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Faking It by vanillavinter
Chapter 19 : An Ending of Sorts
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I don't own anything. I updated finally, more about that at the end. Warning: I did take all the writing I had that was left on Faking It and then after that I just like basically rehash the plot in some weird way... you'll see if you keep on reading. Enjoy!

 “If you two aren’t going to date each other I’m going to have to insist that you stop snogging each other on New Year’s,” Dede scolded out of nowhere. Holy cow where did that woman come from?

Seth chuckled and threw an arm around me. “Calm down mum. We’re just having a little fun,” he explained but before Dede could say a word the crowd split open as George Weasley ran through it holding a hand in front of his mouth.


He quickly disappeared from the ballroom and hushed whispers started everywhere. Seth and I turned to look at Dede who was looking too innocent to not have been involved. “Mum … What did you do?” Seth asked and I could tell he was angry. The night had been going so smoothly. Not one of the Weasley’s or Potters had any trouble. They had actually had a wonderful time and any of them who had met Dede had liked her.


Dede looked shocked that her son would dare accuse her but now that Seth had pointed it out her reactions just seemed too perfected. “Sweetie what would possibly give you the idea that I’m involved with this?” she asked her eyes wide with fake innocence.


I heard Seth curse softly and then shake his head. “You have to learn to let go of a bloody grudge. Laney’s in love with Fred. George Weasley just happens to be his father so you learn to get along or you’ll lose Laney mum,” Seth tried to explain to her. I was nodding along with him. I didn’t know if Laney truly loved Fred but she did like him more than any other boy she had dated.


“I did let go of that grudge. They’re here aren’t they?” she tried to defend herself.


“Whatever mum, I’m going to go get something to eat. Coming Candice?” Seth announced and basically didn’t give me a choice to follow him as he tugged me forward.


“Are you alright?” I asked him softly.


He nodded but didn’t say anything. We got to the buffet tables and he picked up a piece of chocolate and shoved it into his mouth. When he was done chewing he turned back to me and smiled. “Alright the party’s going to be on the top floor. The guys have already been telling people all evening when and where so we should go up soon,” Seth announced.


I smiled and then glanced down. “You go ahead and put the finishing touches. I’ll catch up,” I suggested.


Set looked confused for a moment but simply shrugged it off. “Whatever you say but be quick alright?” he asked and then before I even gave him and answer he was running off.


I glanced around the ballroom quickly. People were still whispering about George Weasley. I could see my parents in the back of the ballroom laughing together. My stomach dropped. I tried to ignore my guilty thoughts and instead headed towards my room.


I always stayed in the same room when I visited Laney. I climbed the stairs to the second floor and walked down the hall until I came face to face with a door that read Candice in elegant letters. Next to my door was Laney’s room and on my other side was Jordan’s room but normally we all just crashed in one room.


Once I was in I made a beeline for the closet and through it open. It was filled with clothes I had never worn. I quickly shuffled through them and picked a random purple dress. I delicately changed out of my red dress and hung it up in the room by the bed. I hurried out of the room a moment later and began my way to the top floor.


I was halfway up the last staircase when the house went from peacefully quiet to music blaring. I was hit by the smell of alcohol and wrinkled my nose. Oh Merlin, Seth had outdone himself. The twinkling lights from downstairs had changed to multicolored ones. There was an ice rink surrounding the dance floor and hundreds of coloured drinks floating in the air. In the center of it all was a stage with Seth dancing his heart out on it. I had no clue how he did it all. Or what had happened to the walls. I just stared transfixed at the party for a moment before I felt an arm around my shoulder.


I looked to my side surprised to find Cooper there. “Hey Coop,” I greeted and tried to keep my cringe hidden but I could smell the alcohol off of his breath.


“Ya haff ta han it ta Seff he knows ha ta thrao a party,” Cooper slurred and I widened my eyes alarmed.


“He sure does. Hey Cooper do you know where Austin is?” I asked him as I tried to get him away from me. Hey, the boy wasn’t my responsibility.


“Nooooooooo cla,” he answered and then burped. Dear Merlin, please help me.


