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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fourteen
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It's been a month and a few days since I was told I wasn't allowed back to Hogwarts, a whole bloody month! Since Hogwarts doesn't know that the devil has kicked me out, my owls with work and stuff has been going there. You would think that if I hadn't sent back any finished work that they would come and find out what the problem is but no it seems not. Looks like I won't be taking my NEWT's and graduating this year after all. I suppose I could always go back when my baby girl is one but would I be able to leave her for up to two months at a time, unless McGoggles would let bring her with me.

I wonder if McGoggles has kids, grandkids maybe, the thought had never occurred to me before. Is she married, does she have kids? I know some of the professors are married like Chang. She married Michael Corner although she still uses her maiden name when she teaches. That’s a weird thought though: McGonagall with kids. I was tempted to ask if I could have permission to do my magic here and to tell Lauren and her family about Hogwarts and the wizarding world, but I chickened out after wondering how they would react.

So lately I've just been flicking through my textbooks but it's not really helping.

I'm thirty-four weeks and four days and I'm flipping huge especially compared to Lauren as she's just gone twenty-five weeks. I feel even fatter when I'm around her and Katie who is generally skinny (lucky sod) and the only one of us who is not currently pregnant.

I don't really see her or Laur much in the day since they are both in college. I've been looking for a job but nowhere really wants to hire a heavily pregnant teen with zero experience so I stay home with Sandra and help her with Lizzie and Lydia. I've also been spending time with Etta and looking after Madison for her as she's studying for school from home.

As I was looking through one of the pregnancy books that Etta had leant me I was glad that Madame Pomfrey had arranged for me to me my midwife at the muggle hospital last week. Her name is Bella and she's really nice, and was very helpful. I've got another checkup in two weeks, so I can go through my birth plan with her and have one last look at my baby girl on the scan before she arrives.

"I'm home," Lauren called as she came in through the front door followed by Luke, "Hey Mol, how your day been." She asked as she chucked her bag on the floor and flopped down on the sofa next to me.

I shrugged as I sat up, "It's been okay. I'm just bored because of not being able to school work. As much I hated the work, I really miss it now. I've cleaned my side of our room and I've washed all of the baby things that I bought before I left school and I've put them all away in the chest of drawers in size order and I've packed my hospital bag just in case."

"Well you've certainly been busy. I haven't done a lot today because some of my tutor's weren't in which is hard considering all of our assignments in before the thirteenth of June and we're nowhere near finishing the ones that we're currently doing," She sighed, "Luke can you get me a drink please? Where is everyone Mol?"

I haven't heard off Amber and Chloe for a while. I think I've had about two letters of each of them in the month that I've been gone. I'm starting to think they've just forgotten about me. Dom writes regularly as do Lucy, Lily, Roxy and Rose. The boys don't seem to bother but then again they are lazy and wouldn't really think to write to their pregnant cousin who got kicked outta Hogwarts, now would they?

Sandra doesn't think it weird anymore about me having an owl for a pet since I explained it was faster than post and that it was easier to communicate with people at my boarding school. She understood and Specky now has a perch on the window sill by the back door.

In two days’ time it's Katie's mum's wedding which means that as I have zero clothes suitable for a wedding I'm going shopping with Katie and Lauren, and maybe Luke once they get in from college as they have a half day on a Wednesday.

"Let’s see, your mum's got Lydia and they've gone to get the twins and Brooke from school, Etta has gone to meet Jack from school with Madi as she's staying over his tonight. And Lana is over your nan's with Lizzie waiting for your mum and the kids." I said as I ticked off each person on my fingers.

She smiled as Luke handed her a glass of water, "Thanks Lukie, ten minutes and then we'll head off Mol?"

I nodded, "Fine by me, is Katie meeting us at the bus stop?"

"Yep." Luke said, popping the 'P'.

"So you're coming as well then are you Lukie." I asked him using Lauren's nickname for him, as I heaved myself up off the sofa.

