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Radio War by s2rocks
Chapter 5 : Did I tell you I hate Surprises
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All characters belong to J K Rowling. 

Here is another chapter. Hope you like this one. 

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(There is some strong language in this chapter )




credit to milominderbinder@TDA for this wonderful image.


  I was four when I first saw Burrow. There was only one word that could describe the house - Magic.


 George Weasley was my Dad’s best friend, and we were invited for Mr and Mrs Weasleys 50th wedding anniversary. It was a big celebration and hence, a large crowd was invited. Being a single child, the thought of surrounded by a big crowd scared me, and a little thrilled me. It was something new and I was excited but the fascination of a new place soon drowned into the loud voices.


 It’s a fact that Weasleys are a big and mischievous family. They are born pranksters and while I loved pranks too, I had never suffered a prank in between vast amount.


 I was the fresh meat and like every new member, I was tested by playing pranks, the tradition I had no idea of. I had worn my favourite blue dress, the one my mum had gifted me on my fourth birthday and I was calm and confident, ready to cross a new milestone of my life.


 The feeling of looking like a wet mouse was not only bad but it was humiliating. As soon as I entered the house, a bucket magically placed above the door drenched me and tears stared falling down my face. I cried so hard that my mum had to take me home back.


 It was that fear that stopped me from visiting again but I did come back after ten years, before my fifth year started. Was I tested? Yes, but this time I laughed so hard that they were tears in my eyes due to happiness.


 This place had seen my smile, my laugh, my tears, my blush, my insecurities and even my demands like a spoiled brat.


 These people are my own; they knew me like an open book. They had known my achievements and seen my heartbreaks.


 “From the start, I have known that gnomes are dumb,” spoke a familiar voice of my godfather. I smiled as I watched a gnome trying to pass through the shelter for third time, even when I had thrown it out for two times.


 “They might be dumb but they are determined,” I replied and turned to look into the face of George Weasley.


 “Determined you say,” he chuckled repeating my words. “My twin Fred used to say that they love to be thrown out of the garden. It was fun, like a swing,” he whispered and I chuckled shaking my head.


 “And you would reply, ‘Fred, why don’t you try it. Let me throw you out of the backyard’,” I teased and this time he laughed and nodded.


 “I’ve taught you good,” he patted my head and sighed and moved closer to me putting his left hand on my shoulder. I put my head on his, a sense of security filling me.


 We stood in silence, looking at the gnomes.


 “Was it hard to move on?” my voice was almost a whisper. I might have thought that he didn’t hear me if his head didn’t tilt a little. “To start living again without someone you love.”


 He hummed shaking his head and sighed. I was going to apologise but his word stopped me.


 “Hard. I would say it was painful. It’s not easy to move forward,” he sighed and moved away, towards the shelter. “I was like a ghost when he died. Fred was a part of me. He was not just my twin, he was my voice that completed my sentence, the happiness when I was sad, the brain that gave ideas when mine was shut down. He was a constant and it was difficult to even say his name after he died.”


 “How you did it?” I asked, building my all confidence and looking at him.


 “Harry, he talked to me. Fred was the first close one that I had lost but Harry, he had lost so many people. I couldn’t even imagine how was he living and moving on, how difficult it was for him to watch each parental figure dying infront of him. He made me realize that even he’s gone, he’ with me- in here,” he placed a hand on his heart and a smile formed on my lips.


 “He would want me to move on, remember the pranks we did together, the happy memories we made, the ideas we put together to torture Ronniekins,” he chuckled and a small chuckle escaped my lips.


 “I gave it a try and then Angie came into my life, I was happy and satisfied, moving on.” He smiled. ”I think the day I actually healed up fully was when I held Fred in my arms after he was born. It was the best feeling to hold my children together, parts of me again. I could see Fred in both of them. The feeling was indescribable, like it was the best thing that was happening to me- I was a father. I would do anything for them, sacrifice everything for them. It made me realize that we might lose some things in life but they come back to us – just in some different forms.”


