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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 34 : Chapter Thirty-Four
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Well it's official, I'm back with Al and I literally can not be happier. Although I would be if I could pluck up the courage and just flipping tell him about Bentley and Aubri my life would be complete.

It's unreal how much they seem to have grown since the last time I saw them and Aubri actually took three steps for the first time when I last saw her. Need less to say I was and still am incredibly proud of my baby girl.

Something blue flew just inches away from my face, I looked to see the culprit and saw Dom looking at me. "If you've quite finished daydreaming, preferably not about my cousin can we got to Hogsmeade already?" she questioned as she tapped her foot on the wooden floor.

I rolled my eyes at her impatience and picked up my coat because even though it was April it was still quite chilly out, especially when it was cloudy and I mean when is it not cloudy in Scotland?

"Come on then."

We left the dorm and as we crossed the entrance hall Tessa came over to us as we waited for the boys and for Rose. Rory who was still not talking to Didge after their spat last month had told us she was spending the day in the library as she badly needed to catch up on some of her homework.

"Morning Flick," my youngest sister greeted me as she waved something under my nose causing me to move back a bit. "Letters from home," she added with a grin and I smiled back.

"Cheers, Tessa," I said as I hugged her. "You coming into the village?"

She nodded her head and her blonde hair messed up slightly, "Yep, me and Lily are meeting up with Liam and Lorcan as well as some of the others."

I raised my eyebrows at my baby sister. "A date?"

Tess shook her head violently. "No, we're all friends."

Dom gave me a sidewards glance and I knew she was thinking the same. "Tess, you're eleven  please, please tell me you are not going on a date because I swear I will tell dad who will go mad."

"Flick, I'm twelve next month and anyway like I said it is not a date. And anyway if it was it probably wouldn't be in the Three Broomsticks," Tessa shot back and I just looked at her trying to think of a reply. "As I said it's not a date, Flick, and anyway you first got together with Al when you were twelve so don't go giving me the I'm too young to date crap."

I shut my eyes and then opened them because I had one last option. "Tess, you know why I don't want you dating anyone. You're still a kid so please stay one whilst you can."

Dom who was doing a good job of trying to look busy frowned at me as I saw Tessa gulp and she looked slightly guilty, because she knew perfectly well why myself, dad and Ria didn't want her dating until she was at least thirty. I certainly didn't want her dating because I didn't want her to do what I did and get pregnant.

I don't regret Bentley and Aubri, I mean I already had to grow up fast when my so called mother left us, it's just I want her to enjoy her childhood without having to worry about her siblings or whether our dad was working far too much.

I felt her hand on my arm and I looked away as Tess turned to Dom. "Can you give us a minute please, Dominique."

I had to stifle my laugh because Dom's face was a picture when Tessa used her full name. "Y-yeah, sure," Dom stuttered before going over to the grand staircase and Tessa pulled me into one of the class rooms.

"Flick, I'm not a little kid any more, you don't have to protect me like you did when I was little. I'm not going to do what you did, I can promise you. I don't want kids until I'm out of school and have a job and maybe a husband, if not a boyfriend will do. I'm happy with a niece and nephew for now. So please believe me, Flick," Tessa explained.

I sighed quietly. "I know but you'll always be my baby sister. And it's not like they were part of my plan, Tess, I always used to say I didn't want kids until I was twenty-eight but that didn't go according to plan did it?"

Tessa hugged me again. "I know, Fliss, but trust me, boys are not currently on my radar for dating, well at least not yet anyway," she added with a win., "Have fun and read those letter's I think they'll cheer you up especially the one off Ria."

"Thanks, Tessa."

Together we left the classroom and went back into the hall where I found with Rose, Al and Scorp as well as with Lily, Lorcan, Liam and more of Tessa's friends.

Dom looked from me to Tessa and back to me and mouthed, "Everything okay?" I nodded in reply as Lily squealed when she saw me causing Al to look quizzical as his younger sister hugged me.

"I can't believe it!" she squealed again. "Are you coming over in the holidays, Flick? Padfoot's missed you."

I laughed as I rolled my eyes. "Don't get ahead of yourself," I told her as she sent me a look saying 'You have to tell him'. I nodded a little and she got the message.

