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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 22 : Cheating and Beating
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 Cheating and Beating 



This is a disaster. I cannot even sugar coat the fact that I have just proved yet again how I am the epitomes of all screw ups.


I had slept through my own early bird practice.


It would be even worse if my teammates got up to go to the practice but I knew that was about as lucky as a leprecon sweeping in and handing me a pot of gold since I have to literally drag their arses out of bed every single morning.


But just since the world hates me and wants to make things mega worse they decided to have the one day I sleep through my morning practice to be the day that The Totem Pole list is posted at the crack of bloody dawn.


“Move, ya quidditch hoes, get out of the way.”


Amelia, in the form of my own personal bulldozer, knocked people to the sides in her pixie pink pajamas like a boss. Her dark hair was tied up in a bun and she had furry slippers peeking out from underneath the bottom hem of her pants.


For sure not something anyone would suspect her to wear to bed.


My teeth were clacking together at a nervous rate and I was almost positive I was going to die from hyperthermia. Last night the sky decided to give me a huge ‘F U’ and snow like a bitch. My feet were now big blocks of ice and my quidditch hoodie is not supplying me much warmth.


“Ow!” Leslie looked up in alarm before snarling at the puny boy who had told her to move so he could see the list better right before elbowing her. “You listen here you little two feet large leprecon piece of shit – “




Well there go my chances of getting a pot of gold today considering Leslie just cursed out a possible leprecon friend with galleons to go around. Good going Leslie.


“Oh can it you two. I wanna see the list.” Amelia rolled her eyes before getting a stealthy grip on both our wrists and tugging us forward.


This is what it must have felt like to part the red sea because the three of us flung out of there pretty fast. I stumbled over my feet like the graceful cat I am I had to regain my balance on a tree trunk. Two seconds later I realized that it wasn’t just any tree trunk.


It was the totem pole tree trunk.


Excuse me while I go hyperventilate.


“I can’t look,”


“Neither can I!”


“Stop being dramatic cows and let me look!” Leslie near boubt growled at us. It seems to me that she’s been getting even more sassier by the day which is very aggravating yet pleasurable to watch. She was always the nicer one in our group and I’m confused as to the fact why her and Amelia want to switch roles.


Maybe they were poisoned.


Check List: Check to see if two amigas (friends) are poisoned.


Amelia and I stood huddled close together with our eyes squeezed shut while Leslie pushed her way through a crying Fred – don’t ask me why – and a boiling mad James – also, don’t ask me why. You could hear people’s reactions from around the small area that all the quidditch teams had assembled.

“Oh my god,”


“What? Please don’t tell me we’re dead last, Leslie, I’ll cry.” I couldn’t handle the suspense – it was literally killing me. I peeped an eye open. “I will literally cry. I beg you not.”


Jesus Christ,


“Leslie, stop, this isn’t fair.” I whined, opening my eyes fully now to see that Leslie had her mouth agape and she was starting to bounce on the balls of her feet.


Holy shit!”


“For the love of Merlin, stop speaking like that!” Amelia finally snapped, opening her eyes and taking two large steps to read the totem pole. Similar to Leslie, her mouth fell open while a hand came up in surprise. “Holy shit, oh my god.”


I think Leslie murmured under her breath darkly, “Hypocrite.”


I don’t blame you, Leslie.


“I can’t take it anymore!” And with that I took my two last fleeting steps that would either throw me into victory or into the fiery pits of quidditch doom. I craned my neck upwards and finally saw what I was looked at. I knew why Fred was crying, why James was threatening to kill people, why Albus was smirking smugly in the corner, and why my team was now doing some weird disco dance.






We weren’t last. No, we weren’t last at all, we were freaking second. We beat James. We beat Gryffindor and we didn’t even play a bleeding game.




Hate the game, James, not the player.



“Okay, you bloody cheaters, tell me your secret.”


“We’re not cheaters and there is no secret,” I said for probably the billionth time as James slammed down a plate of chicken fingers in front of me and annoyingly stared me down as he took a seat at our table in the Great Hall.


I feel like my life now revolves around the Great Hall. We’re always in here.


“Oh but there is,” Fred, with puffy red eyes, nodded his head furiously as he flanked James on the right. “So, be honest with us, Bri, what lucky bloke did you shag to get yourself so high up on that list?”




Despite Fred’s opinion I am not some easy slag that sleeps around with men to get what I want. I work for what I want. Jesus, Fred must have pretty low opinions on me if he thinks that.


“Not cool, man,” Albus mumbled darkly from his spot next to me, spooning cereal into his mouth. He was in a good mood since his team was top on the list and he had beaten out the rest of his family.


“What? It would totally explain how you guys got up so high!” Fred retorted as if it would save his arse.


