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Hit or Miss by KimberKay
Chapter 7 : Family Feud
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Wow, chapter seven already?! And we’re over 10,000 words! Wha? Enjoy!


Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter, Hogwarts, or most of the lovely characters in this story. Depressing, I know, I know.




Have you ever stepped back, and thought, really thought, about your life, and realized that you have absolutely no fucking idea what the hell you’ve been doing?

Yeah, I’m having one of those moments.

I mean, really, I’ve been wondering a lot about what my life would be like if I was born to different people. A different century. A different planet, even. Who knows, I might be some bubbly, obnoxiously optimistic Muggle born girl with a full circle of friends and bleach blonde hair.

 Ugh. That would be an absolute riot.

I do that sometimes. Get lost in thought about the silliest things. It’s almost like I’m having a small mid-life crisis, except for I’m sixteen, not middle-aged.

Lily calls it having an ‘existential crisis.’

I drifted down the corridor. It’s weird, there’s almost never so few people around at this time of day, when all the classes have been let out for lunch. Normally, kids are bustling through the crowd, clogging the walkways, pushing and shoving as they discussed with their friends whatever embarrassing happenings occurred earlier in the day, and otherwise being extremely obnoxious.

I stopped, surveying the area quickly. I was the only one in a completely deserted corridor. I clutched my wand in the pocket of my robes uneasily, bracing myself for what, I did not know.

“Hello, dear sister,” a voice drawled from behind me. I turn around slowly, knowing full well who the speaker was before I even had to look. You don’t forget a voice like that.

Boris, Blythe, and Bellatrix (I always assumed our mothers did that on purpose, making all three of their first names start with a ‘b.’ They were, after all friends, as well as being pregnant at the same time.) stood behind me, posed identically with their arms crossed in a way that concealed the fact that their wands were out and ready. I see they’re going for the diplomatic approach today. This will be a nice change of pace.

“We have a few…questions for you,” Boras adds on, his words ringing sinisterly.

I always found it strange that Boras is actually prettier than Blythe. I’m not kidding, my brother is prettier than my sister. They share the same hair color, an inky shade of black that’s almost dark blue, but it looks better on him. Blythe’s eyes are a lighter shade of black, but the two of them both share an equally cruel gleam.

Boras has a gently sloping nose, the only gentle thing about him really, and a haughty look to his long face, while Blythe has more boxed off features. They have the same darker complexion with light olive under tones, but Boras’ is smoother, and Blythe’s is uneven. Probably because Boras cares far more about his appearance than Blythe ever will.

He’s a real conceited twit when it comes to things like that.

Plus, in her eyes, Blythe already has a husband, Avery, or at least, she will come next year when she graduates, that is. So why should she even try?

Yup, we Altavillas tend to marry young. Straight out of Hogwarts.

“We’ve heard that you’ve gotten pretty close to my blood-traitor cousin.” Damn you, Snape. Damn you to the deepest, hottest, fiery pits of hell.

“Bellatrix, I can assure you, I don’t like him anymore than you do. I haven’t any idea what gave Severus the impression that I do,” I said truthfully, looking straight into her dead eyes.

Merlin, she’s scary.

“Now, now, now, Clio, don’t you lie to us. We know,” Blythe flips her unmanageable inky hair over her shoulder, and smiling widely. She’s enjoying this.

Suddenly, the realization that her eyes are identical to that of Bellatrix’s, cruel and cold, hit’s me harder than it should. I’ve known this for years, she’s always been like that, but it still has an effect, no matter how small of one, on me.

“We might just have to force it out of her,” Bellatrix said to my sister, who in turn, laughed. They take a step closer. I take a step back. I’m now flat against the wall. At least I won’t have to worry about hexes coming from behind me, too. Bellatrix tells Blythe to back up. Apparently she’ll be running this interrogation. She paces in front of me, twirling her wand between her long fingers.

“What the hell is going on here?” I glanced over to my right, just in time to see Boras grab Sirius’ arm and shove him towards me roughly. That idiot. I almost had them convinced, and now he just has to turn up and ruin everything.

“Yay! Now we can interrogate the both of them!” Bellatrix giggles. A crowd of about ten other Slytherins, thankfully Regulus wasn’t present, crept in, trapping us in a human half circle.