“Well I heard he was looking for you. Something about the drinks maybe. You should go find him,” I suggested. Cooper nodded and I turned and almost sprinted away from him. Right into James.


“Avoiding someone?” he asked me amused.


I scowled at him and shook my head. “It’s not avoiding. He just happens to be very drunk. He can barely talk, it’s ridiculous,” I defended. I crossed my arms in front of me.


James laughed and put his hands up. “I was just asking.”


I bit my lip and made a face at him. “Alright then. How did you even get here?” I asked him. After all this party was invite only.


“Austin invited me,” James answered me.


Austin? I was confused but I guessed that could have been true. Suddenly something dawned to me. “Hey, what was with that look you gave me?” I asked him.


I was so discrete.


“What are you talking about?” James quickly asked me but I saw that same look flash over his eyes again.


“When I finished talking to your mum you gave me this weird look for the rest of the night,” I explained quickly.


James shrugged, grabbed a blue floating drink nearby and took a little sip of it. “No clue what you’re talking about Candice,” he announced to me and turned towards Ettie without a warning.


I fumed silently. If he was going to play it that way I’d just ask him later when he was drunk.


I stood for a moment before I felt someone’s arm slip around my waist. “Come on Candice! Dance with me,” Seth urged me as I turned to face him.


I let out a laugh at the site of him. Not even an hour into is party and Seth was already disheveled. His hair was messed and his tie was loosened around his neck. He was also missing his shirt.


“What happened to you?” I half asked and half yelled over the music that was becoming louder and louder as Seth pulled us towards the dance floor.


Seth ignored my question and instead grabbed a blue floating drink in the air. “Candice! Try drinking this, trust me it’ll make your night a hundred times better,” he ordered me and thrust the drink into my hands. I raised my eyebrow at him questioningly.


I sniffed the drink tentatively. This after all was a Seth party. I had no clue what that stuff could be. “Err– what exactly is it?” I asked him.


Seth smiled brightly at me and gave me what little information he had. “I got it in on some island somewhere. I don’t remember the name. Now chug that stuff!”


I glanced around the room. No one else had keeled over in pain yet. With a deep breath it took a large gulp of it. I was surprised for this had to have some sort of alcohol in it if Seth was serving it yet it wasn’t bitter nor did it burn my throat. Instead it tasted sweet and almost floated down your throat. Actually it felt like I were a light bubble but fluffy because you know that was completely possible.


I let out a giggle.


The drink escaped from my hands and went back to floating in the air. “I can’t believe I just drank that!” I exclaimed and let out another giggle.


Oh dear Merlin, what the hell did I just drink?


Before I could even start to panic though Seth twirled me in a lazy circle and the room spun. “Stop it!” I shrieked and laughed again. Something was wrong with me. That wasn’t even funny. I just took one gulp. What the hell was that stuff?


“Oh come on short stuff loosen up. Why are you so tense out of nowhere?” Seth asked me and began pulling at my arms to make me so some weird twisting dance.


“I’m not tense I just … feel weird and confused,” I answered honestly.


Seth continued to make me dance but he looked like he was thinking. Out of nowhere he spun me around. “Look over at Cooper. Trust me it’ll make you laugh,” Seth pointed out.


I watched Cooper who was reaching out for a pink and yellow drink. He gulped it down in a second. I was about to complain that watching somebody murder their liver wasn’t entertaining when suddenly Cooper hooted. A moment later he changed into an owl and he was flapping around the room.


“Seth!” I half shrieked half laughed. Oh Merlin what kind of person did this make me?


“He’ll be fine it’ll last five minutes max. I found that in Brazil,” Seth reassured me and spun me back around to dance.


Now that I knew he would be fine I was having a hard time holding back my laughter. “Seth! What if I had drank that?” I asked him while I pretended to look angry.


He shrugged and pulled me into a side hug. “Maybe you would have changed into something taller like a … giraffe?” he suggested. I smacked his arm and laughed and he rubbed his arm with a pout. “Or something gentler like a hamster,” he changed his mind.


 I smiled at him brightly. “I think you’d turn into a buffoon,” I told him and stuck out my tongue and then I proceeded to run away from him through the crowd of dancers.


