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Dangerously In Love by Misty_Rey
Chapter 23 : Don't Give Away the End
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Chapter title comes from a lyric in the song '23' by Jimmy Eat World.

Credit: Exquisite chapter image by our sea star!

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

Sirius was, for lack of a better word, ‘playing’ with the Whomping Willow. He would throw rocks at it and when it swung at him in retaliation, he dodged and ducked while cackling. If he was feeling particularly bold, he’d grab hold of the branch and sit atop it as it violently swayed trying to get rid of him as he rode it like a pale rider on a pale horse.

“Would it matter?”

“Shut up, Black. Don’t be a git.”

His back was to her, refusing to acknowledge her presence. It was the first time they’d spoken since the day she acted out their break-up scene for the whole school. His hair was longer, almost past his shoulders, and if he were to turn around, she would come face-to-face with the thick stubble that covered nearly half his handsome face. She couldn't decide which was worse, the stubble or the obnoxious goatee and sideburns he insisted on sporting near the end of their relationship.

“Come begging me to take you back?”


“Wishful thinking, I guess. Nice duel.”

“Thanks. Pity I botched the ending.”

“Sue was playing dirty. That’s her style.”

“Thank you for saving me. I was almost an omelette, Dollie side up.”

“Why are you really here?”

Dollie opened her eyes. She was still standing by the castle wall, watching him from a distance. Sirius was pandering to the crowd that had gathered to watch him taunt the Whomping Willow, his adoring groupies front row as they cheered him on. He shunned the usual game of trying to get near enough to touch the trunk and instead was riding and swinging from branch to branch like a deranged monkey. The screeching girls would grab at the leaves falling down on them as though they were bits of his soul.

James was right, Sirius had changed. He walked the line between dark and dour to manically reckless. Watching him now was like watching a train wreck, horrifying yet sickeningly mesmerising. There was nothing he could ever do to erase that inherent charisma but he had snuffed out the lightness that glowed when they were together. Now, there was nothing but clouds.

She had been envisioning how their conversation would go. It would only be the two of them, no audience this time. They would slide back into their impish banter, though she imagined there to be a sharper edge to it. But when he asked her why she was there, that was when she blanked and returned to reality.

“I’m sorry every day,” she said to thin air.

Why did James have to involve her? This was a distraction. It was the last weekend before O.W.Ls and there was still so much more to learn, to understand, to commit to memory. Why dredge up old ghosts from the past?

But she also couldn't stand by and watch idly as Sirius self-destructed. Not when she could do something to help him. She had to repair Sirius and Remus’ friendship, whose deterioration she felt responsible for.

She wrapped her arms around herself and leaned against the wall, the coarse stone pressing sharply against her skin. Slowly, fragments of an idea began to form. She twisted and turned them like puzzle pieces to arrange them into something feasible. Eventually, the plotted scenario completed itself and played out in her mind in living colour. It was devious, diabolical and dangerous.

Indeed, it was a cunning plan.

The Marauders would be proud.


I need to talk to you. It’s important. Meet me in the disused seventh floor bathroom now.
Ever yours, Dollie

Dollie had wavered on the sign-off but decided to include it to especially soften Sirius’ hardened heart. She printed the message on two identical scrolls of parchment and called on Sock, her owl. Tying one scroll on his leg, she instructed him to send the first to Sirius. After that, Sock would return to her and she’d repeat the process for Remus.

Now all there was for her to do was wait. Remus was the first to arrive, as she predicted.

“Dollie, I got your note. Is anything the matter?”

“Not out here. I’ll meet you inside.”

She ushered him in but stayed outside and closed the door. Not long after, Sirius arrived nearly out of breath. He must have sprinted from the grounds all the way up to the seventh floor. Without quite knowing why, she hid behind a tapestry at the sound of his padding footsteps. He looked around, presumably for her. Before he could say anything, she slinked out and pushed him into the bathroom.


They caught on quick, banging on the locked door demanding to be let out.

“Not until you two sort out your issues,” she said loudly.

Pocketing her own wand, she twirled the two that she had pinched off Remus and Sirius. It was for their own good. Even if they resorted to fisticuffs, it was far better than a magical duel. She went to look for James and Peter. The disused bathroom was accessible through a crawlspace hidden behind the portrait of Valeria Myriadd in the Gryffindor reading room. James and Peter could listen in and step in if things got out of hand.