“How about the fact that they just worked their arses off? So please do me a big one and shut the hell up.” Leslie snapped from her spot down the row, her dark eyes scanning over her Transfiguration book. Apparently we had a test today which I wasn’t aware of until five minutes ago when Leslie started to freak out.


“You guys haven’t even played a game yet!” James said in an exasperated tone, pouting his lips and letting his fork clatter on the table. “There isn’t anything to base your evaluation on.”


“We practice every day just like you and besides we play first thing when we get back from break.”


I couldn’t help but feel like our meeting with Josh Fable, A.K.A. Totem Pole Guy, had something to do with our dramatic jump on the list. I knew we were working hard and he appreciated it but I didn’t expect to be second place.


I was actually predicting a mediocre third place.


It made me jumpy thinking about our first game coming up. We always had a late game to kick off the season and it was kind of frustrating but I still liked it at the same time because it let us prepare more. We had a game legitimately the week we got back from break though which caused some issues because there was no way anyone would be practicing over break.


Speaking of break, we leave this weekend and I have yet to owl my mum. Issue? I think yes.


“I still think you guys did something to get moved up….” James trailed off and I was tempted to throw my loaf of bread at Fred’s face when he made some vulgar sexual gestures towards me and the vast male population at our school.


Instead I settled for sticking my tongue out while Albus flipped off his cousin for me. Ah, the advantages of having a best mate that you snog.


Is it weird that I’ve come to terms with our weird relationship? I think so.


I still haven’t told Amelia and I feel guilty but at the same time she isn’t even around that much anymore. She’s always sneaking off behind all of our backs and going to all these weird club meetings when she doesn’t even belong to a stinking club to begin with.


“Yeah? Well I don’t care what you think,” I decided to settle with before stuffing my face with some yummy goodness which is chicken fingers and French fries.


Brielle: 1

James: 0



I huffed and puffed my way up the long and narrow staircase leading to the owlery. I attempted to make my breath less shallow as I past people because, let’s face it; it’s really embarrassing to sound this out of shape just going up a few flights of stairs.


Granted these are some long and steep ass stairs but still.


After lunch I had offered to walk Amelia to whatever club meeting she was going to but she kindly told me to shove off it and left me in the corridor as she near boubt sprinted to wherever she was going. Leslie was too busy freaking out over a test for me to hang out with and the boys were still bent up about the totem pole.


Where does that leave little ole’ me, right? Well since I still have a good forty-five minutes until class I decided to pleasure my mother with a letter since she hasn’t bothered to sit her arse down for a few minutes and write me one yet.


It’s actually pretty frustrating.


“S’cuse me,” I mumbled as I turned to the side to brush past some fourth year Hufflepuff before squeezing my way into the owlery. The large, floor- length windows were open and a cool breeze filtered in which felt nice against my skin despite the snow falling in from the window sill.


I moved around the many lounging areas for the owls before I found Peppermint. She was a white owl with black beady eyes and a pretty coat. She was a gift when I had gotten my letter from my mum. I wasn’t much of a fan for pets but Peppermint was nice.


“Hey there girl,” I brushed my fingers against her beak and she responded by rubbing against the palm of my hands, “I’m gonna go write a letter that you’ll deliver for me, okay?”


Peppermint coed and I took a few more steps until I found a little windowsill seat by a half-opened window and sat down. I folded my legs underneath me and ruffled through my back before I found a piece of paper and a quill.


Dear mum,


It’s your daughter – you remember who that is, right? It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you so I thought I would send you an owl. How has your year been? Mines been fine. I’ve made some new friends that I really like. You would know their parents for sure. How is it back home? Is aunt Padama still with that creep? He’s gross – she should find someone else. I hope you’re look forward to the upcoming holidays. I hope you don’t mind but I took an invitation to stay at a friend’s house over the break. Her name is Dominique Weasley. I’ll enclose the address of her home we will be staying at so you know where to find me if you need anything or anything other than that. I don’t know really what to say here anymore. Write me soon.


Much Love

Your amazing daughter – B. P


I rolled up the piece of parchment and stuck in on Peppermint’s leg. “Take this to mum’s, okay?” I said and he squeaked and nodded his head. I knew it was a hard journey in the snow for him so I gave him a little treat before watching him spread his wings and fly through the open window.


At least I’ve got something remotely accomplished today.


“Writing to your mum?”


I near boubt’ shit my pants at the voice behind me. I lifted slightly in the balls of my feet as I jumped, my heart pounding in my ears. I whipped around and we slightly more calmed to see a familiar – but not friendly – red head behind me.


Rose had her auburn red hair pushed back by a crème colored headband and her cheeks were flushed a pink color. Her headband matched perfectly with the caramel sweater she was wearing that flowed into the black circle skirt and lace up boots. She was dressed head to toe in perfect – not to mention the shiny prefects badge attached to the top of her sweater as well.