I heard him yell out, “Oh hell no! Get your arse back over here Candice!” I turned around and saw that Seth was gaining speed on me quickly. I glanced around as I panicked. I couldn’t believe my next actions.


I turned around and wrapped my arms around a ginger stranger and whispered to them, “Do me a favor and just dance for a minute.”


The boy nodded mutely with his eyes wide and danced with me. I watched as Seth walked right past me and laughed when he didn’t notice me. I smiled at the stranger and my face became blotchy at what I had just done. “Er, thank you and err … sorry,” I apologized quickly.


He laughed at me. I had no clue who he was. He looked older than Seth more likely he was one of Nate or Caden Dorsett’s friends. “No problem, glad to be of help,” he said with a warm smile. A moment later I was pushing through the crowd where I noticed Seth was.


I snuck up behind him and hid his eyes. “Too slow. If I was a masked murder you’d be dead right now,” I told him cheekily.


He rolled his eyes at me and then in one fluid motion he swung his arms back, grabbed me and flipped me over his shoulder. I let out shriek as he shot back, “How’s that for too slow?”


“No fair! Technically you’re already dead. You can’t come back from the dead and kill me,” I argued and crossed my arms.


Seth smirked at me and commented, “Harry Potter did.”


Bloody hell, he had me there.


“Touché Dorsett,” I admitted grudgingly.


“As my victory punishment I demand you drink one of those drinks,” Seth demanded and pointed up in the air where a cyan drink floated by me.


“Are you trying to get me drunk?” I questioned him instead.


Seth laughed and shook his head. “Of course not. You have to be able defend yourself against creeps and such. I’m just trying to get you to be less … shy,” he answered honestly.


I rolled my eyes at him and grabbed the drink. I smelled it before I drank it. Then in a very unfeminine matter I downed half the drink. It tasted nothing like the other drink I had before and burned my throat as I swallowed it down. I coughed for a moment as tears prickled in my eyes. After I managed to breath normally again I shook my head. I felt light, light like a feather.


I looked down at Seth. Wait, I was looking down at Seth? When did I get taller? I glanced at the ground and saw that I was still indeed human except that my feet weren’t touching the ground.


“Seth!” I yelled out and tried to smack him but it only made me float up more. My stomach dropped as I watched the floor get farther away from me. “SETH GET ME DOWN NOW!” I hollered at him.


Seth being Seth was literally on the ground laughing at me. Tosser. I felt dizzy watching the floor and slammed my eyes shut. I tried to control my breathing. Deep breath, deep breaths. HOLY MOTHER OF MERLIN I’M GOING TO DIE! Screw deep breaths I’m dying here!


I felt myself begin to float down. Oh Merlin, here it came any second now I would drop. I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter. I felt the floor below me and I landed gently. I opened one eye to see I was back on the ground again.


I looked over to where Seth was still crying from laughter. “Oh Merlin Candice, you should have seen you’re face! You were all like ah and looking like you were going to die and ah and you should have seen it,” I thought Seth said but between his laughter it was hard to tell.


“You git. You could have killed me and you’re laughing at me?” I yelled at him.


He laughed still. I began walking away. “Wait Candice are you mad at me?” he asked me from the ground through his laughter.


I stopped and called over my shoulder, “Of course not Seth. I’ll just get you back.” I continued my walk away from him and spotted Garrett making a snow angel on the ice rink and walked over towards him.


“Where’s Lucy?” I asked as soon as I got to him.


He looked up at me with a goofy smile. “She’s off with Laney getting a change of clothes. Some jerk spilled his drink on her,” he replied to me.


I quirked my head to the side and asked him, “So what’s with the smile then?”


“How couldn’t I have noticed her before Candice,” he asked me in return.


I smiled at him. “She was a Hufflepuff and you’re a Ravenclaw. Strictly we don’t usually interact.”


“She’s amazing. I couldn’t stop laughing all night. You should hear some of the stuff her and her cousins have done. It’s hilarious,” he told me and began making his snow angel again.


