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The Next Chapter by DaniPotterhead
Chapter 6 : Revelations and A New Name
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Hey guys sorry about the wait for this chapter but I've been having really bad writers block. I had already written the chapter but it didn't seem right. So I've been trying my hardest to get it done for you. I'd like to thank all the people who have reviewed as you are a great help for ideas and also help give me a kick up the bum when i'm taking a long time to post a chapter! I would love to post weekly but  Unfortunately there is such a thing called life which always gets in the way. Thanks for reading and enjoy the chapter!!

Also were over a 1000 reads I can't believe it!!!!

Harry's world belongs to the great J.K.Rowling, may we ever be in her debt for creating this world in which we may dabble.


Chapter 6

Whilst Ginny took their newest addition to the family back to the Gryffindor common room Harry made his way down to the library. As he walked his mind went over the events that had ocurred in the head's office. The birth of a new pheonix, no his and Ginny's pheonix, it had signalled the end of darkness and the beginning of a new era, one that was free of Voldemort's control. It also indicated a new chapter in his and Ginny's life, sharing this new life had brought them even closer than before. He was feeling extremly happy but thinking about Ginny made him miss her company. Since the birthing ritual he had felt a much stronger connection to her, the feeling of wanting to spend every waking moment with her. At this thought he felt the urge just to run back to the common room and hold her. He struggled to push down these feelings, he had been apart from her so long that he sometimes couldn't control his emotions. He needed to go down to the library, Dumbledore had requested him to go and so here he was, but he still couldn't stop thinking about her. Her lips, eyes and her hair. Man, he had it bad! He chuckled to himself, Potter's did seem to have a tendancy for red heads. Breathing in a sigh of relief he continued on, he was glad to back with Ginny. With Voldemort gone he could live a normal life, well as normal as it gets when everyone knows your name. He had even allowed himself to think about the future, all of which saw himself married to Ginny with children. He was brought out of his revelaries by the sound of footsteps and his name being called. He turned around to see his two best friends, hand in hand walking towards him.

"Harry, there you are. We've been looking for you all morning. We happened to bump into Ginny on our way out of the common room. She mentioned to us that you were heading to the library," finished Hermione. She seemed impressed that he was going to the library on his own whim, Ron on the other hand just smirked at him.

"We thought you might be hiding mate, you know staying away from everyone. I know I would," Ron said. Hermione elbowed him.

"Ron!" she admonished. "He's not hiding, he's just been busy. I for one am extremly jealous. No one's seen the birth of a pheonix in over 50 years. I've read all about them and their supposed to be beautiful to witness. I can't believe how lucky you and Ginny are. I saw her carrying the baby pheonix and I almost died from how cute she was. When we left I think most of the Gryffindor girls were crowded around her. " Hermione laughed and Harry grinned at her.

"I know, she's adorable isn't she. So what's up Hermione, Ron?"

"Well you know that I wiped my parents memorys before we left last year and sent them to Australia, I want to give them their memorys back. We've been talking to Kingsley and he's promised to help me," squealed Hermione. Harry could hear the excitement in her voice and felt guilty for not thinking about how much she had given up in order for her to join him on the hunt for horcruxes.

"Hermione i'm sorry, I totally forgot about your parents. Some friend I am," Harry finished lamely. Hermione laughed.

"Oh Harry, we knew you'd get like this. Your not responsible for everything Harry. You've got enough on your plate at the moment, so we decided to do this alone. We need to be meeting with Kingsley today to sort out travel arrangements. You can't just apparate there, it's too far. We have to take a number of portkeys which have to be prearranged. Were planning to leave the day after tomorrow. Fred's funeral is tomorrow." Hermione paused her eyes filling with tears at the mention of Fred's name, Ron was struggling with his emotions too. Harry nodded sympathtically, wiping the moisture out of his eyes.

"So tomorrow?" Harry directed to Ron. Ron looked up and nodded.

"Yeah, just a word of warning. You might want to stay away from mum. She's angry and upset all at the same time and she explodes at the smallest thing. George is organising the funeral, won't let anyone else help out. He said its some agreement between the two of them. " Harry nodded. From what he knew about the about the twins neither of them would want a normal funeral. He was sure they would go out with a big bang. After saying a quick goodbye and a hug from Hermione they left to see Kingsley. Harry sighed, watching them go. They had given everything to help him, sometimes life wasn't fair.


