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The Prey by Siriusly89
Chapter 1 : One
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 The crack echoed through the silent street, quickly followed by the sound of a swift curse and shoe soles well-worn skidding across the cobblestones. Someone running for their life.

His breath came in quick pants as he bolted around the sharp corners, leaping over upturned wooden boxes along the back alleys in the bowels of this, a monster of a city. His appearance would have startled those who looked out their windows, black hair slicked back with grease, too-large clothes hastily pulled from a random wardrobe flapping in his wake, the sure signs of someone who had made a fast exit.

He quickly glanced back over his shoulder, confirming that she had found him. She glided towards him, gaining ground with each step he took, her robes barely rippling, hair moving like a thousand writing snakes. Her beauty was long gone, replaced by dead eyes and a delirious expression. Her reputation preceded her, he having first-hand knowledge that rumours were true.

He sped on, the freezing night air burning down his throat into his lungs. The fire spread throughout his body, bringing every vein, every artery to his attention, his brain falling to its knees. He glanced behind him, to see she hadn’t followed. This caused him to stop dead.

Bellatrix Black never left her prey alive.

The silence buzzed in his ears, louder than anything he had ever heard before. It engulfed him, causing him to tremor. He could almost taste the tension in the air, the calm before the storm, the moment before the first spell was cast. He backed into the centre of the alley, looking behind him and before him quickly. She was nowhere to be seen.

“Come out!” he roared into the night, if only to quell the silence “Enough of your games come out to face me you bitch.”

The last word hung in the air, his smoky breath swirling in front of his face. His heart beat loudly in his ears as he waited. For she would come back, there was no doubt in his mind. His guard did not waver as the seconds ticked by with not a sound, he knew, he was aware she was somewhere, silently waiting for her moment to attack. His eyes flashed up to the roofs overhead, but they were met with nothing but darkness. He lit the tip of his wand with one murmur, and ran the ray of light along the crooked slates.

“Where are you?” he said lowly, his eyes narrowed in an attempt to make out shapes in the pitch black night, which only seemed to be growing more dense.

The feeling of long fingernails scraping along the back of his neck caused him to jump, and he turned quickly, his wand ending up lodged just in front of her carotid, it jumped against his wand, causing it to shake.

“Now, now, don’t look so surprised.” her girlish voice, so contradictory, rang against the stone walls “Summon the devil and she shall appear.” her lidded eyes crinkled at the corners as her mouth twisted into a sinister smile. She ran a fingernail along his jaw line roughly, small droplets of blood forming on his pallid skin. They stared at each other for a second, before he shot her back with a stunning spell.

She flew back, hitting an electrical box. He watched in horror as the electrical current pulsed through her body, convulsions causing her to tremor uncontrollably. She dropped to the cobbles, the thump magnified by the night. Her face was covered by inky black curls, small blue sparks swirling around.

He walked towards her, his breath held. She was perfectly still, her eyelids tinged blue, her lips slightly parted. The closer he got, the smaller she seemed to become. She looked like a child at his feet, the black robes impossibly big for her. He turned her slowly with his wand and flipped her onto her back. She wasn’t breathing; no tell-tale puffs were coming from her nose or mouth, on that, the coldest night of the year. He leaned closer, staring at her seemingly porcelain neck, trying to see a pulse.

Her eyes snapped open, and a sinister smile spread across her face as her hand flashed out, and threw him to the ground. She grappled around for her wand, twitching oddly. He half-crawled away from her, not moving his eyes from her regenerated form.

“Now really, did you honestly think that would do it, hmm?” She spoke softly, half-giggling. She sounded delirious, her black eyes rolling back into her skull, leaving nothing but white. She lurched blindly towards him, her claw-like hands extended before her. He stumbled but got up, and began moving backwards, with her, in a twisted sort of waltz. She would move left, he would dart away, she would spin and he would sidestep.

“Enough of this,” she snarled, foam forming at the edge of her mouth, making her look like a savage beast “I’m growing tired of it, stay still, face your fate like a man for once in your pitiful life.” she pointed her wand and cast, just giving him enough time to duck. The green beam sailed over his head, and collided with the wall, causing the bricks to break away and rain down on them in thousands of dust particles.

He reached into his robes for his wand, but it wasn’t to be found. He searched frantically along the ground, but was only met with chunks of brick and rock. A sickening snap sounded, and he watched in horror as she reached slowly to the ground, and picked up two splintered pieces of wood.

“Oh, well now, isn’t that a shame.” she twirled the pieces in her fingers, before throwing them against the wall, and striding towards him, faster.

“This should teach you.” she slapped him across the face, her nails digging into the soft skin of his cheek “not to turn your back.” she lashed out again, this time to kick him and send him flying to the cobbles once again “on what is expected of you.” the tip of her wand came level with his face, and she turned it ever so slightly, giving herself a better shot.

“Burn in hell!” he spat at her, and her face twisted again, a slight smile forming on her lips.

“I fully intend to.” she pushed her wand against his temple. His breathing accelerated traitorously “See you there.”

His eyes closed as he drew in his final breath. Half of the curse fell from her lips, before a bang echoed through the alley, and a scream. His eyes flew open in time to see Bellatrix falling in on top of him, and he realised the scream came from her. Her cloud of hair covered his face, the smell of smoke near suffocating him. He could feel her nails against his chest, and she weighed down on him like a stone. He heaved her off of him, a mysterious liquid coating his hands.

It shined scarlet in the faint light, and it took him a second to realise that it was her blood. It pooled out around her, and he looked down to see it had soaked through his robes. The pure blood, the blood which was causing the whole damn war anyway, so precious and valuable, now coated the clothes of a traitor and was fast-spilling out onto a Muggle street. He almost laughed at the irony of it.

“Leave, now,” a deep voice sounded, and his head flew up quickly to take the new apparition in. Their face was covered by a hauntingly familiar mask, the black robes easily distinguishable. He reached over and grabbed Bellatrix wand from her limp hand. The blood on his hands meant it near-slipped from his grasp, but he managed to hold it firm.

“Leave,” the voice repeated, gesturing out of the alley with their pale hand. He frowned at them for a moment, before getting slowly up off of the floor, and edging closer to them, not loosening his already precarious grip on the unfamiliar wand for a second. They made no attempt to move, so he walked slowly around them, before taking off in a sprint.

He looked back as he reached the corner, to see the hooded figure gently lifting Bellatrix’s body off of the ground, and cradling her close to them.

“I’m so, so sorry Bella, please forgive me,” they said, and he was sure they were not aware he could hear them “but it had to be done.”

Their head bent down, and he watched in horror as they pressed their lips softly to Bellatrix’s limp ones. Their face was covered in the scarlet blood when they broke apart, but they didn’t seem to notice.

“The prophecy must be fulfilled my dear, and he is an important pawn.”

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything!

I wrote this for the Hufflepuff ‘Get Your Scare On’ Challenge, and to be honest, it really isn’t all that scary, but I tried, so, yes! As always, reviews make me happy, plus, I’d love to hear your theories on who the unnamed characters are.


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