"Yep." He replied as he helped me up and I waddled off upstairs to collect my cardigan and bag. I smiled to myself and I was kind of glad that Luke now had Lauren, especially since the others seem to be going off the rails. I know for a fact that Mitchell is now in jail for one thing or another, Rhys had turned to drugs and Merlin knows what's happened to Lewis. I'm so glad that Luke and Kyle no longer bother with them; well at least I hope Kyle doesn't.

I went back down once I was ready and shortly after we left the house, Katie met us at the bus stop and she smiled at us as we got closer.

"Blimey Mol, I can see why you want some new clothes." She joked.

I rolled my eyes at her, "I know. I don't care what it is as long as it bloody fits."

Once the bus came we headed into town.


I was Exhausted when we got back. We had spent most of the afternoon in the shopping center going in and out of clothes shops and even a few baby shops. I bought a little pink dress for my baby girl in this one baby shop which was called 'Little Bo Peep'. It's so pretty; I just couldn't resist it as its pink with white spots.

I finally bought myself some new clothes, and knowing that I haven't got that long left I bought two pairs of maternity jeans, a lot of tops, one skirt and four dresses. As we had gone shopping for wedding clothes, I got a long floaty summer dress in shades of blue and purple with hints of white whilst Lauren got a knee length purple dress and a white cardigan. She also made Luke buy a purple tie to match as he's also coming to the wedding.

As Katie already had her bridesmaid dress we helped her find shoes, and in the end she chose a pair of silver flats with a flower on the front made of rhinestones.

I was sat out the garden with Lauren and Luke as Katie had gone home to help prepare for the wedding, whilst the twins: Callum and Corey and Lizzie played on the trampoline. I had Madison sat on my lap and she was happily chewing one of her teething toys whilst Luke was walking Lydia around the garden.

From within the house I could hear a lot of noise but I was used to it by now, especially with all the kids around. And I've gotten much better at learning how to change Madison's nappy as well as Lydia's which is a lot harder than it seems especially since all Lydia wants to do is try and roll or crawl away.

Sandra and Lana both came out carry two big cardboard boxes closely followed by Brooke who was carrying her doll. They both placed them on the patio table which we were sat around and Sandra sighed with relief and then smiled at myself and Lauren, "Right, since you're having a girl Mol and god knows I have too many girls to count as well as two gorgeous granddaughters there are boxes of baby clothes upstairs."

She indicated to the two on the table, "There are more in the house but I think they're all bigger sizes, anyway these are all the newborn sizes as well as nought to three months. There are still boxes with the twins stuff in if you and Luke have a boy," Sandra told Lauren who nodded, "There are plenty of white things so you two can share them between you, they'll need a wash first but other than that they're all in perfect condition."

Lauren opened up the one and started to pull out various outfits, vests and sleepsuits. "It's mad to think that something so tiny will fit in this." She said as she held up a little white vest and then draped in on her bump as though imagining her little one it.

Sandra laughed, "Well if you're little one is anything like you then they'll probably be a stubborn little bugger and decided not to come on their due day but eight days later weighing nine pound exactly."

Lauren looked horrified, "I was not that heavy and I'm certainly not stubborn."

I laughed as did Lana and Sandra, and then a moment later Brooke laughed which made us laugh even more. "You keep telling yourself that dear," Sandra muttered, "My grandchildren are certainly not going without." She smiled at Lauren and then me.

I mouthed a 'thank you' at her and she nodded. I really was part of this family. They were here for me when I needed them the most, Sandra was the mother I never had and to this day I am so grateful for everything she has done for me.

It was a nice relaxed evening and I couldn't help but think what I would be doing if I was still at Hogwarts right now. I'd probably be in my common room with Amber and Chloe revising for my NEWT's, or even getting ready for bed if it had been a stressful day.  Luke announced he was leaving as it was nearing eight and even though his parents knew where he was they didn't want him out any later in case he bumped into the other boys.

