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Don't Say The by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 1 : The Best Way To Start Off The Year
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I didn't even have to open my eyes to know where I was. The pounding in my head and the warmth next to me told me plenty, I had done it. Again.

I opened one eye, slowly and warily, and looked at the drapes of the bed around us. I sighed and opened the other eye, looking at the blond haired boy sleeping next to me.

Well, he's really not a boy anymore. He's grown up to be hot, like... Really hot, like, who-wouldn't-want-to-sleep-with-him, hot. But this is one boy who I really shouldn't be waking up next to. First night back at school and I hadn't even slept in my own bed! I may have my mother’s brains and my father’s Quidditch skills, but the partying... well, I'm not entirely sure where I get my love for that.

I sat up slowly, holding the sheets to my chest, and looked around to see where my clothes might’ve ended up. My head felt like someone was clog dancing in it and I knew I could thank the firewhiskey for that one. As much as I’d have liked to, I couldn’t blame everything on the firewhiskey. The reason I ended up in the Slytherin boys’ sixth your dorms, well… that was on me. I also knew that I certainly wouldn't be in this room, in this bed, if it weren't for my wanker of a cousin. It was all James' fault. He insisted on throwing a party our first night back at school.

"C'mon Rose, it's the best way to start off the year. Everyone will love it," he said with that gleam in his eyes. The gleam that made it impossible for you to say no. The worst part was, I planned the bloody party! Well, James Sirius Potter would have hell to pay when I got my hands on him later, that one was for sure. Perhaps I got my father’s temper, as well.

I sighed and started to crawl forward, spotting my bra sitting at the foot of the bed, but the person next to me had a better idea. An arm wrapped around me and pulled me back against solid male chest. I nearly let out a cry when he grabbed me, not expecting anyone to be awake.

"Scorpius, let me go, this minute!" I whispered furiously into his ear.

He smirked, the same smirk that made him look like he thought he was so much better than everyone else. The one that made me feel butterflies in my stomach and the reason why I ended up in his bed. Again.

"I know you don't really want me to do that…," Scorpius murmured into my ear. He was playing with my hair and I was getting distracted by the way his fingers kept brushing against my face and neck. I shook my head and tried to push him away, but this time he looked right at me.

He had the most wonderful eyes. They were bright and full of light, especially when he had that mischevious gleam behind them, like he did now. I nearly lost myself in his eyes before I started pushing against him again. He started kissing my neck and I gave up fighting him. It was like he was kissing every nerve, and my breath escaped me. His lips were moving over my neck, brushing lightly against the sensitive skin.
I tried to find a single reason as to why I'd want to leave this bed. I couldn't think of one. His lips met mine and we were at it, hands roaming, bodies moving, and lips setting fire to each other's skin. This was why I kept coming back. The chemistry between us set off reactions within each other that we didn't know existed.. until we touched each other, that is. And once we had started... We couldn't stop.

And it's in his arms that I woke up several hours later, but it wasn't of my own accord that I woke up, nor was it Scorpius that awoke me. Rather, it was my cousin, Albus, who had pulled back the drapes to get his best mate's attention and instead found his cousin snuggled up in bed with him. I was thankful for the sheets covering me, but aimed to pull them up higher, over my head perhaps. This was not happening.

"SCORPIUS HYPERION MALFOY!" Albus boomed, his face was turning Weasley red. It was rare for Al to be so enraged; he usually kept his cool... Just not when it involved me.

The two Slytherins argued a bit, and I sat back, terrified, watching them. Scorpius looked at Albus sheepishly, but, surprisingly, he didn’t show me aside or act like he didn’t know why I was there. He left his arm around me, and traced delicate designs of my arm with his hand.

I was truly surprised, I knew he valued his friendship with Al, it was so unlike him to continue to hold me. Then again, we'd never gotten caught. I was trying to focus on Al, to think of a way to calm him down, but I couldn't with Scorpius touching me. Al looked fit for murder and all I could think about were those hands.

