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Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks by Fonzzx
Chapter 10 : Pranks
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Chapter 25: Pranks



I mulled over what I'd decided in the common room later that evening. What was more important, staying with my family, or beginning my own? For Circe's sake, I was eleven!


“What's the matter?” Al asked, looking up from his Potions book.


“Can you keep a secret?” I whispered.


He nodded. “Don't tell Rose though. She can't keep any secrets.”


“My Dad... he's like Daisy now.”


Al frowned. “Well I'm not really surprised. I thought they'd get back together eventually. Are you ok with it?”


“Yeah, I thought that too. Just... Angel said he'd turn me, if I wanted it.”


Al's eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Really?”


I nodded this time.


“Do you want that?”


“I want to stick around... it seems like a fair compromise.”


One thing I'd learned about Al over the past couple of years is that he always takes things at face value. So he just shrugged and changed the subject. “Have you done the Charms homework yet?”


“Yeah. Can you help me with Potions? Slughorn reckons you've got your Grandma Lily's talent.”


Al chuckled. “Well I didn't get it from my dad. He told me he was rubbish until Snape left. I never thought I'd be better at anything than Rose.”


Rose had already caught the attention of the headmistress, by turning her match into a needle in Transfiguration on her first attempt. Why the Professor McGonagall still taught Transfiguration in addition to her head duties was beyond me, but she did. Anyway, she gave twenty house points to Rose.


Speaking of Rose, she was sat on another armchair, reading Hogwarts: A History. For fun. She'd finished all her homework in about half an hour, Roxy said. It's like she took her mother's brains and multiplied them. She looks like her mum too. She has bushy brown hair and brown eyes, and her dad's freckles. Hugo's the same, they must be the only Weasleys not to have red hair, apart from Freddie and Roxy, but they have dark skin, so of course they have dark hair.


Damn those Potters and Weasleys. They're all so bloody attractive and normal.




Later on, when we were trying to sleep, Al started planning a prank on James.


“I nicked the Invisibility Cloak off him before we started, so I can definitely pull it off. I think.”


“You'll have to be quick,” I said. “If he looks over to our table and you're not there then you're toast.”


The next morning, Al disappeared under the Cloak before we left the dormitory.


“Where's Al?” Rose asked suspiciously when I ran into her in the common room.


“Coming,” I shrugged.


“Roxy planned some ridiculous prank on Freddie last night,” she said. “She's turning his hair orange.”


“With what?”


“Joke dye from her dad's shop.”


“At least he'll fit in with the rest of the Weasleys,” I grinned, and heard Al chuckle quietly behind me.


We entered the Great Hall to a loud “HA!” from Roxy, emptying the contents of a bottle onto Freddie's head. With a pop, his hair changed from black to the trademark Weasley colour.


“My God, I'm gorgeous,” Freddie said, admiring his reflection in the back of his spoon. “Cheers Roxy. All the ladies will be lining up for me now.”


“You bloody wish,” James grinned.


I saw the tablecloth opposite them move as Al ducked under. I counted down in my head.


“PHWOAR FREDDIE, WAS THAT YOU?!” James yelled, covering his nose. Al slipped off the Cloak behind me, all attention diverted to the Gryffindor table.


“NO JAMES, IT WASN'T ME!” Freddie yelled back, jumping up from his seat. “I BET IT WAS YOU!”


Before we knew it, the two of them were rolling around on the floor, fighting.




She walked away, and then James caught sight of Al.


“Did you do something?”


“What?” Al feigned shock. “I've been stood here the whole time!”


He turned away, and we went to the Ravenclaw table for breakfast.


“That was brilliant Al!” Roxy hissed. He smiled smugly.




Freddie got his own back on Roxy that night at dinner. In fact, he felt the need to get revenge on all of us. We were casually eating dinner when Rose looked at me, alarmed.


“What?” I asked, worried I had something on my face.


“Your hair... it's turning blue!”


“Cool, are you turning into a metamorphmagus like Teddy?” Al asked excitedly.


“Don't be dim Al, they're born that way,” Rose said, her hair turning blue too.


“Hmmm,” Roxy frowned, examining her own hair.


“You all look stupid,” Al said.


“You haven't seen yourself yet,” I told him.


“Merlin's pants!” he yelped, when he saw his reflection.


“How are we all doing here?” came Freddie's smug voice.


“You're still orange,” Roxy pointed out. “At least my hair looks cool.”


“Dad won't send me the antidote,” Freddie pouted. “He said it was too bloody funny.”


“Ah relax, it'll come out soon enough,” Roxy told him.


“Oh and Al?” Freddie paused before he left. “We know it was you who set the dungbombs on us this morning.”


“Not you. Just James,” Al chuckled.


“Yeah, well it got me detention and James is on the warpath because he knows you nicked the Cloak to do it.”


Sure enough, after dinner, we found James having an argument with the door to the Ravenclaw common room.


“But my brother stole my stuff!” he was protesting.


“You're not a Ravenclaw, and you can't answer the riddle, so I'm not going to let you in,” the door said.


“Bloody door,” James cursed. “Al, give me the Cloak back or I'm telling Dad.”


“Oh yeah?” Al said. He knew it was an empty threat. James had actually stolen the Cloak from his dad before his first year.


“Come on, Al,” James pleaded. “I've tried everything. I even tried flirting with the door!”


“It's a door,” Rose looked shocked.


“Doors have feelings too, you know,” it told us.  

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