dreaming. This was probably the strangest day of my life. I was never going to be able to sleep now. Not minutes after thinking this did I fall into a nice comfortable sleep, dreaming of roses and love pouring from Scorpius Malfoys ears.

I walked into the Great Hall and approached the Gryffindor table slowly. I wasn't really sure how this day was going to go. Albus was glaring at me from Slytherin table, and Scorpius wasn't even looking at me. I quickly averted my gaze from them, no need to trip again. I approached the end of the table where my family and friends were sitting. As I got closer I realized I didn't remember my friends visiting me. Had I been asleep? Or had they really not visited me. Then it dawned on me, Lily had probably told them too. They were all more than likely just as mad at me for not telling them as James was. I assumed I was right when Lily was the only one who greeted me when I sat. I looked around the table.

Jacqueline gave me a half smile. She had been my friend from the second my family and I strolled onto the train first year. She didn't even ask me my name, but instead sat right next to me and chattered the whole train ride. By the time we reached Hogwarts I knew her name, her family history, her goals and aspirations and all of her favorite things. The girl really liked to talk. Her hair was a honey blonde colour that almost seemed red in some lighting. She had a tan complexion, which of course I envy, I really did get cursed with the Weasley colouring. If I had to chose the person I was closest to at Hogwarts, it certainly would be Jacqueline. I knew she wouldn't stay mad at me for long, especially since she already knew that I've shagged Malfoy before.

Then there was Blair. We were instant friends as well. Of course, she was a bit bitter that I had been chosen for Prefect and not her, but let's face it. I'm the top of our class, and the daughter of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Being a prefect runs in my blood. Blair was going to stay mad at me for a while. That I knew. The girl was brilliant at holding grudges, and there was nothing she hated more than when I kept secrets from her. I looked over at her now, and she flicked her black hair and looked the other way. I nearly snickered, but I knew that would only anger her more. I'd just win her over later. I honestly wasn't too worried about it.

My other roommates didn't really count. Don't get me wrong, they were lovely girls.. most of the time. I just didn't care for their opinions like I did that of my family. My brother was sitting at the other end of the table. He had started doing this after I tried to fix his hair in his first year. His friends still tease him about that, I think. And then there was James who was glaring at me over his food. Of course no matter how angry he was, his appetite wasn't going to be diminished.
I glared back at James as I put food onto my plate. Two could play this game. It wasn't fair to blame everything on him, but let's be realistic. I probably would never have slept with Malfoy in the first place if James didn't insist on having his stupid parties. I don't even understand why he's so mad at me. He already knew I slept with Malfoy the first night back. Sure he didn't know how I felt, or how often I had done it, but really, did that matter at all?

I nearly said as much. But I didn't want all of the people in the Great Hall to hear our argument. James didn't look much like a Weasley, but when he was angry, it was evident. There was that one time that James and I got into an argument that was so bad that we both had detention for a month because we nearly destroyed an entire hallway. This wouldn't be that bad, but I knew he was going to get loud. I didn't need the nosy students of Hogwarts to hear my business. And I'm positive that Malfoy doesn't want the entire school to know that he shagged me. After all, what would that do for his precious reputation. Even if everyone knew who I was before I even did.

By the end of breakfast, Jacqueline and I were talking again. We walked down the hallway arm in arm and she was already teasing me for tripping and falling.

"That really is so like you Rose. Can't even run away from people without falling on your face." She was laughing and I elbowed her in the ribs.

"Oh stuff it, Godard." She hated it when people used her last name. She prided herself on being feminine and girly, and to her, her surname was anything but.

She looked at me somberly before bursting out into laughter again. We were laughing as we strolled into charms and got ready for the days class. Unlike Blair and I, who I think got along because of our love for books and school, Jacqueline and I get on... Well. We're both crazy I suppose. Her temper rivals mine at times, and we both love partying to an extent that is probably unhealthy. We also value how we appear to the public, which is something I developed because I am her friend, I think.

Jacqueline and I continued talking until class started, and even then we were chattering away. I love charms, don't get me wrong, but it's so easy, I always have a hard time actually focusing in class. When class ended we strolled out, still talking. Well, it was more her talking and me listening. The girl really does love to talk. Loads.

When we finally seperated for the day, me to go to Transfiguration and she to Divination, I thought of Scorpius Malfoy for the first time since breakfast. A little disappointed in myself for letting him slip into my thoughts, I soon realized it was bound to happen, as he sits directly behind me in class. How unfortunate.