She hoped to Merlin this worked.


“Let me out! This isn’t funny anymore! Dollie! Dollie!”

Sirius continued to pound on the door with both fists while Remus sunk to the floor in resignation. Of all people, Remus never thought Dollie would pull a stunt like this. She certainly must have had her heart in the right place but this would not have a happy ending.

“I think she’s left,” Remus pointed out.

“Sod off, furball,” Sirius growled.

“Funny, look who’s talking,” Remus snapped back and immediately regretted it.

Sirius slowly turned around, his fists still raised and clenched. Sensing what was coming, Remus scrambled to his feet, nearly tripping on his robes. Mirroring each other, they reached into their pockets and when they came up empty began to pat themselves down. It took both of them an embarrassingly long time to realise what else Dollie had done besides locking them in together. Sirius shrugged off his robes and with slow, deliberate menace creaked his neck.

“Don’t do it, Sirius,” warned Remus. “There isn’t an extra uniform lying around here so once you rip yours up, that’s it. You either walk out here as a dog or naked.”

Sirius stared at him. Then something that looked like a suppressed smile twitched in his face.

“Alright, I’ll go about this as a man, the man you aren’t.”

Before Remus could protest any shred of innocence, Sirius charged towards him like a feral hound. Remus threw the stack of books he was holding at Sirius and momentarily stunning him, Remus made for one of the stalls. His hands were shaking too much to lock himself in.

Sirius threw open the door and grabbed Remus by the collar. Remus braced himself for another strangling but Sirius’ eyes glittered with darker intentions. He plunged Remus’ head into the toilet bowl and flushed. The stale water filled his mouth and went up his nose as it swirled around him. As Sirius made to repeat the unpleasant experience, Remus kicked his shin and was freed.

Remus gagged, trying to spit out the vile taste of rust-flavoured lavatory water that had settled on his tongue. They scuffled until Remus was able to escape the cramped space. He didn’t get far. Sirius tackled him to the sinks, one of which broke and caused the pipes below to burst. Remus winced as the ceramic edge bruised his ribs. Sirius threw a punch but missed, his fist meeting instead the mirror and cracking it into a glass-splintered spider web.

Wanting the madness to end, Remus enveloped Sirius in a bear hug. Remus whispered pleas of forgiveness but Sirius was having none of it. Writhing in Remus’ embrace, Sirius attempted to shove Remus away. The gushing broken pipes made the floor slippery enough for them fall with a small splash. Remus finally trounced Sirius by turning him over and grabbing Sirius’ wrists, criss-crossed them as Remus dug his knee into Sirius’ lower back.

“Enough, Sirius. I’ll let go if you agree to a truce.”

Sirius flailed like a fish in shallow water but finally ceased resisting.


Remus was a man of his word but he still backed away quickly as Sirius got up. Remus braced himself for another sneak attack that never came. Instead, Sirius went to the door and finding it still locked, he leaned against it and slowly slid down to the wet floor. He began to calmly pick the glass out of his knuckles as the blood dribbled down his arm.

“Sirius?” asked Remus timidly. “Padfoot, talk to me.”

“If I do, will you tell me the truth?” said Sirius in a monotone.

“Absolutely,” Remus answered without a beat.

“That night… why were you out there with her in the first place?”

“We – we both wanted to get some fresh air.”

“You could have opened a goddamned window!”

“I know. I wasn’t thinking. There were so many people and so much going on. We were uncomfortable being around that many people, we felt like we were suffocating –“

“We? Since when was there a ‘We’?”

Remus could have kicked himself for the ill-used pronoun.

“We’re – Dollie and I are just friends. She talks about you all the time.”

“She does?” There was heavy scepticism but, Remus noticed, traces of hope in Sirius’ voice.

“Okay, that might be slight exaggeration on my part but she does like you. Nothing happened between us that night. Nothing has ever happened. She wouldn’t do that to you and neither would I.”

Sirius sighed and dipped his hand in the water pooling on the floor to wash the blood off his hand. Remus didn’t dare say anything else for fear of incriminating himself and risking a possible reunion with his best friends. But one all-consuming thought filled his mind and he couldn’t keep it at bay for long.

“I’m sorry, Padfoot.”

“I know, Moony.”

Bruised, bloody and soaking wet. They were at a stalemate, one desperate to move forward while the other unable to let go of the past. The latter was wavering however, especially as he regarded the pained sincerity on the former’s face, whom he last dismissed as a former friend turned bitter enemy.

