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What if ... by Fawkes_hp
Chapter 1 : The next morning
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 A/N: Hey guys , this is my very first fanfiction , hope you

like it .


Disclaimer : I don't own anything !!


The next morning


They day after the Battle everything was quiet , too iquiet . Harry opened


his eyes. He was at his old dorm.He was at Hogwarts but why?He shouldn't be here .


What am I doing here ??


And suddenly it hit him .He had defeated Voldemort . He was alive. The

Weasleys and Hermione too. But they did lose a good number of people ,
good people. Amos Digory and his wife , Susan Bones ,Micheal Corner ,Ted Tonks , Mrs. Hooch and so many others died protecting the world.He got up , went to the bathroom and then straight to the Great Hall or the room that used to be the Great Hall. On his way there he saw the impact of the Battle , debris and dust and blood everywhere.

It had been a really difficult night but they managed to survive.They managed to win . The war was over !


He entered the Great Hall and went straight to the Gryffindor table where


he saw the Weasleys.


''Goodmorning , savior …''

“Oh , don't call me that .Goodmornig.” he said.

 “How are you , Harry?” Ginny asked.


“I'm good , actually. Now I won't have a maniac after me .What about you guys?”

 “Ah , you know same old same ...”

  “We just wish we could have kicked some more deathy asses.” the twins  said.

  “Um , Harry , can we talk after the breakfast?”Ginny asked.



Twenty minutes later they were walking out of the Great Hall , Ginny suddenly pulled him to a dark corridor and gave him a bear hug.


“Gin … I can't … breath ...”


“Oh sorry .I just haven't see you in months and I didn't know whether you


were alive or not and when last night I thought that you were dead ...”

  Harry stopped her with a kiss.

  “I missed you too. And I'm really sorry for the last year ...”

  “I know.” she said and kissed him again.

 “Well, I have to ask you something.”

 “What's that?”

“Will you forgive me and be my girlfriend ?”

  “Of course.”

They spent the rest of the morning at the Lake , talking about everything that had happened.They talk about Hogwarts and the D.A. and  the Death Eaters and Snape .They talk about the hunting, the Gringott's and about Harry being dead.

Later , they entered the Gryffindor common room holding hands.Ron gasped and Hermione smiled.

"You're back together , aren't you?"  Ron asked.

"Yes, we are." Ginny said.

"Oh , finally! You know he was checking on you the first thing in the mornig and the last thing before bed , through the Marauder's map." Hermione said.

"How do you know that ?"Harry asked.

"Well i ran into you several times. I think that it is very very sweet. And I'm sure that when she didn't return after the Easter break you wanted to go to the Burrow to see if she was all right! Actually I'm suprised you didn't !!" Hermione said cheerfully.

Two weeks later they returned to the Burrow. Their first night there , when every one was asleep Harry oponed the window  to see the stars.

"I just wish you were here with me ."


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What if ...: The next morning


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