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Mindset by SwiftPotterhead
Chapter 5 : Preparing
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Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns the Harry Potter world and everything in it. Unfortunately, despite multiple meetings with my lawyers and three court trials, I am still not her and thus I do not own anything you recognise. Enjoy the chapter and I'll see you at the end x



“Okay, and... open!” exclaimed Alaska as she pulled on the blindfolds that were covering Caroline and my own eyes, causing them to unceremoniously fall to the ground. I squint as my eyes adjust to the drastic lighting change. Once they finally do, my eyes focus on the three garment bags that are laying on Alaska's bed. Oh dear Merlin what has she done.


“What's this? What's in there? Is it for us?” asked Caroline, she eyed the garment bags as she took a step forward to get a better look.


“Oh my god, is it a puppy?” I screamed, my eyes widening as Alaska looked at me, unimpressed, before turning to address Caroline.


“These,” she began, gesturing to the bags, “are for James' party.”


She handed Caroline the black garment bag that was laying in the middle of the bed before handing me the white one from the left.


“The party which is tonight, by the way. Besides, I told you I was getting our costumes.” she continued to explain. How in Merlin's pants did I forget James' party? I guess the only thing to blame would have to be the Nargles (The Quibbler is wonderfully written, incase you were wondering).


“Ladies, you may open your bags in 3, 2...” began Alaska, Caroline's excited squealing and jumping adding extra drama to the event. She's such a girl sometimes, “1, open!” exclaimed Alaska. She quickly darted her hand out, grabbed her own bag and practically ripping it open as though she was so excited and intrigued to find out what was inside- even though she had been the one to buy it and so was very aware of the contents.


I quickly joined in and unzipped my own bag, taking in a sharp breath when I saw the beautiful, detailed fabric that lay inside. The dress looked as though Alaska had gone back in time and torn it straight from the 20's. At a glance it was a simple white dress; reaching probably around mid-thigh in length, and equipped with some medium sized straps to hold it up. But in reality, it was so much more. It was covered in beads, forming intricate patterns all over the dress. Such a stunning display couldn't even be made with magic, I glanced at Alaska for confirmation and she nodded, knowing instantly what I wanted to know. Hand crafted. Every bead, every sequin carefully hand stitched onto the beautiful cream fabric. On the hanger with the dress is a gorgeous black headband with black sequins covering it and a black rose made of feathers attached to the side. And to complete my 20's look- a string of perfect pearls to wear around my neck.


After examining my outfit, I ran over and gave Alaska a huge hug.


“It's amazing Laskie, thank you so much! I love you!” I exclaimed, grabbing her for another hug.


“Alright Nina, I get it- I'm perfection. Now get off me I can't breathe” I laughed lightly and released my best friend, turning to find Caroline and see what she had received, only to find her missing from my sight and, it seems, our dorm.


“Where's Coco?” I asked. Alaska nodded towards the closed bathroom door while she re-zipped her bag and I wandered over to the door.


“In here!” Caroline's muffled cry came from inside the bathroom, “I couldn't wait, I had to put it on!”. I raised an eyebrow at Alaska, silently asking her what Caroline was wearing. She lifted a single finger at me, gesturing for me to wait and see for myself. I surrendered myself to my bed, sitting down and fingering the fabric of my new dress.


“So, how exactly did you get to Hogesmeade?” I asked Alaska.


“What do you mean?” she replied, faux innocence lacing her tone.


“Well, it's not a Hogesmeade weekend. So how did you get there?” I asked again.


“I may have made a deal with a certain Weasley who has access to a certain map and cloak that he was able to 'borrow' from a certain cousin of him” she vaguely explained while she inspected her nails.


“Who was it and what was the deal?” I demanded, crossing my arms against my chest.


“You're better off not knowing” she stated as she stood and began fixing up her bed sheets and quilt.


“Alaska.” I warned. Alaska sighed and discontinued fluffing her pillow, resigning herself to sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Please don't tell Caroline”


“Oh Merlin, what did you do?”


“It's not my fault Louis totally loves her and I needed to get us costumes!”


“She's going to kill you!”


“It's not that big of a deal!”


“Tell that to Caroline!”


“Don't tell her!”


“I can't not tell her!”


“Yes you can! C'mon Nina, I did it for you, for your costume!”


“I can't believe you!”


“She just had to go on one teensy weensy date”




The door to the bathroom swung open, hitting the wall with a loud bang and effectively causing Alaska and I to drop our conversation. Caroline cartwheeled through the door, a large grin on her face as she stacks and falls to the ground.


She is dressed as a cheerleader, I'm talking pom poms and everything. Her top reaches to just above her ribs and the colour scheme showcases immense house pride- blue and bronze. Sprawled across her chest is the Ravenclaw house emblem. Her skirt is short and is a bright blue. She is carrying blue and bronze pom poms in each hand and a cheeky grin on her face as she lifts them into the air and gives us her best cheerleader poses.