“Just tell us the meaning of this, Clio, and we won’t have to resort to violence,” she smiled, “I promise we won’t be mad.”

“Yeah, almost half the girls here fawn over him, though I can’t imagine why.” Oh, please, Blythe, if he hadn’t separated himself from your group ages ago, you would be all over him right about now.

“Did Snivellus tell you-”

“Uh-uh-uh. I was talking to Clio,” Bellatrix cut in sharply.

“Bellatrix, I told you. I don’t even like-“

“LIES!” she screeched, raising her wand and pointing it directly between my eyes. Boras and Blythe come forward to flank her. I could easily defeat all three of them, but not while covering Sirius at the same time. Bellatrix motions for Blythe to start. She happily obliged. Psychotic bitch.

I shifted so that I stood in between my sister and Sirius, directly in front of him. He, in return, glared at the back of my head. He doesn’t like other people fighting his battles for him. Understandable, but he has no idea what my siblings are capable of. Sirius’ll just have to get over it.

Blythe danced in front of me, shooting off spells at random. They missed us entirely, but I have a feeling that was purposeful. Trying to scare me into backing down first. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I’m not scared of her anymore.

 Dream on, Blythe.

“Oh, I’ll just do it myself,” Bellatrix growled, growing tired of Blythe’s act. She shot one last curse over her shoulder before retreating, metaphorical tale tucked under. I set up another dome, similar to the one I used in the hospital wing, but this one is five times more potent than a normal shield charm, and will stay up until someone casts a spell strong enough to shatter it.

Unfortunately, this also means that my energy will be drained five times faster.

“Crucio!” Bellatrix shouted, grinning predatorily. I raise my wand, and a solid wall of brick materializes, absorbing the impact of the curse. Normal shield charms won’t stand against the Unforgivable. Solid objects will.

I used a nonverbal spell to shoot ropes at her.

She waved her wand and they turned to smoke, which promptly shrouded us in a black veil, and were followed by a swarm of finely sharpened knives.

Which I transfigured into a flock of crows that flocked towards her, with the intention of pecking her into a frazzled confusion. It worked. Temporarily, of course.

Once she sorted out the whole bird thing, she whipped around and shot a steady stream of dense, grey smoke that clouded my vision.

“Stupefy!” I shouted, forced to simplicity by the obscuring fog. I knew I hit my target when I heard her crumple to the ground.

The smoke cleared, leaving me face to face with a positively pissed Blythe, and an impressed Sirius. It was then that I realized that almost the entire duel had been nonverbal on my part.

“HOW DARE YOU!” She screamed, stomping closer to me. I moved over from in front of Sirius, hoping that he remembered the solid shield charm I had used earlier, just in case one of the other Slytherins were stupid enough to defy their orders and try to pull something.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Blythe repeated, wand pointed to my heart and shaking with rage. I raise mine to her temple, arm steady, mind cleared by anger.

“Are you honestly stupid enough to do this? Even after you’ve seen what I’ve just done to Bellatrix?” Blythe’s face remained contorted in fury, which really didn’t help her appearance out at all. Boras picked Bellatrix up off the ground, handing her off to Rodolphus, her boyfriend. She remained unconscious, despite their best efforts to revive her, and she would stay dormant for at least another hour. One of the side effects of my stunning spells.

When she didn’t reply, coward that she is, I spun her around, slamming her into the wall. I yanked her wand out of her hand, tossing it on the ground while she remained in shock. I kicked it towards Sirius, who picked it up.

“I didn’t think so,” I heard Boras approaching behind me, and was just about to send off a hex when Sirius beat me to it. Boras fell to the ground, starting to blister.

I released Blythe, stunning her silently before I turned to face the rest of the Slytherins. I wasn’t sure what their orders were if all three of them ended up defeated, so, I grabbed Sirius’ hand, and pushed through the throng.

We ran.


I was planning on running to the kitchens, but I guess Sirius had other ideas, because he swerved, and we ended up running towards the safety of the Gryffindor common room.

And of course, the first time I’ve ever tripped down a staircase in my entire Hogwarts career was that day, when I was running away from a group of potentially vengeful Slytherins.

Oh, and of course I twisted my ankle something awful in the process. I swear I saw Sirius grin.

Just my luck.

Every step felt like I twisting it again, but I was too stubborn to ask for any help.