Dom set off ahead of us as she was going to get a carriage as she couldn't walk down to the village despite it being sunny because she had her boots on. Once she had gotten us one she waited as out two groups split and Lily, Tessa and their friends went to get in the one that had stopped behind.

As I got into the carriage and sat next to Al, who slipped his arm around my shoulder I thought back to my plan that I made when I was thirteen. Graduate Hogwarts and get a decent job by the time I was twenty-two. Get married at twenty-five and have kids at twenty-eight. It's safe to say things definitely didn't go according to plan because I didn't expect to get pregnant at sixteen or that I'd drop out of school and get really crap OWL results.

Al nudged me. "You okay, Fliss?"

"Just thinking," I replied.

"You know you think to much, I think you need to live for the moment," Dom announced. "Do something spontaneous. We all should, considering this is our last year here, we need to make more memories. Ones we'll never forget."

Rose nodded in agreement. "I think Dom's right. It's our last year and who knows what will happen afterwards. I hope we stay friends, maybe even get a place together or even in the same building if it's a flat."

The others nodded in agreement and I was lost in my thoughts, with all the shit I had gone through over the past few months and the prospect of telling Al was still looming over me. Just got to be strong and do it, I told myself.

"What are we doing in Hogsmeade? Are we just going to the Hogs Head for firewhisky considering we can all get served now, since we're legal," Scorpius asked.

"Um no we're not, Scor, I'm still seventeen," Rose replied glaring daggers at him.

Scorpius made an 'uh oh' face and kissed her forehead to try and pacify her. "Sorry, Rosie, just three more months for you."

"Yeah just rub in the fact that I'm not eighteen yet a little more," Rose said in an undertone.

The rest of the ride down wasn't that eventful and I smiled as Al offered me his hand to help me out of the carriage.

"See," Rose said as she elbowed Scorpius. "He knows how to treat someone like a lady."

Al shrugged at his cousin and lowered his voice to Scorp as he said, "I'll teach you tricks later."

We all headed into the village but Al pulled me to the side.

"We'll meet you later," he told the others as we walked over near the edge of town where the pharmacy, fancy dress shop and Teen Witch as well as a few others were. Hand in hand, Al guided me as I had no clue as to where we were going until we stopped near the grassy field.

In the centre of it was a red and white checked picnic blanket and I smiled, because this was the place he first brought me when we had out first ever date. "You remembered," I whispered as I turned to look at him.

He raised his eyebrows at me. "Did you really think that I would forget?"

I shook my head still in awe that he had remembered and my smile grew wider as he helped me over the fence before climbing over himself. I headed to the blanket and sat down on it, noticing there was already a picnic basket here.

"How?" I started to ask but Al simply smiled.

"I don't give away all my secrets, Fliss."

Once he sat down from within the basket he produced a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries, a pizza box and two cans of cherryade and I laughed. "You certainly know how to treat a girl," I joked as I looked at the pizza box, which is my second favourite food after spaghetti.

"Well it'll be just like old times," he replied as he opened the pizza box and we shared it together.

After a while Al led back on the blanket and I followed suit, lying next to him and he wrapped his arms around me. We stayed there watching the clouds go by for ages, just doing nothing. I was happy and so was Al, but there was still that nagging voice at the back of my mind urging me to tell him about Bentley and Aubri.

"I can't believe that in just two months we'll have finished Hogwarts," Al muttered as he wound a strand of my hair around his little finger. "It's crazy!"

"I know," I replied.

"Dom's right though, we do need to something spontaneous, something crazy."

"Agreed," I said aloud even though I wasn't sure I meant it. My crazy days are long gone.

It felt like time had stopped as we lay there and somehow after all the craziness we had been through we managed to make things right and decided to start afresh. Except all the time there was that nagging voice at the back of my mind, replaying the same message over and over.

Eventually after realising we had been there for nearly two hours we decided to head back into the village and find the others.


We arrived at The Three Broomsticks and I spotted the others over in the corner and waved as Al went over to the bar and ordered us both drinks and even though I had tried to hand him the money he refused and insisted on paying.

"Hey," I said as I took a seat next to Rory. "Thought you were catching up with work?"

Rory shrugged. "I got bored and plus Didge and Hattie came into the library together laughing about something."

I pulled a disgusted face. "Urgh, since when were they all friendly?"