“We promised for better or worse. Well, this is about as worse as it could possibly get,” said Remus.

It was part of the pact they made when they first came together in their dorm room and learnt they would spend the next seven years of their lives together. Sirius and James had already bonded on the train and met Peter who immediately latched onto them when they were gathered outside the Great Hall waiting for their sorting. It was only when they found Remus reading a book in their dorm room after dinner that they declared they’d found the last missing piece to their puzzle. They had been inseparable ever since.

“Prongs misses you. So does Wormtail, I guess,” Sirius admitted begrudgingly.

“And I them. All of you. I want to come back.”

“It won’t be quite like before.”

Remus understood perfectly. It was like breaking a vase. You could put it together and it would have the same shape with the same pattern and colour. But the cracks would be there for all to see while some pieces might be in the wrong place and distort the art of the sculpture. Then you would know it wasn’t the same vase.

“I realise that and I’ll never stop trying to win back your trust. I could even talk to Dollie –”

“Don’t!” Sirius snapped. “No interference in my state of affairs.”


“As for the Marauders, consider yourself on probation.”

“You won’t regret this, Padfoot.”

Sirius didn’t acknowledge the promise and without warning shouted, “Oi! You can come out now, wherever you are.”

The farthest wall between the last stall and sink groaned then shifted. A jubilant James bounded towards them and took Remus in an embrace that warmed the cockles of Remus’ heart. Peter was also there, complaining about the water ruining his shoes and soaking through to his socks.

“Welcome back, Moony,” said James. “Your absence was excruciating, like a school year without Quidditch season.”

“Enough of that, Prongs. Save your snogging for later, don’t scar the rest of us.”

“Ignore Mr Menopause over there.” James winked, patting Remus on the back. “Reunited and it feels oh so good. May I propose we celebrate with a little pre-O.W.L mischief?”

As Sirius made to leave the way James and Peter came in, he passed by Peter who leaned in and said in a low voice, “That was very big of you, Padfoot. I couldn’t have forgiven him so easily if I were you.”

“I didn’t do it for me or him.” Sirius looked back at James and Remus chatting happily, as though they had spent years apart. “I did it for James. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get my wand back and you’re blocking the way.”


“Looks like the Four Horsemen are back to plotting the apocalypse.”

“Gosh Lily, you can be so morbid sometimes,” said Dollie.

Lily shrugged, her fingers nimbly weaving her auburn hair into pigtails. “I’m going to miss having Lupin around, that’s all. He’s too good for them, he’s so nice and funny. Besides, it was so cute watching you two together.”

Dollie blushed. It had certainly been a surreal experience, having to share Remus with Lily and Vivian. In the beginning, it had taken a lot of coaxing to get him out of his depressive state after being unceremoniously ousted by the Marauders. But then he translated his pain into self-deprecating humour and they built a solid rapport among them. Lily and Remus especially had taken to each other, excitedly discussing muggle topics that were lost on Dollie and Vivian. Dollie would have been lying if she said she wasn’t the slightest bit jealous of their connection, however platonic it may have seemed.

“Yeah well, after all that, Dollie still couldn’t seal the deal,” said Vivian.

Her pigtails in braids, Lily charmed two pink ribbons to fly up and tie themselves into a perfect bow on each braid. Dollie began to twirl her own hair around her wand but it stayed straight as straw. They were stretched out on the lawn of the Hogwarts Grounds, trying to soak up what little sun there was. Vivian had successfully convinced them that any further studying at this point would only negate what they’d already learnt. Thus, they were killing time before their first OWLs exam, which was Charms and started in an hour.

“It didn’t seem like the right time,” Dollie said weakly. “You saw yourself what a mess he was.”

Not much further away, the Marauders were holding court with their usual audience of admirers. James especially was being the showman, taking requests for the most creative charms and performing them with the ease of a seasoned pro while loudly boasting that there was nothing books could teach him that he didn’t already know. He then sent the Charms textbooks everyone was clutching flying into the air, the books flapping their covers like wings while everyone clapped and cheered.

Clearly, James hadn’t taken Dollie’s advice about humility to heart.

Watching them, Dollie picked up a nearby stone and waved her wand over it. The stone sprouted grey feathery wings but was too heavy to take flight. Defeated, Dollie made the wings disappeared and instead threw the stone into the lake. She meant for it to skip but never got the hang of learning to do it.

