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Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks by Fonzzx
Chapter 7 : Christmas II
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Chapter 21: Christmas II






I lay in bed and thought about things. It was complicated, no doubt about that.


I switched my mind to the party at the Burrow the next day. It was going to be rammed. There'd be Mr and Mrs Weasley, Bill, Fleur, Victoire, Dom (awkward), Louis, Charlie, Percy, Audrey, Molly, Lucy, Fred, George, Angelina, Freddie, Roxanne, Ron, Hermione, Rose, Hugo, Harry, Ginny, James, Al, Lily, Grandad James, Grandma Lily, Mum, Alexis, me, and now Dad, Astoria and Scorpius. Mrs Weasley was going to have a hell of a job cooking for all thirty three of us. Normally Teddy, Remus, Tonks, Sirius, Fiona and Cass joined us too, but they were going to Andromeda's this year.


When we arrived at the Burrow, a marquee had been placed in the garden, enchanted for warmth, and we were going to be eating under that. Fleur was in charge of all the rare meat, since she was French and knew how to cook it without overdoing it, and there were enough of us that had a taste for it.


Christmas dinner was a noisy affair. I was put in charge of the kids, seeing as I was the only one who could scare them into behaving. For the most part, they were ok. James, Freddie and Louis were plotting something. Scorpius, Al, Rose and Roxanne were debating which houses they wanted to be in when they got to Hogwarts (they'd all be in the same year). Lily was giggling with Hugo.


Mr Weasley stood up at the head of the table, his wand pointed at his throat to magnify his voice.


“A toast!” he beamed, raising his glass. “To family. Very few things have given me satisfaction in life, but tinkering with cars and raising my children and grandchildren with Molly have been two of them. Cheers!”


James and Freddie grinned as everyone's glasses exploded, showering us all with liquid.




We'd got back to Godric's Hollow at about nine, and Cassie was waiting for me in my room. I used to share with James and Al whenever we all stayed here but I absolutely insisted on my own room now.


I smiled when I saw her. “Hey.”


“I have another present for you.” I realised that she was only wearing a coat. Merlin, she was gorgeous.


I closed the door and soundproofed the room. There was no way I wanted anyone to hear this.


She slowly unbuttoned the coat, keeping her eyes on me the whole time. She was wearing matching black underwear, and suspenders. She gave a crooked smile when she saw the look on my face.


In no time at all, I'd stepped forward and was kissing her. I'd never kissed her like this before. We'd never done this before. And it wasn't for lack of trying, either. Someone was always around.


“Oh, Cass,” I moaned into her ear and pushed her onto my bed.


“You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this,” she whispered, wrapping her legs around my waist.


I knew how to do this. I wasn't a virgin. Although I had refused to sleep with Dom when she tried to make things go that way.


Merlin, Cassie was touching me in a way that no girl had ever touched me before. She was good at this. Or maybe it was good because we were in love. Who knows.






I was lounging in bed, not quite ready to go to sleep, when Alexis came out of our bathroom, completely naked.


I might have been completely head over heels in love with Draco, but I did love Alexis too, and I wasn't blind.


She climbed into bed beside me. “Night,” she said, flicking off the lamp.


“You're not getting away with that,” I grinned, leaning over to kiss her, running my hands all over her perfect body. She sighed, and not in the way I expected.


“What's wrong?” I frowned, flicking the lights back on.


“I'm not stupid Daisy, I've seen the way you look at Draco. Nothing's changed between you.”


“But I love you as well,” I protested. “And I can't forget the way you looked after me and Angel all these years. You're his mum too you know. I won't walk away from you.”


“I know, but your heart really belongs to Draco Black.”


I closed my eyes. She wasn't wrong.


How the hell was this ever going to work out without hurting anyone?


If Draco left Astoria, she and Scorpius would be hurt.


If I said no to him, he and Angel would be hurt.


If I left Alexis, she and Angel would be hurt.


If he said no to me, I'd be hurt, and so would Angel.


If we both left our partners, they'd be hurt, and our sons would be hurt.


“There's no version of this with a happy ending for all of us,” I said out loud.


“I know,” Alexis said, stroking my hair. “I love you.”


I smiled. “I love you too.”


She sighed. “Just less than you love him.”


I nodded. At least she understood, and accepted that.


“I will fight for you, Daisy.”


Maybe not quite at acceptance yet. Either way, it was moot. I was staying with her.






“Harry, love?”


“Hmm?” I said, looking up from the paper, towards the bathroom where Ginny was brushing her hair.


“What do you think's going to happen now?”


I sighed. This was the very thing I'd been wondering too.


“I don't know. I don't think I could bear to see her get hurt again. I don't think she'd survive.”


Ginny sat down on the bed next to me, her brown eyes fierce. “We won't let anyone hurt her.”


“I don't think it's as simple as that, Gin. Whatever is decided, someone's going to be hurt somewhere along the line.”


She laid her head on my shoulder. “I wish there was something we could do.”

I kissed her forehead. “I know, me too.” 

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