Rory shrugged again as Al came over and handed me the bottle of butterbeer. I mouthed a 'thanks' and he nodded as he sat next to me slipping one arm around my shoulder causing Dom to wolf whistle.

"Oh yeah, have you two got something to tell us by any chance?" Dom asked sarcastically.

I exchanged looks with Al and we both nodded. "We're back together!" I said as Dom, Rory and Rose all squealed with happiness.

"For good," Al added.

"Nice one, although I think we've seen it coming for a while," Scorpius pointed out and I laughed.

Al smirked as he said, "Yeah well she just couldn't resist me."

I rolled my eyes as Dom raised her glass of brown liquid, that looked a lot like coke although it didn't seem very fizzy and announced, "Albus and Flick."

We all clinked out glasses together and said, "Albus and Flick."

"It's about time you two got back together," Rose told us. "If I had to put up with another summer of him," She jerked a finger towards Al. "Whining about how he needs to see you and that he misses you."

"You're one to talk, Rosie, remember what you were like back in the summer before fourth year when you were constantly asking whether Scorp was over mine and if we were going to The Burrow just so you could see him because of uncle Ron not allowing it," Al shot back.

Ro shrugged. "Yeah well that was ages ago."

I laughed. "I've missed this. Just all of us together," I said just before Rory went to the bar to get another round of drinks in whilst we reminisced about old times.

My trunk was packed and ready and Ginger Nut was in her cat basket despite her attempts at escaping from me when I tired to put her in. Myself Scorp and Dom were told to stop by the muggle studies classroom to see Professor Weasley before we left to discuss our upcoming trip. Al tagged along with us whilst Rose and Rory waited in the entrance hall, although I didn't know why but I was glad that Al had offered to carry Ginger Nut and after Al had given her one of her cat toys she seemed to quieten down.

"I don't see why we have to do this," Dom muttered. "Granddad finds all sorts of things to play with and auntie Hermione's always going on modern technology."

"Dom, funnily enough you chose to take this class," Scorpius pointed out and Dom looked at him darkly just as we entered the classroom only to find we were the last to arrive.

Professor Weasley was already waiting for us a top hat placed on her desk. "Right now that you are all here, I have charmed the hat to make sure that we get boy-girl pairings. I will pick out a name and then another name and they will be your partner for the week."

Hermione smiled as she tapped the hat and a piece of paper came flying out straight into her fingers. "Sarah Bones and," With another tap of the hat came a second bit of paper. "Kyle Evans."

There was a small groan from the Ravenclaw boy as he headed to the Hufflepuff girl where she stood by Hermione's desk.

It went on for a few minutes until everyone was paired up; Cassie Thomas from Ravenclaw was with my ex Nolan Finnigan, the other Gryffindor Holly Leonard was paired with Kevin Mox from Hufflepuff. The two remaining Hufflepuff's Justin McMillan and Jessica Willis were together and then lastly it was Dom and Scorpius leaving me alone without a partner.

I looked at Professor Weasley to ask what I was supposed to do but she smiled and turned to Albus. "Mr Potter, here has volunteered to come here with us as we were one student short. You will be paired with Miss Saunders."

Al nodded at his auntie as she handed him a letter like the ones she had given us previously and then smiled at me.

"Right now that you all have partners I can tell you what will be happening. In your pairs you will be assigned a flat and the you will be looking after your own child." Professor Weasley held up a doll from the box that she had taken from under her desk. "It may look like a doll but when the time comes they will be charmed to come alive and act and do everything that a normal baby would."

"It will also look like you and your partner, you are to care for it for the week as well as working in the jobs that I was gotten you and doing other things such as driving, getting shopping and living alone. And if any funny business goes on I will hear of it as I am only staying down the road with our charms teacher: Professor Weasley. I shall see you all eleven o'clock outside the Leaky Cauldron on Tuesday fourteenth April. Have a good holiday."

Hermione dismiss us after handing us a list of what we need to take just in case we lost the other one. Once we were outside the classroom I looked at Al.

"How come you volunteered?" I asked.

He shrugged. "I overheard auntie Hermione saying that she was one person short so I asked if it was okay for me to come even though I don't take the subject and she said it was fine."