“I say this with love. You'll be alone forever if you wait for the right time. Honestly, what are you hoping for? That he’ll be the one to profess his undying love? If that’s the case, dream on.”

This time, Dollie couldn’t be angry about Vivian’s bluntness. No one could understand her lonely dreams and how she was perpetually trapped in them. How could they? Vivian was an unabashed vixen that went after whoever she wanted, regardless of who she stepped on along the way and Lily was the undisputed Hogwarts Sweetheart, universally loved despite the fact her best friend was Severus Snape and James Potter was head over heels mad for her.

Though none of them said it out loud, they were all thinking it. They were right back to where they started, back to the first night of their fifth year. Except now she could call Sirius Black of all people her ex-boyfriend. It still seemed amazing. More so the fact she could now do magic without something going horribly and embarrassingly wrong, thanks to Remus.

If she had a time-turner handy and could really go back, would she have done things differently knowing what she knew now? That Sirius wasn’t just a puffed-up, bullying clown with a handsome face, that there was a heart beating somewhere deep beneath that misleading veneer?

Even though they had welcomed Remus back into the fold, there was still something off in their equilibrium. While James and Peter happily included Remus in everything, Sirius remained detached and distant. When he had to speak to Remus, he did so coolly with thick nonchalance.

So while she may have played a hand in bring the Marauders back together, the friendship between the two boys was still somewhat on the rocks. Worse still, she had failed in repairing Sirius who was unrecognisable from that confident genial boy that had walked her back to her dormitory and asked her out and with that one small gesture set everything in motion. She had wiped off every trace of easy affection that Sirius wore proudly on his face, particularly the softness in his eyes and smile when he looked at her.

“Let’s do this after every exam,” said Lily.

“What, gang up on me and question my choices in love and life?” said Dollie.

“Count me in,” said Vivian.

Lily ignored the squabbling girls. “We’ll find a nice spot on the grounds, preferably a generous distance from our sermon-spouting male counterparts and just…”

“Drink in the moment?” guessed Dollie.

“Silly Dollie, life isn’t wine. Otherwise, we’d be drunk and stumbling through the days. Savour the moment, bet that’s what Lily meant, eh Lils? Life’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. Have your fill, get fat and die a wholly boring death of your own making,” said Vivian.

“Viv, Viv. So close to being profound and then you mucked it up with crude frankness,” said Dollie.

“What I was going to say,” Lily interrupted, “was that we just exist.”

“You mean it’s never going to be as good as it’ll ever be now? I never took you to be a pragmatist, that’s always been my worldview,” said Dollie.

“Oh no, not at all. Things are wonderful now, certainly. And they’ll only get better, I’m sure of it. But it’s called the present for a reason. Moments are gifts we shouldn’t squander on past regrets and future fears.”

“There’s our little ball of sunshine we know and love,” said Vivian.

“Promise then, that we come out here and have a nice little lie-out? Better yet, no matter what happens in the exam hall, we don’t carry it with us when we leave,” said Lily.

“Only under one condition,” said Vivian.

“I’m almost too afraid to ask,” said Dollie.

“Before we graduate, we skinny-dip in the lake. At least once.”

Lily launched into high-pitched squeals and giggles while Dollie grunted and groaned as she rolled onto her front, the grass tickling her face. It was worse than she feared.

“You’re awful, Vivian,” said Lily between her girlish glee. “It’s mad but genius.”


“Lighten up, Kent,” said Vivian. “If it makes you feel any better, your pasty white bum will probably blind any would-be peeping Tom. Or Black. Or Potter. Or any Marauder for that matter.”

Dollie pleaded to the only pillar of sanity she knew but already she could see the monument crumbling. “You can’t honestly be considering this.”

Lily shrugged, her face only a few shades lighter than her hair. “I’d hate to be a hypocrite. Besides, it wouldn’t harm anyone. Vivian’s not suggesting we do it now, only someday.”

“We should be going. Charms will be starting soon,” said Dollie.

Four shadows fell over them as the unwelcomingly familiar faces peered at them avidly.

“Rise and shine, ladies and Kent. The day of reckoning is upon us,” said James.