 His words brought a big smile on my face and I watched the matching smile when he turned to me.


 “Let’s not tell the soppy moments to others. I might lose my reputation of prankster Weasley,” he winked and I laughed and I nodded.


 “I knew I would find you guys here,” we turned and saw Ginny coming towards us who stopped when she saw our face and narrowed her eyes with a glint in her eyes.


 “Please, tell me you guys weren’t having emotional, heart to heart talk,” she teased George who moved forward to smack her but she ducked.


 “Emotional talk, that’s for you and Angie. I am more like a spoiling godfather,” he exclaimed and we laughed.


 "We were just planning our next prank," I lied and she looked a little anxious so I added. “It doesn’t involve you.”


 “Thank Merlin for that,” Ginny sighed.


 “Key!” George yelled playfully and I winked.


 “I'm going to forget what happened here, since your plans don’t include me.” Ginny said with a wink at me. ”C'mon! Everyone is waiting for you guys.”


 “Yup, everyone wants to meet the famous Ciara Jordan who dared to stand against the famous elder Potter son." I groaned hearing the teasing words of George.


 “You are such a baby, George,” Ginny smacked on the back and he winced with an ‘ouch’.


 I prepared myself for an evening of teasing and jokes. I sighed and opened the front door and was immediately pulled into a tight big hug.


 "Ciara Katie Jordan! Why haven’t I heard from you like... what a week?" Angelina questioned and released me form her arms and then started smoothing my dress.


 Angelina Weasley was my mum's best friend and my godmother. I remembered that when I was born, the first words out of her mouth when she saw me was, "She can't be yours, Lee," and everyone had laughed.


 "Sorry, Angie this past month has been hectic. I have been doing the night shifts and then beating my ass in the morning shows," I said apologetically, trying to ensure that I wasn't avoiding her.


 “I know sweetheart but a call would have been nice,” I gave her a guilty look and she nodded. “And don’t curse,” she scolded and I returned a loopy grin.


 "Give her some space Angie, stop hovering and leave the poor girl alone.” Angie glared at George, who flinched back seeing the scowl on her face and then with an innocent look added. ”I mean, it’s been tiring and she needs to relax.”


 “He’s right, it was hard,” I agreed with him trying to help him out.


 “Just look at her face, she looks like a zombie," George grinned when I scowled at him.


 “Gee thanks, George. Nice welcome back for the help. You know how to make a girl special," I said sarcastically, knowing he was teasing and this made him laugh.


 "Don't listen to him, you are an amazing young lady," Angelina said smoothing my hair and kissed my head.


 Someone snorted in the background, and I looked to see Harry Potter standing behind me leaning against the couch.


 "You sound like Ginny," he commented. He and George laughed and pulled their hand up for a high-five but their hands could meet -


 "What is that supposed to mean Harry James Potter?" Ginny asked, quirking her eyebrows, placing her hand on her hips, looking at her husband with narrowed eyes. I watched in amusement as the smile fell from his face, George smirked at Harry as he tried not to laugh.


 He gave a nervous chuckle and turned around and pulled her in his arms.


 "Well, it means that you are caring and loving, and I love my sweet wife so much that I think about her all the time," he saved himself with a sweet comeback and stared at her with adore in his eyes. Ginny narrowed her eyes but smiled and gave him a sweet kiss.


 And people say love is a facade.


 "Urgh, get a room," I heard the whining voice of Ron Weasley, as he entered the room followed by his wife, Hermione who shouted, "Ronald!"


 "WHAT? They are still like this after all this time. I don't want to see that, it’s disgusting - she is my baby sister," Ron retorted, huffing and even George nodded and mage a gagging gesture.


 "Ron, I am married and have three children and my youngest is no more than a teenager. Do you think they just got dropped from the sky?" Ginny snapped backed, clearly irritated by his behaviour.


 "I know how they got here, but it doesn’t mean I want to see that," Ron said, pointing at them and jumped when Hermione smacked him.


 “Seriously, Ronald you act like a two year,” Hermione scolded him.


