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Bending the wind by silver_coloured_moon
Chapter 6 : Detention, Herbology, and avatar plans
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A week after Halloween was our first Quidditch match of the season, against Hufflepuff. We thrashed ‘em of course. With James and Emma, and Jamie (a fifth year) as our chasers, as well as some pretty good third year named Danny in goal, we put in goal after goal and Al caught us the snitch too. Fred and I knocked out a player each, which should make me feel bad but it was either them or my players, and James had made it crystal clear that I would be in a lot of trouble if one of his team got hurt. So I forgot about that and just smiled as people began telling me that they had no idea I could play like that.


Scorp joked with me in muggle studies about how he’ll be afraid when we have to play each other, as he’ll be seeking for the Slytherins. When Al is going for the snitch, Fred and I aim the bludgers at his competition. Bad luck Scorpius. Of course, us talking once again in the lesson got us both into detention, which I wasn’t happy about. Professor Chancey was making us work in the greenhouses. With plants that wanted to kill me. The woman wants me dead.






“The greenhouses?!” I shrieked, and she gave me a smug, self-satisfied smile. Get me the salt and holy water, this woman is a demon.


“Yes, the greenhouses. Do you have a problem with that?”


“Yes! A big problem! Vida-hating plants!” I cried. She just tutted.


“Well then, you shouldn’t have been talking in my lesson. You and Mr Malfoy will spend three hours with Professor Longbottom”


And that was the moment I began plotting Professor Chancey’s downfall, by changing her chocolate chip cookies with raisin ones and moving everything in her classroom three centimetres to the left; she would go mad within the week. Hahaha!






We arrived at the greenhouses right after school, to find Professor Longbottom waiting for us. I grimaced as I looked at the green glassed home of plant monsters and other Vida hungry organisms, and I grumbled.


“Okay you two, you’ll just be watering today; I’ve heard the legends of Vida, the terror of greenhouse one” Professor Longbottom said with a smile, whist Scorp chuckled and I scowled at the floor. I ended up damaging a fair few plants there over the years, since they all tried to attack me. I told you, me and the earth don’t agree, which means that plants are not my friend. The whomping willow goes crazier than usual when I go near it. I hope this means that all birds like to poop on earth benders all the time and water benders burst into flames at random intervals, or that wasn’t fair.






“Oh yeah, Rosie told me a few of those stories about you and Herbology” Scorp grinned, and I stopped watering the weird moving thing that I’d been assigned to for a moment. Rosie? Since when did Rose let him call her Rosie? I waited until Longbottom was on the other side of the greenhouse, out of earshot before I asked.




“Rosie? You call her Rosie?” I asked.


“Uh yeah, why?”


“I’m not allowed to call her that. Damn it Scorp, she must like you better. Is it your cheekbones? I think it is” I muttered, and he laughed.


“No, its my charming personality. She’s been tutoring me in a couple of lessons, and I guess we just got to know each other” He told me with a shrug. I smirked.


“Uh-huh. So, do you like her?” I asked. He almost dropped his watering can.


What? Vida!” He exclaimed, a small pink tinge rising in his pale cheeks.


“Hey, don’t use that tone with me, it was just a question”


“A stupid one” He grumbled.


“Answer it!”




“Why not?”






“Because I’ve never liked anyone before okay? I’ve gone for pretty girls who I could get with, nothing serious. Really Vida, why do you think I suddenly started talking to you? At first you were an option, but then I got to know you and you became my friend instead” He explained. I nodded. Ooops, looks like Al was right at first. I hope he didn’t find out and become a smug arse. Or kill Scorpius. Some things should never be shared.


“And Rose? What’s she?” I asked quietly, as Longbottom had passed by us with a flowery pink watering can and matching gloves. I tried not to giggle. I failed.




“Rose is- different. I like her Vida, but she’s a Weasley and her cousins don’t like me-"


“Al doesn’t like you because he thinks you’re trying to get into my pants” I pointed out, and he coughed.


“I almost was. Sorry”


“Eh, as long as you’re not now we’re fine. Her cousins have nothing to do with this Scorp; do you want to date Rose Weasley?”


“Yeah, I kinda do”


“Kinda do? I need 100% certainty boy!” I barked.


“Yes, I do”


“Alright. You tell her, I’ll back you up if her cousins go haywire” I told him easily. He sighed in relief.


“Thanks. You’ve got Albus wrapped around your little finger you know, I can at least rely on you getting him to back off a little” He said. I smiled at that. He kind of has me wrapped around his too.


“don’t sweat it. True love prevails!” I told him. He laughed. He stopped suddenly, looking at my arm.




