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Deadly Affairs by DracosSexxiSlytherins
Chapter 4 : First Day
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 A/N: Strong Violence in this chapter, not for the faint of heart







I was screaming on the cold hard floor of Malfoy Manor. The blood from my arm ran all over th black marble floor. My throat was raw from my screams.


Then I heard a voice, “Tell me where it is Mudblood! Tell me!” her cackling voice ringing through my ears.


“!” I sobbed out, the pain was starting to make me delirious. I couldn't tell her, I just couldn’t.


“Filthy Mudblood! You will tell me!” Bellatrix Lestrange screamed at me and turned back to ripping open my arm.


The pain started again. I could taste the salty tang of my tears leaking into my open mouth.




I jerked awake, sitting straight up with my wand in my left hand ready to shoot a spell at anyone or anything. Half asleep I reached around in the darkness for my clock, which was making the insistent buzzing. 5:30 the red numbers gleamed up at me. I sighed, these nightmares have been plaguing me ever since the day in Malfoy Manor. I had hoped they’d get better, but they only seemed more vivid in detail ever since Astoria told me she married Malfoy.


I reached for some tissue to wipe away the tears that had been shed all night. My pillow case was soaked and the sheets were damp with sweat. Sighing heavily I went to the bathroom to gargle salt water for my coarse throat and see what my face had become from a night of terrible, horrifying dreams.


I bit back a yelp of terror when I saw my reflection. My waves had gone to a bush afro that was matted in some places on my face. My eyes were almost swollen shut with puffiness and red rimmed them from too many tears. My cheeks hurt and felt exposed in the cool air of my bathroom. My lips, well they were a hopeless cause. They were cracked until they bled, licking them made the stinging worse.


And you have work today... the logical part of my brain thought, though I wasn’t really making sense of what it was saying.


Then it dawned on me, slamming into my already hurt head like a sack of flour. “I have work today...” I said quietly to myself, “I have work today! Shit! I gotta get ready!”


Turning on the shower as quickly as I could I ran out into the kitchen. After putting coffee into the coffee machine I grabbed a bowl and my favorite cereal out of the cupboard. Pouring the milk on my cereal I looked at the time 6:02.


I jumped, startled at how late it had gotten. Forgetting about breakfast I hastily ran to my bathroom to take my shower. I stripped down then jumped in, ready to get warm again.


Running out of my shower in record time I tried to pick out what I was going to wear as briskly as any woman can.


After taking about 10 minutes to rummage through the clothing piles on my floor I finally decided my outfit. I pulled on a knees length black pencil skirt with matching heels, then a light turquoise sheer long-sleeved top with a white tank underneath it. Quickly grabbing my black cross necklace I ran out the door.






Stretching, I sighed in content. Waking up in his arms was the best feeling ever! Feeling the warmth seeping in from him, it was like a furnace. Draco, the internal furnace. I giggled causing him to wake.


“Hmmm...” he murmured looking down at me with a sleeping grin crossing his face, “You’re a sight to wake up too.”


I gasped trying to be offended.


Seeing my expression he quickly backtracked, “I’m just kidding, luv. You know I just live to see your face.”


That made me bring out my 100 watt smile, “And I live to see your face, my dearest one.” I said lovingly.


“Mmmm...I could hear you say that all day.” he said as he leaned down to kiss me.


To me, his kisses were a drug. The tenderness of it while yet being so...possessive sent my mind spinning. Just as the kiss started to deepen I pulled away, reluctantly.


“I’ve got work this morning, my dearest one. I can’t have you distract me even more than you already do.” I said, looking into his hypnotizing grey eyes.


Draco flopped back onto the fluffy pillows of our bed and groaned. “That means I start tomorrow.” he said sadly, “That means I have one whole day alone, without you! I do not know if I can survive.” He smiled sadly at me.


“Ugh!” I said exasperatedly, “You are like a needy child, always wanting!”


He leaned towards me deviously, “Do you know what I want right now?” and raised an eyebrow suggestively.


Laughing, I climbed out of bed with the tangle of sheets trailing behind me. Reaching the other side of the room I turned around, “Do you want to join me, my dearest one?”


Jumping languidly out of bed, “Do you even need to ask?”


Laughing happily I skipped and ran to the shower, so happy I could hardly stand it.


Ah, the joys of being in love.




Now, one thing I have to tell you is that, if you’ve ever taken a shower with Draco Malfoy, let’s just say it’s one of the best experiences one can experience.


Pulling on a plain black body con dress with black ‘hooker heels’ (as I liked to call them), I searched for a brightly colored cardigan. Holding two different ones up I said to Draco, “Which one do you like better? The light yellow or this awesome navy blue?”


“Well I personally like you with no clothes on, but the navy blue matches your eyes.” He said with his infamous smirk.


“Ha. Ha.” I laughed dryly pulling on the navy blue one, “Draco, we need to talk.”


“Okay, those are a mans three least favorite words.” he said, his voice hardening.


“I promise it’s nothing bad! It’s just I told Hermione about us marrying each other-”


“You WHAT?!” he said incredulously.


“Look Draco, it’s not that big of a deal. She just didn’t take it well that’s all. I think that if we all go to lunch together-”


“What? You can’t honestly think that one lunch 3 years later will help Hermione like me more? I called her a Mudblood, I watched as Bellatrix-...” he choked looking distraught.


“Oh Draco...” I said sadly and wrapped my arms around his sturdy neck, “That’s the past. This is the now! Hermione will understand that! She was in Gryffindor!” I laughed, “See, my plan is that if we all go to lunch, we will finally all get along. And she will forgive you, and partly me! Hermione will finally see why I married you!” I could feel him letting me get my way. “And to top it off, you can explain why you didn’t want to invite her to our wedding.”


“Now wait a seco-” he started.


“No buts Draco! We had an extremely large wedding. The least we could do was invite my only friend. But no! You said no! And I had to tell her it was because you wanted it to be small and for family only. I’m sick of telling my best friend lies and she needs the truth.” I said partly out of breath at the end of my rant.


I stared deeply into his eyes wanting him to do my bidding. “....Fine.” he said with a hint of bitterness.


“Don’t be angry, my dearest one. I want to be happy before I go to the first day of work.” I smiled devilishly. “Now, how can you not just throw yourself at me after seeing this face?” I stuck out my lower lip in a faux pout.


The smirk deeped on my lover’s mouth, “I’m afraid that you are going to be late, luv.” He whisked me out into the Hall, “Now chop-chop! Don’t want McOwlface to get angry!” he said with fake scorn in his voice. Swatting my butt he pushed me further towards the door.


I gasped, “Now, anyone would think that you actually wanted  to get rid of me! And keep your hands away from my bum!”


He laughed  that melodic laugh of his, closing the doors to our bedroom and walking towards the library.


“Now where are you going?” I called out indignantly.


“Oh you know me. I’m just off to brood in dark corners and be all emo like.” he said jokingly.


Rolling my eyes I walked out the door and apparated to the Ministry of Magic.
















A/N: Thank's for all of our readers!!! We have gotten a ton and we are super uber happy!!! thank you so much and we hope that you like it! 



-though we wouldn't know because there's no reviews...-Kaylee


~Kaylee, be nice!~ Hannah 



<please ignore these two...please and thank you-Amelia>

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