“Oh, I am good.” announced Alaska.


I nodded my head with her in response and stood to skip over to Caroline. When I reached her, I grabbed her hand and twirled her around.


“Damn, Coco.” I commented, smiling at my friend.


“Mmm, Albus is going to love you in that outfit.” sang Alaska, bouncing slightly in her seat.


“He's going to have a heart attack when he sees that skirt” I giggled with Alaska. Caroline's cheeks blushed a dark red as she smacked me with her pom pom.


“Shut up.” she said, attempting to sound to defiant, but she ruined it by smiling and laughing with us.


“What about you Lask? I never saw your costume.” I asked. Alaska just leaned deeper into her comforter and smirked at me.


“Oh, you'll see.”


A few hours later, I was in the bathroom putting the finishing touches on my hair. Alaska had finally revealed her costume- a french maid. Of course. I twirled my wand around the last piece of my hair I had to do and carefully curled it. I released my hair a few moments later and assessed my finished curls. I put down my wand and carefully began to pin up my hair into a faux bob. It's times like these I'm glad that I have magic- I can't imagine how muggles do their hair every day without it.


“How's it going in there?” Alaska popped her head through the door into the bathroom.


“Just finished my hair.” I answered as I checked that the pins were secure and assessed the finished product in the mirror. Alaska nodded and fully stepped into the bathroom, checking her hair in the mirror with me. Her brown hair is pulled back into a simple messy bun with a maid headpiece placed on top of her head. Her costume hugs her body closely, showing off her legs and pushing her boobs up. She pulls open (one of) our make-up drawers and gets out a tube of mascara. She carefully applies it to her eyelashes while I apply some eyeshadow and grab the liquid eyeliner off the bench.


Once I finish, I leave the bathroom and check my outfit in the full length mirror by my wardrobe. I run my hands down my dress, flattening out any wrinkles that have formulated in the last ten minutes. In the reflection, I can see through the bathroom door at Caroline joining Alaska in the bathroom. Caroline tells a joke while doing her hair and Alaska laughs, effectively knocking her headpiece (which she had been straightening) practically off her head. But she doesn't seem to care. I smile as I watch my friends before turning round to grab my accessories off my nightstand. I place my string of pearls around my neck, making sure not to accidentally bump my hair, and carefully place my headband across my head, fixing the feathers as I go.


“Guys, we have to leave soon” I call out to my friends after I check the time on the clock we have hanging on our wall.


“Almost done!” they replied in unison. I pick up the latest copy of Witch Weekly from Imogen's nightstand (she'd have to actually be here to notice or care), sit down on my bed and begin flipping through the glossy pages as I wait.


“Now, be honest- how do I look?” asked Alaska. She twirled a little to show off her outfit as I critiqued it.


“You look like there's a high chance of you getting pregnant tonight.” was my emotionless reply. An ecstatic grin formed on Alaska's face as she clasped her hands together in glee.


“That's exactly what I was going for, thanks babe!” she squealed.


“Did you just call me 'babe'?” I asked, setting the magazine down beside me.


“Did you just call Nina 'babe'?” called out Caroline before she too emerged from the bathroom, ready to leave.


“I'm just trying to express my love for this girl through sweet nicknames, is that so wrong?” said Alaska melodramatically as she waltzed to the mirror and fiddled with her outfit and hair. I laughed and began heading towards the door, waiting for Caroline and Alaska to join me. Caroline picked her pop poms up off the floor where she had left them earlier to do her hair and make-up before grabbing Alaska's wrist with her free hand, dragging her away from the mirror and through the door.

“So, where is James' party being held exactly? I assumed it would be in the Gryfinndor common room.” asked Alaska as we stroll through the corridors.


“James always has his biggest and best parties in the same place,” Caroline stopped walking half way through her sentence and turned to face a bare wall.


“No way” whispered Alaska.


“Brilliant” I said in awe as a door magically appears on the wall.


“Ladies, may I present to you: the Room of Requirement” said Caroline with flourish as the doors opened. I link my arms with Caroline and Alaska's and enter the party, blissfully unaware as to how my life was about to change.

A/N: Hey guys! I'm really sorry about the wait but between homework, assignments, yearly exams, a social life (I know I have a social life, who would have thought?) and my family coming for a visit, I have had no time on my hands to write. Next chapter hopefully won't take as long. Anyways, moving on to the questions of the chapter:


Did you like Nina, Alaska and Caroline's costumes? Which one is your favourite?

Which costumes would you like to see on everyone else (James, Albus, Rose, Scorp, the Ravenclaw quidditch team etc.) at the party?

What should Caroline and Louis do on their unofficial date?

Leave your answers and any other comments you have in the review box below and I'll see you guys next time, bye x x



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Mindset: Preparing


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