“I didn’t mean to startle you,” Rose said quickly, flicking some hair off her shoulder and pushed herself away from the wall she was leaning on. “I was just sending a letter to my parents myself and I saw you here.”


I nodded my head slowly, “Oh, yeah, no worries.”


I cleared my throat and we stared at each other awkwardly. I didn’t really know what to say. Rose and I weren’t exactly friends. I may have befriended most of her family members but that didn’t matter. We weren’t similar people but rather opposites.


I was about to turn on my heels and simmer my way back down the stupid stairs when she spoke again, asking, “You’re real close with Scorpius, right?”


Now this is going to be an interesting topic. I nodded my head in confused, letting my eyebrows furrow together.


“You’re still friends even after you ditched him and stomped all over his pride?” She asked again as if she wanted me to be wrong, her lip quirking upwards.


I was tempted to just let her know that it was a set up and never real but then she’d probably find some way to blame it all on Scorpius so I resisted. Instead I just settled for sighing and saying, “Yes we’re still friends. Why do you ask?”


“Well, you see, I’m very used to Scorpius fawning after me.” She began to say in a very matter-of-factor way and I was tempted to punch her in the face. “And it has come to my realization that he has stopped.”


No shit Sherlock. Why don’t you point out more of the obvious?


“Didn’t you want him to stop? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it you that told him, in your own words, to go find a new hobby other then stalking you during Divination?”  


Rose’s cheeked blushed a lighter shade then her hair, “That’s correct, but that doesn’t matter right now. I’m just very – erm – I believe the correct term is confused as to why he would stop showing interest in me.”


It annoyed me how formal and intelligent Rose always sounded when she talked. She always used such underrated and long words as if it made her so much smarter than the rest of us. It almost made me smile to see her stumble over her words and try to find the right footing.


At least I know she’s human now.


“Because you’re a bitch tease,”


I’m so blunt it hurts.


Rose gasped, “Excuse me?”


“Sorry but that’s what he called you at the party and its true.” I shrugged my shoulders. “I’m sure you’re a nice person and all, Rose, but you’re a bitch tease and it’s not fair to Scorpius.”


“I don’t,” She faltered before picking up right where she left off, “I don’t really understand what you’re telling me.”


I sighed before speaking again, “You and Scorpius fight all the time. You yell at each other and scream at each other. Scorpius literally would do anything for your attention and you tease him with it. One second you’re calling bloody murder and telling him to leave you alone or you’ll file for a restraining order and the next second you’re ditching your Hogsmeade date to spend time with him. You can’t lead a bloke on like that – it isn’t fair.”


Rose furrowed her eyebrows together before shaking her head, “I hear what you’re saying but I disagree with you. Besides, that is rather rich coming from you.”


Excuse me, bitch?


Rose must have sensed my confusion when I raised an eyebrow so she elaborated. “I mean, you are doing the same exact thing with Albus.”


“I’m confused,”


Rose rolled her eyes as if my simple mindedness annoyed her before she spoke again, “You’re leading him on. It’s near dead obvious that he’s interested in you and you’re giving him a false sense of security by shacking up and snogging him now and then.”


I think my jaw just popped out of its socket. How the hell does she know about Albus and I? I swear to Merlin if someone told her I will literally hang them by their toes at our highest tower.


“Don’t worry; none of your friends told me, it’s just so obvious you’d have to be blind not to notice you two.” She said quickly with a dismissive shrug when she saw my facial expression. “Besides, I saw him kiss you at the Halloween party.”


Oh, of course, I won’t worry at all. It’s not like someone who doesn’t like me knowing a secret of mine is a big deal. It’s no big freaking deal at all.  (Sarcasm – I’d hope you could recognize it by now)


“Despite what you think I’m not leading Albus along and I’d appreciate if you didn’t tell anyone about what you saw.” I said slowly, not even bothering to try to deny what she had claimed.


Rose raised her hands in a surrender way, taking a few steps back. “It’s not of my business to go airing out,” She shrugged her shoulders before dropping back against the wall and leaning down to pick up her back. “I have to get ready for class but do you mind me asking you a question?”




“Is Scorpius interested in someone new?”


Her question shocked me. I feel like the whole Weasley/Potter clan is shocking me so much nowadays. You’ve got mood changing Dominique, hormone crazed Albus, mysterious Louis, and now insecure Rose. My life is just getting way too complicated for me to handle.


Someone should write a tele show about me or better yet a book!


Was Scorpius interested in someone new? I didn’t know. I had barely had a chance to sit down and have a nice heart-to-heart conversation with him in a while. All I knew was that he was backing off of Rose for the time being and giving her space.


