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Forever Young by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : Forever Young
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You remember having dinner with your family one Sunday. It was the same as always; Ginny clung to Bill's arm, making it hard for him to eat; Charlie insisted he was leaving home, but no one believed him; Percy sat at the end of the table with a book, ignoring everyone; Ronald pulled faces next to him, while your mother scolded him. George was daydreaming and you knew that he would tell you his great plan at bedtime; he couldn't tell you at dinner in case your mother or Percy happened to hear.

There was only one difference that afternoon: Your Great Aunt Muriel was there.

She didn't come around often, but when she did you could never help but watch her. When you were younger, you never thought about why. But as you grew, you slowly began to understand.

That afternoon, when you where just a curious eight year old asking questions, you subconsciously gave yourself the first piece of your private, little puzzle.

I don't want to look like that.

Your eyes followed every wrinkle on her long, fierce face. You imagined tracing each bump along her hand with your fingers. Your father said she was getting old when you asked, said that's what happened when you grew up; you couldn't imagine it ever happening to you. You didn't want to have wrinkles and bumps and grey hair.

You never voiced your dislike and you soon forgot all about it; no child thinks about growing up for very long. Growing up is an adult thing.

But as you yourself grew, as your body changed and your voice broke and school started to ask about your future, your eight year old self would whisper in your ear, I don't want to look like that.

Sometimes you would dream; you were an old man with nothing to show for your life or you had plenty to show for and it still wasn't enough. It would never be enough for you. You wanted to live and have fun and create magic no one had ever seen before. You wanted it to last forever.

You didn't want to age, you didn't want to grow old.

There was no way to stop it and it terrified you. No one ever knew, they'd think you were crazy - growing up was inevitable, it wasn't something you should try to interfere with. A war was raging because of a quest for immortality.

Did you want immortality? Living and dying didn't sound so scary, it was just how you got there.

Something crashes and you come back to the present. You're unsure as to why you think of all of this now, there are bigger things. The battle has started, people are fighting - family, friends, people you went to school with. They're probably not thinking of getting older, not at a time when they might not even get a chance.

Your childhood voice still whispers at you while you run, shout curses, fight. That voice will never go away.

You hear your brother shout; Percy has jinxed the Minister and for once you're not against being proud of him.

There's an explosion around you, curses flying everywhere, and a Death Eater is right in front of you. Everything happens too fast, no one can stop it.

You fall to the floor, a ghost of a smile permanently etched across your face.

You'll never grow old now.

A/N: First George in first person, now Fred in second person. A first for me... George was happier.

For the Fear Challenge; Fred Weasley and the fear of growing old. I hope I've pulled this off well and that you liked it. Please let me know what you think. :)


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