“Merlin Vida, what have you done in a past life to make plants hate you so much?” He asked. I looked down. One of those tentacula thingies had wound its way around my arm without me noticing. It was safe to say I panicked a little. And when I say panicked I mean threw my watering can and began trying to wrench myself out of its grip. It tightened considerably and it hurt, probably bruising my arm. Professor Longbottom hurried over whilst I wrecked the joint, knocking things over as I tried to escape. Scorp was trying to stun the plant to no avail.


“Did you two even take Herbology? You can’t stun a plant!” Longbottom scolded, and gave the plant one sharp smack. It uncurled around my arm and retreated quickly, and I breathed a sigh of relief.






“Oh spirits, this whole green house wants to kill me!” I squeaked.


“Professor Longbottom, maybe its best if we get Vida out of here? The plants don’t seem to like her” Scorp suggested, holding his wand ready as if more plants would attack.


“Of course Mr Malfoy. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, they don’t normally act like this. Both of you can go, I’ll tell Professor Chancey that you did the full three hours” Longbottom said.


“Aw sir, you’re a real good guy. Love the cardigan by the way, can we trade sometime-?”




I didn’t even get to finish my question before Scorp had pulled me out of the greenhouse. I followed along after him, nursing my arm. It was definitely bruised. He guided me back toward the castle, an arm over my shoulders, shaking his head.


“Seriously Vida? Why do plants hate you so much?” Scorp asked. He still hadn’t let go of me. It was like he wanted me as far away from that green house as possible. I wasn’t complaining.


“No idea, but that thing grips real tight” I grumbled, holding my arm close to my chest. Scorp shrugged.


“You really shouldn’t have struggled”


“What else should I have done?”


“Stayed still you idiot!” He scolded


“What, and let it strangle me?”


“It was on your arm, doofus, and no, you should’ve let Professor Longbottom get it off you”


“I panicked, alright? Can’t help that!”


We arrived back in the entrance hall, where Al was waiting. Scorp gave me a swift hug and departed, and I smiled at him.




“Hey Al” I greeted.


“Hey. What’s wrong with your arm?” He asked. I rolled up my sleeve, where big bruises had begun to form.


“That tentacle thing in the greenhouse tried to kill me” I told him.


“Again? Why do plants hate you so much?” He asked. I just laughed and let him walk me back to the common room, entering and bagging the chairs by the fire. Al summoned some weird ointment from his dorm, which healed bruises (he said he got it from his Uncle George), and carefully put it on my arm. I watched as the bruises bloomed and faded, vanishing and leaving my pale skin untouched. Al smiled, and I did too.




“That better?” He asked. I nodded.


“Much better. Thank you Al. You didn’t have to use it all on me” I said, watching as he threw the empty bottle into the bin.


“Can’t leave you hurt now can I? Don’t worry Vida, I don’t use it that often; it might as well have been put to good use”


And with that, he kissed the top of my head and vanished up into his dorm.






It was Wednesday when we saw Scorp again. He knew full well that Al didn’t like him, which meant that during care of magical creatures he normally stayed well away. However today he came over.


“Vida!” He called, distracting me from the little unicorn that was nuzzling my robes. For some reason he kept trying to stick his head in my pockets, and I was having a right old time trying to keep him out. He was a cute little thing, glowing white and had really dark eyes. It seemed nervous around Al, until it found something interesting in my pocket. Now Al patting it didn’t seem to bother it at all.




“What are you doing here?” Al asked bluntly. I elbowed him and smiled.


“Hey Scorp” I greeted.


“I was just letting you know that I told her. What you said I should tell her” He said. I squealed. Scorp and Rosie sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S…well, you get the picture. Scorp blushed a little.




“And? What did she say? The suspense is killing me!” I cried. He laughed.


“She said she was the same. She said that Vida, can you believe it?” He asked, a little dazed, and I hugged him, earning a little growl from Al’s direction. And of course, the unicorn did a little annoyed huffing noise which sounded like a sneeze, which I found really adorable.


“Good for you kiddo, how does it feel?” I asked. He smiled widely.


“Great, it feels great. All thanks to you my dear” He said jokingly, and I nodded. The unicorn nudged me.


“And don’t you forget it- ow! Ah! The unicorn is in my robes!” I cried. The little monster had finally managed to stick its head in my pocket, almost skewering me with its horn in the process.




“Oh Merlin, why does nature do this to you?” Al asked, trying to pull the unicorn away. It’s body was pulling my skirt up, and with both my hands trying to keep its horn from killing me, I couldn’t fix it. At least I was wearing shorts. Fortunately, Scorp was on hand to help.


“Don’t you dare!” Al snarled, as Scorp reached out to pull my skirt down. He rolled his eyes and ignored him.


“I said don’t!” Al repeated, and I sighed.


“Al its fine, he’s helping!” I told him.


“Well of course he’d help with the skirt wouldn’t he? I swear when I get my hands on you I’ll-


“You won’t do a damn thing Albus Potter, now help me get this bloody unicorn out of my robes!” I cried. Scorp chuckled, and reached around me, into my pocket. He grabbed whatever the unicorn was trying to get at.