I didn’t know the correct answer so I settled for a simple, “I’m not sure.”


Rose’s face seemed to fall as she pursed her lips. I could have been  mistaken but I was sure there was clear disappointment in her eyes. She nodded her head firmly, “Hmph, I see, well I have to go to class. I’ll see you around, Patil.”


And with that Rose Weasley turned on her heel and simmered down the doorway and down the winding staircases.



“I can’t believe you said yes to go home with her for the holidays.”


I sighed as I attempted to keep my eyes trained to the notes Professor McGonagall was swishing up on the board. My obnoxious Ravenclaw partner was huffing and puffing next to me about how the boys wouldn’t shut up and I’m pretty sure she had a bunch of ink spots all over her paper because of her hard grip on the feather.


“Well I said yes so believe it and shut the hell up. You’re going to get us in trouble,” I mumbled as my eyes didn’t leave the front of the board before mumbling as an afterthought darkly, “Again.”


Fred snorted from his spot behind me and I was sure James was smirking smugly. I sometimes hated the fact that I was so good at Potions. It was probably one of my only strong suits that I truly outshined people in. The only bad part was that not any of my friends shared the same love for Potions.


“Make sure you bring a nice dress, by the way.” I heard James say from off my right shoulder.


I arched an eyebrow even though he couldn’t see it before saying, “Yeah, I was already warned that I would have to dress all fancy to meet Dom’s mother’s side of the family.”


There was a moment of silence before some noise that sounded like the ripping of paper before James responded again, “Oh, yes, I forgot about Aunt Fleur’s crazy family. Bring another dress – a little more fancier – too.”


“And for what reason would I do that?”


“My family has this really fancy New Year’s Eve party every year that a bunch of ministry families come to and stuff. You’re obviously invited since Dom’s family is coming. We sent out an invitation to the rest of the girls too.”


I risked a glance at our professor before turning my head a fraction of an inch so I could see the boys slightly out of the corner of my eye, “A party? Merlin I hate parties.”


“You’ll have fun – trust me.” Fred jumped into the conversation with a casual smile. “You’ll probably like Christmas better, though. We’re actually having it at Dom’s villa this year and it’s much more casual.”


How many parties do these people need to have? I’m pretty sure the last party I went to besides the Halloween one was my birthday party in fifth grade. It was unicorn themed and only ten people came because Missy Parkinson was having a party on the same day and hers was at a bounce house so everyone went there instead.


Screw you Missy Parkinson and your bouncy parties of wonderfulness.


I nodded my head slowly as I scribbled something down on my paper quickly when McGonagall turned to look at us before speaking once she turned away, “Is anyone else bringing people home for the Holidays?”


Fred made some weird humming noise which I took for a ‘yes’.


“Al’s taking home Scorpius like always. They usually switch of whose house they go home to every holiday and this year he’s coming home with us. Roxanne is bringing home some girl in her grade, Hugo is asking to bring home his new girlfriend, and I think that’s it.”


Thank you James for elaborating for me.


“What about you guys?” I asked quietly and there was a snort from one of the boys.


“Who needs to bring someone home with ya when your best bud is already going to be with you?”


“Aw, Fred, I’m flattered.” James smiled brightly, pressing the palm of his hand close to his heart.


Fred snorted with laughter, “Not you, you ugly bugger, I was talking about Brielle!”


I laughed softly and wasn’t surprised when James took his textbook and swung it at Fred’s face. I also wasn’t surprised when he missed and instead flung it at my partner’s face.




“Potter, Weasley!” Professor McGonagall roared from her spot at the top of the class, surprised by the sudden outburst.


“It was James’s fault!”


Way to throw your own cousin under the bust, Freddy. Remind me to never get in trouble with Fred ever because he’ll probably just turn me in to save his ass.


“I don’t care – detentions, both of you!”


Ha ha. Sucks to suck, losers. 

A/N: Okay,  before you guys literally try to aveda kevara my arse, I'M SORRY! I've been so preoccupied with my school sport and a bunch of baby exams that I just didn't have enough time to post. I literally am so sorry and this is probably going to take forever to post since I suck :( 


On better terms though, my sport just ended and my baby exams will be done on Tuesday so I'll have more time for you guys! If it makes you guys feel any better I'm not a complete screw up - I did continue to write while I was on a small break. This is the 22nd chapter and I have up to the 30th chapter written! I'm actually getting ready to end the story soon - I don't think it'll be more then 40 chapters cause that's a lot but we'll see!


So, what did you guys think? Did you like it or no? I tried to incorporate other family memebers into this chapter. Totem pole thoughts? Rose thoughts? Other opinions? Tell me what you thought and if you'd like more in a review as always and I love you all! 






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