After talking to Ron and Hermione, Harry had continued walking to the library taking a rarely travelled route so as not to meet anyone else. Obviously the castle wanted him to go this way but it was nice to stay away from complicated questions. He knew he'd have to face everyone eventually but he wasn't quite ready for that moment to arrive yet. Even though it had been two day since the battle had concluded the feeling of being free of Voldemort and prophecies was just beginning to sink in. He knew there would be times of sadness ahead as the defenders who had died would need to be buried, but he knew that with the help of his friends and Ginny he would be able to puil through. As he turned the corner he was painfully brought back to the present as he realised where he was. He hadn't meant to come here, the memory too fresh in his mind, but it seemed like Hogwarts had another plan for him. He had been told countless times by Ginny that it had not been his thought but standing here now, he just felt so helpless. He could see where the wall had fallen, blackened with scorch marks from ill aimed spells. His heart ached as he was pulled into the memory. Acrid smoke filled his nostrils and the shouts and screams filled the air. Debris was falling making the attackers and defenders scatter. He saw himself, he looked a mess, and he saw Percy and Fred. Percy had just arrived, making a joke as he resigned from the ministry. Harry could see the disbelief in Fred's face about the fact the Percy, Perfect Prefect Percy had made a joke and they were all laughing. And then as soon as it started there was an explosion and the wall fell, he saw himself and Percy stagger up and look for Fred, he heard the agonising cries from Percy as he held his brother in his arms, a smile still etched on his face. Harry looked away, being there the first time was bad enough, but watching it again, it was heartbreaking. Tears were pouring down his face before realising that he was again standing in the deserted corridor. However it was not as deserted as he thought it was. Nearly Headless Nick was floating next to him seemly trying to get his attention.

"Harry," called Nick. Acknowledging his name Harry looked up and gave a faint smile.

"Hey Nick." Nick smiled fondly down at Harry. He was so young and already had gone through more than most people went through their entire lives. He could understand why he had stopped here. The loss of many students could be felt through the school but he knew that a close friend of Harry's had died here. He'd always liked Fred Weasley, always talked to him if he was around and knew how to have a good joke. He guessed that Harry had been deeply thinking about what happened. Many people who live through this tradegy would have flashbacks of what had happened and he was sure that this was what had happened to Harry. He wouldn't be the only one but it would help him accept what had happened. He could see the torment in Harry's eyes as he fought with himself.

"It's not your fault Harry. You may think that by coming here you brought you know who here, but in truth he was already here. His death eaters were teaching and the new punishments they brought in were dispicable. By coming here you gave the students hope and a chance to fight back against evil. Those that lost their lives will always be remembered because they were strong and weren't afraid to fight for what they believed in." Harry knew that he was right. If he hadn't have come here, Voldemort still ran the school and even if he had been lured away the remaining death eaters might have killed students, not to mention that the last horcrux was hiding here too. He knew his hero complex made him want to take responsibilty for all the damage but he couldn't help it, the way he felt and how he acted was what made him hiself. Deep down he knew he couldn't have save all of them, it was impossible. If he continued to feel guilty he would be letting those that had died for him down. His Mum and Dad, Cedric, Serius, Peter, Snape, Dumbledore, Fred, Lupin and Tonks, they all died so that he could liveand he was not going to disappoint them. His heart felt lighter as he looked back up at a paitently waiting Nick and gave him a smile.

"Thanks Nick, I really needed to hear what you said. I didn't want to come here but there was a force behind me making me and now I realise why. I have to start forgiving myself and not blaming myself for things that were out of my control." NIck smiled.

"I'm glad I could help Harry, she does have a tendency to be slightly pushy sometimes but she always knows what is best for her students. She made sure I knew to be here when you came around." Harry smiled and waved goodbye. Before continuing on he touched the wall next to him sending a feeling of Gratitude.


After saying goodbye to Nick, Harry continued making his way down to the library. He knew that his talk with Nick had finally started the healing process. It was nice to know that he was being looked after. She was like a kind and caring teacher that knew when her student needed help. He was glad that she had chosen him to channel through. His senses were more alive than ever, he could actually feel the her lifeforce. It was weak at the moment due to the enormous amount of energy used to protect the students but soon, when she was repaired her lifeforce would increase. His thoughts turned to Ginny and reveled the feelings she gave him. He was very happy with Ginny although underneath this there was his guilt bubbling away still. It would be a while until he was fully healed but he would get there eventually.

He arrived at the library and as he went to walk through the doors there was a slight tingle in his wand arm and his wand vibrated. He warily pulled out his wand and tested the area in front of him for wards. He could feel that there was magic in use here. He pushed his wand forward and a green glow was sent out spreading outwards until the whole doorway was covered. Harry chuckled, the magical signiture was that of Madame Pince, the school librarian. Only she, and perhaps Hermione would think about protecting the books. Putting his wand away he again wondered where all these new powers were coming from. He had never been able to sense wards before, and exacty how had he known it was Madame Pinces magical signiture? As far as he knew Dumbledore could do it, but that was Dumbledore, Harry was no where near as powerful as he was and he didn't want to be. What Harry didn't know though was that he was already as powerful as Dumbledore and in time with the joining completed he would surpass him. Unerved with his discovery he didnt notice Madame Pince walking towards him until she spoke.