 "Nah, he act like Al," I remarked and George laughed and high-fived me.


 "How are your night duties going? Hugo told me about it," Hermione asked with a little concern on her face. I shrugged.


 "I have had worse. Don't worry about it." I waved my hand. ”And write to the prat that he needs to reply me back, otherwise I would go to Italy and drag him back here,” I said and she nodded.


 “I will convey your message,” she smiled and nodded.


 "Well, Key, we heard about the interview," Ron started and I groaned which made everyone laugh.


 “Way to be obvious, Ron,” Ginny commented in between laughter.


 "See, no one is going to leave it," Al said entering with the others and I blushed.


 I never liked when I had attention from the Weasleys because it meant that I was in for it. I mean I said some, ok many, shit things about their family member, aka James Potter, they were bound to be angry with me.


 “Of course not, it’s the best entertaining news of the month,” George stated the fact with a teasing tone and I shook my head.


 “Please, can we do this after few days, maybe months, years or maybe never,” I said inching towards the door to escape.


 “Or we can discuss it now,” Bill said blocking my path and I cursed lowly.


 “Ugh, fine,” I threw my hands up in defeat and sat down on the couch. ”Bring it on.”


 Questions were fired on me at the same instance and I had to yell to emphasize that I had the capability of answering a question one at a time. They all asked me what happened and why I did it.


 “I was just having a really good day. I had a comfy sleep the previous night and I was all for having to interview the big shot Quidditch player, I mean seriously he’s best in the countdown right now,” I stated looking at Harry and Ginny whose eyes were shining with pride on hearing the success of their elder son.


 “No one told me to mess it up for the first time, I think that was what jinxed it. Here I was singing the praise of James Potter on air and then BAM,” I clapped my hands suddenly and everyone jumped. “There’s no response from our guest. You should have seen Amy, she was breathing fire.” I shook my head and Louis snickered. “And no Louis, she didn’t chop anyone’s head.”


 I chuckled when I heard him curse ‘Damn!’.


 “You don’t know how difficult it was, because this is unprofessional and I called you guys, but even then, no response. Something snapped in me and I started blurting it all out. All my anger, anxiousness and tiredness spurt out infront of everyone.”


 Everyone heard my words and I looked at the ground while no one made any comment.


 “I think it was a good interview,” Harry said and my head snapped to him and he gave me a small smile.


 “It was amusing, I recorded it.” Ginny told me grinning.


 “I told her that. I think this would be the best blackmail material, Ever,” Lily rubbed her hands with an evil grin on her face.


 “If you think this is bad, you should have heard the phone conversation,” Roxy quipped in between and I groaned. Everyone looked in confusion between me and Roxy.


 “Roxy, I don’t think we need to bore them with that story,” I said pleading with my eyes to not continue but of course she ignored me.


 “Phone conversation,” Al asked with a frown.


 “Yup, it seemed like James tried to talk with the person who said certain thing about him on the radio show,” she said pointing at me and others turned to me.


 “It was nothing,” I lied waving my hands to leave the matter.


 “Oh, please. It was anything but nothing. If I remember correctly, your last words were ‘Listen James Fucking Potter, maybe you don't have anything important to do right now, but I am busy and have better things to do than listen to your pathetic whining. So listen to me, stop feeling sorry for yourself and grow up’.” Roxy said trying to imitate my venom filled voice and it was a pretty good attempt. She tried to continue but I shut her up by my hand.


 “Key, remove your hand. It was getting good,” Al whined and I shook my head. I felt


 Roxy licking on my hands and removed them with a disgusted look on my face.


 “Gross!” I said and cleaned my hand on the back of Fred’s shirt, who was sitting beside me.


 “I wasn’t done yet.” Roxy said poking her tongue at me and then looked at others.”Oh where was I?”


 “At Grow up,” Fred told her.


 “Yes and then she said, ‘Oh and another thing, don't call me again. Otherwise the next call I make will be to the Auror office complaining how the Head Auror's son is threatening me.’” Roxy exclaimed and I slapped my head with my hand.


