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Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks by Fonzzx
Chapter 8 : Time Passes
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Chapter 22: Time Passes





Time passed, as it does. Cassie finished at Hogwarts, then Teddy and Angel finished the year after that. I made sure that Angel saw his father and Scorpius regularly, but I was careful never to be alone with Draco. It was those mistakes that would cost me my relationship with Alexis. I fought my feelings, and Draco did the same.






It was September first, and I was finally going to Hogwarts. James had been winding me up about the sorting. We met Rose and Scorpius on the platform and found Roxanne on the train, saving a compartment for us. James, Freddie, Louis and Alice Longbottom joined us.


“Do you guys have any thoughts on what houses you want to be in?” Alice asked us. She was in Hufflepuff with Louis.


“James says I'll end up in Slytherin,” I said, panicking slightly. I was sure Slytherin couldn't be that bad, there'd been no dark wizards from Hogwarts since the war.


“My whole family have been in Slytherin apart from Mum, Uncle Sirius, Tonks, Cassie and Dad,” Scorpius said. “It doesn't sound too bad, they just seem like an ambitious lot, from what he said.”


“Dad told me I'll be disinherited if I'm not in Gryffindor,” Rose sniffed.


“It's alright, me and Dom are Weasleys too and we're not in Gryffindor,” Louis said.


Rose scowled. “Uncle Bill is normal though.”


I laughed. He had a fang earring and a long red ponytail.


“Victoire's Head Girl this year, so you and Freddie better watch out,” I said to James.


“Please,” he scoffed. “We've perfected the art of making mischief and not getting caught. I haven't had a detention for at least three months.”


“We've been on holiday for two of those three months, so it doesn't count,” Louis said, and we all laughed.


“James, I bet you all my pocket money for the summer that you and Freddie can't go a week without getting detention,” I said.


“Done,” James replied, grinning. Uh oh. It looked like he had a plan up his sleeve.


The train ride carried on and we continued chatting all day. Molly, our cousin, who was in second year, came and joined us for a bit, before leaving to chat with her friends. She was in Gryffindor too. Her sister Lucy was due to start Hogwarts at the same time Lily did.


I realised that our family was massive and we'd probably end up taking over Hogwarts at some point.






After we'd crossed the lake (first years only), Professor Longbottom led us through the Great Hall. Even though we'd been told all about Hogwarts by our parents, we couldn't help but be amazed at the castle. Especially the enchanted ceiling in the Great Hall. That was my favourite thing about the castle.


The sorting hat was brought out and sang its song. I eyed it nervously. What if I was put in the wrong house? What if I ended up in Slytherin and ended up mean like my grandfather Lucius?


I was the first out of our little group to be sorted. I was shaking as I walked up to the hat and sat on the stool.


“Hmmmm, a Malfoy, how interesting, Hogwarts hasn't seen one of you in a while. Yes, you're like your father, I can see that. Brave, he was, doing what he did for your brother and his mother. But oh, you're not afraid to be different either, that's quite new in a Malfoy. But where should I put you? You're definitely brave enough to be put into Gryffindor. You'd do well there. You're also loyal and fair like Hufflepuff. You have a thirst to learn, like Ravenclaw, and you're ambitious like Slytherin.”


I don't want to end up like my grandfather, I thought desperately.


“No, your father didn't want that either,” the hat said in my ear. “He was quite unafraid and it served him well. But you're more reserved than him. More cautious, more thoughtful. I think that it will have to be RAVENCLAW!”






Scorpius looked relieved and he got up to skip to the table that was cheering. I hadn't considered Ravenclaw as a possibility for myself. It had been either Gryffindor or Slytherin. Merlin, what if it was neither of them? What if I ended up in Hufflepuff? Well, I supposed that was ok. They were a friendly bunch. And Louis' there and Cassie was there too so it wasn't all bad.


A few more people were sorted before it was my turn. I felt sick. I wished I hadn't eaten so many sweets on the train.


“Ah! Another Potter! Yes. Oh, you're like your father. More so than your brother. You have a cunning streak in you that he doesn't have. It will serve you well in any rule breaking you may do.”


Rule breaking? I thought. I don't want to be like James!


“Yes, I can see that too. You are loyal to the core to your friends. I can see that you won't abandon them. Your grandfather James had that trait too. An unusual quality in those brought up so well. You are not unintelligent either, but to the extent of a Ravenclaw? Perhaps not. However, neither was your friend Scorpius, and that didn't stop me putting him there. Hmmmm. This is very interesting.”


The hat was silent for another couple of minutes. What was it thinking? Did I want to know? Yes, I did. I wanted to be sorted some time before midnight.


“Well! That decides it then. RAVENCLAW!”


I looked over at James, who looked disappointed, but clapped for me all the same. I supposed I'd be playing against him at Quidditch next year.






There were only a few people left to be sorted now, including me and Roxanne. Al and Scorp looked pretty happy at the Ravenclaw table. I found myself longing to join them.


Professor Longbottom called my name and I walked as confidently as I could towards the hat.


“Oh! This is easy!” The hat told me. “You're like your mother, yes, I had trouble with her, but you're much simpler! RAVENCLAW!”


I remembered what Uncle Harry had told me, that the sorting hat takes your choice into account. I sat beside Al and beamed at Scorp.






I was straight after Rose. I looked at Freddie and he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. He might be a bit mean sometimes but he was a brilliant brother. He'd love me no matter what house I was put in.


“Ah! Another Weasley! You lot have become increasingly difficult to sort over the last few years! Oh, I can see you're similar to your cousin Albus. Yes, he has a cunning streak too. I have no doubt that you'll pull many amusing pranks against your brothers over the years. RAVENCLAW!”


I was the last to be sorted. I was expecting to be there ages like Al and Scorpius, but I sat at the table with them.


Professor McGonagall stood up. “A few notices before the feast. I feel it is necessary to reiterate that the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to all students, including Potters and Weasleys.”


There was a laugh at this. James and Freddie looked slightly guilty.


“Without further ado...”


Food appeared on the tables. All four of us jumped, before diving into it.


After the feast, Dom, who was prefect, took us and the other first years up to Ravenclaw tower. It was really beautiful. I clambered into the giant four poster bed and grabbed some parchment and a quill and wrote to my parents.




Dear Mum and Dad


I'm in Ravenclaw with Rose, Al and Scorp. Can you believe it? We were all sorted into the same house! The sorting hat said that me and Al will give Freddie and James a run for their money with pranks and stuff because we're both cleverer than them. I'll let you know what we come up with first.


Love, Roxy




“Can I add my letter to yours and Snowy can send them both at the same time?” Rose asked, and I nodded. I read over her shoulder as she wrote.




Dear Mum and Dad


I got sorted into Ravenclaw, sorry Dad. I know you wanted me to be in Gryffindor. Everyone else was sorted into Ravenclaw too so I won't be on my own. The sorting hat said I was like you, Mum. I'll still try and beat everyone in every test, Dad.


Love from Rose




When she was finished I tied both the letters to Snowy's legs and he took off out the window.

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