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The Alternative by SlightObsession
Chapter 4 : The Chamber
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 A/N: This is un-beta'd, it will be though :) 





He was late.

Of course he would be late.

Why would Hermione think otherwise.

Hermione looked down at her watch, it was now five to twelve. They would be late for Harry. She looked out her window and saw something move, she frowned and walked up to the window. When she saw the mass of blonde hair, she walked over to the door and opened it.

‘’You’re late.’’ She said as he looked up.

Draco frowned, ‘’you’re still you, but who’s saying?’’

‘’We need to go. Now!’’ Hermione said, putting out her elbow. She looked him up and down, ‘’are you wearing the same clothes as yesterday?’’ she frowned.

Draco looked down and smoothed down his plain black t-shirt. ‘’No.’’ he answered bluntly.

Hermione shook her head, and apparated away as soon as she felt Draco’s hand on her elbow.

They landed on the step and Harry answered the door immediately.

‘’So, Pot-Harry. Why couldn’t you talk to us yesterday?’’

‘’Hello to you too! Because Ginny was due home. Going on that letter you received, I thought it was best you come back today.’’

‘’Hello Harry.’’ Hermione smiled.

‘’Come in.’’ Harry opened the door fully.

Hermione nodded as she passed Harry and made her way into the front room. She was shortly joined by Draco and Harry.

‘’Tea? Coffee?’’ Harry asked.

‘’Tea please.’’

‘’I want to say two sugars and milk?’’ Harry raised an eyebrow.

‘’Yes.’’ Hermione smiled.


‘’Coffee, please. No milk or sugar.’’ He looked down and laced his fingers.

Harry nodded and scuttled off into the kitchen.

‘’Those are the same clothes as yesterday!’’ Hermione said as she studied the outfit he was wearing.

‘’Why does it matter?’’ Draco muttered, looking the other way.

‘’It…doesn’t.’’ Hermione frowned and looked up as Harry entered the room with a tray and three mugs . He sat them down and sat in the armchair opposite them.

‘’So, Hermione…who were you to me again, in your…version?’’ Harry frowned.

‘’Well…we were best friends, extremely close.’’

‘’Did we ever…’’ Harry trailed off, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

‘’oh, no, no. It was me and Ron who dated.’’ She heard Draco make an awkward cough and slid over to his side more.

‘’And you, Draco?’’ Harry looked inquisitively at Draco, but soon saw Hermione shaking her head. ‘’So, you seem smart, what do you think is going on Hermione?’’ Harry smiled at her.

‘’Well, I was doing a bit of light reading last night.’’  Draco laughed to himself, which earned himself a glare from Hermione, ‘’and I found out some things.’’

‘’Go on.’’ Harry nodded.

‘’Well, from what I found, I think this is an alternative reality, like the person said. In which someone enchants two people into another reality, with, some changes. The potion is very complicated, and has ever only been mastered by one person-its creator, Gellert Grindlewald. Im assuming you know who he is?’’ Harry shook his head, ‘’Gellert was a close friend of Dumbledore’s when they were both younger, his aunt was Bathilda Bagshot, you know, the writer of Hogwarts, a History. Long story short, he was defeated, and he died a couple years back in 1998, in Numergard. I had never read anything like this potion, but he only done it once-but it lasted a day before the effects wore off. Somehow, this…new person, has managed to modify the potion, slip it into us somehow  and create the rest of the enchantment.  I wonder how I never stumbled across it before.’’

‘’Probably because you have too many books.’’ Draco said under his breath, but Hermione heard.

‘’I don’t have…too…many…books. Anyways, I think we need to go talk to Dumbledore, he was close to Gellert, he might know something.’’

‘’I agree. If what you say is all true, then he might know something. By the way, how do I know this is all real?’’ Harry raised an eyebrow.

‘’We can prove it. Remember the chamber of secrets I told you about yesterday?’’ Harry nodded, ‘’I’ll take you there. Ronald and you told me how to get to it.’’

‘’I’ll go owl Dumbledore.’’ Draco said, and got up quickly.