Lily ignored James’ outstretched hand while Vivian exchanged a quick glance with Peter, who nervously tittered. Dollie observed the awkward tension between Vivian and Peter and internally squirmed at the thought of them being ‘intimate’ or worse, possibly procreating. At the very least, it distracted her from having to confront her own entanglements, especially after her little trick on them. She had given Remus both his and Sirius’ wands yesterday.

One of them cleared his throat. Dollie turned with mounting dread, a clumsy smile frozen on her face.

“Ready for Charms?” said Remus.

“Quite ready, I think. We covered most of the syllabus,” said Dollie.

“Alright there, Black? You look like you could use a Cheering Charm yourself,” said Vivian.

“The pursuit of happiness is bollocks. Being happy is a mood, not a destination,” said Sirius. “So to answer your question, Costa, I’m so cheerful I could puke rainbows.”

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

“I… think we should… go, yeah? Viv, Doll?” said Lily, jerking her head in the direction of the castle.

“No need to tell me twice,” said Vivian.

“Shall we meet afterwards, Remus? For Transfiguration and perhaps Defence Against the Dark Arts,” said Dollie.

“We could slot both in,” said Remus. “I’ll see you.”

“Let’s go, we’re late,” said Sirius impatiently.

“Since when did you ever care about being punctual?” said James.

“Trying to usurp our Dollie as royal highness of lateness?” said Lily.

“Only if he gets to be her King, I bet,” said Vivian.

“A Prince would do fine, I’m sure,” added Peter.

Dollie waited for the familiar bark laugh that never came. Instead, he scowled, made a crack about being surrounded comedians and left. The boys followed him. Meanwhile, without saying a word, the girls linked arms to walk together and face what would be the first of two weeks that would define their impending destiny.


“Wait no, don’t tell me. I know this one.”

Remus waved the flash card in front of her, barely muffling a smile as Dollie scrunched up her face in thought. It was familiar, definitely something she’d seen in one of the many Defence against the Dark Arts books she’d read.

“You said no hints,” Remus pointed out as she opened her mouth to ask for one.

Having survived Charms, Transfiguration and Herbology, Remus was helping Dollie study for tomorrow’s Defence Against the Dark Arts O.W.Ls in one of the unused classrooms. He had tactfully suggested they switch focus to the written exam rather than practical. Rather than read till their eyes fell out of their heads, Remus had a stack of flash cards that each had a picture of a creature. Dollie then not only had to identify the creature but also describe the qualities of said creature and for bonus points, how to defeat them.

“Those are… Kappas? Japanese water demons that strangle to death humans that intrude their homes, which are ponds or rivers, usually shallow waters in Japan. If you want to protect yourself from a Kappa, you can appease the creature by throwing a cucumber inscribed with your name. However, if you can trick it into bowing, the water in its head will spill out, weakening it.”

Remus fanned himself with the card. “Close but no dice. ‘O’ for effort though. This, my dear, is a Grindylow.”

Dollie squinted and tilted her head. “Close enough. Both are ugly little buggers.”

“They’re both water demons, I’ll give you that, and neither are particularly partial to humans. Strangling is their modus operandi. Found in the weed beds at the bottom of lakes in Great Britain and Ireland, Grindylows survive, for the most part, on fish, algae, and small sea creatures; however, occasionally they will eat humans. The Grindylow has long, brittle fingers which despite their fragility are rather strong. The trick to escaping a Grindylow is to break their grip on a person; it can also be noted that the Revulsion Jinx may help with this task, as underwater it shoots jets of boiling hot water.”

“Thanks, Professor,” said Dollie. “Bet you like the sound of that, eh?”

Remus would only raise an eyebrow. “Let’s continue, shall we?”

“Did you pass Black his wand back?” she asked.

“Yes. Not that he was too happy about it. I rather think he was keen on seeing you again.”

“Red Caps, a small, dwarf-like creature that lives where blood had been shed, such as in the dungeons of castles, the potholes of old battlefields, or simply in holes underground. They attack those who have gotten lost, and though they are extremely dangerous to lone Muggles, a wizard can repel them with charms and hexes. Red Caps are normally around three or four feet tall, with red eyes and long, sharp nails. They bludgeon to death any traveller who strays into its home, dyeing its hat with their blood, for which they get their name. Merlin, dark creatures are territorial.”

“He’s not angry with you, if that’s what you’re afraid of.” Remus put the cards down and stared deeply at her. “Or are you the one who’s angry?”

Dollie rolled her eyes. “I never knew you were such an agony aunt.”