"Bye Lukie." I called using Lauren's nickname for him as he kissed Lauren goodbye and went through the house.

As it was still fairly warm outside and the sun was slowly setting Lauren went in and got the baby book that Nana had got me, called The Big book Of Baby names. We settled back at the patio table once I had gotten myself and Lauren a drink. Etta came out whilst Lauren was still in the house and took a seat and she sighed.

"What's up Etta?" I asked after seeing the strange expression on her face.

She sighed again and then groaned, "Just idiots I used to call my friends asking me to go out," Etta paused and then explained, "I was best friends with this girl for eight years, we used to do everything together but then I got pregnant and she got into the wrong crowd and pretty much dis-owned me as a friend, as did the other girls we used to bother with."

"That's awful." I said sympathetically.

Etta nodded, "Then when I had Madi the group of girls and my ex-best friend came over to see her and me after ignoring me for months on end and they were all smiley and saying 'she's so cute' and all this. And now my ex-best friend has just rang me asking if I want to go to her sweet sixteenth and that if I go, to bring alcohol as one of her new friends if throwing her a party at their house. I told her no because of Madi and she asked who's Madi," Etta sighed and looked up at the sky, "I told her my daughter and she was all oh yeah forgot you had a kid, never mind then. I was best friends with her for eight years and now look at us, she's a party animal and I'm a mum." She finished and I could hear her voice was starting to crack.

"It's okay Etta, I know what you mean. The two girls I've been best mates since I was eleven have been ignoring me lately. I've sent them letters but they rarely reply. Look at me Lauren and Katie, look how we used to be. Drinking, smoking, causing mayhem around the estate with the boys and now look at us, Katie's getting her family back together, I've gained even more family and soon a daughter and Lauren's going to be a mum as well. I think we've all changed but we don't notice it so much unless we reflect on it."

Etta nodded at what I had said, "It just doesn't help that Madi's teething which means she hasn't been sleeping and me and Jack haven't been all that great the past few days. I don't think mums noticed but he's staying at his parents house."

"You'll work it out Etta, trust me." I told her and suddenly I fancied cheese on toast so I asked Etta if she wanted anything and then went into the kitchen to make myself some. Lauren past me as I got the container that contained stuffing out of the fridge and put some of it in a microwavable dish before putting in the microwave to heat up.

Once it was done I tipped it onto a plate next to my cheese on toast, I put the dirty knife and microwavable dish in the dishwasher before picking up a fork and going back outside. The baby name book was spread open in front of Lauren and she was painting her finger nails whilst she scanned the endless list of names beginning with H.

"I've narrowed down my list of baby names even more," I told Lauren as I sat down in between her and Etta, "Although I'm still not sure on a middle name just yet."

"What are they then?" Lauren asked as she looked up at me from painting her nails, "Etta will you do my toes please, it's hard to reach and I want them matching for the wedding since I'm wearing sandals."

Etta rolled her eyes but set about painting her sister's toes.

"Well I really like Melody, Maisie, Alexis and Hope." I told her as I looked at my list which had many scribbled and crossed out names on it.

"Ooo I really like them, especially Maisie."

"I haven't got a middle name for her just yet, but I don't know whether it should be after someone I know like mine or just a name I like." I mused.

"All of us except Callum and Corey have middle names after family, and Brooke and Madi have pretty middle names even if Lana didn't realise at the time."

I frowned at Lauren, "Huh?"

Etta laughed, "Brooke's middle name is Lynne so her full name is Brooke Lynne Simmons. She's not named after the place in America they're two separate names, Brooke because apparently there was one near where she was conceived and Lynne after her dad's mum because of all the help she gave Lana when her dead beat son didn't bother."

"See I think that's nice but I'm not even sure if Kyle's family know I'm pregnant, I don't even know his mums name and I've never met any of them," I pointed out, "And half of my cousins are named after people so I don't know."