"Look, mate, it...." Scorpius started to explain rather than argue, and I'm not really sure what he thought he was going to say, but the sound that came out of Albus' mouth stopped him. He even stopped tracing designs on my arm. I nearly sighed in relief as I was finally able to start to gather my wits. I took a moment to try to find the words to explain to Albus why I was in his best friend’s bed. And why it wasn't exactly the first time... Or the second, or the third. Let's just say we've done this more times than I had fingers to count on.

"Al, calm down, he didn't do anything wrong." It was me who spoke this time as I looked up at my cousin with pleading eyes.

I didn't want him to hate Scorpius. He was Al’s best friend, and as annoying as Scorpius may be outside of bed, I knew his friendship meant more than our frolicking under the sheets. Albus and I had a silent conversation, staring at each other, after a few minutes it was all I could do not to smile. Al always has had a hard time saying no to me.

Al sighed and sort of shrugged his shoulders. I knew that was his way of admitting that he wasn't happy about it but he wasn't really mad either. He closed the drapes and we heard him sit on his bed, mumbling to himself.

Scorpius started kissing my neck again and I looked at him with disbelief. "Scorp, really, Al just walked in on us, we are not doing this right now." My voice was low, so there was no way Albus could hear. Scorpius frowned at me but I just gave him a look that told him it wasn't happening and started reaching for my bra, like I had hours earlier.

Scorpius helped me find my missing clothes, throwing my dress at me playfully. I held up the dress and winced. Of all things to do a walk of shame back to the Gryffindor common room in, this definitely took the cake. The dress was short, it really probably could've been a shirt, it should've been a shirt, why didn't I wear it as a shirt? This party was such a bad idea. Anyway, back to the dress; it was a champagne color that made my pale skin and red hair glow, it was a rather short, strapless dress, that hugged every inch of my body and glimmered in the right lighting. It was spectacular and completely inappropriate. I redressed and took a moment to put myself together again and took a breath before looking out of the drapes. Al was the only one still in the room, aside from Scorpius, who was sitting next to him on Al's bed. Thank Merlin.

I stepped out into the room and pulled the dress down, trying to make it look more... decent. I caught sight of myself in a mirror and groaned. There was no possible way I was going to get to the Gryffindor Common Room without drawing attention.

By attention I mean like, the entire school, staring at me, Rose Weasley. Doing the walk of shame. What would my parents say? What would the teachers say? What would my cousins say? This was a terrible way to start off my year, especially when my goal was to be Head Girl next year. There had to be another way out.

Scorpius and Albus were having what seemed like a heated discussion under their breath while I was having my internal dilemma. I walked over to them and they still didn't notice me standing there. There was no way I was going down into the Slytherin common room and through the school to my own common room looking like this. They were going to have to help me.

"Oi, bird brains, stop your bickering." Both boys stopped and looked at me when they heard my voice, lathered in irritability. Al was looking at me incredulously, his face almost asking how I could be talking to him like this when he just caught me in bed with his best friend. Scorpius, on the other hand, had started to run his eyes along my body. The look in his gaze told me that in his head, the short dress was coming off. It felt like his eyes were undressing me, then again, in his head he probably was.

"What?" Albus grumbled at me, making a face. I could tell he really wasn't happy about the entire situation, but I also knew he couldn't ignore me, no matter how much he wanted to.

"I need to get back to my common room." I said this so matter of factly that the boys didn't quite understand why I had interrupted them.

"Okay, then go, do you need permission?" Albus responded to me in a tone that made my eyes narrow. Just because he caught me in bed with his friend did not give him a reason to talk to me like that. There was a fine line between being mad and being a twat, and he was certainly the latter.

"I can't go looking like this!" I hissed, looking between them,They clearly didn’t understand my thought process, so I sighed, elaborating, "Everyone will see me, and talk, and you Slytherins aren't known for your tight lips. So unless you want all of your mates down there to know what I was doing up here last night, you better help me get to the Gryffindor common room without anyone seeing or knowing." I put my hands on my hips, my face flushing its usual Weasley red. If anyone in the family was prone to the curse of our blotchy red complexion, it was me.