“I just can’t help feel somewhat responsible for what happened between the two of you.”

Dollie began rubbing her hands and blowing on them, warming her hands even though it was balmy at best. Remus inched closer and took her hands, squeezing each finger. They were like sheets of stationary paper, soft and crisp, perfect in comparison to his own ugly paws.

“Look, now we match.”

She brought his hands to her face and closed her eyes as he touched the mutilation he’d inflicted on her. A wisp of breath slipped from her lips, grazing the side of his palm. Stilling gripping to the sides of her hands, he tried not to shiver at her touch as she moved to feel his pockmarked face, hard-pressed to find a patch of unscarred skin.

“I – I would have brought my gloves if I knew you were cold,” he stammered.

“They aren’t so bad, you know. Not as bad as you make them out to be,” she assured him.

“You don’t find them hideous and repulsive?”

They were so close, Remus could see each individual hair on her eyebrow as she raised one up. “Is that what you think of mine?”

“Not in the least. In fact, I find them rather fetching.”

“Could I ask you something, Remus?”

“You just did.”

“Be serious.”

“Impossible. There can only be one.”

“Alright, I admit I walked into that one. Are you done?”

Remus cleared his throat, suppressing any further laughter. “Go on, then. Ask away.”

Dollie took a deep breath, forcing oxygen into her brain so that her thoughts didn’t get fuzzy and the words would form easily. Her hands were shaking in his.

“I – well – the thing is – do you – I mean – that is to say – like – well – me?” she stammered. All there was to decipher from his face was pure confusion. She quickly backtracked. “Never mind, forget I said anything. Let’s try another card yeah? This one’s a… zombie? No, inferi, that’s it. And before you ask, the differences between them are –”

“Hey, woah, slow down there, Roderick Plumpton.”


“Seeker for the Tutshill Tornados Quidditch team. Holds the record for fastest capture of a Snitch during a match against the Caerphilly Catapults in 1921, where he caught the Golden Snitch after three and a half seconds.” Remus waved away the irrelevant Quidditch fact. “Try say that first part again except without all those fillers in between.”

“Do you like me?”

She might as well have dropped a Knut into a well of eternity, leaning over to listen for the little plop that would signal it’d hit the bottom. That was how long it felt, waiting for Remus to answer. His face gave no clue, wiped clean and unreadable.

“What’s not to like? You’re intelligent, tenacious, droll, kind-hearted, attractive…”

“I didn’t ask for a list of my virtues.”

Remus sighed. “Sirius is my friend, one of my best friends. I really appreciate what you did for us. But I – I can’t do anything to jeopardise that friendship again. I’m walking on a fragile line and if it breaks…”

“No, yeah, I understand,” Dollie said, disheartened.

She slipped away from his grasp, not for the first time.

“Why do you ask?”

“I didn’t get an answer to my question. It’s only fair you don’t get one as well.” It came out sharper than she meant it to.

Remus winced. “I hope this doesn’t change anything between us.”

“No, things are as they’ll ever be.”

Looking down at the stack of cards, Remus spread them around like oversized jigsaw puzzles. He briefly considered unveiling them like mock tarot cards but he was unfamiliar with the procedure, having been taken to too few carnivals in his life by his long-suffering parents. Instead, he remembered a street magician he and his mother used to always pass by on their way to the Leaky Cauldron.

He gathered a handful of cards and spread them like a fan.

“Pick a card, any card,” he said with forced joviality.

Without meeting his eyes, she took one from the middle of the deck. She stared at it for a moment and then went very pale. He could hear her breathing quicken and reached out to touch her but she stood up so fast, she knocked over her chair. The loud crash startled her back to life.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine,” she kept chanting it like a mantra, although she was obviously far from fine.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I need to go. I need air.”

Remus picked up the card she had dropped when she ran out the classroom.

It was a werewolf.

A/N: This came out a lot longer lengthwise than I would have liked. I briefly considered taking the last section and putting it in the next chapter but it has better impact as a closing than an opening (I think).

So does Dollie find out Remus is a werewolf? Like the chapter title says, I won't give away the ending hehe. I am sticking to canon so if you're paying attention, I think you can guess what famous scene is coming up in the next chapter *wink*

I welcome all theories/predictions/etc and love reading reviews. Please, please, please leave me one. See, I'm not afraid to beg. Thank you!

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