Lauren finished the nail on her little finger and looked up, "Well we've decided middle on names but we haven’t decided on any first names, Elizabeth for a girl after Luke's nan and Morgan for a boy after my dad. So whatever their name is it has to go with that as well as Luke's surname."

That lead us onto the subject of surnames and who’s my baby's would have, "Well this little one's definitely having Luke's surname." Lauren announced.

"Madi's got Jack's last name and Brooke has our name because of her dead beat dad. His mum didn't mind so much since her name is Brooke's middle name." Etta chimed.

I shrugged, "I just don't think Kyle deserves to be a part of her name, I mean he pretty much denied it and he hasn't been all that bothered. I mean I've had three texts off of him."

Since it was getting late and the sun had finally gone down we went back inside, I put my things in the dishwasher and turned it on. I headed up to mine and Lauren's room along with Etta and we sat on the bean bags. The TV was on and some romance film was playing. The two sisters were talking and I was reflecting on what I said to Etta.
I was so glad that I had stopped drinking and smoking and causing mayhem around the estate with the others as well as getting into trouble whilst I was at Hogwarts. To be honest it's a miracle I got to my seventh year.

My thoughts were of my little girl and how much my life has changed as I watched the film with Lauren and Etta.

I was awoken by Lauren throwing a pillow at me. I groaned as I sat up and looked at her, "Really Laur?"

She chuckled to herself as she rubbed her bump, "Come here Mol, I think the baby's kicking."

I made my way out of my own bed and over to Lauren's, once I was sat down she took my hand and placed it on the spot where she had been rubbed. We waited a few seconds and then sure enough I felt the kick and I smiled at Lauren,"Oh my god."

Lauren nodded and her eyes widened as did the smile on her face, "I know, I can't believe it. I mean I've felt the little ones kick but it's weird when they're one kicking you if you get what I mean."

I nodded, because Laur was right. It felt even stranger when my baby girl did it because she was doing it from inside whereas with Lauren's little one I could just feel it on the outside. After that I went into the bathroom and took a shower, when I got back in out room I found Lauren dancing around her room to some pop song that was on the radio, "Today's the wedding!" She squealed as she pranced over to me in her shortie pyjamas which are far too small for her now.

"Do you two have to be so loud?" A sleepy looking Etta asked as she appeared in the doorway with a wide awake Madi in her arms.

"Oops, sorry Etta but it's after nine and it's the wedding. No lie-ins for you." Lauren told her sister who simply sighed.

"I know that Laur, but Madi was still asleep until five minutes ago and I was trying to sleep a little longer myself."

Lauren looked down at the floor like she was child who had gotten told off, then she looked up and pranced over to her sister and neice, "Come on Madi moo," She sang as she took Madi off of Etta, "Let's go get your breakfast whilst mummy takes a nap."

Etta looked greatful and mouthed 'thank you' at Lauren before crossing the landing and heading back into her bed room whilst me Lauren and Madi headed downstairs. On the the first floor we found Callum and Corey running around like lunatics and they didn't stop until Lauren told them off and told them to go downstairs.

They scurried off and we followed them downstairs and into the kitchen where Sandra was making pancakes. "Breakfast's up!" She called, "Morning girls." Sandra said in a cheery voice as she dished up the pancakes and set the plate on the table along with a bottle of syrup and chocolate sauce.

Lydia was already in her highchair, waving her spoon around and making a mess. She grinned at us as we sat down and yelled, "Mama!"

Brooke was happily eating a bowl of chocolate cereal  and Callum and Corey were both wolfing down pancakes at lightening speed, although it didn't surprise me. I mean I grew up with five male cousins, let me tell you they do not eat slowly.

"Boys!" Sandra called, "Slow down, otherwise you'll be sick."

They did as their mother said although that didn't stop them from adding two more pancakes to their already full plate.

