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Sudden Blessings by harrypottaaaa
Chapter 6 : Revelations
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 The next morning was a Saturday and there were no classes.  The older students were allowed to travel to Hogsmeade or wander around the castle with friends.  Hermione Granger woke up early, nervous, but couldn’t remember why.  Suddenly her groggy morning brain put it together and she remembered.  Today she would find out whether or not she was a mother.

Overwhelmed, she rolled out of bed and felt sick.  She ran to the bathroom and became sick again.  Ugh she hated this.  She sat in front of the toilet, debating whether or not she was going to throw up again.  Deciding it was safe, she crawled over and washed her mouth out with water.  She felt too weak to stand up and decided to crawl on her hands and knees back into the room.  When she got there, she was happy to see that Luna was back in her bed.

She slid over to Luna’s bed and tugged on the hand hanging off it.  A very disheveled Luna wiped her eyes before peering down at Hermione, who was sitting cross legged on the floor.

“What is it ‘Mione?  And… why are you on the floor?”  Luna questioned.

“We need to go to Hogsmeade today, remember?  I’m not sure where Ginny is though,”  Hermione answered, ignoring the last question.  Luna groaned and hauled herself to a standing position before begging Hermione to fetch her a hangover potion while she got ready.

Satisfied that her friend was up, Hermione went in search of her friend’s potion.  She checked the potion cupboard in their bathroom but they had used them all up.  She’d have to borrow from someone else.

Leaving the dorm, Hermione began wandering around the castle, wondering who was awake and would lend her a hangover potion.  She wasn’t sure how but she ended up in the basement.  Why had her subconscious guided her there?  She figured she may as well ask Draco while she was here. 

As she was friends with the troublemakers (aka Harry and Ron), she knew the password into the Slytherin common room and marched in.  It was deserted as everyone was probably asleep or passed out still.  She cast a quick spell allowing herself to levitate over the stairs into the boys dorms.  She knew Draco slept alone in his own room because he didn’t have any friends in Slytherin after the war.  She found his room and walked past the empty beds until she found the one she knew was his.

She heard voices outside and, not wanting to be caught, slipped inside the curtains around his bed, sitting on the edge of it.  “Draco?  Dracooooo” she whispered, lightly shaking his arm.  When he didn’t budge she moved to lie beside him as it was quite crowded in the small bed and that was her only other option.

She grabbed his arm again and cooed “Draco wake up,” smiling as he began to stir.  He rolled closer and sighed into her before he squinted his eyes open.  They widened completely upon seeing her beside him.  “Hermione?  Whaa?  What are you doing here? Uhmm…”  he mumbled, becoming very aware of the fact that he was only in his boxers under the covers.

She explained why she had come and he grunted before rolling out of bed to grab a potion for her.  Watching him walk away, Hermione blushed furiously when she realized she was watching his butt move while he walked.  He did look very good in those boxers though, she rationalized.

Returning to where Hermione still lie, Draco handed her a small bottle of hangover potion and she smiled in thanks before hugging him and bidding him goodbye.  Today was the day she’d find out if they were to have a child together.  That was such a weird concept to her.  Draco Malfoy’s baby could be in her womb right now.

Subconsciously, she placed her hands around her abdomen on her way back to her room.  Walking in, she saw that Luna had found Ginny and gotten them both dressed.  They both quickly downed gulps of the hangover potion, regaining their color as they did so.  Both girls grinned at her in thanks as she threw on a warm oversized jumper and leggings.  Pulling on her snow boots, she let Ginny do a quick charm on her hair so it fell into loose curls instead of its usual frizziness.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”  Luna asked as they walked out of the castle towards the small village of Hogsmeade.

“I don’t have much of a choice, do I?”  Hermione answered as the village came into view, “Besides, I’d rather know than to remain oblivious and not help either of us.”

She wrapped a protective arm around her mostly stomach before continuing, “If there is a baby in here, I want to try and be a good mum, even if I don’t know what I’m doing yet.”  She said, acting braver than she felt.  It was true though, she’d been thinking a ton about this and decided that if she was pregnant, she’d better accept it and try to be as good as possible.  She had been thinking about adoption too, as she knew she was probably too young to be a mother anyway.  She was only seventeen!  But she already felt such a connection, could she really give up her baby? 
Hermione shook her head in disbelief.  She didn’t even know if there was a baby so she needed to stop overthinking.  Reaching out, she grasped her two best friend’s hands and stepped into the apothecary.  The kind pharmacist waved at her as they headed into the aisles.  Building up her courage, Hermione pretended to not know where anything was and shopped through the makeup section for about an hour.

Finally, Ginny found what they were looking for and motioned the other girls over.  Hermione knew the potions were 100% accurate so she only grabbed one.  Gulping, they took it to the counter where the kind woman at the counter lost a bit of her smile when she saw what Hermione was purchasing.

After she’d paid, Hermione quickly grabbed the bag and fled the store.  Outside, many more people had arrived and began milling around.  She felt the bag pulled from her hands and she spun around quickly.  Harry and Ron had just come up behind the girls with huge smiles on their faces.

“Oi, Hermione, whatdya get from the shop?”  Ron asked, lifting up the bag to open it.  Hermione felt all the color drain from her face and stood frozen.  Ginny reached up and snatched the bag from his grip before he could see what was inside.

“Ronald!  Tampons, they’re mine.  Merlin.”  Ginny improvised speedily. 

Not thinking, Harry blurted out, “But you’re not on your period Gin.  Last night we-“ Ginny cut him off with a stern “HARRY” and he blushed furiously, clenching his mouth shut.  Ron looked uncomfortable too.

Luna, quick thinking as ever, cut in with “Actually Ginny bought them but they’re for another girl in our house.  She wasn’t feeling well so we offered to go get them for her.  Since you must know.”  She added with a pointed look.

The boys sheepishly apologized before bolting away.  As soon as they were gone, the girls all started giggling but Hermione was still shaking from the close encounter.  What would the boys have said?  Oh merlin.  The whole way back to the castle, Hermione’s thoughts were reeling.  Ginny and Luna pulled her along until they got back to their room.

Luckily Lucy was out and they could lock the door behind them.  Luna pulled the potion box out of the bag and handed it to Ginny, who took the potion out the box and handed it to Hermione while reading the directions.  “Basically, you’ve just got to drink it and it’ll tell you everything.  Your stomach will glow pink or blue for girl or boy.  Also you’ll see the shape of a number, which is how many months along you are.  If you’re not pregnant, it won’t glow at all.”  Ginny explained.

Hermione nodded, “I think I’m gonna go in the bathroom to do it.  I just want to be alone a moment.”  The girls agreed, understanding.  Hermione slipped into the bathroom, locking the door and sliding to the floor while she lifted her shirt over her head.  This was the moment of truth she decided.  Better to just get it over with.

Standing up again, Hermione uncapped the potion and put it to her lips, her eyes immediately drawn to her stomach in the mirror.  It felt like an eternity before any result showed up.

A small swirl of pink suddenly appeared on her abdomen and Hermione felt dizzy.  A little number 1 showed up beneath it.  She was about to put her shirt back on when another little swirl showed up, this one glowing blue, just as strong, next to where the pink one was.  A number 1 appeared beneath that swirl too.  Confused, Hermione exited the bathroom, bleary eyed. 

“Gin, what does it mean if there’s two glowing spots?”  She asked, watching her friend glance over the packaging again.

“That means… twins.  Why?”  Hermione cupped her barely curved stomach lovingly and looked at her friends.

“Two.  I have two babies.  A boy and a girl.”  Hermione answered.

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