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Royal by maraudertimes
Chapter 7 : Lunchtime Madness
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I groaned and moaned and fidgeted in my bed as my attendant Quinn flitted about. It was the second day of Hogwarts and I had been confined to my quarters while half of my royal guard paraded around the castle as ‘security inspectors.’

Of course, they were security inspectors, but just not magical ones as most of the faculty and entire student body believed. Boredom on my part was quick to rear its ugly head as there was no electronic devices in Hogwarts whatsoever. Apparently all the magic interrupted its signal.

Bah! I couldn’t even watch the telly! Manchester United had played Arsenal yesterday and I only found out the result after my father sent us a letter by owl. Owl! Can you believe that? I certainly couldn’t, but magic folk were becoming more constant in their ways of surprising me.

But as I cried out my frustrations into one of my pillows, I heard Quinn knock over something that seemed very breakable by the sound of its shattering.

“Quinn?” I asked, lifting my head out of the pillow and looking over at her, my blonde hair falling unceremoniously into my face. “What was that?”

Her cheeks blazed as bright as her curly hair and she gave me a sheepish grin. “I was admiring this beautiful blown-glass vase and it kind of… fell?”

Her frightened expression made me grin and soon I was laughing as she looked around the room in a desperate attempt to try and see if she could fix the broken vase. She looked at me warily and walked over to my bed.

“You’re not mad?” She asked, fidgeting as if scared that if she made the wrong move I would yell at her.

I guffawed in a decidedly un-ladylike fashion and sat up. “It’s not as if it’s my vase or anything. I’ll just go tell the Headmistress about it. Gives me something to do. Its dreadfully boring up here.”

Quinn smiled and sat down next to me. “Do you need help getting dressed?”

“Quinn, you always ask this. I’m 19 years old! I can get dressed by myself! Although…”

“You want me to get your clothes out for you?”

I smiled at her as she got off the bed and walked into the second of my three walk-in closets. Yes, three walk-in closets. Apparently when Headmistress McGonagall created this room in anticipation of my arrival, she expected a much more high-maintenance person.

So, my quarters included a bathroom as large as an elephant, three walk-in closets, a room big enough to hold 300 people, a bed as large as a flatbed truck, a dining area with a table that could hold up to 30 people, a sitting room with 20 chairs, a library with so many books I couldn’t count them all (I had already read 7 of them), and a hallway that branched off into suites for Quinn and the royal guards.

It was massive.

“What time is it Quinn?” I asked, getting off the bed and shimming my sleep trousers off.

“Close to 12:30 I presume,” I heard from inside the closet. “Why? Are you hungry for lunch already?”

I blushed angrily. “Maybe. But that’s none of your business!”

She walked out of the closet as I pulled my lounging shirt over my head. Quinn and I had practically been raised together. I was no more embarrassed around her as I was around mirrors, so being in my undergarments whilst talking to her was not a problem for either of us.

“Yesterday that Professor Flitwick came up with lunch and talked about Marielle. Did you know she’s a Ravenclaw? That means she’s smart!” Pride radiated from my voice as I remembered Flitwick telling me all about how Marielle was chosen to be in the House known for its intelligence.

Quinn just smiled at me and threw me my clothes. I quickly undressed further and slipped on a pair of black lace undies and regular jeans, belting the latter up with a basic brown belt.

“I know about Marielle. I was there remember? And is Flitwick not coming up with lunch today?” She asked as she sat on my bed, her head turned so as to give me more privacy.

“No, he said he had work to do,” I said as I exchanged my neutrally beige bra for a black lace one that matched my undies. “He did mention that one of the Hogwarts kitchen staff would be bringing it up though.”

Quinn nodded, and just as I was about to grab the shirt she pulled out for me and pull it on, a large crack reverberated from the sitting room, just outside my bedroom door. I looked at Quinn who had instantly turned at the loud noise. Grabbing a quilt from one of the chairs, my shirt forgotten on the floor, I burst through into the sitting room to see a truly disgusting creature with a platter.

The creature was a sickly grey colour and its nose was squished. It had ears slightly larger than that of a cat and its big watery eyes dominated its ugly face. It was wearing a type of tea-cozy and its limbs were short and gangly. It only came up to my knee. I shrieked and backed away from it, stumbling into one of the chairs and falling onto the ground.

Quinn raced out after me and she in turn screamed at the hideous creature. I scrambled away from it as it took a step in my direction and got up quickly, running towards the first door I could see. Bursting out, I felt cool stone under my bare feet and I sprinted away from my quarters as I heard Quinn’s screaming behind me. Soon, the screams died off as if she too was running in the corridors but in the opposite direction.

Part of me wanted to turn back and find her, but the thought of that creature finding me was terrifying enough to keep me running. The quilt I had grabbed billowed behind me as my hair did, and I pulled it closer to hide my otherwise exposed flesh. Just as I rounded a corner, I slammed into something hard and solid and fell back onto the ground.

“Perfect. I ran into a wall. Fucking great day,” I muttered, happy to see that the quilt had remained in its place.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m a wall.”

As I looked up and saw a shock of red hair, recognition coursed through me.


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