Lauren handed me Madi whilst she set about making her a bottle and her special baby cereal. Madi was quite happily sat on my lap and I started bouncing her up and down, which made her laugh like crazy. I laughed as well because I always find that baby laughs are infectious.

Lauren eventually brought over her breakfast and I sat Madi in the blue highchair that's situated at the end of the table. I guess it must of once been either Callum or Corey's because Lydia was sat in one exactly the same.

Lauren went to hand me the bowl and I looked at her, "Here, you feed her. You need the practice Mol, I've had tonnes."

"But, bu-" I stammered as she shoved into my hands.

"You need the practice." Lauren said again as she sat next to me and helped herself to the pancakes.

In the end I took the bowl because I had no choice and sat down to feed Madi. I was afraid that she would choke but after a while I relaxed and Madi was happily banging the tray of the highchair when she wanted more and I wasn't quick enough. It made me think, I still can't quite believe that my own little girl will be here in a little over five weeks. I mean I am no where near ready and all I have for her are clothes.

Where as Lauren already has a moses basket and stand thanks to Etta as Madi is now in her own room in a cot, and she has a carseat as Madi has out grown hers and her old pram as Etta has bought a buggy now Madi is getting older. All Lauren needs now is a cot and a matteress and of course her baby.

Me on the other hand, I need a cot, a matteress, a moses basket and stand, a carseat and a pram. I'm still hoping that what dad said about paying for it still stands because Merlin knows I need it and preferably soon as I know babies aren't always on time and come early or late. Even Sandra was telling me, with the twins they were two weeks early but that was scheduled because Callum was lying the wrong way which meant she had to have a c-section and with Lauren she was eight days late so there's no telling what will happen.

Once Madi had finished Lauren took her out of the highchair and gave her, her bottle of milk as Etta came into the kitchen, her brown hair was wet and trailing down her back. "Morning."

"Morning love," Sandra greeted her daughter, "There should be some pancakes left if the boys haven't devoured them."

Etta laughed and it was the first time in a few days that I had seen her smile.

Once, myself and Lauren had finished breakfast we headed back upstairs with Madi so Etta could enjoy her breakfast. Once in Lauren's room she arranged her pillows on her bed and sat Madi right in the middle of them so that she was surrounded by a wall of pillows, I sat on the bed with her whilst Laur went to get some toys out of her room.

I turned on Lauren's TV and played peek-a-boo with Madi which got her laughing whilst Lauren took a shower, once she was done in the bathroom we swapped and I went for a shower. When I got back in the room in my dressing gown Laur was changing Madi's nappy as she watched some chat show hosted by a guy that was on the TV.

"I swear one day we'll see someone we know on this." She said pointing at the screen.

I laughed, "Probably, although let's just hope it's not one of us."

Once Madi was changed I sat on the chair in front of Lauren's dressing table with her on my lap whilst Lauren used her straighteners to curl my hair. I knew that I could easily use a spell that Rose had taught me but my wand is hidden in a pair of my old socks at the bottom of my trunk. Etta came in and I handed her Madi as she went over to sit on the bed.

It took a fair bit of time for Lauren to curl my hair and then she did my make-up which took a bit longer, but once it was done I looked pretty good. Etta put Lauren's hair up in a ponytail and curled it, and Lauren did a bun on the side on Etta's head. By the time we checked the clock it was coming up twelve o'clock and none of us were dressed which made us start to hurry to get ready.

I put my dress on which came to my ankles and flowed right over my bump thanks to the panel that sat under my boobs and just above my bump. I slipped on my white sandals and short white cardigan and gave a twirl.

"You look amazing Mol."

"As do you Laur." I replied.

She had on the purple dress she had bought and a long white cardigan as well as purple heels, which probably weren't a good idea but they looked good. I picked up my white bag that had confetti, my wiz-phone and a muggle disposable camera in it and along with Lauren who picked up her own bag we headed down stairs.