“All Hallows Eve,” he panted when we came to the portrait hole. I guess they decided to get into the spirit, even though Halloween is still a few weeks away.

I then realized that I was still holding his hand, so I dropped it quickly, causing him to look over at me with his eyebrows raised.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked.

“To my dormitory?” I mean honestly, where does it look like I’m going? Down to the kitchens to bake a batch of cookies for my sister? I think not.

“I can’t go up there.”

“And your point it?”

“You’re hurt,” Sirius said, pointing to my left hand where I had grabbed Blythe’s wand. There was a long cut, running horizontally across my palm. I forgot that she had carved the side of her wand knife-sharp. Again, another reason why I believe my sisters got all the crazy genes.

I immediately wished I hadn’t looked. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. The sight of blood, only my own blood, though, terrifies me to the point to where I’m almost sick. You’d think it wouldn’t faze me anymore, with the amount of it I’ve seen.

We’re just playing. No need to be afraid, Clio. We’re just playing.

A shiver ran down my back as I tried to shake the memory off.

In the end, I let Sirius tow me up to the boy’s dormitory. It was cleaner than I expected it to be. Granted, there were clothes and books and Quidditch gear strewn randomly about the room, and some of the beds were unmade, but there weren’t any decomposing rats or rotting food laying around. And the smell wasn’t too horrendous. Just musky.

He pulled me into the bathroom. I stood mutely while he rummaged through the medicine cabinet, searching for potions.

I gazed into the mirror. Upon closer examination, I realized that some of Bellatrix’s knives had indeed nicked me. They had already stopped bleeding, being that they were small, shallow, cuts. My injured ankle, however, felt like it was on fire.

I hopped up on the counter, wincing as I examined my, now swelling and turning purple, ankle. This was way beyond my area of expertise. I could heal minor things, cuts, bruises, maybe a broken finger or two, but not a broken ankle, and I doubt Sirius could either.

This is just fan-fucking-tabulous.  

 Sirius spread something on a cotton ball, and brought it up to my face.

“Hell to the no. You are not touching my face.”

“What, you don’t trust me?” he seemed amused by the notion.

“Not in the slightest.”



“You’re going to get an infection.”

“I’ll go to the hospital wing then,” I answered. He was starting to get annoyed. As was I.

“On that broken ankle?” Sirius poked my ankle, smirking when he saw the look of pain on my face, “Yeah, that’s what I thought. So quite being stupid, and let me help.”

I didn’t reply, which he took as an, ‘ok, fine, get on with it.’


 I ducked under his arm, and made a break for the door. I would have made it, too, had it not been for my ankle causing me problems. And the fact that he has super-fast reflexes, faster than I expected him to.

Sirius dropped the cotton ball, grabbed my waist, and held me against the door, using his weight to keep it closed, and otherwise making me furious. How I wish I could smack that cocky expression off of his pretty-boy face.

“I’m going to get Lupin, he’s better at this than I am. Stay here.”

 I wasn’t quite sure if he was talking about Lupin being better at dealing with me, or with healing charms in general, but I nodded just the same. It’s not like I could make it very far on my ankle anyway. He left the bathroom. I could hear his angry stomping all the way down the corridor. I smiled, at least I could get under his skin too.

I sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall with my foot propped up on the (closed) toilet seat, resigning to counting the dots on the ceiling out of pure boredom.


Ten minutes and nine-hundred-and-fifty-two dots later, Sirius returned with Remus, who was still eating a piece of treacle tart.

“Damn. It looks like someone hexed the shit out of you,” Lupin said in his normal, soft tone. The curse words sounded weird coming from him. He sat down next to me, examining my ankle and hand carefully.

“Yeah, well, you should see the other guys.”


He laughed, and, strange as it was, from that moment on, Remus Lupin and I were something like friends.





Well, there you have it. The plot is really starting to get going now, folks. I can’t believe I’m up to seven chapters already!

How’d you like it? Yes, no, maybe? I would really like to hear from you guys in a review. Pretty please?

I think once I get up to about ten or so chapters, I’m going to start another fanfic. It’ll be a Next Generation, and more of a funny, light-hearted type of story, so, watch out for that. More information to come. I might ask you about some names for the OCs.

Also, I’m still in serious need of a banner. If anyone’s interested, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you ever so much for reading,



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