I knelt down to where he was and smelled his breath. Of course he was drunk. “I’m sure she is,” I replied in turn.


“I kissed her, you know Candice?” he announced. I knew that. It was when everyone was snogging around me oh so rudely.


 “Aw really Garrett? That’s so cute!” I told him anyways.


“I think that’s her coming back,” Garrett pointed out across the room. I turned and sure enough Laney and Lucy were coming back. Lucy was stumbling a bit but she seemed fine other than that. Garrett pushed himself off the ice quickly and grabbed Lucy into a hug.


“Garrett!” she cried out before she wrapped her arms around him before she turned to me and mouthed, “Thank you!”


I got off the ice and went over to join Laney.


The rest of the night went through roughly in the same manner. By five a.m. there was a pile a drunken teenagers in an alcohol induced coma sleeping soundly away. I was still wide awake from a eureka moment that I had suffered from an hour earlier when I had been talking to a delirious and jealous James and a hazy drunken Seth. I had been fine up until this year without love, without boys. Love would find me one day and right now I needed to focus on having fun.


So I promised myself to stay away from James.


A week before school I met up with Ginny and went on tour of the healing school Lancelot. It was nice actually and brought back nostalgia from the days that I had dreamed of attending the ancient healing school. At a certain moment I had closed my eyes just for a moment and I had imagined it. Four years of healing school and three more if I had wanted to specialized. The spells I would learn and the people I would help. I opened them again and felt at a loss for breath. My future was in the dumps and I didn’t understand why Ginny would try to poke at old wounds.


Later that day I had lunch at the Potters at Ginny’s request. Mr. Potter and I joked about the ball. Ginny gushed about Lancelot. I even played outside with Lily when Albus refused to. We made snowmen and snow angels and I guess that since we were having so much fun Albus decided to join. It was wonderful actually.


I left in a bit of a hurry though when James and Ettie came back early from their date. James was put off by my presence and immediately stormed into the house to see his mother. A tad awkward for me.


Holidays were slow. Jordan was a pain in my arse about the whole Lancelot slash Potters slash James thing. I visited Lucy and Laney ran away from home after a huge argument with her mom about the Weasleys. Eventually Hogwarts came to the rescue and we all got to leave the family drama behind for a last time.


Once back on Hogwarts grounds rumours were swirling about James and Ettie. They had a catastrophic fight with spells and shoe throwing and a whole bucket load of tears. Of all people she ran to back to Hogwarts she ran to me. Weeping about how she thought James was seeing some other girl and I actually consoled her for one stupid minute. I hugged her and the whole deal. Until I asked her when she had found out about me and James being fake. I think I had a point originally with the question. I think it was to make me feel better but then she admitted that she hadn’t known until awhile that she and James were hooking up.


I lost it quite honestly. I yelled things at her. There were tears and I told her that she never was my friend. Then I gave her some advice. To stop with all the pointless boy drama and try to salvage what kind of friendship she had left with her insane Gryffindor roommates.


A little before Valentine’s Day Ettie and James were done for real. Surprisingly he broke up with her not the other way around. On a more positive note Fred had done a grand gesture for the day and asked Laney to move in with him after graduation. She said yes of course. Lucy and Garrett were still adorably cute and Vera was starting to make eyes at James again.


After Ravenclaw whopped Gryffindor’s butt in Quidditch James came to find me. He confessed that he was in love with me. I confessed that he didn’t know what love was. It’s safe to say he was angry at me.


The year went on normally after that. I graduated and had the time of my life. I got a late acceptance letter from Lancelot.


I was going to be training to be a healer.


In the moment where I tossed my graduation hat in the air I glanced at James. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. I think all was forgiven.


The sequel: It had no name, sorry.


James was king of the world. He was twenty-one and he was on England’s best Quidditch team. The year before he had made a lower league Quidditch team that normally lost every match. With him, they won every single time. He got traded and quickly moved to the small town the team was located in. He had the best mates, the best team. He was just missing the girl.


His mates tried to convince him to shag everything wearing tall his and a short skirt but he refused. That lifestyle had almost killed him once. He was not going back instead he was hoping on meeting a nice girl in town and have her fall in love with him and bake him biscuits and say he was handsome every second of the day or you know something of the sort.