Dom didn't exactly looked too please at who she was paired with and I couldn't help wonder but why? Was there something going on, I knew there certainly was because she really hasn't been herself lately but I still couldn't put my finger on what was causing it.

We headed down and found Rose and Rory sat on the bottom of the grand staircase. "The trunks have been taken down," Rose told us the second we arrived.

We left the castle to get a carriage down and we found ourselves in the same flipping carriage as Hattie and Didge. Needless to say it was so awkward and slightly cramped but it looked like it was going to rain so Scorpius just told us to get in.

Rose was sat on Scorp's lap with Hattie and Didge next to them and I was on Al's lap with Rory and Dom who had Ginger Nut's basket on her lap next to us.  Hattie kept shooting dirty looks at me and in the end I stared at her, it didn't take long for her to stop looking at me and I was glad that I didn't have to have an argument right here, right now.

The tension in the carriage was awful and I couldn't wait to get on the train and get home and see my babies. After what felt like an eternity the carriage came to a stop and I got out after Rose. We were waiting for Dom and Rory as Hattie and Didge were taking their time getting out.

"Have a nice holiday, Malfoy," Hattie sneered at Scorp. "You want to watch him, Weasley, make sure that he doesn't go see his little blonde bimbo," she said and then headed straight for the train along with Didge who gave Rory a dirty look.

"For fucks sake," Al muttered. "Here we go again."

Rose turned to Scorpius, hands on her hips. "Well."

"Rose, I've told you it was one time and anyway it wasn't even this year, it was last year so I don't know why the hell she's making shit up," Scorp tried to explain.

"When?" Rose demanded as Dom handed me Ginger Nut's basket.

"Last March," he finally said. "Like I said it was over a year ago and I'm more than sorry."

Rose seemed to accept his answer and headed off to the train, she stopped in the doorway and turned to look at us. "Well come on then."

We followed her and was glad that she had gone first as she managed to find us a carriage. "I need to go and check in with the prefects," Ro told us. "I'll be back in a bit."

As we settled in the compartment I was glad to sit down and be able to read my magazines and the paper. The owl this morning had dropped off my subscription to the prophet, mainly because I'm fed up of having to find things out from others and I had stuffed it in my bag without really looking. I pulled out the paper from my bag once Ginger Nut's basket was safely in the luggage rack and the second my eyes scanned the the front page of The Prophet I knew it wasn't going to be good. It read:

Nott-Potter Scandal?

I groaned slightly, "Bloody brilliant," I muttered to myself as Dom looked at me funny, I motioned to the paper and Dom came and sat by me, when she saw the front she let out a low whistle.

From our source we have been informed that Miss Nott, daughter of Theodore and Allison Nott was not indeed pregnant by Mr Albus Potter. It was all a lie.

Miss Nott is said to have made the pregnancy up due to wishing to keep Mr Potter all to herself as she believed he was to break up with her to reunite with his ex-girlfriend.There have been no comments from Mr Potter's family but Mrs Nott did tell us this: "I am actually please she isn't pregnant, she's far too young."

As for Miss Nott's farther, we haven't been able to get a comment from him just yet.

For information on Mr Potter and his now ex-girlfriend Miss Nott see page six along with information on his and Miss Saunders rekindled relationship.

"Merlin's beard," Dom exclaimed. "Turn to page six, I wanna see what it says."

I turned to page six to see two small articles; one about Hattie and Al and the other about us, accompanied by a picture of myself and Al lying on the picnic basket from yesterday. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't good either, it read:

Back together again?

Albus Potter, youngest son of war heroes Harry and Ginny Potter is back with his ex-girlfriend, Miss Felicity Saunders after breaking up with Miss Nott because of her false pregnancy and that Mr Potter did not love her. He was seen on a date with Miss Saunders in Hogsmeade just yesterday.

We've all been waiting for this day, as much as you have. It is rumoured that they pair were meeting up secretly shortly before Mr Potter dumped Miss Nott. Mr Potter and Miss Saunders were together for three years and six months when Miss Saunders broke his heart by breaking up with him. Are the love birds finally back together for good?

Send in your thoughts to the usual address on who you think Mr Potter's heart belongs to. Is it Miss Nott or Miss Saunders?

I shut the paper and sighed. "I really want to know who this sodding anonymous source is," I muttered as Rory asked me for the paper to read.