 “He threatened you,” Harry questioned with a frown on his face.


 “Awesome,” Al yelled at the same time.


 “No he didn’t, he was bluffing.” I shrugged.


 “What was the threat?” Hermione asked and I looked at her sheepishly. “It was something related to me,” she asked with narrowed eyes. I nodded.


 “He threatened to file a suit against me and I told him that he can go ahead but I am sure I will win. He told me his aunt is the best attorney,” I mumbled the last words and her face turned red either with anger or amusement.


 “What did you reply?” Scorpius questioned for the first time since conversation started.


 “That he can try but I will win, he asked how and I replied that I had faith in Hermione,” I said biting my bottom lips trying to stop laughing while others laughed out loudly.


 “God, it might have been a nice conversation to overhear,” George commented shaking his head.


 “Oh! It was, Dad,” Roxy winked at him.


 “People should stop eavesdropping,” I groaned and Louis snorted.


 “This coming from the best eavesdropper. Hypocrite!” he teased and I scowled.


 “Oh, you are commenting as if you have silver tongue,” Lily commented and winked at me.


 “Here came the reply of your defence attorney,” Louis teased her and she flipped him off.






 “Sorry, mum but Louis was asking for it,” she said without any guilt on her face and glared at Louis.


 “This evening has been interesting so far,” Fred whistled and grinned.


 "It's going to get more interesting soon," Lily said rubbing her hands and I turned to look at her with a frown on my face. She just gave me her innocent look which said something was fishy.


 "What?" I asked, glancing at others who wore similar look on their face.


 I was damn sure there was something brewing. The first thing that I learned from the Weasleys, was there was always some conspiracy going on.


 There was a trap for me, what and when, I started thinking of ideas what could they be upto but before I could conclude something, Lily cut on my thoughts.


 "Hey, we should start preparing the table. It's our turn," Lily clapped her hands infront of my face and dragged me to the kitchen while others retreated from the house to the garden.


 I was sure something was going on even though I couldn't put my finger on it.


 I shrugged; maybe they were planning to play a joke on me or something.


 I entered the kitchen and saw everything was prepared. Lily and I levitated the food to outside garden, where a large table was placed, which was enlarged using magic, as it was impossible to fit all of us inside the kitchen.


 Rose and Roxy were cleaning the table while everyone took their seats. The commotion got louder when he brought up the food.


 I learned one thing from the years of coming by that at a Weasley dinner, if you wanted to eat something then you had to dig in without caring for others, because otherwise you wouldn't get anything.


 "Where is Al?" Ginny asked looking around.


 "He went inside. He told me he had to make an important call before dinner," Alice told Ginny, and started standing up to go inside.


 "I've got it," I said, stopping her from getting up, not wanting to disturb her.


 I opened the back door and went inside, looking around for Al. I made my way to the living room, thinking he might be using the Floo but he was nowhere to be found.


 "Al," I said, but I got no response. Maybe he was in the bathroom and rushed to check it out. After knocking thrice, I opened the door and found it empty.


 "ALBUS!" I yelled but didn’t hear a reply.


 I made my way to upstairs passing the kitchen, when I saw him sitting on a chair with his back to me.


 "Al!" I shouted but he didn't seem to hear me. I sighed and shaking my head, went behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.


 "ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER!" I exclaimed in his ears with a big grin on my face trying to shock him, but the big smile on my face fell when he turned to face me.


 I realized it wasn’t Al.


 My heart literally skipped a beat when I looked up into that face. I knew it already, of course. I go to Quidditch games, I read magazines, newspapers, hell I am a part of the same profession as him, my work is to talk how players like him perform on the field.


 So I knew who he was.


 I went to Hogwarts.


 I read magazines and newspaper.


 I am a big part of Weasley family.


 I am the best friend of Lily Potter.


 Hence I knew him.


 And everybody knows who James Sirius Potter is.



  Well holy shit!






 I knew there was something going on, they were planning some trap, and now I knew what.