The living room was chaotic as Callum and Corey were both running riot and Lydia was crawling across the floor whilst Sandra dressed Lizzie in a blue dress and white socks as well as a white cardigan and blue shoes.

"Don't you two girls look gorgeous," Sandra commented as sat down, "Can one of dress Lydia please whilst I sort the boys out."

Lauren nodded, "Sure." She picked Lydia up and dressed her in white tights and a blue dress similar to Lizzie's and put a knitted white cardigan on her as well. Etta came down carrying Madi in her carseat and I was able to see she had on a white dress, white tights and a pink cardigan as well as a little headband whilst Etta was wearing white linen trousers and a pink and orange long-sleeved patterned blouse.

"Lana's here." Etta called as she opened the front door and sure enough Brooke came running in, in a pink dress and did a twirl for us as Lana followed.

It was probably a good thing they had gone to stay over at Brooke's other nana's as it was mad here. Lana looked smart in a red dress and black high heels which were covered in diamantes.

"I'm a princess." Brooke announced as she twirled again, which then got Lizzie doing the same thing.

"Right," Sandra called, "If you lot want to go, we'll meet you at the church. The boys are ready I just need to put my dress on and grab a few things first. Can you get them all in the car before you go?"

We nodded as she hurried upstairs still in her pyjamas. Callum and Corey came out of the kitchen wearing identical black trousers, and blue shirts. Lana went out to her mum's car and put them in along with Lizzie and then Etta went out with Lydia and Madi.

Whilst waiting for their mum, myself, Lauren and Brooke all got in the back of her small car. It was a bit of a squeeze but we all fitted. If you're wondering why everyone's going, it's because before she left Katie's mum and Sandra were good friends. They were even pregnant at the same time, give or take a few months.

I heard the front door slam shut and Lana came over and got in. "Meet you at the church." She called to her mum who nodded as she got in her own car.

We set off to pick up Luke and headed for the church.


As far as the few wedding's I've been to this one was pretty much the same. The church ceremony was nice and both Katie and her mum looked amazing. Katie had on a short pale green dress with a big flower on the right side, whilst her mum had a simple strapless fishtail dress with a few sparkles here and there.

I got to meet Katie's half-siblings as well and although they have a different dad, her five year old half-sister Carmen doesn't half look like Katie and they're mum. It's really weird to see the three of them together because they're all so alike. And her half-brothers, seven year old Theo and one year old Alfie both looked far too cute in their suit and ties.

The disco was up and running and Lauren's siblings as well as Katie's and the other children who were here were chasing after the spot lights on the floor and being far too cute with their dancing.

It was getting late and I was sat at a table that was furthest away from the disco with a sleeping Madi in her pink buggy, and a sleeping Lizzie and Lydia in their twin buggy although I had no idea how they could sleep with all the noise but then again it's always noisy at home so maybe they're used to it.

"You look deep in thought Mol." Katie said as she appeared suddenly.

"Just thinking about stuff."

"What stuff?" Lauren questioned as she came over and sat next to me, looking tired from the dancing she and Luke had been doing

I shrugged, "Just that if it wasn't for her," I told them pointing to my bump, "That I would probably be up on the tables dancing or doing karaoke. I'm don't mean it in a bad way, I'm glad in fact. I've become a better person since becoming pregnant and although I'll miss our wild crazy nights I can't wait until she's here so I can be a mum."

"Aww Mol." Katie said hugging me.

Luke came over carrying four cokes, "You're mum said are you lot ready, we'll be leaving soon." He told us as he handed them out and sat down.

I nodded as did Lauren and we started to reminisce about old times, before either me or Lauren became pregnant, before I got kicked out of school and my home. Back when we were just kids trying to have fun.

It was nearly midnight when we left and when we got home I had never been so glad to see my bed.

Up next - Someone new and the perfect name.

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