‘’So…um, what’s the history between us and Draco.’’  Harry said quietly as soon as Draco left the room.

‘’We were…well, enemies with him at school. He offered a hand in friendship in the first year, but you reject ted it as he was mean to Ron, it eventually grew-the hatred I mean. For example, he was calling me Mudblood, Ron a blood traitor and you, many things. As the years went by, it escalated. In the end, he became a death eater, and joined lord Voldemort, but I don’t think he wanted to. We then saved his life in the room of requirement and he’s been acting okay ever since.’’

‘’ahh, okay. That’s why he is so stiff all the time?’’


‘’I’ve sent the letter, we should get a reply soon enough.’’ Draco spoke with no emotion as he sat back down, sinking further and further into the arm of the sofa.

For the next 30 minutes, Harry and Hermione carried on discussing different idea’s and thoughts about what was going on, while Draco looked around, absent minded, and only wishing the letter would hurry up, when a tap at the window, granted his wish.

‘’Finally.’’ Draco muttered.

‘’Harry, Hermione and Draco.

You are welcome to come visit now and speak to me.

I don’t want you to bring any attention to yourselves as ex-students don’t come and visit often so would either Harry or Hermione please come in using one of the secret entrances that you use to use when you had your days at Hogwarts.  You are allowed to arrive as early as you wish, but please be in my office for 6pm-while dinner is going on.

Albus Dumbledore.


Headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry’’ Harry read out. ‘’What secret entrances?’’

‘’I’ll show you. Shall we go now so we can go visit to the chamber?’’ Hermione asked, after two nods, she carried on, ‘’dissaparate to Hogesmead, on the start of the path towards Hogwarts. ‘’ She nodded towards the two men, and closed her eyes, feeling the familiar queasy feeling.

She opened her eyes and felt the familiar warmth of the sun beating down on her, she heard two landing’s behind her and turned around and saw both Harry and Draco.

‘’This way.’’ Hermione nodded with her head, and 20 minutes later, they were In the castle.

‘’So, this chamber, it’s in a bathroom?’’

‘’Yes, I don’t know if moaning  Myrtle would be in there anymore, but I know where it is. Try and not let anyone see you like Dumbledore said. This way.’’ As Hermione led the way, she had a strange sense of de ja vuh. They soon reached the bathroom, when she heard a moan.

‘’This…this is the girls toilet.’’ Draco said.

‘’I know. It’s in here.’’ Hermione pointed to the door with her head.

‘’In the loo?’’


‘’But…it’s the girl’s loo.’’

‘’Stop being such a child Malfoy and go in the loo.’’ She held the door open and after a weird look from Draco, he entered, and Harry followed suit.

‘’So, where is the chamber?’’ Draco said, looking around the bathroom, frowning.

‘’Over here.’’ Hermione walked over to the sink that had the snake, the one she knew  took them to the chamber.

‘’How do we get in?’’ Harry asked.



‘’Yes, in…our version…you could speak parsletounge, and I’m pretty certain you would could still do it now.’’

‘’Parsle what?’’

‘’Toung. It means you can speak snake.’’

‘’Oh, okay, how do I do it.’’

‘’Just, concentrate. Close your eyes and focus trying to speak it. You just need to say anything…’’

‘’Open. Just think of open. It’s the most obvious choice.’’ Draco spat, he was now leaning against the toilet stall wall.

‘’Leave him, he cant focus if you’re telling him what to do!’’

‘’Isn’t that what you’re doing?’’ Draco stood up straight.

‘’No! im trying to help him!’’

‘’Look!’’ Harry raised his voice, ‘’both of you, are trying to help in your…both…ways.’’ He peered his eyes at Draco, ‘’and im trying, I just don’t think it’s going to happen.’’

‘’Okay, we’re sorry, aren’t we, Malfoy.’’

‘’Whatever.’’  He muttered, leaning back into his previous position.

Hermione rolled her eyes, turning back to Harry, ‘’go ahead Harry.’’ She smiled and nodded at him.