 My jaw dropped to the floor, realizing that he was actually standing infront of me with all his glory and smart-ass. I was gawking at his face with wide eyes in shock, while his scrutinizing eyes looking at mine curiously.


 I wanted to move away and look away from his eyes, treat him the way he did with me, snap at him, punch him but all these thoughts became hazed and unfocused as I stared more and more on his face. My mind was just filled with his thoughts, the thing that the best Puddlemere United player James Potter was standing just mere inches from me.


 I realized my face would be sight of great amusement. Looking like a dying fish with huge eyes and open mouth.


 Classy, Jordan, very classy!


 Newspapers, magazines, television shows.




 Those were just big lies.


 I couldn't help but stare at him. The pictures of him didn't do him justice at all; the words were incomplete and very few to describe his beauty.




 Merlin, he was beautiful.


 Yes, beautiful.


 I know you think I am an idiot; a guy can be smart, handsome, attractive, sexy and hot, but this one was totally gorgeous and beautiful.


 That hair, the glorious dark brown hair with red streaks stuck gloriously out into a thousand different directions. To be fair, James Potter's hair was sort of famous in its own right, but no one's descriptions could capture what it was really like. How my fingers ached to dive into it and grip it hard. How it flopped seductively over one eye and he peered through it at me.



His molten chocolate brown eyes… how had I failed to notice the colour when I saw him on the cover of the magazines? Is that green flecks I see in them?


 Fuck I had seen him in school but I never knew that there were green flecks in his chocolate brown eyes which he probably got from his dad.


 Did the others know about it because I had never heard anything.


 And his lips…oh, god I'd never seen lips like his. Soft, full… I could practically feel them against my own.


 Quidditch can do one good in regards to their physical appearance I knew that, but I never knew that miracles happened. He was well built wearing black jeans, I could tell that hidden behind that adorably creased and crumpled grey t-shirt, and there was a muscular torso which every girl wanted to touch.


 I was horrified by my reaction towards him. I was gawking at him like some pathetic fan girl who was day dreaming about this god.


 I never knew that age could do wonders, I mean at school he was hot and good looking but now there was no limit to his beauty.


 I was completely unprepared for my physical reaction to his flesh and blood presence.


 I snapped out of the trance as soon I saw his face change, a surprise came over them. One of his eyebrows rose over his striking hazel eyes and his mouth pressed in a hard line, no doubt suppressing the laugh that was bursting to get out of him.


 Suddenly I felt sick, very sick. I cleared my throat trying to gather all the confidence and stability I had in me and pushed back the hair that was still hanging over my face.


 Seriously Jordan, this is going down in the all-time most mortifying moments ever!


 I shook my head closing my eyes and came back to reality.




 This is James Fucking Potter.


 The lazy, egoistic, prat, man-whore - who treated every girl as a random hook up.


 Random hook up.


 Random hook up.


 I kept repeating it in my head to keep myself from dwelling on those amazing chocolate brown eyes, that wild, fabulous hair that my fingers itched to touch, his cheekbones, his lips…unghh….


 Ciara, focus.


 He was James Potter who had destroyed your biggest opportunity. He is Potter, who had called you an attention seeking whore.




 He called me whore, it’s like pot calling kettle black. How dare he?


 “I don’t think we have met. I am James Potter and you are?" he introduced himself with his soft musical voice and waited for my reply.


 I remained silent. I couldn't utter a word even if I wanted to. I knew if I said something then it would come out as a squeak or I would blabber about my own stupidity.


 He must be thinking that I was crazy or something.




 It was better than him thinking that I was crazy, than thinking that I was a giggling fan girl.


 I wouldn't give him the satisfaction; my soul wouldn’t be in peace if I died right now.


 So I chose the best option - ignorance. I ignored him and with a roll of my eyes, making sue that he realized that his presence didn’t have even a little affect on me and turned to leave the room. My legs stopped in mid steps when he spoke again.


 "Did someone put silencio on you,” he questioned gracing me with his crooked signature grin. " or a kneazle caught your tongue?" He asked with a slight loopy grin and winked at me.