“This is why you eat your food at breakfast you idiot” He chuckled, and pulled a slice of toast out of my pocket. The unicorn followed.


“Hey, I was gonna eat that!” I protested, but it was too late; the unicorn had taken the toast and retreated quickly. I didn’t even know unicorns liked toast! What an outrage!




Scorp laughed and straightened my skirt out, and I smiled at him in thanks. I hope not too many people saw my spongebob shorts. That would be embarrassing.


“Get off her” Al ordered, and Scorp stepped away, hands up in mock surrender.


“Alright mate, don’t get angry because I helped my friend-


“But she’s not your friend is she?” Al hissed. I frowned.


“Of course I’m his friend, what are you on about?” I asked. I’m pretty sure talking and sitting together in classes and having a mutual dislike for a teacher counted as friendship. Wow Al, get your facts straight before accusing someone.




“You only want to get into her pants” Al said, and Scorp laughed, whilst I spluttered. I doubted anyone wanted to get into a girl who wore spongebob pants, lets be real here. Those are the pants you avoid.




“Exactly as Vida said. Look Al, I don’t want to get into Vida’s pants. Okay, that is not a goal of mine. This is like when everyone asks you if you two are going out because you spend so much time together. You don’t think you come off like that, but you do. I’m just being her friend- can’t help but your jealousy is making you see something else” He said, with a small smile at the end, and Al turned redder than a stop sign.


“Excuse me? My jealousy? You just had your hands all over her, that wasn’t anything else!” Al exclaimed.


“If I may interrupt, I did have a unicorn in my robes” I interjected, and Scorp snorted. I scowled at him; it was not a laughing matter, I almost died! It almost sheesh-kebabed me with its horn for a slice of toast!




“Exactly. If I had a unicorn in my robes and my skirt in the wrong place I’d let someone pull it down too, especially if my shorts were as embarrassing as that. Vida, where did you even find those?” Scorp said. Al looked furious, so I smiled.


“ An old muggle shop near my house. Al, you do know that Scorp likes someone else right? I think they’re going out now. Hey Scorp, is she actually your girlfriend? You never told me” I said. Scorp nodded.


“Yep, we started going out on Monday” He confirmed. I gestured to him obviously, with a ‘see?’ expression on my face.




“See? Scorp is madly in love with someone else and I am just his friend. Really Al, I don’t know why you get so bloody angry at him, he’s fabulous, aren’t you Scorp?”


“Of course Vida” Scorp agreed sarcastically. Al just sulked for the rest of the lesson, and that bloody unicorn watched me whilst it ate my toast. Give me a two ton bison any day.






“Oh yeah, sleepover time!” I chimed, dragging my pillow and quilt down onto the floor of our dorm.


“Vida, we’re still in the same room; hardly a sleepover” Emma told me, and I rolled my eyes.


“Well, Nikita is sleeping over, and Jo and Roxy are elsewhere, so lets pretend!” I said, and she chuckled. I dumped my covers between my cousins and plonked my arse down, watching Rose read a book from her bed.I desperately wanted to badger her about Scorpius (the boy hardly told me any details about their get-together, it was so frustrating!), but I knew the world didn’t exist to her when she was reading. Literally, I once accidentally let Jinjin out of my bag whilst she was in the room and he landed on her bed right in front of her,  and she didn’t notice because she was reading ‘Hogwarts; a history’ for the hundredth time. She is such a geek.




“So Em, you said something about a master plan ages ago, care to tell me what it was?” I asked quietly, and she smiled.


“Well I was thinking...”


“Uh oh, abort” Nikita cut in. Emma pushed her over, and she snorted, making herself comfortable where she’d landed, grabbing some chocolate that we’d took from the kitchens and digging in.




“Shut up. I was thinking about those old histories in your history room. How benders and non-benders lived together and knew about each other” She continued. Emma and Nikita loved the history room in my house; the things that had originally been in shrines across the world were currently sat in a big room in my house. If we wanted to, we could sell it for millions. However the relics were far too special for that. We were trusted with them, and we would keep them safe.




“Right, so you made a plan? To do what?” I asked curiously.


“To make that happen again. For benders and non-benders to live peacefully together. Balance the world, like the avatar is meant to do” She told us. Nikita and I momentarily turned into owls, our eyes were that wide. I heard gagging, which meant that Nikita had choked on her chocolate, and Emma hit her on the back.




“Are you serious? Republic city wouldn’t allow that!” Nikita hissed.


“Why not? If Harry Potter said that breathing was uncool, half of Hogwarts would die. To the bending world, I’m their Harry Potter! They’d consider the possibility at least, I could get the majority on my side! Think about it; you could bend all the time, you wouldn’t have to hide anymore, our friends could come over to our house and actually know who were are and what we believe in. Isn’t that better?” Emma gushed.