Harry closed his eyes and after about a minute, he opened his mouth as if to say something, but soon shut it again. This happened a few more times before he opened his eyes,  ‘’Mione, I can’t do this.’’

‘’Mione? You called me Mione!’’


‘’Sorry,’’ she shook her head, ‘’you use to call me that before. I always hated it, but as per usual, you ignored me.’’ Hermione laughed smally to herself. ‘’Anyway, Harry, you can do it, I know you can.’’ She smiled at him.

Harry nodded once more and closed his eyes, this time, he looked a lot less frustrated at himself. After about 30 seconds, he opened his mouth, and out came a noise Hermione hadn’t heard in years.


Hermione jumped as she felt the sinks underneath her move. She looked over to Draco whose attention was now grabbed. Harry opened his eyes and jumped back in surprise as the whole sink’s opened into a mass whole.

‘’What do we do now?’’

‘’We jump.’’

‘’Jump? Are you kidding me? We’ll kill ourselves.’’ Draco said quickly.

‘’Ive done it, you’ll be fine.’’ Hermione said in annoyance, and she jumped.


Twenty minutes  later, they arrived in the chamber and Hermione smiled, her theory was correct. Sitting there, at the other end of the chamber was the basilisk skeleton.

‘’So I guess it’s just mental  changes, not physical one’s. This could help us a lot, so, what do you think Harry? Will you defiantly help us now?’’ Hermione turned away from the basilisk and towards Harry, who was standing frozen, staring at the skeleton, ‘’Harry?’’  she frowned and walked up to him, ignoring the sighs coming from Draco’s direction.

She stood in front of him, but his eyes where glassy, moving from left to right as if he was watching a tennis match. It was like he was watching something.

‘’Harry?’’ she clicked her fingers in front of him and he snapped out of it, ‘’Harry? Are you alright?’’

Harry looked down from his staring point to the ground, ‘’I…I remember.’’

‘’You remember?’’ Hermione smiled.

‘’Everything.’’ He said slowly, taken aback, he looked up at Hermione, ‘’Hermione?’’ he smiled, ‘’Hermione!’’ I kicked in that it was Hermione standing in front of him,  ‘’Oh Hermione, im sorry I didn’t remember.’’ He embraced her in a needed hug.

‘’It’s okay Harry, you remember now.’’ She smiled into his shoulder.

They pulled apart after hearing an awkward cough, Harry’s eyes followed the direction of the cough and saw Draco, ‘’YOU! This was you! What did you do?’’ Harry stormed over to Draco, glaring at the man who was at least half a foot taller than him.

‘’I did nothing!’’ Draco raised his voice, ‘’do you really think I would want to be stuck here with mudb-‘’ Draco paused and closed his  eyes, taking a second to compose himself, and sighed, ‘’do you really think I would want to be stuck here with Granger and have you as a choice for the ONLY one to remember? Merlin Potter, I knew you were thick, but not that thick.’’ Draco rolled his eyed when he saw Hermione storm over.

‘’Malfoy, there’s no need to be mean! I don’t want to be stuck here as much as you, but we have to deal with it. Because for now, we have to. We’ve only got each other and fighting isn’t going to help anything or any of us. So let’s agree now to be civil to one another? Agreed?’’ she looked over at Harry, raising her eyebrow.

Harry sighed as he gave into his bestfriend’s glare. He maybe 23 years of age, but Hermione still scared him, ‘’agreed.’’

Hermione turned to look at Draco, ‘’your turn.’’ She looked into his eyes, his grey eyes and gave him her best menacing look,  trying to convince him and apparently it was working as she saw his face turn into a confused frown.

‘’Fine.’’ He furrowed his eyebrows.

‘’Now, I think we should go to Dumbledore, it’s nearly time.’’ 



Guys, i apoloigise, im sorry this chapter took so long to put off.

College is crazy busy and i didnt have the time to write + i've had no insperaiton as people hardly review this story, help me out and drop a reveiw? 

What do you think between the chemistry of Hermione and Draco?


SlightObsession xx

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The Alternative: The Chamber


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