 This brought me totally out of my fantasies, breaking all the glasses of my little and very tiny fascination of him.


 I stopped. Sighing loudly, squaring my shoulders high, turned to look into his amusing face, tilting my head and gave him a small grin which I knew would irk him.


 He’s trying to trespass in dangerous territory.


 If I told him who I was, then his face would be priceless, maybe better than my reaction.


 I wanted to see that.


 "I apologize," I said confidently and the cocky smile on his face fell a little, replaced by the confusion. "How rude of me that I didn't introduce myself,” I said sarcastically,” I am Ciara Jordan," I said sweetly.


 His head snapped up, his eyes burning into mine, his face completely different to how it was when he first saw me, but I couldn't identify what the look was or what it meant!


 It was very confusing; his emotions were changing in seconds.


 Firstly, there was confusion, his frown emphasizing that he was in deep thoughts trying to remember where he had heard my name.


 Then the realization, as his hazel eyes widened and narrowed trying to pierce a whole in my head, his mouth was pressed into a hard line, but I was sure I saw the edges forming into a scowl.




 Pure hatred.




 His eyes started to darken and now I could clearly see those green slits in his eyes and I waited for the blow.


 "YOU!" he yelled, his soft voice turned into venom filled spiting, and the amusing smile form my face changed into frown.




 I was getting pissed. The commotion from the outside proved that everyone had heard him and were coming inside to stop the fight to proceed further.


 "I apologize, I didn't know I needed your permission to enter this house," I hissed, fisting my hands tightly and glaring daggers at him.


 "Well, now you know, so fuck off. Get out of here if you knew what is good for you," he threatened inching closer to me in warning but I stood my ground, not giving up.


 I could almost sense his hatred for me but even then my mind was thinking that how hot he looked while glaring at me, how sexy his pissed off face looked. His anger and glare was hot, and I being pathetic thought he looked even more amazing than before.


 I felt like throwing myself off the bridge or use killing curse on myself.




 "She is not going anywhere," Lily announced entering the living room, and we both turned to watch her standing with her hands on her hips and she was pissed, I could tell.


 "But Lils, she is that attention seeking slut who tried to..." and before he could continue, Lily came to stand in front of him and poked him in his chest while glaring at him.


 "Don't you dare call Key a slut, James," she hissed and daring him to say one more word against me.


 God! She was pissed, and anger and Lily were not a good combo. She was born a Potter and Weasley and not just anyone, the daughter of Ginny Weasley, of whom even Bill was afraid of and let’s not talk about Harry, his anger is world famous.


 "What?" James looked taken a back. "You are supporting her?" His face frowned in confusion.


 "Key," he said, and remained silent for a moment before continuing, "She is Key?" he questioned pointing at me.


 He knew who I was.


 No! He knew Key, his little sister's best friend, not Ciara.


 "Yes, she is my best friend and I won't let you insult her," Lily stated, letting her hands down and calmed down.


 "So you knew that she is the radio girl?" he asked, his eyes accusing her, the emotion of betrayal forming on his face.


 It might not be difficult for him to conclude that his whole family knew all about me, and what I had done. His gaze moved from Lily to others, his face showing that this realization was hurting him.


 Now, I felt bad seeing the look of betrayal on his face and guilt washed over me. I felt like a moron for everything I had done to him. Even though I knew it was right, but looking at him now was like a punch in my gut which hurt, a lot.


 The hurt in his eyes showed the pain he felt. Pain of betrayal.


 "I think it would be better if I leave," he said, looking at the ground, evading everyone’s eye and starting towards the door.


 "No one is going anywhere," Ginny said, stopping him.


 I knew why she said that because he would have asked me to leave if he didn't, and I thought it would be better if I left instead of him.


 Her gaze flickered to me and said, "I said no one."


 Of course she knew what I was thinking.


 Ginny was staring at her elder son who was almost pleading with his eyes to let him leave but she was fixed. She wanted to improve this situation.


 "C'mon, everyone lets go outside," she said, and without any word everyone retreated back into the garden.