"Mr Potter, to what do I owe the pleasure?" she smiled at him. The usually strick librarian was being rather nice to him, maybe it was because she knew her books were safe.

"Madame Pince, I actually came here for a book," he said casually. Madame Pince smirked before returning to her usual stern face.

"Well what else would you come to a library for Mr Potter, after all it is a home for books. I will leave you to browse, but remember no chocolate near the books!" She smiled at him and strode off leaving Harry slightly confused. How could she remember Ginny bringing him his easter egg, that was fifth year. The conversation had begun so normal and then as soon as he mentioned books she went all nutty, just like Hermione he thought. Silently laughing to himself he made his way over to the Magical Creatures section. It was easy enough to find as it had bright red and gold spine. Mission completed he made his way back to Madame Pince's desk to check the book out. He had to pass the study area to get to it and realised that there was a very strong magical signiture coming off of a book left out on the table. He was surprised Madame Pince hadn't had a head fit about it yet. His curiosity getting the beter of him, again, he went over to look at it. The book was old, very old. It surprised Harry that it was even in the library, maybe a museum he thought. The magical signiture was so powerful but he couldnt figure out who's it was. No one he knew that was for sure. He cautiosly picked up the book and almost dropped it when the book turned green. In a second the magical signiture was goneand instead was replaced by his own. If he was shocked by what had happened it was nothing compared to what he felt when he realised what book he was holding. He started to laugh, Hermione was going to have a fit, and Ron, well he'd probably look at him like he'd grown extra heads. The book he was holding was a first edition of Hogwarts a History, most likely written by the four founders themselves. That was why the magical signiture was so powerful and why he hadn't recognised it. He opened the book to the first page.

This Book belongs to The heir Of Gryffindor, Defender of Light Harry James Potter

If anything this stunned Harry more than anything, heir of Gryffindor, he couldn't be, someone would have at least told him if he was. He sighed, how much more information was he expected to take in today he thought. Well at least this is good he thought, I'm excited about reading a book, Hermione's going to have a field day. He smiled and took his books to Madame Pince.

"You found what you were looking for then?" Harry nodded and handed over the books, he gave both over as he didnt want to assume anything. "Harry this other book is yours. You know I've been the librarian for 40 years and when I first started I thought I was hallucinating. There was a book left on the study table which I went to move but found I couldn't. When I asked other students they said that there was no book. I was very frustrated, I thought someone was playing a prank, but Professor Dumbledore explained that the book was waiting for someone, someone worthy of all it's knowledge. So I waited to see if anyone took any notice of the book. I thought maybe your Mother or at least Hermione would see it but both would walk past, not seeing anything. To be honest I'd almost given up hope. You don't come to the library very often and I've never seen you by the study area so I would guess that's why you havn't seen it before." Harry had been thinking whilst Madame Pince told her story and realised something he hadn't before.

"I think I did see it before. It was the night before the second task in my fourth year. I remember seeing this glowing book and thinking that I must be hallucinating because I was so worried and tired. I left the library for the common room after that," he explained. Madmae Pince smiled and returned the books to him.

"Maybe after you've read that book you can tell me what's so important in there."


Harry and GInny were huddled in the corner of the common room reading through the book on pheonix's. At the moment the newley hatched pheonix was being admired and mollycoddled by the rest of the Gryffindors. Ginny had told Harry that they all loved the newest addition to Gryffindor and effect on the people in the common room could be seen. Where before the common room had appeared somber it was now lively and full of happiness, brought on no doubt by the song that thier small baby pheonix sang. When Ginny had first arrived the questions seemed neverending and of course Hermione had all the answers. Now they were trying to pick a name, they had discovered several that they liked but between the two of them they couldn't decide on one. Finaly they decided to ask what everyone else thought. Harry stood up and instantly the attention of everyone in the common room was on him. Normally this would be uncomfortable to him but these were his friends and family. They had all been in this together and they still were.

"Me and Ginny need some help deciding on a name for our newest Gryffindor member. We've narrowed down the list to five names and we would like you to vote for your favourite." They both moved over to where the baby pheonix sat under the perch Dumbledore had given them. "The choices are Nixxy, Kenna, Nicky, Phia and Seraphina." At this the noise in the common room increased ten fold as friends chatted between themselves, all debating on the best name. Both Harry and Ginny stood either side of the perch their hands clapsed together as they waited for the conversations to conclude. From across the room Ron winked at Harry. "To cast your vote raise your wand," Harry said before calling out each name, leaving a suitable gap in which votes could be cast and counted. At the last name a huge majority of the common room had their wands up and in the quiet a small trill came from the baby pheonix.

"I reckon that's her vote mate," shouted Ron making everyone in the common room laugh.

"Well on that note, welcome to the family Seraphina!"

 Well our new character has a name Seraphina which has a meaning! Can anyone figure it out? Also I let slip about an event to come, did you see it and if so what do you think it means? Please review I love them so very much!!

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