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What the Sorting Hat Told Them by PhoenixPulse
Chapter 1 : Teddy's Worry
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Teddy Lupin rocked on his feet, chewing anxiously on his bottom lip as he stood with other first years gathered around the front of the Great Hall.  His usual shade of turquoise hair was flashing different colors, a sign of his growing anxiety, as each child sorted was another name closer to his own.

His grandmother Andromenda had told him everything about the sorting ceremony, which was confirmed by his Godfather Harry, who had arrived in time to see him off, just this morning.  The sorting was painless, and depending on the person, usually quick.  But it wasn’t the time that worried Teddy about his sorting.  It was his parents.

Being an orphan surrounded by a loving and supportive family, he was well informed of how wonderful his parents were.  It used to pain Teddy that he was parentless, but he was slowly getting used to the concept that they had died to change the world.  And that was a great deed.

Teddy was scared of this moment.  He was scared of letting his deceased parents down.  And though his family had constantly reminded him that it didn’t matter where he was sorted, he still thirsted to make everyone proud.

He had heard tales of the great Nymphadora Tonks, his mother, who had died young at age 25.  She belonged to Hufflepuff house and was apparently funny and headstrong, with the clumsiness that Teddy inherited.  She was an auror and the deceased Mad-Eye Moody’s protégé.  She was bubbly and friendly and loved Remus Lupin despite all circumstances that rivaled against her.  She joined her husband in the battle of Hogwarts, not stomaching the thought of not knowing what could possibly happen to him.  Teddy’s mother was loyal and brave.  He didn’t want to let her down.

But he didn’t want to let his father down either.  Remus Lupin was a werewolf, and while his father might have been ashamed by this, Teddy was proud of his father.  He admired the bravery and kindness his father had, even though Remus’ condition would leave many people isolated, cold, and bitter.  He was intelligent, and a Gryffindor prefect.  He was a member of the Mauraders, and Teddy had to say, that was cool.

But that was where the problem rested.  His mother was a brave Hufflepuff.  His father was a brave Gryffindor, and Teddy felt torn where he wanted to go.  He felt like he would betray his other parent if he landed in one house rather than the other… or worse, neither of those two houses at all.  He knew that the hat accounted his choices, but choosing made him sick, and he planned to have the hat do all the work.  The hat’s choice worried him though.  He just wanted to make both his parents proud…

“Edward Lupin!”  Minerva McGonagall called out, and Teddy blushed a deep scarlet.  He didn’t like it when people called him by his formal name.  It sounded too old-fashioned for his liking.  However, Minerva McGonagall was his Headmistress now, and not the cool old woman that would visit his Godfather’s house every once a month for tea during the summer.  No, cool wasn't the word... but perhaps laidback...? Anyway, Ginny warned him that Professor McGonagall was much stricter at Hogwarts, and wouldn’t show him any favoritism the moment he stepped foot in the school.

A boy he had befriended on the train, John Wood, gave him a gentle push forward, and Teddy stumbled on his feet.  With trembling steps, and ensuring that he wouldn’t trip on air, he made his way to the rickety stool, catching Minerva’s eyes and watching as her thin lips form a small smile.

“Sit down, Teddy.” She murmured quietly, so soft that Teddy almost didn’t hear her.  Dropping onto the stool, McGonagall placed the leathery, worn hat on his head.

A Lupin eh?  The hat began, his…(it’s?)…tone filled with curiosity.  Your parents were a talented witch and wizard, but of course, you already know that.  You have the blood of both badger and a lion.  You’re loyal to the people around you—a good friend anyone would be lucky to have. You’re fiercely protective as well.  You’re willing to defend anyone and anything, even if that means striking up a fight.  But, you’re fair, and prefer it that way whenever possible.  You believe in justice and you’re a dedicated hard worker, almost to a fault.  I think I know the perfect place to put you…

Put me anywhere, Teddy thought.  But tell me this, would mum and dad be proud of me—the both of them?

You worry too much, Lupin.  The hat chuckled to itself, slightly perplexing Teddy.  Just like your father.  But yes, boy.  I think they’d both be rather pleased.  Teddy relaxed, but just before his shoulders had dropped, the hat screamed a deafening,

“HUFFLEPUFF” The house table in the middle right cheered the loudest, as Teddy stood up smiling and handed the hat to McGonagall, who was nodding in approval as well.  As he stepped towards the table he would be affiliated with for these seven years, he looked up to the large banner that hung over the Hufflepuffs’ heads. 

He beamed up at the large badger, his hair turning a bright yellow with black streaks.  Oddly enough, the sorting felt just right.

Author’s Note: 
In my mind I’ve always pictured Teddy more like his mother that his father.  I always thought of him as Hufflepuff material for some reason, with unwavering loyalty, honest, down-to-earth and a true hard worker.  But he’s an anxious one though, sort of like Remus, which is his biggest flaw.  Poor kid’s a bit irrational with his anxieties, but he’s not exactly paranoid either.  He’s playful and has a good sense of humor; he just tends to get antsy when things he views as problems seep into his head.

I know I sort of made Teddy into this overdramatic kid in this, and I apologize if I made him seem this way, I just personally think he may be a bit insecure with himself regarding the legacies his parents had left behind, and he just really wants to be the kind of kid that makes his parents proud; and he’s still young, so he’s still trying to figure out the smaller things in his life.

Do tell me what you think, and I’m going in order from oldest to youngest, so Vic’s next!

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