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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee
Chapter 45 : What it Feels Like
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                “What do you mean it’s unpredictable?” Remus asked hesitantly. 

                “My mother never told you?” Rosevine questioned suspiciously.

                “You know she never really got control over Spirit.  She really only had domain over water.  I suppose she didn’t think it was important to talk about the parts of the Curse she hadn’t been given.”

                She nodded in agreement.  “Spirit is all about life, so naturally it has a mind of its own.  When you bring someone back to life, if it even works properly, it’s likely to kill off someone of equal value to you.  When you use spirit to kill someone, it’s likely to bring back someone else you want dead just as badly.   It has a very cynical sense of humor.”

                “Have you ever used it?” Harry asked.

                “No, and I never will.  Spirit is much better left alone.”

                “What does it feel like?” Harry asked in wonderment.


                “All of them,” he laughed.  I smiled at him.

                “Spirit is like a hum of electricity beneath your skin, like if I were to touch you like this,” Rosevine said, taking his hand in hers.  “I could reach into that power and be surrounded by static.” She finished.  “Fire is heat.  It is pure, smoldering heat just waiting for me to light it,” she said producing a small fire in the palm of her hand and extinguishing it just as quickly.  “Water is the opposite.  It’s cool and refreshing and fluid—always begging to expand,” she added with a flick of her wrist, watching as the water from Remus’ glass swirled through the air.

                “And Earth?”

                “Earth has a little bit of Spirit in it, because it produces life, but it’s more than that.  It’s heavy and solid and warm—a little like being underneath a really heavy, comfortable blanket in the middle of winter,” Rosevine said in an attempt to explain things she’d never put into words, watching one of the flowers in the room grow at her touch.

                “Air?” Remus finished.

                “Air is freedom.  It’s everywhere and the easiest to call up.  It’s the feeling of being in a wide open space, with nothing to restrict you,” she said with a twirl of her finger, creating a light breeze on Harry’s face.

                “Would you change it?  Would you give back your curse?”

                “I would.  It takes so much energy to control and hide this all the time.  I love dropping my walls and being like I am now, but the opportunity to do so comes so rarely.  It calls to me all the time, you know?  When I’m controlling it, I can feel every element around me.   I can feel everything, and I can’t touch it.  Once you know what it feels like, to literally feel the elements on your skin, its addicting.  It takes every bit of strength I have to keep it locked up within me.”

                “It sounds beautiful,” Remus said.

                “It is.  That’s half the problem,” Rosevine said with a light laugh.  “It’s almost time for dinner,” she sighed in disappointment.   Remus gave her a light smile in understanding.  He knew she would have to draw her power back in, and hated that she couldn’t just be herself.  She closed her eyes, summoning her power back beneath the surface of her skin.  She felt her eyes shift, and knew when she opened them they were green once again. 

                “Do you think the day will ever come?  When you won’t have to hide?” Harry asked.

                “I think that day is coming.  The only reason I hide is because of Voldemort.  He already knows what I am, he just doesn’t know that I know how to control it.  As soon as he does, I’ll be free,” Rosevine sighed in relief at the prospect of that time coming.

                “People will judge you.  Just as they do a werewolf,” Remus sighed. 

                “Let them.  This is who I am.  I can’t change that, and I shouldn’t have to.”


A/N: PLEASE LEAVE ME REVIEWS!! I know this one was short, but I'm prepping for NaNoWriMo.  The next month will probably be pretty light because of that.

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