“I think so. Emma, that sounds amazing. But you’ve not even started your avatar training. I know your earth bending teacher has been delayed, but even with that mastered you shouldn’t shout these ideas out to the benders. I’ll make you a deal. You master the elements- and the avatar state, and I’ll back you up on this 100%” I bargained. Nikita gaped.


“Are you mental?” She asked, almost choking again. Maybe she should lay off the chocolate whilst we have this conversation.




“Do you know how long that will take?!” Emma exclaimed. I shrugged.


“It’ll be worth it. You’ve already mastered water, you just need the other three. We can teach you what we know, and the earth bending teacher will teach you what they know, and then its down to you and your past lives to do the rest. Just so you can take care of yourself if there’s trouble” I told them, and Emma sighed.


“Ugh, fine. That could take years, but fine. You win. Pass me the chocolate”






I grinned and obliged, and took some for myself, tossing some to Rose since she had to re-surface and eat eventually. I took a bite out of my chocolate, and grinned.


“Hey ‘Kita, how’re you and James going?” I asked.


“Great, no thanks to you. You know you’re not funny, right?”




Em and I cracked up, remembering our little prank. Since we really enjoyed interrupted them to carve our pumpkins, we decided we should do it more often. We roped in Al and Hugo, and every time they snuck off to ‘study’, we’d follow with streamers and loud fireworks. It was a lot of fun.




“Yeah you’re right, we’re not; we’re hilarious!” Em giggled. She huffed.


“I’m gonna get you back you know. The moment you get a boyfriend-


Em chuckled and shook her head. Em and I were similar in many ways, one being that we didn’t really do the whole relationship thing. I was a nomad, and she- well I don’t know, I guess she was never really obsessed with finding anyone to date. Not that she couldn’t; I bet if Em tried she’d have a lad in two minutes, but she wasn’t really that type of girl. She seemed to get admirers, but she never particularly admired them back. I was never admired like she was; but then, I never got stalked like she did, so who’s the real winner here?






“Oh ‘Kita, we all know I’m not getting one, because I don’t want one” She said. Nikita raised an eyebrow, and I watched, eating more chocolate. Nikita’s expression told me that she knew something; something that I and maybe even Emma didn’t.




“Are you not? Are you sure?” She asked. Despite trying to act cool, Em blushed, and I giggled.


“What do you mean?” Em asked cautiously. Nikita smirked and stretched, her smugness radiating from her.


“Come on, I’m curious now” I piped up, looking between the two of them.


“Well, I think Em here is lying about not wanting a boyfriend”






Well, isn’t this the discovery of the year. My mouth fell open, shock probably evident on my face as Em blushed scarlet and pretended that Nikita wasn’t there.


“No” I said.


“Yep” Nikita replied.


“No way”


“Yes way”




“Right, we get it, unbelievable, can we drop it now?” Emma demanded.


“Who?” I asked, now hoarding the chocolate and watching like this was a bad soap opera that Britain lived on. Like that one where those two people fell in love and it turned out they were brother and sister; totally unexpected. I sure hope that whoever this mystery boy is, he isn’t related to us. That would be awkward and weird.




Emma sulked, pulling her quilt around her, whilst Nikita laughed.


“Tell us Em; you’ll feel better!” She chimed.


“Yeah!” I agreed “You can tell us, we’re your cousins!”


“Go away” Emma replied.


“I’ve never met go away before. Is he a Hufflepuff?” I asked, my voice laced with sarcasm.


“Oh ha ha, very funny Vida. I’m serious, drop it” Emma ordered.


“Why?” Nikita asked




“Because I don’t want to talk about it. And you already know anyway” She said grumpily.


“True. Does this mean you do like him?” Nikita said.


“No, shut up!”


“Hey, who are we talking about here?” I demanded. I hated being out of the loop. Nikita smirked.




“Who do you know who likes to hang around with you, is ginger, loves hugging Emma and prefers you to his own year?” Nikita asked, and Emma groaned. I frowned, thinking. Then it dawned on me. A ginger; well, definitely a Weasley. Hangs around with us- that narrows it down considerably- prefers us to his own year and hugs Emma? Only one boy fits the mould.


“No way” I said “Hugo Weasley?”

Emma just pulled her covers over her head and refused to talk to us. I heard a chuckle, and I realised that maybe Rose could hear us after all. Whoops.  

(why does it keep adding unnessecary lines between paragraphs?)
Well hello there! Half-term is here, hooray! Just carved some pumpkins, preparing for a Halloween party and comic con is on its way- this is so far the best week of the year. How was this chapter? Good, bad, completely bonkers? I like to hear your feedback, so write your thoughts in the box!


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Bending the wind: Detention, Herbology, and avatar plans


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