I handed it to her as Al put his arm around my shoulders, "Don't worry about it, Flick, they'll give up eventually. I'm pretty sure they can't write any more scandals about me and my so called love triangle."

Rory laughed. "It's almost as bad as Scorpius, Rose and this so called blonde."

Scorpius didn't say anything but he did flinch at the mention of the blonde. I was about to ask who she was because I was really curious but I got distracted as the old lady with the food trolley knocked the door.

"Anything off the trolley dears?"

Al went and bought something and I got myself a pumpkin pasty. Looking at Al, having read the article Rory said, "You're awfully calm about all these articles."

Al didn't say anything and shrugged because his mouth was full of chocolate frog, after he swallowed he said, "Like I said they'll give up eventually just because mum and dad are famous doesn't necessary mean I am."

I curled into Al as he put his arm back around me and shut my eyes planning to take a nap so that I wouldn't be tired when we get back to London. With my thoughts of my babies waiting at home I smiled and drifted off.


When I awoke I must have slept for longer than I thought because Rose was now back and was cuddled up with Scorpius and the sun was slowly setting. "What's the time?" I asked as I stretched.

"Nearly six, so we should be at Kings Cross soon," Rory replied and I nodded a thanks.

I picked up Ginger Nut's basket from the luggage rack and opened it to check on her, she meowed at me and looked at me with her big yellow eyes. "You're not coming out we're not home yet," I told her as she meowed at me again. "Al, go in my bag there should be a dish and a packet of cat food."

Al did what I had said and he opened the packet and put it in the dish, I placed the dish inside she head butted my hand to get out of the way. I rolled my eyes at her as I shut her basket again and placed it on the seat next to me.

Dom pulled out a pack of exploding snap cards so for the last part of the journey I sat and played with her, Al and Scorpius as Rose was reading and Rory was doing the quizzes in my magazine.

I jumped slightly when the voice above stated that we were coming into Kings Cross. Rory handed me back my magazine and I put it away as I collected my stuff. I made sure that I was at down when the train came to its stop so that I wouldn't fall.

Being seventh years made it easier getting off the train and I instantly found Ria and Oscar talking to James, as well as Ginny Potter and Bill Weasley.

"FLICKKK!" Oscar yelled as he came running towards me, since Dom had taken Ginger Nut off me I was able to pick him up even though it was hard because he's getting way too big now.

"Oscar!" I said as I hugged my little brother. He wriggled out of my arms and I put him down as he ran back to Ria.

"Heya, Flick," she said as she hugged me. "Nana's looking after them," she whispered in my ear before I could even ask where Bentley and Aubri were. I nodded in reply as we broke apart. I took Ginger Nut from Dom and handed her to Ria as I took the trolley and headed down to where the guy was unloading the trunks.

As we were some of the last ones on our trunks came off first, I found mine and levitated onto the trolley as well as Tessa's which was easy to spot because her initials were stamped on in bright blue ink. Al was doing the same next to me, getting Lily's trunk as well as his and we went back over to where the others were just as Oscar went running up to Tessa.

"I got your trunk as well, Tessa," I told my younger sister and she nodded as Oscar started talking nineteen to the dozen.

"It's so nice to see you two happy again," Ginny commented to me and Al. "Come here," With that she pulled us into a hug and I could hear Dom sniggering behind us. When Ginny let us go, she smiled and then pulled Dom in for a hug and I laughed.

I caught James was looking at me but he didn't say anything, although I had an inkling of what it might be about. Tessa was holding Oscar's hand as he babbled away as Cookie's basket was with Ginger Nut's on top of our trunks.

I hugged Rose, Scorp, Rory and Dom and said my goodbye's to them as well as to Lily who was nearly bouncing around just like Oscar was because she was so excited about me and Al getting back together.

Lily gave me a hug and whispered, "Tell him," in my ear.

I nodded as we broke apart leaving me with just Al to say goodbye to. He pulled me in for a hug and instead we ended up kissing right in front of everyone. I could feel myself getting redder and I blushed when we broke apart.

"Put her down, Al, you'll her next week," Dom muttered as Scorpius left with his mother.

"Come on lets go, before you two get to attached," Ria said jokingly and started to push the trolley down the platform.