I had never been this grateful to Lily as I was right now. Not only had she stood against her own brother for me, but she also sacrificed her seat beside Lorcan to sit between me and James.


 There was awkwardness in the air, the complete silence was very unusual for a Weasley gathering, and Louis squeezed my hand to reassure me that he supported me, and I smiled.


 Someone cleared the throat and my eyes moved from table to Fred who looked much more amused than the situation was.


 It was time for the next part, and from the look on Potter's face he knew what was going to happen.


 Everyone was staring at him trying to keep a straight face, giving neutral reaction, trying to stop the laugh which was waiting to burst out of their lips.


 "Get on with it," Potter said, looking at everyone to let it go.


 And they did.


 The first laugh that came was from Fred and after that it was like a pack of laughing hyenas.


 Everyone was laughing, it was very amusing. I thought that Potter might be angry, but when I looked at him, he was trying to fight a smile but the slight twitch on the edge of his lips gave it away.


 He knew his family well, and with the Weasleys one thing was never stretched for very long.


 They always found happiness in everything.


 "The interview," Fred said in between the laughter, and everyone laughed harder. I was biting my lower lip hard to stop the laugh that wanted to escape but couldn’t stop the smiling.


 "It feels great to know that my family finds my life very amusing," he said sarcastically and smiled shaking his head.


 "What? Don't tell me your reaction wouldn't be same if it was any one of us instead," Fred asked with a big grin on his face and Potter shook his head.


 "Crazy you all are crazy," he grinned.


 "Love you too James," Lily said, kissing his cheek and he smiled at her and winked.


 "So where were you on that fine morning?" Harry questioned with narrowed eyes and a small smile showing that he could giess the answer. Al snorted while James groaned and looked like he wanted the ground to tear and swallow him.


 "I was drunk. Ok. Ethan invited me to a party and I forgot about the interview," he answered truthfully throwing his hands in defeat, his cheeks turning red in embarrassment that he had drunk too much.


 "But I called you like a million times," Ginny said and Potter blushed.


 The way his cheeks went red was cute and I couldn't stop myself from staring. Louis poked me and I turned to him and he raised his eyebrows, I turned away from him blushing profusely.


 "I left my phone at home," he mumbled sheepishly.


 "No way!” Fred exclaimed and chuckled. ”Luck was against you mate. Seriously, I have never seen you part from that phone," Fred teased and laughed. I saw Lily nod.


 "Well, now you know not to fight against our Key" Al said, everyone turned to me and I blushed when I felt everyone’s eyes on me but I could distinguish a glare in between the amusing gaze.


 Potter was giving me a glare which could have slit my body in half if he could.


 "Yeah, watch it guys. Otherwise we don't know what she will spill out on that radio show of hers next," he advised with venom in his voice.


 Any smile or blush I had on my face faded and I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. I looked down at my hands fighting with all I had to stop the tears that were pricking at my eyes.


 "James," Harry warned and he shrugged.


 "I think it's time for dessert Nana," he said sweetly to Mrs Weasley who smiled and nodded. She waved her wand and cleared the table and with another wave, it filled with dessert. Before anyone could dig in, Louis cleared his throat.


 "Before we proceed to eat dessert," he spoke nodding his head.


 What the hell was he going on about now?


 "I want to make an announcement," he continued, standing up.


 God please don't tell me he'd knocked someone up.


 "Don't tell me you got someone pregnant," Lily and I exclaimed simultaneously and smiled at each other.


 See we thought alike.


 "Thanks for your vote of confidence," he scoffed, glaring at us.


 "What I want to say is that you are now looking at the new assistant Professor of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts," he announced proudly. I and Lily jumped up at the same and hugged him in a group hug. I moved away and shoved him playfully.


 "You Fu...freak," I said when I saw Mrs Weasley narrowing her eyes at me. "Why didn't you didn't tell me?" I asked, disapprovingly.