Albus and Scorpius looked at each other and Albus sighed before he stood up and went over to the door. He left the room without a word and I just stood there staring at his back; was he really not going to help me? Was he really just going to leave me standing here in this dorm room with Scorpius (Who by the way, was giving me looks that I knew meant he wanted to climb right back into bed). I let out a huff in distress and started pacing the room, shaking off Scorpius when he went to grab my arm.

“Rose, Al wouldn’t just leave you, he’s not like…” He trailed off his sentence when I growled at him.

Scorpius kept trying to say something after that and all I could do was throw my hand up to silence him and after pacing the room thirty times, I stopped look at my reflection in the mirror.. Almost ten minutes of pacing later, Albus reappeared with his older brother James in tow. James didn't look happy; Al must've filled him in on why exactly I was up here, but I was just so relieved he came back. Of all of my cousins, I was probably closest to James. I knew he wouldn't judge me, as much as he wanted to.

"Where did you go? I need to get out of here. I have prefect duties!" I was in full fledged panic mode. Gone was the Rose who spent the morning shagging her cousin’s best friend. Gone was the Rose who drank at least ten firewhiskeys the previous night. This was Rose Weasley, top of her class, prefect, who could NOT be seen wearing a skimpy party dress and emerging from the Slytherin Common Room!

James laughed and just came over to put an arm around me. I really was like a little sister to him. We were closer than he was to his actual sister Lily, who was two years behind Al and I, along with my brother Hugo. I looked at him like he was crazy, why was he laughing?! This was SO not funny. I think I was getting an eye twitch. I think Scorpius had noticed; he had that smirk on his face.

James laughed as I just glared at him and pulled out a bag from behind his back. He handed it to me and I snatched it, figuring there were just clothes inside. Instead, there was a cloak inside. His cloak to be exact, or rather, my Uncle Harry's cloak. It was an invisibility cloak. So this was how they were planning to sneak me out. I knew I could count on my cousins for help.

I must have said this last bit out loud, because they were snickering and I sighed. Sometimes I got so lost in my thoughts I forgot other people were around and started saying things to myself. Which really was no good, people would start to think I was crazy, because I really just needed one more thing to be thrown onto my ever growing list of titles.

"So, you put this on, then we get you to the Gryffindor common room, and once you’re decent, you'll explain to me just why you were shagging this bloke over here." James said this more light heartedly than Albus seemed to like, as James' comment got Albus grumbling again.

I mumbled my thanks to Albus and gave Scorpius one last glance over my shoulder before putting on the cloak. When I started sleeping with Scorpius, I never imagined it causing this big of a deal. It's not even like it was a one time thing; I think that's probably the worst part.

James chattered to me the whole way. He knew people were staring at him but nobody dared say a word. Not a single person messed with James Sirius Potter. I mean, aside from the fact that everybody couldn't believe who his father was, he was undeniably handsome and rather intimidating when pissed off. I can understand their hesitance.

We got into the common room safely, and seeing that it was mostly empty, I felt safe enough to take the invisibility cloak off in a remote corner of the room. I stuffed it back in the bag and tossed it to James and nearly sprinting upstairs so I could change. I didn’t immediately change, though, opting instead to collapse on my bed and draw the drapes.

Staring up at nothing, I let out a long sigh. What was I doing?

Not only was I defying my father’s one request to not get too close to Scorpius Malfoy, but I was continuously finding myself in a bed with him.

I was hopelessly in love with him, and he just saw me as another one of his 'girls'. 


So this is my first story. Ever. I was super nervous about writing it, I think I made my sister reread this chapter a thousand times before I actually submitted it. 

I'd love it if you gave the story a review, tell me if you hate it, love it, point out the mistakes, what do you think will happen next? You know, the usual!

Hope you guys like it! Kisses and Hugs!

Thanks to my awesome beta Kenpo for all of the help!

xoxo LL 

P.S. This story will be going through some changes to the wording and mood (I'm just making it a little less dramatic) so please keep that in mind for my new readers :)



Edit: Jan 12, 2014: Made fixes to grammar and spelling mistakes.

Edit: Jun 18, 2014: Took out CI updated that changes will be made soon.

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