"See you soon, Al," I muttered as he let go of my hand. "Bye, Ro. Bye, Dom."

"Ahh young love," I heard Ginny say to her eldest son, as he watched Ria.

"Don't forget to write," Dom called to me as I waved bye to her, Al and Rose as they had to wait for the other members of the Weasley-Potter family to get off the train. Once the guard okayed it, I ran through the barrier with Tessa and Oscar and when we came through Ria was waiting for us.

She looked at me smirking, "Good term was it?"

I shrugged. "The past week has been good."

"Yeah because she's back with, Albus," Tessa blurted out as Ria pulled out the car keys and Oscar went and got in whilst I opened the boot.

"Funnily enough I already knew thanks to The Prophet. Is this or is this not a sign that you have got to tell him, Flick," Ria said to me as I helped her with the trunks since Tessa was putting the cat baskets in.

"You think I don't know that Ri?" I snapped. "Sorry, it's just we've only just got back together and me dropping that bombshell on him, well it might ruin everything. What if he reacts the same way he did when Hattie told him she was supposedly pregnant. I can't risk him reacting like that, I know he'll be pissed but.." I trailed off.

"But-" Ria pressed.

"I don't know, I honestly don't know how that sentence will end." I sighed as I closed the boot, Ria went and put the trolley back and I climbed into the front seat. As we pulled out of the station Ria didn't ask me anything else, instead she took to asking Tessa because she was almost as hyper as Oscar.

I lent my head against the window and watched the others cars go by, my thoughts of what the end of that sentence could be.


I helped Ria get the trunks out of the car even though I couldn't wait to get inside the house. Tessa had already taken the cats in along with Oscar and I could see Nana Marge peeking through the living room curtains. Between the two of us we brought them both up and left them in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs ready to take up.

Nana looked sorry the second I rushed into the living room looking for the twins. "Sorry, Fliss, they're both asleep. They were so tired bless them," she told me with an apologetic smile.

I nodded even though I was down heartened, "It's fine Nana and anyway I get a whole week with them." I gave her a big hug before going into the kitchen and I set about making myself a hot chocolate.

When I came back in I curled up in the corner of the sofa and let out a sigh as Tessa came and sat by me, I put an arm around her keeping hold of my mug. Oscar came running in wearing his favourite dinosaur pyjamas.

"Nana told me to say goodnight to you because it's past my bedtime."

I laughed as he came over and gave both me and Tessa a hug and a kiss. "Night, Ozzy, sweet dreams." He ran back out of the room and we could hear him thundering up the stairs and then Nana's voice scolding him for being so loud. I glanced at the baby monitor on the coffee table but no noise came from it. "Where's dad?" I asked no one in particular as Ria came and joined us on the sofa.

"In work,"  Ria replied. "He's on a night shift so he won't be home until the morning. Nana's staying the night so she's in Tessa's room and you've got yourself a little buddy for the night."

The three of us stayed curled up on the sofa watching the latest drama going down in whatever soap it was that we were watching. Nana came back downstairs from putting Oscar to bed and joined us, just as I headed out to the kitchen and put my mug in the sink and because I was feeling particular lazy I pulled my wand out and charmed the washing up brush to clean it for me.

It took less than a minute and although I could hear the crackle coming from the TV where it was interfering with it I was glad I had done it. I gave Nana a hug and a kiss goodnight and then headed up the stairs, as I past Oscar's room I saw the faint glow of his night light and smiled as I headed into the bathroom.

Once in my room I turned my light on and then dimmed it down so that I wouldn't wake the twins. I took my things off and chucked them into my washing basket and pulled on my pyjamas. I tiptoed across to the twins' cots and looked down at me sleeping babies, I bent down and kissed Aubri's forehead and did the same to Bentley.

"Sweet dreams my angel's."

I smiled at them and went back to my bed, there was a small tap at the door and Tessa came in, already in her pyjamas. I motioned for her to come in and as I muttered, "Lumos." Tess turned off the light as I slid into bed. She did the same and once we were both comfortably.

"Nox. Night, Tess," I murmured to her as I rolled onto my side after putting my wand on the bedside cabinet.

"Night, Flick."

Despite having a nap on the train, I was really tired and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

A/N They're back together!! *Happy dance*

Up next - A school trip.

Edited - 22.07.2014

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