I slip into my seat next to Blair and peer over at her without really turning my head. I can see that she's trying not to look at me and say something. I can also tell that she seems more mad at the Bloke behind us than at me myself. That's comforting. She'll get over being mad at me within the week. As class started I tried my hardest to focus. I hadn't really paid much attention last class, and missed an entire afternoons worth of classes yesterday.

Yet as hard as I tried to focus on whatever we were being taught, I could feel his eyes staring at the back of my head. I stared at my book and took a moment to clear my head. I would not give him the satisfaction of distracting me once again. For the rest of class I paid attention with fervor, and even made it a point to stay after class, to talk with the Professor. Nobody would wait around, all eager to run off to eat lunch, or do whatever they may. I was talking to him about Animagi, an idea that truly intrigued me actually.

As I walked out of the classroom, I was happily oblivious to the person waiting against the wall outside the classroom for me. I continued walking up towards the library, intending to spend my free time finding something new to learn, that I didn't yet know. I heard him fall in step beside me before I saw him, and something inside of my dropped. My stomach felt hollow and I for whatever reason I wanted to cry. Rose Weasley doesn't cry. I certainly wasn't going to break that rule twice in less than twenty-four hours.

"What do you want?" I asked him, keeping what I said short, unemotional and as detatched as possible. I wasn't going to let him play his games with me this time.

"Rose." It was all he said. Just my name. It was almost sort of a whisper.

I stopped walking to give him a look. When he said nothing else I walked away quickly. Catching sight of my cousin James I ran after him, attempting to catch up to his brisk walk. Of course, being my graceful self, I tripped on the stairs and nearly fell into him.

"You know, Rose, you really should be more careful." James said to me, grabbing my arm to steady me. He wasn't exactly gentle, but the fact that he was even saying anything gave me hope. Perhaps he wouldn't be as stubborn as I thought.

"You know, James, it's no good to be thick-headed." I tried to take on as playful a tone as possible. If I could get into a banter with him, maybe this would be just a little easier.

"Well, I wouldn't have to be thick-headed if you would just tell me things. Like what you do with my dear brother's unfortunate friend. You're supposed to be the smart one Rosie." He looked at me this time, something I had been waiting for him to do since he saw me yesterday.

"James, I think even you can understand why I would say nothing about feelings for a cousins best friend." An eyebrow raised as I said this to him, the look on his face was pure surprise, as if he hadn't expected me to know that he fancies Jacqueline.

He looked as if he was going to walk away, and I nearly swore under my breath, that wasn't how I wanted the conversation to end, but instead he turned to face me fully. "I'll push you back down the stairs next time you keep something from me." He had that mischievous sparkle in his eye. James had always been easy to win back over. Even in arguments he never really had a chance against me. Albus however, had always been my greatest difficulty. I could never really win an argument with him. Nor he with I. We always came to standstills.

As James and I walked off talking about Quidditch, I remembered how I had left Scorpius in the hallway. Glancing back, I saw him standing back, far away from us. He was just staring at me, but his expression was one I hadn't seen before, and for some reason, I just couldn't read it.


As usual, I don't own anything you recognize, it's all JK Rowling, and also a clever little drop in from Airplanes in the title, so thanks to the writers of that!

So firstly, I want to thank you so much for reading this chapter! Not only does this mean that you read chapters one and two, but you liked it enough to read all of three! I struggled a lot with this chapter, to be honest. I wasn't sure how to write it, and I must admit, I kept confusing myself. I also wasn't sure how to go about the flash back. I didn't want it to be too long, and I didn't want it to be too drama filled either. I really wanted this chapter to just sort of move the story along. Introduce her friends, the rest of her family, or most of it, anyways. I'm conveniently leaving out Molly and Lucy, but who likes them anyway? 

Please review! I love getting home from class or work and reading my reviews! It's the best feeling ever! Constructive criticism, what did you hate, love, like, dislike. But try to be kind! I think I let some "americanisms" slip in this chapter, but I tried to catch them all.

I also tried to make the chapter a little longer, I know my last two have been really short, so I'm slowly trying to get the amount in the chapter up! 

Oh, and do you love the banner for the story or what? I'm in love with it! Thanks again to Elysian from TDA for that. It's literally perfect. 

Thanks again!!

xoxo LL 

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