Candice was graduating again. She was top of her class. Voted most fun. She had the best man in the world at her side, Seth. After two years of them flirting back and forth and a few accidental kisses, she gave inn to his joking offers of a date and accepted. Cue the music and sunset because her eyes had never wavered since. She wanted to become an emergency healer.


Jordan and Garret were off to Latin America for some magical creature research adventure job. Lucy was following and being a healer in a nearby town. They always sent the funniest letters with the strangest pictures.


Fred proposed to Laney that year right after finding out that she had an affair with a French man.


And I, Candice, was headed off for a sort of internship slash training requirement I had to do for a year. I had been assigned to be the emergency healer for Quidditch games. I even got assigned a local town to live in. I still visited Ginny and Harry each day. In the summers I saw Lily of course. I hadn’t even bumped into James because he rarely sees his family anymore because of Quidditch. Aside from a few encounters at Fred and Laney events I never saw James.


When they said I was going to be an emergency healer they were sugar coating it. I was basically the town’s general healer doing all sorts of whacky things to keep everybody healthy. When I was called to test the Quidditch team for potions and drugs I walked into the surprise of my life. James Potter.


Seth decided it was best he move in with me at this new town. I think it’s to watch over James and I. We had an argument. I talked about it with James in the local café.


Watching the sunrise on the pitch in the morning became me and James’s thing.


Seth friends were being jerks. They treated me like an object. They called me his trophy wife. Seth and I had lots of argument about it because he refused to do anything. I ended up crying in my boss’s arms while James made us tea. Talk about awkward.


I tried to break up with Seth but he crumpled up and cried. He said he would be better to me and I believed him.


Meanwhile James was telling me his secrets, his vulnerabilities, his hopes, his dreams. He would make promises like taking me to see Jordan and Garrett and Lucy. He would look into my eyes and I felt butterflies.


Laney and Fred’s wedding disaster came. Fred ran hail speed away from the alter when her affair lover stood up and said he still loved her. One of Seth friends tried to hurt me and he refused to do anything. I ended things. I ran away too. I found Fred and we shared tears and a wine bottle. I made him smash his cake. James found us drunkenly laughing away in a bush somewhere. He apparated Fred home and came back to get me. I told him to stay and talk to me. We watch the sun rise and that was when I realized James had never stopped loving me. Something about that thought got my heart racing.


James had a big Quidditch game. He got knocked off his broom and smashed with a bludger. I was the  emergency healer on the scene. I had never been so scared in my life. I tried my best to help me. I thought I failed. My boss told me it was all part of the job.

James woke up a week later. He came right back to town and as soon as I saw him I tried to apologize for not being anymore help but he stopped me with a kiss.


Three years later we were married. Lucy and Garrett ended up having five beautiful children. Jordan ended up consoling Laney and he ended up marrying her too. They had two kids. I had three. The ten of them were all best friends. Life threw hurdles at us but we all got over them.





.... Hey. I know it's been awhile. Don't throw things at me please ... There are many reasons I haven't updated this story in like over a year and a half or more .. I'm not even sure anymore. There are two honest main reasons. I got bored and life got busy. Honestly. I became a college student and got a job and I was sleeping like maybe six hours a night (compared to a usual ten). I also got discouraged. I hate tthe quality of my writing and story telling in this story and yet I can't find the time or energy to edit it to a reasonable quality. So I just kind of gave up on it. I know .. terrible. Yet, I always had this strange guilt for leaving everyone hanging off, especially on a cliffhanger. I had this whole story mapped out in my head. There were always changes to the plot but in the end I knew where I wanted the story to go. So I just took what was left and then I added the very quickly rehashed story with the major plot points. So at least you guys could know what I thought would have happened. In reality the sequel would have had much more meat to the bones than that but yeah .. like I said, I don't have that much free time anymore. I hope everyone enjoys knowing what happened. Honestly if you guys want to know anything about what happened at any point just ask in the reviews and I'd be happy to tell you! Thank you and goodbye.

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