 "Sorry, I thought it would be better telling you all together. I applied for the job when Teddy told me about Hagrid wanting to retire. I am going to work under him for three months and after that I will take over as Professor," he said, smiling.


 I was proud of him and by the look on everyone else's faces, they were too.


 "Well, this calls for a celebration," Bill said and accioed the Firewhiskey and glasses.


 We raised our glasses and Bill made a toast for Louis.


 "To Louis and his new future as a Professor at Hogwarts."


 We cheered and I gulped the whole drink at once and shivered.


 I needed that.


 I was happy for him, he was doing something he loved. He liked working with animals. After school he went to Romania to work with dragons and now he was going to work under Hagrid.




 "Louis, you know, now that you are a Professor, you are going to have to keep a distance between the students and you specially girls," I teased him and Lily grinned, giving me a high-five under the table.



"I know that, Key. Thanks for the reminder," he rolled his eyes at me. I knew he was not happy about this rule and knew that it would be tough for him.


 "But now he can officially give extra classes to students," Lily continued after me and smirked.


 "Louis used to tutor juniors," I told everyone, pointing at him. "Michelle was one of them," I continued. Lily snorted and we, the younger group, all laughed. The elders looked confused and Louis was red with embarrassment and elbowed me.


 “Shut up,” he mumbled and smacked me.


 "Hey, don't forget that if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have got E in your Charms," I reminded him and scowled rubbing the back of my head.


 I was the best in Charms and you had to be if you wanted to be a healer.


 "Yeah, if Key didn't force you guys to study, I don't think Hugo and you would have passed," Lily said pointing an accusing finger at him.


 "Speaking of Hugo, where is he?" George asked looking around the table.


 Rose grinned with a glint in her eyes and rubbed her hands.


 "Mr Finnegan invited him for dinner wanting to discuss his intention towards Natalie," she announced, and we all smiled.


 "I remember my dinner with Angie's parents, it was..." George started and Angelina cut him off.


 "George, that's old news everyone has heard it like thirty times now." Everyone nodded and George pouted and sighed.


 We all dug in to our dessert and I took a bite of the piece of chocolate cake that was on my plate.


 "This is good," Al stating, taking a huge bite next.


 "Good, its bloody awesome!" Potter exclaimed with a big grin. "This is the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted," he stated, turning to Mrs Weasley.


 "You know what, Nana? You and I are going to go to lunch soon - just you and me. Grandma and Grandson time," he told her, smiling. Mrs Weasley beamed on hearing her grandson’s words.


 "Thank you, James. I would love to go with you, but if this is due to cake, then I am sorry to tell but I didn't make this," she answered, and he looked confused.


 "So who did?" he questioned looking to the table.


 "I did," I whispered and his head snapped to look at me.




 He stared at me with surprise for a minute and then said, "Oh, now I know how you got into this family." The words hurt. "You know how hard people try to become famous. I mean, I have seen people literally licking the feet to become a known person and get opportunities, but some use the opposite techniques.” His gaze moved to me and burned into mine.” They think that if they insult someone big then they will become famous, it’s really pathetic isn't it," he asked, not wavering his eyes away from me.




 There was a long silence and this was above the limit that I could stand to hear.


 I wasn't just angry but badly humiliated and accused of some bad things.


 I stood up suddenly and waved my wand, silently accioed my things from my room.


 No one uttered a word. You could hear the scraping caused by my chair when I stood up.


 "Thank you for the dinner Nana, but I should get going," I told her forcing a smile on my face, nodding my head to her fallen one, and moved towards Potter’s chair and stopped beside James him.


 I sighed and opened my purse and slammed some Galleons in front of him on the table. He looked from my face to the money placed on the table with confusion.




 "Well, I hope this covers for a new T-shirt," I said and before he could do anything, I picked up the jug form the table and chucked the pumpkin juice over his head.




 I didn’t see other’s horrified face but I saw the anger in his eyes and the juice spilling down his face. I stood there with a feeling of satisfaction.






 "It was nice meeting you, asshole," I bid my goodbye to him and moved towards the Burrow boundary without looking back.



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